R&B goddess Lim Jeong Hee is 'Crazy' in love for new MV

R&B goddess Lim Jeong Hee is 'Crazy' in love for new MV

R&B diva Lim Jeong Hee has made a triumphant go back with "Crazy".  

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With musical strengthen from her new label, Lim Jeong Hee plans to satisfy with loverssteadily to proportionthe hot song. "Crazy" is a soulful song that expresses the overpoweringemotions that being in love can bring. The video presentations the devolution of a once loving courting to the heartbreaking fact of it is ending.

Do you suspect the MV suits the tone of the song?


Kim Yoo-jeong's beautiful goddess-like beauty

Kim Yoo-jeong's beautiful goddess-like beauty

Kim Yoo-jeong has grown up to be a mature and female lady.

Her control SIDUS HQ lately announced on Twitter, "Kim Yoo-jeong is now a Greek Goddess! Kim Yoo-jeong indeed!".

Pictures of Kim Yoo-jeong display her in a natural white get dressed with her hair let down. Like the cosmetic logo muse that she is, she looks other with each and every season. Close-up pictures of her prove her flawless skin tone and eyelashes.

According to other folks at the set at the time, Kim Yoo-jeong made every person feel excellent with her appearance by myself and not failed to grin for a minute.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-jeong is coming back with the web-drama "Love Cells Season 2".


Goddess Han Ji Min is spotted roaming around the streets of Davos, Switzerland with

Goddess Han Ji Min is spotted roaming around the streets of Davos, Switzerland with "Elle"!

Actress Han Ji Min was seen roaming around the streets of Switzerland and flaunting her goddess-like appearance in a recent pictorial released by "Elle."

Han Ji Min is seen wearing a comfy, lustful red crew neck sweater matched with black skinny jeans, complementing the whole outfit with a black panama hat and black boots.

The travel log-like pictures capture the scenic neighborhood of Davos, Switzerland.

The actress told "Elle," "The second time that I came to Swiss was much more welcoming and I enjoyed the journey on the train, which I haven"t done in a long time." 

Check out the pictures below!

Source: http://www.elle.co.kr/article/view.asp?MenuCode=en010302&intSno=11165 ;http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.html?art_id=201409301704553&sec_id=540101


Jeong Woo-seong seen on the streets of Toronto

Jeong Woo-seong seen on the streets of Toronto

Actor Jeong Woo-seong was seen in Toronto.

Jeong Woo-seong met with local audiences in Toronto, Canada while he was there for the 39th Toronto International Film Festival.

CJ Entertainment posted pictures of him on its official SNS and added that local media complimented "Madam Bluff" in high regard. Jeong Woo-seong is seen walking the streets at his own leisure.

Meanwhile, "Madam Bluff" is about the desire for love and emotions and will be released this October.



Lee Tae Ran of Goddess of Marriage punches her fist to her husband Kim Jeong Tae who committed adultery

Lee Tae Ran of Goddess of Marriage punches her fist to her husband Kim Jeong Tae who committed adultery

Lee Tae Ran of Goddess of Marriage surprised television viewers by her intensive preparation of divorce.

The episode 26 of Goddess of Marriage (written by Jo Jeong Seon, directed by Oh Jin Seok) aired on September 27 had ratings of 11.3 percent. Fortunately, now at its 27th the ratings have increased to 12.1 percent.

Hong Hye Jeong (Lee Tae Ran) has collected all evidences which is essential for her divorce for 8 years, just in case. The evidences associated with the conglomerate “Si-world (new term meaning in-laws)” and her husband Kang Tae Jin (Kim Jeong Tae) were submitted to the family court for divorce suit with huge amounts of money.

Kang Man Ho(Jeon Gook Hwan), her father-in-law, told her. “You will be hit hard and can lose your social standing. Can you put up with hardship?” Hye Jeong clarified her attitude and made him really angry replying calmly “I will file for divorce. And I will take care of myself when I lose. Don’t worry about me.”

Tae Jin heard that she has grabbed data on her married life for a long time from a lawyer of the company. The evidences included medical certificate and pictures which can prove domestic violence, DNA identification of children from extramarital relationship and copy of bankbook of child rearing expenses. Her husband told her “Hong Hye Jeong, you are scary. Have you throughly prepared to escape the Shawshank Prison for 8 years? You gonna get nominal solatium. How could you live without full of luxuries and privilege.”

However, Hye Jeong replied in calm voice “I will never leave you with just five hundred million won. I will have a half share in the company.” Tae Jin tried to slapped her in the face, but she punched her fist to her husband raising her voice “Don’t hit me, bastard! I will never be a victim of domestic violence.”

Hye Jeong who has had a long journey with many ups and downs in the Si-world presented a gratifying victory for many viewers, which is raising questions about what happen to her next episodes.

Viewers commented “It’s cool. She is not taking it lying down.” “I look forward to see an uncompromising match.” “She is awesome. I am addicted to her role.”

On the other hand, Kang Tae Ook (Kim Ji Hoon) tried to appease Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi), but she resolutely refused to come back to the conglomerate Si-world.

Ji Hye was staying at her sister Song Ji Seon (Jo Min Soo)’s house. Tae Ook was nervous after he knew the fact that his wife has kept in touch with Kim Hyeon Woo (Lee Sang Woo) after their marriage, but he still refused to divorce.

The husband told her “My big brother got divorced and as you know, the elder brother is in the middle of annulment proceedings. I don’t want to end up my marriage. Please, help me! When you come back home? I wish you come with me as soon as possible.” The wife’s soft heart was touched by his ardent appeal and could not strongly urge their divorce.

However, next day, Ji Hye was in panic when she got a call from her mother-in-law Lee Jeong Sook (Yoon So Jeong). Because the old woman used abusive language to her daughter-in-law saying “You are not tactful all the time. You are pretty foolish! And you don’t behave in a pleasant manner. Didn’t you learn, did you?” She was shocked at the mother-in-law whose attitude remained unchanged and told her husband to pick her up “I never gonna come back.” The tension of the couple increased when the mother made poignant remarks to Ji Hye and she decided not to come back.

In the next episode, Man Ho lets loose his anger saying “We had kept tiger cub.” And the youngest son opened his heart to his wife “Are you get comfort from not your husband but the other guy?” The preview marked a new phase in their relations. The 28th episode of SBS’s weekend television series Goddess of Marriage will be aired at 9:55 p.m. on September 29.

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[Spoiler] "Goddess of Marriage" Kim Jeong-tae and Sim I-yeong

Kim Jeong-tae and Sim I-yeong kissed.

SBS weekend drama "Goddess of Marriage" showed Kang Tae-jin (Kim Jeong-tae) and Nam Mi-ra (Sim I-yeong) having an affair.

Kang Tae-jin was talking to his wife on the phone and he said, "No, you go and talk to your father who understands you. You two get along pretty well".

After the phone call, Kang Tae-jin said, "I want to get divorced from my wife". Mi-ra hugged him by the waist and said, "Don't worry, I'll help you clean up" and they kissed.


"National Goddess" Lee Min-jeong's short cut hair

Lee Min-jeong changed her hair style.

In the romantic comedy drama "Big" written by the sisters Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran, Lee Min-jeong takes on the role of Gil Da-ran who is in a difficult spot after her fianc is exchanged.

In the steal cut of Lee Min-jeong revealed on the 8th, she looks very pure and tough at the same time. To her fianc Seo Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo) she says in an innocent tone, "I am not busy at all, I will bring something delicious to eat" but in front of Kang Gyeong-joon (Sin Won-hyo) she clears a bowl of steamed broth in seconds saying, "Eating something that's this hot and spicy is what being a grown up is about".

During her break time, Lee Min-jeong concentrates on her script and is about to show a transformation like never seen before. The crew said, "Lee Min-jeong is a happy virus that makes everyone around her feel happy. She works well with everyone including staff and cast. She is also taking care of Sin Won-hyo like her own little brother".

Meanwhile, "Big" about a female teacher with a doctor fianc possessed with the spirit of a teenager is to be released in June.