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Kim Min-joon's special appearance in
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Kim Min-joon's special appearance in "My Sassy Girl - Drama"

The new SBS drama "My Sassy Girl - Drama" hinted a special appearance by Kim Min-joon.

Kim Min-joon takes on the role of Hwi-jong's (Son Chang-min) uncle General Chu-seong. He stands against Jeong Ki-joon (Jung Woong-in) and his gang.

General Chu-seong will appear in a battle scene in the fields and in the bamboo forest.

These scenes are of massive scale and they are responsible for drawing the attention of viewers and holding the base of the royal war.

The drama will bring impact to the viewers from the very first episode. Kim Min-joon will make a short but impressive appearance as anticipated.

Sin Se-kyeong's short hair change
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Sin Se-kyeong's short hair change

Actress Sin Se-kyeong cut her hair.

She posted a selfie on her Instagram on the 24th. It looks like she was in the middle of making a drama. She dyed her hair in a bright tone and cut her long hair short. She looks purely beautiful and even looks like a doll.

Sin Se-kyeong is starring in the new tvN drama "Bride of the Water God 2017". Her hair was cut short for the drama.

"Bride of the Water God 2017" is a comedy fantasy romance drama about a god of water named Ha-baek (Nam Joo-hyuk) and a female doctor who pretends she's a realist. It begins on the 3rd of July.

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon is a total 'girl crush' in more teaser images for her 2nd single!
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Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon is a total 'girl crush' in more teaser images for her 2nd single!

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon will totally make you crush on her with her fierce teaser images for her 2nd single, "Wannabe"!

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Her second ever solo promotions will begin on 'M! Countdown' this coming June 1, followed by the other weekend music shows including 'Music Bank', 'Show! Music Core', and 'Inkigayo'. Her single "Wannabe", featuring rapper San E, is a pop dance track sending out a warning to a playboy.

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[Spoiler] "Lookout" Lee Si-young's action scene brings on the girl crush

Lee Si-young is a 'girl crush'.

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Lookout", Jo Soo-ji (Lee Si-young) was after some kidnappers.

Watching Sae-bom crying in the kidnappers' car reminded Soo-ji of her dead daughter Yoo-na (Ham Na-yeong) which killed her. She broke the driver's side window to save Sae-bom. The kidnappers stopped the car.

Jo Soo-ji tried to get Sae-bom out of there but the bad guys tried to move the car. Soo-ji was dangling on the car when she dropped and rolled on the road. She only thought of saving the girl even if her life was at risk.