Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk's connection in

Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk's connection in "W"

The connection between Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk has been revealed.

Stills and the network connection between Lee Jong-suk, Han Hyo-joo, Kim Ee-seong, Lee Si-eon, Lee Tae-hwan, Eugene Jung and others were uploaded via the drama "W".

"W" is a romantic suspense drama about a novicephysician Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) who gets sucked into the web-toon global and meets Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk). The drama deals with truth and myth at the similar time.

The stills are of Oh Yeon-joo and Kang Cheol. Oh Yeon-joo is taking a look into her famous person web-toon artist father's pc which links to Park Soo-bong (Lee Si-eon), then Kang Cheol whose image on hangs on a wall, then Search engine marketing Do-yoon (Lee Tae-hwan) and Yoon So-hee (Eugene Jung).

Kang Cheol is an excellentwealthy boy who used to be a gold medalist in shooting. He's a web-toon personality alongsidea huge number offanatics and his dating with Oh Yeon-joo revolves around Oh Seong-moo.

According to the production, Kang Cheol's character used to bethought about by Oh Yeon-joo's father who is the biggest web-toon artist in the country.

In the 2nd one picture, the characters are specified in a map. Around Kang Cheol in his workforce of buddies is Seo Do-yeong, a bodyguard who used to be a UFC fighter and Yoon So-hee, an attractive and wise young woman.

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Lee Jong Suk beneath  fireplace  back after revealing he doesn’t like YG’s cafeteria food

Lee Jong Suk beneath fireplace back after revealing he doesn’t like YG’s cafeteria food

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter All througha contemporary press convention for his upcoming MBC drama W with Han Hyo Joo, actor Lee Jong Suk commented on the preferred YG Entertainment cafeteria food.

The dramas press conference used to be held at the MBC construction in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on July 18th, and is where the actor spoke about joining YG recently. Lee Jong Suk signed an exclusive contract with the ever-growing corporateprevious this year in Mightso as to paintings in a more stable environment. He werebeneath a one-man firm since departing from Wellmade Entertainment in December 2015.

The actor said, I like it, when asked about whether he likes his new home. Known for their most sensible cafeteria food, Lee Jong Suk truthfully revealed, But the food isnt as scrumptious as I heard. I presumed the highly spiced stir-fried beefbecame delicious.

However, some netizens did now notappearto realize the actors truthfulup to others, criticizing him for hurting the emotions of the demandingrunning cafeteria staff at YG Entertainment. Additionally, other netizens endured to bring up a beyond controversy in which Lee Jong Suk allegedly omitted and rejected a fan and their gift whilst passing in the process the airport back in 2014.

Source: Dispatch and X Sports News

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Battle between absolute best friends: Lee Jong-suk's

Battle between absolute best friends: Lee Jong-suk's "W" VS Kim Woo-bin's "Uncontrollably Fond"

Best pals Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin are in a drama battle. Lee Jong-suk is starring in "W" whilst Kim Woo-bin in "Uncontrollably Fond".

Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo's "W" is popping out this 20th.

"W" is the tale of a resident physician named Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) being sucked into the fableglobal and falling in love with the keypersonality Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk). Kang Cheol, the primary character of web-toon "W", is a former gold medalist and now a rich, young man.

Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin cross from being best guests to competitors in dramas.

Lee Jong-suk acknowledged at the premiere of "W", "We do not see it as a competition, yet whichever one people that does larger has to shop for dinner".

Kim Woo-bin also said at the premiere of "Uncontrollably Fond", "I keep up a correspondence amongst Lee Jong-suk and it is an honor to compete with him".

Kim Woo-bin is already out with his drama "Uncontrollably Fond" in which he plays a bad-tempered actor named Sin Joon-yeong. Suzy co-stars with him.

"Uncontrollably Fond" rated 12.5% from the start but it beshedding day by way of day. "W" would possiblychange into a variable.

However, "W" is just not going to have a very easyget started every bit well. It's coming appropriate after "Lucky Romance" which ended in 3rd place. Also, the tale deals with truth and fantasy which can also bea sophisticated element.

The cube has been thrown out there. There may just benot anything left to do but sit down back and watch what happens.

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Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Original  Beyond With Lee Jong Suk

Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Original Beyond With Lee Jong Suk

Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His OriginalBeyond amongst Lee Jong Sukkminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Exotic Past With Lee Jong Suk Throughout his radio guest appearance on SBS LoveFMs Two GuyDisplay on July 19, comedian Kim Gi Wook talks about his meddling personality and how he used to possessa shop in Apgujeong Rodeo Street, yet it failed.

Notably, the comedian reveals, At the time, hallyu superstar Lee Jong Suk used to be one of my part-time workers.

He explains, He used to name me Boss. We were reunited when I made a cameo in one of his dramas, Physician Stranger. Lee Jong Suk warmly welcomed me at the time.

However, Kim Gi Wook confesses, The primary thing I did when we met backbecomeexpress regret for unfairly making him paintings too much when I used to be his boss. Even now, I cant touch him without delay because I believe too embarrassed.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Jong Suk could be starring in W along Han Hyo Joo, which premieres tonight, July 20 KST.

Can you believe a more youthful Lee Jong Suk as a part-time worker?

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7 Times We All Went Loopy For Lee Jong Suk

7 Times We All Went Loopy For Lee Jong Suk

7 Times We All Went Loopy For Lee Jong Sukbinahearts July 19, 2016 0 7 Times We All Went Crazy For Lee Jong Suk Whether it be a film or a drama, Lee Jong Suk makes it so simpleto glance at him on screen. He has the powerto attract yous into his characters and storyline, so its no wonder that virtuallyeach and every drama he stars in is guaranteed to be a large reach (and were eagerly looking forward to W). Heres a walk down reminiscence lane as we have a look at seven times Lee Jong Suk left us in want ofto look more of him on screen (in no specific order).

1. Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Boxes love-lineTheres not anything like a excellent bromance in a drama and college 2013 used to be the epitome of it. Audience were ready to see Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bins relationship progress from a position of hate and resentment to like and loyalty. I especially enjoyed the scene where they either come blank about their emotions and expressed how much they overlooked having one another in their lives. The entirety about this felt so authentic and real and it’s most likely because they’re longtime pals in genuine life!

(Re)Watch the drama below.

2. The aquarium kiss1Listen Your Voice is viaa ways my favourite Lee Jong Suk drama. I loved how Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) would apply Jang Hye Seong (Lee Bo Young) around, wantingto give coverage to her. Theres nothing like a primary drama lead who wears his center on his sleeve. Consider when Lee Jong Suk kisses her in the aquarium whilstdropping a tear as a result of his intense undying love? Yes.

(Re)Watch the drama below.

3. Lee Jong Suk’s aegyoCan this scene from Top Kick 3 be to any extent further cringe-worthy (in an even way)? It’s amazing how he can pull this off!

4. His savage one-linersMore commonly than not when Lee Jong Suk changed into on screen in Secret Garden, his lines would be short and to the point. He couldn’t be bothered with Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) and his pestering.

(Re)Watch the drama below.

5. Kissing Park Shin Hye’s handI know I acknowledged in no special order, yet this scene from Pinocchio would doubtlessly exist my no. 1 Lee Jong Suk moment. I shipped (still ship) this couple and need they would just date in real life. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye had such a lot chemistry and this scene just exuded it all. The snow, the music, the actor, and actress. Dreamy, right? Ugh, I cant maintain the chemistry!

Weve perfectly timed the video beneath for your viewing pleasure. Just press play.

Did you watch the clip twice? Since you should.

6. Lee Jong Suk and beautyLadiesHow are we able todisregardall of the Tell Me scenes in Physician Stranger?

Heres every other video of him dancing because why not.

(Re)Watch the drama below.

7. When he fell for an older girl at the health centerThe KBS Drama Special When I used to be the Prettiest was in particular special due to Lee Jong Suk. The very best moment? When he showed up after being hit with rain and gave Shin Ae (Jeon Ik Ryeong) a sectionthat might make her toy dog paintings again.

What are your favorite Lee Jong Suk moments? Let me know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi creator who loves to spend her loose fourth dimension immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her existing obsessions are Song Joong Ki, Display Me the cash 5, and Doctors. When she isn’t staring atthe maximum recent Running Guy episode, she will also benoticed indulging in her favorite spare time activitieswhich come withmaking a song her heart out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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Will Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo's

Will Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo's "W" overtake "Uncontrollably Fond" Suzy and Kim Woo-bin

Youth stars Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo ae eyeing Wednesday and Thursday peak.

While "Lucky Romance" starring Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol ended in 3rdposition recently, many of us are watching for the highly hyped "W". The leading drama this provide day is "Uncontrollably Fond" starring Kim Woo-bin and Suzy. It's totallyimaginable for "W" to rebound.

"W" is written via Song Jae-jeong and directed by Jeong Dae-yoon.

Song is legendary for his originalvariety of genre and he's doing the similar again. "W" is a romantic suspense melodrama that is goingfrom facet to sidefact and fantasy.

Yeon-joo lives in the truthinternational and Kang Cheol lives in the fantasy. The tale starts with imaginations such as, "What if a lady falls into the web-toon world and falls in love with the male character?", "What if she realizes that she's supposed to be the leading personality of a noted comic?" and "What if a character from a comedian comes alive and leaves the hands of the artist?"

At the premiere of the drama at the 18th, director Jeong said, "I planned on making this drama most commonly pre-produced and we have gotfinished 8 episodes. There is mind's eye that no other drama has presented before. It was oncetoughyet information technologybecamevalue a try".

He continued, "There's so muchto arrangeand lots ofportions of the drama required after-touches so now notit allmight be made forward of time. We referred to more than a few resources like dramas and movies".

There are some elements which will most probably betricky for the audience to understand. Jeong said, "The imagination itself is exclusive and not anything like this has been noticedprior to in Korea. I'm worried how the public would possiblysettle for this".

Jeong added, "Genre dramas are changing into popular and I standardized the coloursactually and the web-toon to let the viewers notice better. The parts of Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo are vital every bitsmartly and they've done a just righttask and so far".

The drama is expected to be an MBC savior. Director Jeong hopes the primary episode brings it up to 24.2%.

Lee Jong-suk is back with "W" since "Pinocchio" as a former gold medalist and presentproject entrepreneur named Kang Cheol.

Lee Jong-suk said, "Anyone would have sought after to be in this drama. It isn't like any drama you'll be in a position to meet again". About his character he said, "I do not meanhe isotherin truth nor fantasy. Visual is significant thus I am taking care to wear the proper clothes.

About his absolute best friend Kim Woo-bin's "Uncontrollably Fond", Lee Jong-suk said, "Kim asked me to be in his drama for a unique appearance but that fell via because "W" is broadcasting at a similar time".

The chemistry between Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo who is two years older than him, is interesting. He said, "When I first saw Han Hyo-joo, she was fair, long and pretty. She's a couple years older than me but we're the same age in the drama".

Han Hyo-joo takes on the role of a second-year resident physician named Oh Yeon-joo. She is back for the 1st fourth dimension in 6 years since "Dong Yi" in 2010.

Han Hyo-joo said, "It's been some time since I have been in a drama and I believeit is afantastic one. I will not wait to lookthe following script".

"I neededto have a look atanything dramatic and "W" is a dream come true for me. I thinkpower because it's been a while since I've been in a drama. I have not been capable of sleep for a couple of days now".

About her first affect of Lee Jong-suk, she said, "He was fair, long and had a fair voice. He is optimal in the drama. He's sensible looking, sexy, wealthy and well-mannered".

"There are such much of kiss scenes with him. I cut my hair to make myself glancemore youthfuland i'm very captivating to Lee Jong-suk".

About Suzy, Han says she never considered her as a rival.

"I think society instigates rivalry. It is more essentialwhat kind of drama we are making. I am more enthusiastic about what they say about me and not about others. It is also important to experience this drama as an actress".

Yeon-joo's father and web-toon artist Oh Seong-moo is played by Kim Ee-seong and Park Won-sang is Han Cheol-ho, a PA. Other casts are Lee Tae-hwan, Eugene Jung, Lee Si-eon and others.

The drama will also bevisible on the 20 th at 10PM.

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Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joo’s First “Bloody” Assembly Raises Anticipation For “W”

Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joo’s First “Bloody” Assembly Raises Anticipation For “W”

Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joos First Bloody Assembly Raises Anticipation For WJiwonYu July 18, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joos First Bloody Meeting Raises Anticipation For W MBCs new Wednesday-Thursday drama W has released preview stills of Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joos bloody first encounter!

In the photos, Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) is bleeding seriouslyhaving a look every bit though he has been attacked, and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) is attempting to save him since she is a doctor.

This is how the 2 characters meet for the primary time, and its suspenseful correct from the start. In the drama, Oh Yeon Joo alternatives Kang Chul as her ideal type, so fanatics are curious how she will be able to react when seeing him in genuinelifestylesupon getting sucked into the webtoon W.

With Han Hyo Joos father being a noted manhwa artist Oh Sung Moo (Kim Ui Sung), anticipation rises as Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk may bein the midst of many excitingoccasions to come.

The drama starts as Oh Sung Moo is goinglacking with the ultimatebankruptcy of his manhwa unwritten, and Han Hyo Joo goes to his place of businessto discover him. Then anything takes over her and she gets sucked into the webtoon.

The production corporate of W stated, Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joos dramatic first come across volition leave the audience breathless. The courting between Kang Chul, Han Hyo Joo, and Oh Sung Moo getsincreasinglyappealing as the episodes continue so please stay up for it. The personnel and the actors are operatingdemanding and sweating below the hot weather so please give a lot of love.

W will air on July 20 at 10 p.m. KST.

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Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kook’s Selfie Game

Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kook’s Selfie Game

Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kooks Selfie Gameehk38 July 18, 2016 0 Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kooks Selfie Game All through a promotional match that happened on July 15 in Shanghai for Chinese cellular phonecorporate Vivo, actor Song Joong Ki talked selfies and information usage.

I heard your selfie will pop outneatly if you're taking it at a forty fivelevel angle, Song Joong Ki says. Kim Jong Kook hyung takes a load more selfies than you canbe expecting and could also bejust right at taking them.

Song Joong Ki also addresses Lee Kwang Soos selfie game. The old day (July 14) used to be Kwang Soos birthday, so we ate seaweed soup together, Song Joong Ki says. Kwang Soo takes selfies well, yet doesnt take that many with me. Our heights dont match, the actor quips.

With regards to his information usage, Song Joong Ki reveals, I watch numerous videos and movies. I believe I use maximum of my data in looking at entertaining videos.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki wrapped up his Asia excursion on July 16 and has begun filming for upcoming movie Battleship Island (working title).

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Lee Jong Suk Opens Up About Competing With Easiest Friend Kim Woo Bin For Drama Ratings

Lee Jong Suk Opens Up About Competing With Easiest Friend Kim Woo Bin For Drama Ratings

Lee Jong Suk Opens Up About Competing With Perfect Friend Kim Woo Bin For Drama RatingsJiwonYu July 18, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Opens Up About Competing With Most efficient Friend Kim Woo Bin For Drama Ratings All overthe clickingconvention for the recent drama W on July 18, actor Lee Jong Suk mentioned having to compete with his friend Kim Woo Bin, who is starring in the drama Uncontrollably Fond that airs in the similar fourth dimension slot as W.

Lee Jong Suk says there isn't any sense of pageant between him and his most efficient friend, saying, We are known to be most effectivebuddies and we take place to celebrity in dramas that air at a similar time. Prior to being forged in W, Kim Woo Bin asked me to make a cameo on Uncontrollably Fond. Yet I couldnt on account of the overlapping air time. We care for a symbiotic relationship. Other than competing, were cheering every other on and in want of to have dinner in combination some time.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joos new Wednesday-Thursday drama W will premiere on July 20 at 10 p.m. KST on MBC, whilst Kim Woo Bin and Suzys drama Uncontrollably Fond is recently airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 p.m. KST on KBS.

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Han Hyo Joo Has Not anything  Yet  Compliment For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In “W”

Han Hyo Joo Has Not anything Yet Compliment For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In “W”

Han Hyo Joo Has Not anythingYetCompliment For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In WJiwonYu July 18, 2016 0 Han Hyo Joo Has Nothing But Praise For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In W Actress Han Hyo Joo has complimented how fantastic her co-star Lee Jong Suk is either as an individual and an actor.

During the clickingconvention for the recent Wednesday-Thursday drama W, Han Hyo Joo praised him, saying, The role that Lee Jong Suk plays in the drama is handsome, sexy, and has super manners. She continued, Lee Jong Suk is similar to that. Hes a guy who doesnt lack anything.

After hearing Han Hyo Joo praise him, Lee Jong Suk returned the compliments, saying, Han Hyo Joo is bright, tall, and pretty. She also has a fascinating way of talking.

The beautifulenvironment between the 2 raises the anticipation in their drama W, that may air on July 20 at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the trailer below, and also take a glance atthe newest teaser stills here.

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