Nana Poses For Allure Korea And Talks About Being The 2nd Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Nana Poses For Allure Korea And Talks About Being The 2nd Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Girl group After School"s Nana has recently revealed her photo-shoot.

Nana was part of the soon-to-be-released June edition of Allure Korea magazine. Through the photos she displays a definite model-like aura, possessing a slim and long bodyline and the ability to produce photogenic expressions. She wowed the staff during the shoot with her professionalism.

An interview was held along with the photo-shoot, in which Nana was directly asked about her thoughts behind being chosen as 2nd most beautiful woman in the world by famous American website TC Candler. 

She expressed, "When I first heard the rumor I told myself, "That can"t be true. How can I be 2nd place?" My fellow members had the same reaction. At first it was a heavy weight on my shoulders but at the same time I feel honored. To see how happy it made my parents made me enjoy it even more."

Nana added, "Before, I was worried and afraid that people would not know who I am or dislike my image. Now, I can breathe. I learned to enjoy and deal with the worries I had. To be able to love what I do was one of the greatest changes I"ve made within myself."

Please check out the full interview and Nana"s Seoul-themed photo-shoot in the June edition of Allure Korea! (


K-Pop Lovers Disturbed After GOT7’s Yugyeom Faints All over Chinese Fanmeet

K-Pop Lovers Disturbed After GOT7’s Yugyeom Faints All over Chinese Fanmeet

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics are getting worried over a contemporary incident that brought about Yugyeom to allegedly lose mindfulthroughout GOT7s fanmeet in Guangzhou, China. 

A video posted on June 19th captured the instant Yugyeom fainted as the individuals exited from the levelcorrect after a performance. Even if the acknowledged fall was oncenow notin realityobviously clarified, fans are speculating against the fitness of the member and the remainder of the group.

Some fans claimed that the singer would possibly take fainted because ofin deficient health health or exhaustion, whilst others speculate that he may just simply have fallen via equally the lifts went down. As the video went viral online, netizens beganto specific their concernby way ofmore than a few social media platforms and online network boards.

Despite the incident, JYP Entertainment has not made any rationalization some the incident as the crowd continues their fanmeet across Asia.

Check out the photosunderneath and let us know what you think!

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GOT7’s BamBam And Yugyeom Make A Girl-Group Transformation

GOT7’s BamBam And Yugyeom Make A Girl-Group Transformation

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGOT7s BamBam and Yugyeom once backstuckthe eye of fanatics amongst their inescapable visuals yet this time with a twist.

As retold by way of Dispatch, on Would possibly 17th, the 2 JYP Entertainment boy staffindividuals made headlines for their adorable new looks. In an all too realistic selca posted to BamBams own Instagram, they gave the impression all dolled up and in a position to go. The white collars and red dresses that peek throughout thebackside of the photo trace that this snapshot is one from their quilt of Red Velvets Dumb Dumb.

The neighborhood has for sure been busy with their freshinternational tour, FLY, and are set to visit fans in Hong Kong, Thailand, Guangzhou, and more.

Take a glance at their smolder below:

A photo posted by BamBam(แบมแบม) (@bambam1a) on May just 17, 2016 at 2:55am PDT

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Watch: GOT7s Jackson Provides Shin Dong Yup an Angry Kiss at the Lips on SNL Korea

Watch: GOT7s Jackson Provides Shin Dong Yup an Angry Kiss at the Lips on SNL Korea

Watch: GOT7’s Jackson Supplies Shin Dong Yup an Angry Kiss at the Lips on “SNL Korea”ilmare42 April 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: GOT7’s Jackson Gives Shin Dong Yup an Angry Kiss on the Lips on “SNL Korea” GOT7 member Jackson makes a distinct guest appearance in a are livingcaricature on the April nine episode of “SNL Korea,” which is hosted by skill of his friend and previous JYP Entertainment label mate Lee Jung Jin.

The sketch parodies Lee Jung Jin’s 2004 movie “Once Upon a Time in Top School,” which is determined in a college where the scholars have shaped violent gangs and the lecturers have any excuse to take benefit ofexcessive corporal punishment.

Lee Jung Jin, Jackson, and the show’s forgedsuperstar in the parody on “SNL Korea,” which puts a funny twist on the film’s storyline. When two scholars at the faculty get angry with one another, they face off as despite the truth that they’re about to pummel every other in a fist fight. Yetprobably the most students, Lee Jung Jin, kisses his opponent on the cheek instead!

Although the show’s target market screams in wonder and laughter, the opposite students in the magnificence react as although he’s just dealt the other student a painful blow. The fight continues to escalate with Lee Jung Jin at its middle equally Jackson can also beobservedobserving in the crowd of students.

Later on, Shin Dong Yup plays a instructor who’s about to punish Lee Jung Jin for acting out by giving him a kiss on his backside, in its place of hitting him with a baseball bat as a teacher does to a student in the film.

However, Jackson steps in and tries to forestall the “violence,” yelling at the teacher that Lee Jung Jin hasn’t done anything else wrong. When his teacher questions him angrily, Jackson takes out a couple of nunchucks. “No, you can’t,” says Lee Jung Jin, but Jackson yells, “I can’t take this anymore!”

He then leans in and gives Shin Dong Yup a kiss correct on the lips, which is adequate to knock the trainer off his feet. Watch the video below!

During the ultimate of the display as the solid and visitors say goodnight to their audience, Jackson jokes, Shin Dong Yups lips are in reality soft.

Catch more of Lee Jung Jin and the overall sketch with Jackson in April 9s episode of SNL Korea!

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SISTAR’s Hyorin Poses with Her Adorable Cats for Allure

SISTAR’s Hyorin Poses with Her Adorable Cats for Allure

SISTARs Hyorin Poses with Her Adorable Cats for Charm ehk38 March 23, 2015 0 LINE it!SISTARs Hyorin Poses with Her Adorable Cats for Allure SISTAR’s Hyorin poses with two of her 4 cats, Rino and Simba, in a comfortable new pictorial for attractiveness and way of lifemag Allure.

Hyorin’s love for her cats and animals in overallis not any secret. In fact, no longergoodbye ago the singer was once criticized via an MBC reporter for loving her cats too much.

In the corresponding interview for the pictorial, Hyorin says, “Ever since I used to be little, I raised a dog. Yetwhilst working, every time onesought after a pet, cats naturally got here to mind.”

She stocks that she readyso muchso as to take her of cats well, adding volunteering at an animal safe haven and reading a kind of books about cats.

To the query of when she’s happiest with her cats, Hyorin responds, “When we fall asleep.”

She explains, “After getting cats, I don’t feel by myself when I’m home. I admire IT the maximum when we acquireat the bed and cross to sleep. When I lay down to sleep, Leo is the primary one to get on the bed, and each and every of them snatch their own spot. When I stretch out my hand, I wish to touch one of my cats to fall asleep.”

Hyorin continues, “I followed all four of my cats. I wish other folks would adopt animals as an alternative of paying cash for them. If I make a decision to get more cats, I suspectI canmake a choice to adopt them.”

For more of Hyorin and her adorable cats Rino and Simba, take a glance at Allure’s April issue.

Update: furtherfootage

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GOT7's Jackson were given a female friend  once he got here to Korea

GOT7's Jackson were given a female friend once he got here to Korea

On the December four airing of KBS 2TV's type show, 'Look Back at Me,' Jackson mentioned a beyond girlfriend.

Kim Su Mi asked him, "Have you ever dated a female friend since coming to Korea?" and he replied, "Yes. I dated once 1got here to Korea," raising interest. Boy were given game.

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Park Myung Soo said to him, "Did you get a divorce with her to transform a singer?" and he replied, "We broke up because I had no longer succeeded yet. I may bein a position tocrossin finding her backafter Ibe successful and am capable of treat her well, anyway."

Kim Su Mi said, "You want to date so much and splitmuch to do music," while Park Myung Soo asked, "Are you pronouncingyou will not date somebodytill you lot succeed and earn numerous money?" He replied, "As much as possible."