Hyeri and Kang Haneul To Be Stranded In Abandoned  Delusion Land In

Hyeri and Kang Haneul To Be Stranded In Abandoned Delusion Land In "Picnic"

Hyeri and Kang Haneul To Be Stranded In Deserted Fantasy Land In Picnic (Photo : Day-to-day Sports)Hyeri and Kang Haneul can be the stars of an upcoming drama..

According to a commentary made viaa published insider on July 25 to Korean media outlet Day after day Sports, "Kang Haneul and Hyeri had beensolid as the leads in the approaching MBC drama 'Picnic.'"

However, according to Hyeri's firm Dream T Entertainment, the verdictisn't final. "We have been in talks about casting Hyeri, yetthe generalresolution has no longer been reached just yet," they said.

AdvertisementAfter converting the name of the drama from "Gaia" to "Picnic," the drama was once scheduled to premiere in September. However, the display has been driven back to 2017.

The drama is a fantasy romantic comedy about the occasions that transpire between the 2most neatly liked A-list celebrities in Korea and China after their aircraft makes an unforeseen emergency touchdown in a position devoid of civilization, where fantasy-like and most unlikely things take place often. The two fall in love in some way that mirrors the expansion and love of other people in their youth.

The drama will air in the primarypart of 2017 and is being produced by SM Culture Contents, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment that has created a massive number of shows, adding "To the gorgeous You," "Miss Korea," Cool Kiz at the Block," and more.

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Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk puts a ring on Hyeri's finger:

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk puts a ring on Hyeri's finger: "Let's date"

On the episode 12 of SBS "Entertainers", Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk) made a confession of love to ('Hyeri')

On this day, Jeong Green went to look Byeol along side Ddanddara band members.

Jo Ha-heul was oncehaving a look at a ring he changed intowearing with him secretly, whilst he was hiding his one-sided love against Jeong Green. Jo Ha-neul left the prevent all of unexpected and Jeong Green went out to discover him as he disappeared.

Jo Ha-neul gave the impression in front of Jeong Green out of nowhere and then he took out a ring. Jo Ha-neul put the hoop on her finger. He looking out into Green's eyes said, "I like you a lot" and "Let's date".


Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk clears up false accusation, Ji Seong, Hyeri romance would possibly speed up

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk clears up false accusation, Ji Seong, Hyeri romance would possibly speed up

On the episode 11 of "Entertainers", Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk) after allmaytransparent up the false accusation of sexual assault.

After the sexual attack scandal, malicious comments about Ha-neul went viral online. Ha-neul attempted to fake he did no longer handle about it and act normally. However, Ddanddara members, Green and Seok-ho were worried about him whilst they moderatelyseen how he was once doing.

Ha-neul in fact fainted because ofthe strain and became sent to an emergency room. Ha-neul said, "I tried to act I do not care about the comments. But if reading the ones comments, I felt like as though one had turn into a criminal. I assumed I may die this way". Seok-ho said, "People say malicious comments mean they still have passion in you. Yetit is not true. It is poision".

Ha-neul have become worried about Green, who was having tough time looking after him. Green told him, "Take care of yourself first. What an affection between siblings". Ha-neul said, "Do you watchedI'm worried about you simplyas a result of affection as siblings?" He was about to show his emotion against her. But the workers of his firmgot herethrough at the moment. Ha-neul lost his timing to confess.

Seok-ho held a press convention and Jin-woo showed up and confessed he was the culprit. At the similar moment, Joo-han also held a press conference and printed Jin-woo was the onlywho isliable for the sexual assault.


Hyeri Tries To Bite Kang Min Hyuks Hand On Entertainer Set

Hyeri Tries To Bite Kang Min Hyuks Hand On Entertainer Set

Hyeri Tries To Bite Kang Min Hyuk’s Hand On “Entertainer” Setnotclaira Might 1, 2016 0 Hyeri Tries To Bite Kang Min Hyuk’s Hand On “Entertainer” Set SBS’s newest drama “Entertainer” these dayspublished some behind-the-scenes cuts of Hyeri and Kang Min Hyuk.

In the drama, Hyeri and Kang Min Hyuk play Jung Geu Rin and Jo Ha Neul, who don't appear to be blood-related siblings yet accept a close noona-dongsaeng relationship. Jung Geu Rin worries about Jo Ha Neul a lot, whilst Jo Ha Neul pretends to regard her coldly but secretly looks out for her.

In the behind-the-scenes cuts, Hyeri is fooling around with any person whose face is off-camera (Kang Min Hyuk), pretending to bite their closed fist. Kang Min Hyuk is expounded to have burst into laughter at the small joke.

“Entertainer” airs each and every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST and also stars Ji Sung in the role of famous person manager Shin Suk Ho.

Watch the newest episode below:

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Spoiler 'Entertainers' Giant sister Hyeri needs to turn into Kang Min-hyuk's manager to be offering  coverage to him

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Giant sister Hyeri needs to turn into Kang Min-hyuk's manager to be offering coverage to him

On the episode 3 of SBS' "Entertainers", Sin Seok-ho (Ji Seong) and Green (Hyeri) had a verbal exchange about Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk)'s debut as a singer.

Green said, "I think we wish tobeef up him thru a well established system". Seok-ho was onceunsatisfied with her remark and told her, "While I amthe one that brought out his talent, now you areannouncingyou want to haveto move and in finding a right kind plan for him somewhere else? Because I were given messed up in KTop, you're assertingyou'lllocatean easier company. Regardless of what, I used to be running in eachunmarried place to do all these, a minimum of information technologyshould now not be KTop".

Green turned intoshocked he knew she had visited KTop and asked him, "How did you know 1 went to KTop". Seok-ho answered, "It's the variety of small and competitive international in this circle. Did you have faith yous studiedI did not accept that much network?" He was upset. Green attempted to explain, "I went there as a result of Ha-neul's accident. It isanything I and Ha-neul will have to take care of".

Seok-ho smiling asked her, "So why did you will haveto peer me?" and Green said, "I am going to be Ha-neul's manager".

Seok-ho asked her, "Do you know what managers do?" and Green insisted, "You must teach me. Despite the truth that my Ha-neul pretends to be so strong, he's such a softhearted kid. I am goingto give coverage to him for twenty-four hours next to him".

Seok-ho tried to cajole her, "Manager's processisn't a joke. Even ifoldsters get into an twist of fate and sent to an emergency room, you'd still want to stay doing your job. You can not eventideconsider having your individual time. Managers can not get married even. There is this legend who went from aspect to side between Seoul and Busan 3 times per day. Or not it's me".

Green was adamant on her resolution to develop into a manager for her more youthful brother. She said, "I also have a magnificence 1 driver's license. I would not have to date. And it's good enough I do not get married. The solecircle of relatives for me is Ha-neul. Isn't this enough?"



Photos "Entertainers" personality posters, featuring Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk, Chae Jeong-an, L.Joe

The limited edition album poster for "Entertainers" is out.

With 6 days to moveprior to the broadcast starts, SBS drama "Entertainers" released teaser posters of Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk, Chae Jeong-an and L.Joe.

Ji Seong looks playful whilstpreserving his chest and it roughly feels like he is going to be the clown in the drama. The words 'Real Manager' on his jacket had been emphasized.

Hyeri's poster looks lively as she is smiling kindly. The word, 'Hard Worker' display that she is in a position to do anything.

Kang Min-hyuk is a musical genius who is self-assured of himself. Chae Jeong-an provides off a pictureof class with her purple lips and seductive look. L.Joe in the role of Jae-hoon, a drummer from Seoul National University, is the maximum office model-looking personalityat the poster.

The poster is uniquely designed. The poster resembles a listing and reflects on the musical qualities of the drama. The poster is antiqueas thoughit is been touched for many years and the feel of the poster is raising hype for the drama.

Meanwhile, "Entertainers" is the existencetask of an audacious manager named Seok-ho (Ji Seong) and an amateur band called Entertainers.


'Entertainers' siblings Hyeri and Kang Min-hyuk sing their own praises chemistry sweeter than lovers'

'Entertainers' siblings Hyeri and Kang Min-hyuk sing their own praises chemistry sweeter than lovers'

On April 11th, the coming near near SBS drama, "Entertainers" has unveiled the still photographs featuring Hyeri and Kang Min-hyuk, who play siblings in the drama.

The picturesdisplay Green (Hyeri) and Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk) on their way to work. The beautifulglance of the siblings brightens up the surroundings.

Green with the 2giant bright eyes is making eye touch amongst her more youthful brother. She looks a little bit upset, which makes the audience wonder why. Ha-neul also is taking a look at her with any such warm smile on his face. It's farglaring Green is such a adorable and valuable sister for him.

The scene was once filmed in Busan recently. Even though it changed intomost effectivestarting of the production, Hyeri and Kang Min-hyuk have become close straight away to each and every other.

"Entertainers" depicts the good fortunetalethrough a beginner band, 'Ddanddara' and their manager Sin Seok-ho, who is reckless and impressive in action. The drama premieres at 10 PM on April 20th taking on the airtime from "Please Come Back, Mister".


Kang Min Hyuk and Hyeri Blow their own horns  Beautiful Chemistry as Siblings for “Entertainer”

Kang Min Hyuk and Hyeri Blow their own horns Beautiful Chemistry as Siblings for “Entertainer”

Kang Min Hyuk and Hyeri Sing their own praisesBeautiful Chemistry as Siblings for Entertainerck525 April 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Kang Min Hyuk and Hyeri Display Off Lovely Chemistry as Siblings for Entertainer Ladies Days Hyeri and CNBLUEs Kang Min Hyuk are appearing off their fantastic chemistry as siblings on “Entertainer.”

On April 11, stills of Kang Min Hyuk and Hyeri for SBS’s latest drama “Entertainer” were revealed.

In the images, Green (played by potential of Hyeri) and Ha Neul (played Kang Min Hyuk) are walking on their way to university and work. The combination of tenderness and playfulness highlights their sibling love.

Though filming has just began in Busan, the pairs friendly personalities have made them just rightbuddies already. Its reported that their communiquesubjectsvariety from lunch menus to the feelings of Green and Ha Neul, and their closeness is expounded to be reflecting in their acting as well.

Meanwhile, “Entertainer” will first air on April 20, once “Please Come Back, Mister” is over.

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Interview Hyeri,

Interview Hyeri, "Looking ahead to operating with Ji Seong and Kang Min-hyuk"

Girl's Day member and actress Hyeri is starring in the hot SBS drama "Entertainers" with Ji Seong.

SBS drama "Entertainers" is according to a assignment between an audacious manager named Sin Seok-ho (Ji Seong) and an amateur band named Entertainers. Hyeri stars in the drama as the vocal Jo Ha-neul's (Kang Min-hyuk) mother or father Jeong Green.

Hyeri is coming back with "Entertainers" after achieving massivegood fortune amongst the tvN drama "Answer Me 1988". She proved her skillsimmediately and turned intothe followinghighest actress next to Suzy and AOA Seolhyun.

Hyeri has been selling "Entertainers" these days and she's very modest about it.

- Who is Jeong Green from "Entertainers"?

Hyeri: Jeong Green is a difficultrunningpersonality with numerous responsibility. She is the best real guardian to Ha-neul, the lead vocal of the band and she only thinks of what istop for him. Like the call Jeong Green, I wish to make her glancebrand new and delightful.

- What made you celebrity in "Entertainers"?

I beloved the scenario. I determined to do it as I will existoperating with so much of excellent people.

- How much do Hyeri and Jeong Green synchronize?

About 80%? Jeong Green and I are accountable and bright. I'mlooking to bring out my character thru Jeong Green.

- How does it feel to paintings with Ji Seong?

I am thankful to have met Ji Seong in this drama. I am studyingmuch from him and he offers me many of advice. His words give me strength. One time, I met him prior to the cameras began rolling and he said, "Hyeri, appearance into my eyes while you act and I will make the same". I looked at his eyes and I understood".

- You're a passionate sister who will do the rest for her brother. How are you in genuinelifestylesfor your sister?

We are like any other sisters. I shuttle with my sister and to findputs to eat. We are like most productive friends.

- How do you get in conjunction with Kang Min-hyeok who is your brother in the drama?

We worked in combination before so we get along find. We are either actors became singers so we could beready to relate to every other. I look forward to working with him each day.

- How do you need to have to be remembered in "Entertainers"?

I at all timesbe informedloads and noticemany stuff just about myself whilst working. I wish tolocateanything new about me via "Entertainers". I also need to keep in touch with the audience and it's far my need to takeskillsso as to relate my character smartly to the others.

- Any words of determination?

I am venerated to be capable of operate with fantasticbody of workersand i'mglad that I will stand in public once again. I'm going to work hard to turn intothe very best Jeong Green.


“Entertainer” holds first script reading consultation with Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Minhyuk and more

“Entertainer” holds first script reading consultation with Ji Sung, Hyeri, Kang Minhyuk and more

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter much talk, upcoming SBS drama Entertainer in any case completes their solidindividuals and holds their first script reading session.

In footage released on March 30th, officials gave an update at the drama’s first script reading, where the showed actors and actresses accumulated in one position for the primary time. The ambience of the consultationused to beextra described as dynamic as the forged members were already hooked to their respective characters.

The Entertainer (Ddandara) have a long-list of cast members spearheaded via Ji Sung, Girls’ Day’s Hyeri, CNBLUE’s Minhyuk and can be joined by Lee Tae Sung, Gong Myung, Teenager TOP’s L.Joe and more.

The drama revolves round the role played by Ji Sung who becamehave become the CEO of a small, yet new entertainment corporate after having worked as a director on one of the vitalbest entertainment agencies. The plot will practice his demanding situationsto collect artists in forming a band.

Entertainer (Ddandara) will get started airing on SBS on April 20th.

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