High Hopes for a large Korean Gold Medal Haul in Rio

High Hopes for a large Korean Gold Medal Haul in Rio

Korea goals to win a minimum of x gold medals and end in the pinnacle 10 at the medal tally at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, which kick off on Saturday. The rustic won thirteen aureate medals to end5th in London in 2012, its second-best result after the fourth-place finish at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. If it achieves its function in Rio, Korea will have done in the tip 10 at 4 consecutive Summer Olympics. To achieve the goal, Korea wishes to sweep the gold medals in all four of the disciplines it dominates: archery, shooting, taekwondo and judo. The men's and women's archery groupsgoal to win all four gold medals on be offering -- one each and every in the male and feminineparticular person and team events. Korea's ladies archers are making an attempt to clinch their 8th consecutive team gold in a streak that started in Seoul in 1988.

Shooter Jin Jong-oh hopes to change intothe primary Olympian to win a gold medal in the subject for the 3rdimmediately Olympics. In the judo team, which incorporates3international No. 1 athletes, male judokas Kim Won-jin, An Ba-ul, An Chang-rim and Gwak Dong-han and feminine exponents Kim Jan-di and Kim Seong-yeon will vie for gold. Taekwondo exponents Lee Dae-hoon and Kim Tae-hun also aresturdyapplicants to win the gold, whilst badminton gamers Lee Yong-dae and Yoo Yeon-seong are most probably to dominate the men's doubles, in which they are lately ranked No. 1 in the world. Wrestler Kim Hyeon-woo can beprotecting the gold he won in London in 2012. Gold medals are also expected in men's and women's fencing, with Gu Bon-gil, Kim Ji-Yeon and Kim Jung-hwan competing, and women's golf, in which Park In-bee, Kim Sei-young, Yang Hee-young and Chun In-gee will compete. Korea's first gold medal must come on Sunday, when the men's team archery (Kim Woo-jin, Ku Bon-chan and Lee Seung-yun), men's 10-m air pistol (Jin Jong-oh) and men's 60-kg judo (Kim Won-jin) occasions are held. The women's team archery pageant (Ki Bo-bae, Choi Mi-sun and Chang Hye-jin) will be hung on Monday, while An Chang-rim will compete in the men's judo 73-kg category on Tuesday. Rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae will make her ultimate Olympic appearance on Aug. 21, an afternoonprior to the closing ceremony.

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BTOB's Minhyuk makes a new record and wins gold medal in high jump on 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'

BTOB's Minhyuk makes a new record and wins gold medal in high jump on 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'

BTOB"s Minhyuk won the gold medal and broke the record in men"s high jump on this year"s "Idol Star Athletics Championship"!

Minhyuk went up against Big Star"s Sunghak to compete for the gold medal, taking the ~5"10" (180cm) jump. Both idols already beat the existing record of ~5"8" (174cm) by TEEN TOP"s Niel, but Sunghak was not able to complete the ~6" (183cm) high jump.

After beating Sunghak for the gold medal, the BTOB member then went on to attempt the ~6"1" (185cm) jump and succeed, making the crowd go wild.

Watch Minhyuk make a new high jump record below!


Teen Tops Niel wins a gold medal in the high jump on Idol Star Olympics

Teen Tops Niel wins a gold medal in the high jump on Idol Star Olympics

Teen Tops Niel wins a gold medal in the high jump on Idol Star Olympics [PIC] Teen Tops Niel recently showed off his gold medal that he won in the high jump on MBC TVs Idol Star Olympics.

On July 26, Niel uploaded a picture of his gold medal on his me2day account with the comment, This is my proud gold medal. Ill constantly try to set a new record in the high jump. Constantly!

Niel recorded a new record of one meter 74 centimeters in the male high jump on Idol Star Olympics that aired on July 26. He broke the record of SHINees Minho, which was one meter 73 centimeters.

Getting excited after setting a new record, Niel said, Minho. Come and lets compete. The hosts said, SHINees Minho will come because he has a high competitive spirit. Niel also said to his boss Shinhwas Andy, Give my cell phone back to me!

People responded: Niels awesome. It will be awesome if Niel and Minho compete in the next game. I think Niel can break his own record. Its awesome that he won a gold medal.

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Korean Brands Fare Poorly in China's High-End Market

Korean Brands Fare Poorly in China's High-End Market

Korean brands rank a deficient6th in the lucrative Chinese marketplace for high-end client goods like perfume, fashion, jewellery and handbags. Yet exports of best of the range goods to other countries in Asia are expandingthank you to the recognition of Korean Television dramas and videos in the region. Consistent with the Institute for GlobalBusiness on Sunday, China imported US$20.9 billion value of high-end person goods in 2014, with Korean products accounting for 2.8 percent.Italian products led the box alongside 14.9 percent, followed by skill of French with 12.3 % and Swiss with 9.1 percent. Jap products accounted for 5 per centum and American for 3.5 percent. Korea's proportion of the Chinese high-end market rose only 0.2 percentage point from 2.6 percent in 2011 because of a loss of global emblem awareness. In keeping with a find out about by Deloitte, the only real Korean-owned brand a few of the world's peakone hundred luxury consumer goods is MCM, at the start a German brand.Last year, Korea exported $6.1 billion worth of high-end luxury products, an insignificant 8.5 percent of Italian and 10.1 percent of French shipments. They account for just 1.2 percent of Korea's overall exports. But in the case ofenlargement Korea's high-end consumer products are faring greater than key exports, that are slowing down because of the the global slump. Korea's overall exports declined 8 percent last year, but exports of high-end consumer products rose 13.1 percent and an moderate of 29 percent during the last five years principallyat the back of top rateattractiveness productsIn Vietnam they account for 7.8 percent of the market, a first rate slice and the absolute best anywhere.Shim Hye-jeong at the institute said, "The Asian population is expected to grow from 52.5 billion in 2009 to 322.8 billion in 2030, which translates into a marked building up in call for for high-end products, so we want toincrease new luxury brands and take a glance at outto procure leading foreign brands". Shim also advised diversifying sales channels to satisfyconvertingintake patterns.

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'Descendants of the Sun' Ends on a large High

'Descendants of the Sun' Ends on a large High

Election fever made no dent in the ratings of KBS hitsoap "Descendants of the Sun" on Wednesday, whose penultimate episode without difficulty outclassed election policy on all 3 terrestrial channels with 34.8 % to 23.2. The soap mesmerized Korea and China for the ultimate three months and got here to an finish on Thursday. And whilst the figures discuss for themselves, there are some gripes, chiefly about the incoherent plot. So when all is related and done, what are audiencedisposing of from the series? Revival of Korean Wave"Descendants of the Sun" was once unarguably the largestluck since "My Love from the Star" in 2013. The streaming website that showed it in China saw the selection of registered participantsbuild upby capacity of more than five million. The display has been sold to 32 countries adding Japan. Production corporate NEW has a running ensure contract with the Chinese streaming site and may be paid more if the episodes collect more hits. As of Thursday the series has been watched over 2.5 billion times at the site, and viewers have to shop for a annually VIP membership, which prices 198 Chinese yuan or W35,000. The production payment W13 billion yet recovered lots of thechargesooner than information technology even aired thank you to pre-sale of broadcasting rights in a foreign country and product placement deals. NEW and KBS are expected to earn over W10 billion in profits from marketing and other incidental deals. Since theproveturned into shot in advance instead of on the hoof, as is the standardprepare here, actors did now notneed to rush their process and were also to be had to advertise the series in Korea and overseas while it was being aired. Kim Sook of the Korea Ingenious Content Firm said, "A cultural vogue like the Korean Wave can handiest continue when it creates a virtuous circle where a large gaindraws more hobby for other cultural content".

Incoherent PlotBut the storyline of "Descendants of the Sun" was fantastic and confused, and product placement was driven to a new pitch of shamelessness. Many enthusiasts confessed that the plot was corny but they watched it anyway on account of the star, Song Joong-ki. It's far disappointing that the soap trod very well-worn paths instead of being a trailblazer for a brand new approach. Outdated big Korean Wave hits like "Winter Sonata", "The Heirs", and "My Love from the Star" were not specificallysmartlycarried out merelycontrolled to turn into hugely popular basically thanks to the charm of the male stars. "Descendants of the Sun" a minimum offailed to feature a super-rich hero or switch onthe call of the game surrounding protagonists. But Song's persona did generally tend to ride to the rescue like clockwork. Especially against the end of the series, he kept getting back from the dead with most unlikely regularity. Episodes featured an reasonable of 10 product placements, which failed tolend a hand their quality. Some farcical eventualities resulted from the truth that the series was entire before it was shown. The studio set in Taebaek, Gangwon Province have been demolished when the shoot was over, but once it have becometransparent that it was a mega hit and were given the endorsement of President Park Geun-hye, Taebaek determined to rebuild it at taxpayers' expense. Park praised thesoap for selling patriotism and tourism.


Korean Clothing Companies Pin Hopes on China

Korean Clothing Companies Pin Hopes on China

Korean clothing corporations are speeding to China to make amends for a swiftly waning modelmarketplace at house amid the ongoing slump. In China, regardless of slowing growth, the craze market is still burgeoning.

Chinese patrons view Korean garments as trendy and just right quality. Their trade in China is faring well, and a loosealternate agreement between the 2countries that went into effect in December remaining year providesextra incentives.

Avista, which operates around one hundredretail outlets of the BNX emblem of women's dresses in China, joined hands with Dishang Crewoverdue concluding year to release a new brand called G.Revive. Last month it shaped a joint undertaking amongst Shanghai Silk Neighborhood to market its Kai-Aakmann line.

Smart FD, which makes faculty uniforms, has tied up with Bosideng Organization to sell them in China beginning in the 2nd onepart of this year.

Textile corporations from around the arena are hungry for a slice of the Chinese market, where 220 million schoolchildren wish to exist fitted out and the market for faculty uniforms is scaled at 33 billion yuan (W6.6 trillion).

According to Percent Consulting, China's clothing market grew 12 percent last year to US$79.5 billion and is expected to grow an reasonable of 9.5 percent over the following five years.

Park Young-man of Tebah Global, which sells toddler products online, issues out that 16 million small children are born in China each year, some 1.6 times the complete population of Seoul. "Nowadays doing industrial in China is a needinstead of an option", he added.

The Korea-China FTA has made the Chinese market way moreavailable for Korean agencies and vice versa. The 14 to 25-percent tariff on clothing imports can be gradually abolished over a 10-year period.

On best of that, Korean fashion brands get excitement fromthe recognition of Korean dramas and track in China.

The Sejung Group's jewellery brand Didier Dubot, for example, changed intosuccessful when Jeon Ji-hyun sported its baubles in the mega-hit soap "My Love from the Star".

But good fortune is in no way guaranteed. Festival between online department shops is fierce and squeezing margins, says Kim Ki-yung, an analyst at SK Securities. "As earningupward push in China, shopper tastes are changing into more sophisticated, so clothing makers will mustgive a spice up to their designs and faucet into provincial markets".


Upcoming DVD Releases Korean Videos

Upcoming DVD Releases Korean Videos "Wonderful Nightmare", "Fatal Intuition", "Snow in Sea Breeze", "Modern Family", "The Celebrated Gisaeng" and documentary "The Large Picture"

Korean Videos "Wonderful Nightmare", "Fatal Intuition", "Snow in Sea Breeze", "Modern Family", "The Celebrated Gisaeng" and documentary "The Large Picture" are to be had to preorder on DVD with English subtitles from YESASIA.

"Wonderful Nightmare"DVD with English subtitles

"Fatal Intuition"DVD with English subtitles

"Snow in Sea Breeze"DVD with English subtitles

"Modern Family"DVD with English subtitles

Documentary "The Big Picture"DVD with English subtitles

"The Celebrated Gisaeng"DVD without subtitles


BIGBANG, TVXQ, Large Junior, EXO and More Win Awards at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

BIGBANG, TVXQ, Large Junior, EXO and More Win Awards at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

BIGBANG, TVXQ, Great Junior, EXO and More Win Awards at the Japan Gold Disc Awardsck525 February 27, 2016 0 LINE it!BIGBANG, TVXQ, Super Junior, EXO and More Win Awards at the Japan Gold Disc Awards Several K-pop singers left the day with wonderful wins at the 30th Japan Gold Disc Awards, held by ability of the Japan List Association.

TVXQ won Perfect Asian Artist 3 years in a row and Most sensibleSong Video, as well.

BIGBANG was oncethe best real artist to get keep of an award in the music download category for the song “BANG BANG BANG” in the Asia division.

EXO won the Rookie Artist Award out of all and Most productive 3 Rookies in the Asia division. The opposite two winners of the most productive 3 Rookies are Block B and Dal Shabet. Dal Shabet is the single Korean ladyteam to have won an award this year at the event.

Super Junior won an award in the album category out of all and the most effective 3 Albums in the Asia division. The precise 3 Albums Award becamesome other award to be prized to just K-pop stars: Super Junior, 2PM, and 2PM’s Junho.

These awards are a result of the consistent difficultpaintings TVXQ, BIGBANG, Super Junior, 2PM, EXO, Dal Shabet, and Block B have put into their abilities and the sales in their records.

Japan Gold Disc Awards is some of the nearly prestigious music awards in the country, and determines its recipients by their CD, video, and music record sales from January 1 to December 31.

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The North Korean leader made one Large mistake when he designed this ski resort

The North Korean leader made one Large mistake when he designed this ski resort

10kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made some of thebest mistakes in designing a ski resort.

Photos surfaced of Kim Jong Uns latest world-class ski lodge project. However, the leader should take never noticeda true ski resort before. There used to be one importantthing that turned intolacking in the maximum recent Masikryong Ski Resort — Are you ready towager what it is?

Photographer Aram Pan went to snap some photographs of the resort, noting that it was blank and new, yet snowless.

Its logo new and completely functional. Complete with ski lifts, there just turns out to be no hint of white at the ground. All year circularhere's how it looks

However, there are quite a bit ofglobalelegancehotelsfor folks that are willing to stick here (not to ski of course).

This resort is provided alongside some of the most authentic dining corridor experiences.

And this bedroom is considered second class.

Since skiing does now notlook like an option, there are numerous other things you have to do here.

And when its in eachunmarried placeyou'll be able tomove get a memento for one of the most productive skiing trips youve ever been on.

But honestly, this position is most certainly empty 24/7. Among a majority of thesedeficient North Koreans, who can in truthcome up with the cash forto remain at this place?

Maybe it was just created for Kim Jong Un himself. He looks as if hes playing himself.

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AOA's Jimin stocks a selca with her 'Gold Medal Duty' nametag!

AOA's Jimin stocks a selca with her 'Gold Medal Duty' nametag!

AOA's Jimin, who these days took first position on February 10th's airing of'Gold Medal Duty', shared an adorable selca with her nametag!

The idol posted a black and white selca on her Instagram, appearing off her nametag together with her signature rockstar hand.

Tune in to glance at more of Jimin on Gold Medal Duty!

A photo posted by way of jimin (@jiminbaby_18) on Feb 10, 2016 at 7:51am PST

SEE ALSO: AOA's Jimin earns the maximum medals on Lunar New Year special program!