Hyundai in Frazzle Over Long run of Eco Cars

Hyundai in Frazzle Over Long run of Eco Cars

Hyundai is torn between what form of environmentally friendly automobile to bet on as its next enlargement engine.

The alternatives are electric or hydrogen-electric cars. The corporateused to be at one degree at the vanguard of global hydrogen-electric car building and set to beginadvertisement production. Yet then it shifted its center of attention to EVs.

Hydrogen-electric automobiles are powered viaelectrical energy produced when hydrogen reacts with oxygen in the air. They emit best water or eventake in fine filth in the air.

In 2013, Hyundai changed intothe primary automaker in the arena to roll out a heavily produced car powered by hydrogen gas cells. But a loss of charging stations and the W80 million price ticket stunted sales (US$1=W1,181). Cumulative sales amounted to only a few hundred globally.

But the less expensive EVs which are much more straightforward to recharge have surged in popularity, especially because the diesel emission scandal surrounding Volkswagen final year. Tesla has sold more than 320,000 gadgets of the recentmore cost-effectiveType 3 EV in exactly a week.

Hyundai executives were stunned and promised to roll out an EV that willgo back and forth more 320 km on a unmarried charge, in additionarising 28 green car items by 2020 to take dangle of the second-largest proportion of that marketplace worldwide.

Japanese automakers remain excited about hydrogen-electric cars. In overdue 2014, Toyota rolled out the Mirai for commercial production and has already raced forward of Hyundai in sales. Honda latelypresented the Clarity, and Nissan plans to apply suit next year.

Market watchers say Hyundai mayfinally finish upwastingeither races unless it is going to figure out where its priorities lie.

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Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi attend Hyundai award ceremony to receive their ‘K-Pop Star’ cars

Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi attend Hyundai award ceremony to receive their ‘K-Pop Star’ cars

Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi attend Hyundai award ceremony to receive their K-Pop Star cars

SBS K-Pop Star winner Park Ji Min and runner-up Lee Ha Yi have finally received their cars for coming out on top on the reality program.

The photo above was posted onto an online community site with the title, Photo I just took of Lee Ha Yi.

As promised, Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi each received a brand new Hyundai i40 and i30 as the winner and runner-up of K-Pop Star. In addition, Park Ji Min also received 300 million won (~$257,400 USD), was cast in a drama, and was also given an opportunity to sign a contract as a CF model.

Netizens commented, Finally evidence of them receiving their cars, They look like celebrities in those dresses, I heard Park Ji Min gave all of the money to her parents, but what about the car? Isnt she too young to drive, Theyre too young to even have a drivers license, and I hope they take a photo of their cars as well.

In related news, Park Ji Min has signed with JYP Entertainment, and Lee Ha Yi has signed with YG Entertainment.

SourceImage: Newsen via Nate


Lee Byung Hun Receives A celebrity Award at the 2016 Long island Asian Movie Festival

Lee Byung Hun Receives A celebrity Award at the 2016 Long island Asian Movie Festival

Lee Byung Hun Receives Star Award at 2016 New York Asian Film Festival, July 5, 2016(Photo : Lai Frances)Lee Byung Hun Receives Star Award at 2016 New York Asian Film Festival, July 5, 2016(Photo : Lai Frances)Lee Byung Hun Receives Star Award at 2016 New York Asian Film Festival, July 5, 2016(Photo : Lai Frances)It was once a hugeevening for Korean actor Lee Byung Hun on Tuesday, Jul. 5, 2016 at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City's Theater.

Celebrating the 2016 New York Asian Film Festival the mythical actor turned into awarded a celeb Award from the Director of the Asian Film Festival for his remarkablefunctionality in this year's entry, Inside Men.

AdvertisementLee Byung Hun Receives Star Award at 2016 New York Asian Film Festival, July 5, 2016 (Photo : Lai Frances)

Upon receiving the award, Lee thanked his staff, NYAFF, fans, and his loved wife Lee Min Jung who also popped up for a brief appearance on stage.

Shortly after his speech, the actor held a short QA speaking about the film, his acting philosophies and long run projects comparable to Magnificent Seven with American actors Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke.

When it got here to answering whether he would stick withthe yankee or Korean film industry, Lee discussed he does not care where he will land yethe willat all times feel pleased withoperating in the Korean entertainment industry.

"I was born and raised in Korea," Lee started. "When I am filming a Korean movie, I will do my best possible and I can feel any sense in the script. Acting in The united statesis more or lessotheras a result of the language and culture difference."

After getting praised by way of answering all of the questions in English, the actor joked that he was the use ofthe whole English he knew for the QA session.

The QA consultation then ended with a temporary photo op on degree and the advent to his Inside Men.

According to the clicking release, Hong Kong's Miriam Yeung and Philippines' John Lloyd Cruz were also awarded the Star Award for their own respective films.

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Internal War Among Dice Entertainment Personnel Disrupts Long run Comeback Plans

Internal War Among Dice Entertainment Personnel Disrupts Long run Comeback Plans

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCube Entertainment has been trending in the news, yet unfortunately, no longeras a result of their artists. The firm has been in the highlightbecause of an alleged inside conflict.

It was onceup to now reported that the agency was experiencing internal struggle in regards to its control and staff. The problem has grown so massive that their own body of workersindividuals have refused to turn up to paintingsor maybe contacted. With body of workers availability low, this has led toa topic alongside Cubes long term promotional time table for their artists.

As a result, Dice has issued a press release that revealed they were recently undergoing an adjustment phase.

Solo artist Hyuna changed into expected to drop a new album soon. Whilst the precise date has no longer been confirmed, Hyunas album has been driven back for an August release. Additionally, Cubes new boy group Pentagon, which loverswere waiting for, their debut has also been delayed. As Pentagon was set to accomplish a concert in birthday partyin their debut this month, their upcoming activities are currently unclear.

Cube Entertainment was founded in 2006 through Hong Seung Sung and Shin Jung Hwa. They've since debuted many idol teamsadding 4Minute, BEAST, BTOB, CLC in addition solo artists G.Na and more. The agency made a strategic partnership and allience with iHQ in 2013.

Watch Hyunas closing solo tune Roll Deep featuring BTOBs Ilhoon:

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Event Policy HanCinema on KCON Long island 2016 Panels

Event Policy HanCinema on KCON Long island 2016 Panels

KCON(Photo : hancinema) At KCON Manhattan 2016 presented by capability of Toyota HanCinema had the privilege and the excitement of being on two panels with some amazing colleagues: "The Go back of the call of the gameLifestyles of K-pop Lovers Over 30" and "From K-pop Fan to K-pop Professional". Those panels represented HanCinema's first panel revel in at KCON and we felt so welcomed by our fellow panelists.

Hallyu execs from in each and everyunmarried place the spectrum accumulatedto discuss their expertise, and their passion. The component of pastime is what makes the Hallyu journalism one of the crucial more authentic subsets of journalism. It could also be that ardour that made the panels successful.

AdvertisementThe "The Return of the Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30" panel used to bea successas a result of the five ladies from other walks of life and Hallyu journalism. It changed into moderated by entrepreneur, Youtuber, and all around life of the party, Multifacetedacg. She prepped music, games, giveaways, and kept the glide of the consultation moving whilstenticing the target market amongst questions and callouts. Young Ajummah, a Youtuber, podcaster, blogger, and pre-school instructor explained her very refined way of sharing K-pop with the arena every bit a running adult: play it throughoutmagnificence and use it for finding out about tune and culture! I, Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine, mentioned my go back and forth to Korea with the Korea Joa program, and felt privileged to have the opposite over-30 girlssettle for me into their fold. Leah Westbrook AKA Zombie Mama, writer, photographer, mom of 4 and lover of all things Korean, has gotten to do a little amazing interviews while also being an concerned mother and wife. Stephanie Kurtz from Kchat Jjigae, a creator and podcaster, in spite of being asked at a concert if she was a chaperone, continues to constitute older K-pop lovers with gusto and verve!

As older fans of the Hallyu wave, we every now and thenobtainperplexed and ageist comments from an audience most commonlyproduced fromteenagers and young twenty-somethings. Have any of you older HanCinema readers experienced this? So long aswe like K-pop, Korean Drama, Korean Film, and Korean culture, there is not anythingto prevent United States of America from loving and taking phase inup toany person else.

And in relation to the panelists, we also make careers out of loving, knowing, and writing/photographing/Youtubeing/podcasting about Hallyu. This was discussed during HanCinema's 2nd panel "From K-pop Fan to K-pop Professional" moderated by documentary maker and writer, Adrienne Stanley.Jeff Benjamin of Fuse, the guy who paved the wave for K-pop journalism in the United States, was the lone guyat the panel, yet very much enjoyed and well-received. Tamar Herman of Billboard and KultScene has made a profession for herself writing, currently interviewing K-pop powerhouses like Tiffany and Jessica of Girl's Generation. Angie Mills, photographer for Kpopstarz captures amazing moments in Hallyu to percentage with the realm and has photographed award ceremonies, K-pop concerts, conventions, and more. Multifacetedacg and I rounded out the panel. This panel traversed a good deal ofsubjectsstarting frommild to more serious. On the happier facet of things, Tamar was recently followed by Tiffany on social media, while Adrienne attended remaining year's MAMA awards in China. We also spoke about how we were given started: Multifacetedacg began on her camera telephone and I used to be contacted by the use of Twitter.

Please take a glance at the video under to have a flavor of the awesome panels HanCinema got to take a seat on. Let us know what you have confidence you lot studied in the comments below!

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Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Profits And Long runDreams soojji July 13, 2016 0 Rapper Dok2 Exhibits Staggering Earnings And Future Goals The July thirteen episode of MBCs Radio Superstarcapabilities rapper Dok2, actor Kim Bo Sung, former U-KISS member Dongho, and style Joo Woo Jae for the displays My Life, Turn~Up! special.

On the show, Dok2 says that he does no longerbring to mind himself as a celebrity, yet rather as a rapstar. He also stocks his future goals and activities.

Dok2 talks about his supercar collection, which has at all timesbrought about conversation. MC Yoon Jong Shin comments, While you think Dok2, you can not leave out cars. He these dayspurchased two six-figure cars. The rapper reveals that he sold himself two automobiles (one that starts with a B and the alternative a F) as a birthday provide for himself. Either cars are value more than 800 million won (approximately $702,000). Dok2 comments that he heard he used to bein a position to straight awaypurchase cars that prime actors such as Jang Dong Gun and Kang Dong Won would need to wait 3 years to buy.

The rapper reveals that his objective this year is to make five billion won (approximately $4.4 million). MC Kim Gook Jin states, Dok2s salary doubles each year. In 2013, he made 500 million won (approximately $438,700), in 2014 he made 1 billion won (approximately $878,000), and in 2015 he made 2 billion won (approximately $1.8 million). This year your intention is 5 billion won? Dok2 comments, Usuallytake benefit of songs are calculated later in the year. It's miles my objective to make 5 billion won through December or January.

MC Kyuhyun adds, The explanation why Dok2 uses such a lotcash is so he does no longer get lazy at making songs. He has produced 320 songs inside of 10 years after his debut. Dok2 comments, I have numerous unofficial songs too. The 320 songs are the songs that experience been released.

Watch a clip of Dok2s functionality on Radio Star below:

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Disgruntled Staff At Dice Entertainment Might Spell Crisis For Long term Releases

Disgruntled Staff At Dice Entertainment Might Spell Crisis For Long term Releases

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Excluding facing adjustments in their artist line-up, it's far being speculated that Cube Entertainment is also too facing issues of their own team of workers members. 

On July 12th, a lot of insider reports reported that Dice Entertainment had been experiencing controlproblemsin the agency. The problem were published to have affected their own team of workersindividuals which has led to some of them not todisplay up for work, whilst others refused to be contacted.

The discord reportedly caused a appropriate away hit someday plans in their upcoming artists. It contains Hyuna’s conceivable solo album free up in August and Pentagon’s planned debut this month. However, because ofthe new instability inside the agency, this can be affected and be topic to delay.

Cube Entertainment lately has BEAST, BTOB, 4minute, Hyuna, CLC and upcoming staff Pentagon beneath their management.

Image: Pentagon's Legit Facebook Image: Pentagons Official Facebook

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NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And Unearths  Long term Goals

NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And Unearths Long term Goals

NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And FindsLong termDesires kokoberry July 9, 2016 0 NCT 127 Answers Burning Questions And Exhibits Future Goals SM Entertainments neweststaff NCT 127, the Seoul sub-unit team from NCT, had an interview with news outlet My Day by skill of dayto discuss their community and their goals for the year.

First, the gangmentioned debuting. Taeyong said, Even supposing one promoted via NCT U, I felt just as excited whilst prearing with new members.

While some individuals of NCT U are in NCT 127 as well, there are new members in NCT 127 as well. Yuta revealed, I used to betrulyanxiousas itwas once my first time, yet the members who promoted in NCT U helped me and I changed intoin a position to relax.

Furthermore, Haechan talks about why he replaced his call when he used the name Donghyuk all through his SM Freshmen days. He said, Lee Soo Guy gave me this name with the which meansof turning into a new person. Haechan additional explains that his new name method shine bright uprightly.

WinWin also shared about how members lend a hand him with talking Korean. When asked about now not being the maknae anymore, Mark remarked, Im not the maknae while youglance at our ages, but I still feel like a maknae. Every person else except for Haechan are hyungs so I believe like Haechan and I are the maknaes.

Previously a member of JTBCs Atypical Summit, Yuta talked about how his nickname changed from Takoyaki Prince to Yakisoba because of his new hairstyle.

Vocalists Jaehyun and Taeil spoke about rapping for the primary time. They either agreed that recording for rapping felt different. Taeil seems to have especially enjoyed it.

Taeil also clarified rumors about his having an IQ of 150 and said, Its not true. Thats a false rumor. I feel its because I was just right at math when I was in basic school. I was a math genius.

The members also talked about how NCT U members not in NCT 127 have shown support. Jaehyun commented, While we making ready for 127 other members were doing their own activities, so we supported each and every other. Yesterday, Doyoung hyung went on a radio display and we supported him and he supported us as well.

Finally, they published their goals referring to their existing promotions. The organization revealed that they would love to get first position and a rookie award pronouncing its vital to dream big.

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John Park To Make Long-Awaited Comeback

John Park To Make Long-Awaited Comeback

John Park To Make Long-Awaited Comebackkokoberry July 8, 2016 0 John Park To Make Long-Awaited Comeback Musician John Park might becoming circular again in two years with a new unmarried on July 15.

Following his first studio album InsideKid in 2014, John Park final released his single U in 2014.

John Park will unencumber his new single Your Concept (tentative title) via MelOn continue to exist July 14 at 11:30 p.m. KST. 15 mins later, the music volition be to be had on music sites. Then the singer will have a are living Naver V broadcast at 8 p.m. KST.

Previously, John Park published teasers and pictures foreshadowing his comeback. The singer plans to turn more mature and authentic music with his comeback.

존박 (@johnandrewpark) July 3, 2016

Are you excited for his comeback?

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Watch: Se7en Drops Teaser For Long-Awaited New Song Im Good

Watch: Se7en Drops Teaser For Long-Awaited New Song Im Good

Watch: Se7en Drops Teaser For Long-Awaited New Tune “I’m Good”ilmare42 July 5, 2016 0 Watch: Se7en Drops Teaser For Long-Awaited New Track “I’m Good” Se7en is finally releasing a new track!

On July 6 at nighttime KST, Se7en released a teaser for the music video of his upcoming self-composed song “I’m Good.” In the video, he looks down and depressed as he lies on a settee and sits on my own in a dismal room. We then see him making an “okay” signal at the camera as he sings, “I’m good,” yet then turns to stroll away.

Check out the teaser below!

This may be Se7en’s first unencumber in over three years, as he final put out the music video Thank You in 2013. He performed his vitalarmyprovider from 2013 to 2014, and ended his contract with YG Entertainment. Se7en lately opened his own one-man firm Eleven9 Entertainment, and “I’m Good” will be his first release thru this new agency.

It has been reported that Se7en isn'tmaking plans to do music display promotions for this track, and it is going to exist uploaded for unfastened online.

Im Excellent will be released on July 7 at midnight KST. Are you excited for this new song from Se7en?

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