Hong Sang-soo's wife,

Hong Sang-soo's wife, "He does not have a green card, I would perhaps not divorce him"

Director Hong Sang-soo's wife acknowledged that her husband did not take residency in the States when she was once asked about the rumors of his secret marriage with Kim Min-hee.

She said, "I have not said anything, yetthere were exclusive interviews of me here and there. It is like I have been going around making things up. It looks as if I've been going around speaking toeach and every reporter and now other people hate me".

"I never said anything elsereminiscent of waiting around for Kim Min-hee to get married. Any personis attempting to write a tale here".

About the reports that Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee were given secretly married in the States, she said, "We wouldn't have residency there. Or not it's been twenty years since we gave that up. He can not go IT back back and I would in all probability not divorce him".

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Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Pretend JiwonYu June 22, 2016 0 Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake A couple of days after the inside of track of Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair used to be reported, the magazine Ladies Sense shared an alleged text message communication between Kim Min Hees mother and Hong Sang Soos wife.

However, Hong Sang Soos circle of relatives is claiming that this conversation did now not happen, and that the posted messages are fake.

On June 22, Hong Sang Soos household stated, Hong Sang Soos wife sat down for an off-the-record assembly alongsidea mag reporter back in April where the wife onlymentioned her feelings. Now that mag has released that data acting adore itbecame an exclusive interview, even adding fake text messages that were never supplied to the magazine.

On the morning of June 22, a per month magazine published a piece of writing claiming that it had an exclusive interview. However, the ideas in the object was published without Hong Sang Soos wifes consent and is reportedly not the truth.

Regarding the conversation between Hong Sang Soos wife and Kim Min Hees mother, Hong Sang Soos representatives stated, Why would Hong Sang Soos wife supplythe ones messages if that meeting with the magazine was meant to be off-the-record?

During the true meeting in April, Hong Sang Soos wife did mention anything about having talked with Kim Min Hees mother. However, she didn't provide exact text messages like the magazine claims, which means that the magazine has created a faux conversation just to arouse things even more.

Hong Sang Soos kin apologized, saying, We are sorry for this controversy. We know that this isnt only one persons fault. We made certainlimitless times that the meeting with the magazine reporter was off-the-record, yet IT wasnt so. Not best did the magazine not stay its promise of creating it off-the-record, but it has spread false rumors viagrowing fake text messages. We contacted the magazine firmsoliciting for correction, but it only took down the conversation screenshot and has done not anything more. It's far eventideaverting our calls now. We are making plans to record a petition with the click Arbitration Commission about this.

Hong Sang Soos family has only met up with news outlet Dispatch so far, and has not been interviewed by any other news resources yet. Regardless of this, many news shops are publishing articles claiming they had an exclusive interview with the family.

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Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Change Texts About Affair

Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Change Texts About Affair

Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife Replace Texts About Affairkokoberry June 21, 2016 0 Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife Exchange Texts About Affair On June 22, Girl Sense published new datarelating to Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair.

The per 30 daysmag held an interview with Hong Sang Soos wife and revealed text messages between her and Kim Min Hees mother.

The text messages were sent on September 30 after Hong Sang Soo left his wife and daughter. Underneath are the text messages:

Hong Sang Soos wife: Please lend a hand your daughter keep watch over her feelings. I'm so distressed.

Kim Min Hees mother: Whose middle hurts more, a wife whose husband cheated or a mom whose daughter who has fallen in love with a married man?

Hong Sang Soos wife: You appearnot torealizethe emotions of a lady whose husband were given stolen from her. Ask who will have a tougher time to any individualon the topic of you.

Kim Min Hees mother: My heart is crying appropriate now.

Hong Sang Soos wife: Your daughter is an adulteress who ruined a satisfied family.

Kim Min Hees mother: I raised my daughter well. Do now notdiscuss recklessly.

Hong Sang Soos wife: I dont think here's a state of affairs where you'll tell me how smartly you raised your daughter.

Kim Min Hees mother: You also are a mother who is raising a daughter.

Hong Sang Soos wife: This is a condition where apologizing to me one hundred times for raising your daughter poorly and creating acircle of relativesenjoy this pain isn't enough.

Kim Min Hees mother: The director will go back once he realizes something.

Furthermore, Hong Sang Soos wife revealed that the director stopped offering for his daughters university fees. She said, My husband director Hong Sang Soo acknowledged he may no longer reinforce paying for the find out aboutin a foreign countrycosts for our daughter after assembly Kim Min Hee.

She continued, He said that because themovie industry learned of his dating alongside Kim Min Hee she used to beno longer receiving any gives for advertisements and films. So he said thats why he had to aid Kim Min Hees economic losses.

Meanwhile, Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo haven't begunto expose their authentic stance in regards to the news in their reported affair.

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Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo speaks at the Marseille GlobalMovie Festival on Tuesday in this image from the festival's Facebook page.

Director Hong Sang-soo resurfaced for the primary time since his grand hobby for actress Kim Min-hee was public. Hong (56) attended the Marseille Foreign Film Festival in France on Tuesday where he won an honorary grand prize. The festival is keeping a retrospective of 17 of Hong's moviestill next Monday.

The director's whereabouts had been a mystery since his extramarital affair with the actress, who is over two decades his junior, was oncepublishedfinal month. It isn't known whether Kim accompanied him to the festival. The couple met whilst filming "Right Now, Wrong Then" last year and Hong left his wife and youngsters nine months ago. They are it appears staying in the U.S. and featurenow not commented at the reports.

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Hong Sang-soo in France, will he mention Kim Min-hee

Hong Sang-soo in France, will he mention Kim Min-hee

Director Hong Sang-soo, who is reportedly in a dating alongside Kim Min-hee, is in France for a movie festival.

FID Marseille 2016 released photographs of the director on its authentic Facebook.

Hong is there because his retrospective exhibition is being held there. FID Marseille is screening 17 of Hong's videosover the past 20 years.

"Right Now, Wrong Then" which brought him as regards to Kim Min-hee may be being screened and Hong is expected to make a presentation about it.

Meanwhile, Hong is in a scandal with Kim Min-hee. They either departed for in every other country and have notacknowledgedthe rest yet.

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Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Superstar Cheating Scandal

Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Superstar Cheating Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Finally the scandalous speculations, a file has claimed that actress Kim Min Hee married director Hong Sang Soo in the United States. 

On July 4th, it used to be reported that Kim Min Hee secretly wed the director in Utah, United States in spite of yet being married to his existing wife. In line with an insider, the reported couple are still staying in the U.S.and should remain their till his domestic dispute in South Korea is settled.

The couple continues to bein the midst of a controversy after alleged reports in their thing were reported to the public. Speculations of their affair started to spread hastilyvia the finish of 2015, yetturned into never picked up recently.

Reports first of all claimed that the director let his circle of relatives for Kim Min Hee, even cutting off monetarystrengthen for his daughter. Kim Min Hee, at the other hand, has been struggling with the outrage brought by the scandal and is related to have stayed out of the limelight ever since.

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"The Just right Wife" Yoon Kye-sang and Nana self-promoting

Actors Yoon Kye-sang and Nana self promoted the hot tvN drama "The Just right Wife".

Yoon Kye-sang posted an image on his Instagram saying, "This supplies me strength".

He posted a image of himself at the premiere of the drama. He's smiling with his thumbs up in front of the baggage of rice his lovers sent him.

Yoon Kye-sang takes at the part of SEO Joong-won, the president of law company MJ.

After School's Nana also posted a photograph of herself maintaining up a script of "The Sensible Wife".

She takes on the role of the law firm investigator Kim Dan.

Meanwhile, tvN drama "The Perfect Wife" is the tale of Kim Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) who returns to her process as a legal professional when her a success husband Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) gets booked for scandals and corruption.

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Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were given married in US

Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were given married in US

On July 4th, a media has reported in keeping withresources in movie industry that Actress Kim Min-hee and picture director Hong Sang-soo are staying in US lately and they had a secret wedding in Utah.

However, either one of them had been keeping silence about the entire reports on their relationship. Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo are currently staying in US.

Hong Sang-soo reportedly will attend Hong Sang-soo Retrospective, which can be held from July 12 to 18th all through the Marseille World Film Festival in France.

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Hong Sang-soo's family,

Hong Sang-soo's family, "We never equipped text messages"

Hong Sang-soo's circle of relatives are going to sue a femininemag to the click Arbitration Commission. This magazine reported false contents and made up false conversations in a text message.

Apparently this magazine made it appear to be Hong's wife gave her interview off record, as though she poured her middle out to the feminine reporter and made-up text messages that she never provided.

Hong's wife claims she fileused to be made without her consent and the contents of the itemwere notright kind at all. She claimed she never discussedthe rest more or less their monetary conditions.

The hassleturned into worse as a result of the so called 'text messages' between Hong's wife and Kim Min-hee's mother. The household claims there's noexplanation why for them to present text messages as evidence when the interview was conducted off record.

Hong's wife stated she did speak about Kim Min-hee and the verbal exchange she had with Kim Min-hee's motheryet never supplied text messages to the reporter.

The Hong family members states, "We make an apology for this matter. It is not one person's mistake. However, even supposing I stated to the magazine that this conversation was off record, it now notsimplest broke the policy of the ethics of press but added false information. We asked the magazine to proper their mistakes but all they did was just take down the text messages and did not do anything else. Now they are just averting us. We'll sue them in the process the Press Arbitration Committee.

Hong Sang-soo's family have not had an authentic interview with any individualbut even so Dispatch.

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Kim Min-hee's secret lover Hong Sang-soo who fell in love two decades ago and left home

Kim Min-hee's secret lover Hong Sang-soo who fell in love two decades ago and left home

While Kim Min-hee and director Hong Sang-soo are in the hot seat for their irrelevant affair, apparently, Hong Sang-soo sought after a divorce two decades ago too.

Women Dong-a reported the contents of the telephone call between Hong Sang-soo and his wife and the words of a close friend of the married couple.

The friend said, "The wife needs Hong to come and she's certain he will. 20 years ago when their daughter used to be young, Hong fell in love with any individual else and asked for a divorce".

"The girl he fell in love with changed into a personnel member. However, he got here back housesooner than the film was out and have become a loving father once again. The wife also were given to be 'the wife of a reputablemotion picture director'".

Apparently the wife would in all probability not get divorced and maywatch for her husband to come again to her even if the waiting will also be miserable.

Meanwhile, several media reported that actress Kim Min-hee and director Hong Sang-soo met for the movie "Right Now, Wrong Then" and feature been in an affair for roughly a year. Neither of them have released any official statements and don't appear to be in the country.

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