gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

Jellyfish Entertainment's first lady groupgugudanhave made their debut!

gugudan membersHana,Nayoung,Mimi,Soyee,Sejeong,Haebin,Sally,Mina, andHyeyeonshow their graceful charm in their track video'Wonderland', which used to be released on July 28 at 12 A.M. KST.

Advertisement'Wonderland' is an upbeat track with cheery vocals.The music video remains true to the theatre theme. gugudan were adorable as they ready for their functionality of 'Wonderland', which I agree withturned intoprimarily based off of the storyThe Little Mermaid.

Although cutesy ideas do no longerin particularclutch my attention, I did revel in the song, most commonlyon account of the vocals. gugudan's voices harmonize smartly together, and I felt that their voices are stable. The 3 voices that stood out to me the maximum belong to Soyee, Nayoung, and Sejeong! Soyee and Nayoung's voices have a warm tone, and Sejeong's prime notes were well supported and clear! Overall, gugudan's vocals are adorableand i'm interested to look how the womenexpand musically over time.The video took me back to school when I might see plays wearby way of my classmates! I'mcertain gugudan made a laugh memories whilstrunning on their first act together! What are your mind on gugudan's debut?

gugudan's mini album'Act. 1 The Little Mermaid'is also to be had and has five tracks: 'Wonderland','구름 위로','Good Boy','일기 (Diary)', and'Maybe Tomorrow'. Have you listened to the album yet? If so, what is your favourite song?

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Watch: gugudan Welcomes You To Their Wonderland In Debut MV

Watch: gugudan Welcomes You To Their Wonderland In Debut MV

Watch: gugudan Welcomes You To Their “Wonderland” In Debut MVilmare42 June 27, 2016 0 Watch: gugudan Welcomes You To Their “Wonderland” In Debut MV Jellyfish Entertainment’s first ever womancrew gugudan has now made their debut!

On June 28 at 12 a.m. KST, gugudan dropped their debut mini album, entitled “Act 1: The Little Mermaid.” It functions the identifymusic “Wonderland,” and the lovable music video for the song carries at the niggling Mermaid theme by way ofappearing the women performing in their under-the-sea gugudan Theater.

Watch the music video below!

gugudan is a nine-member communitythat incorporates some of “Produce 101”’s fan-favorite trainees from Jellyfish Entertainment, Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina (who are now contributors of I.O.I), and Kim Nayoung. You'llin finding out more about the members by adding them on their legitimate social media accounts.

What do you call to mind gugudans debut track Wonderland?

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