Incarnation Of Jealousy What Is The Call Of The Game Kong Hyo Jin And Jo Jeong Seok Are Hiding

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Jo Jeong-seok,
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Jo Jeong-seok, "Best kissing partner? Gong Hyo-jin from "Incarnation of Jealousy""

Actor Jo Jeong-seok showed affection for "Incarnation of Jealousy".

His fan meeting "The Room" was held on the 7th afternoon.

Jo Jeong-seok was asked if he thought himself born to be an actor and he said 'yes'. "I think actors have to have confidence and be good at everything. I have had times when my confidence was broken down, but I overcame it and became strong again. I am scared if I'm not prepared, but when I am prepared, I'm not afraid at all.

He was asked if he cared about the viewing rate at all and he said, "I do. The result of something I worked hard for is actually in the hands of the viewers. I am confident to create good results but the numbers are up to those who watch it. I want my next drama to rate over 20%. I am looking at a drama for the end of the year called "Drug Lord"".

Song Kang-ho, Jo Jeong-seok and Bae Doona in
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Song Kang-ho, Jo Jeong-seok and Bae Doona in "Drug King"

Song Kang-ho, Bae Doona and Jo Jeong-seok finally finished the first take of "Drug King".

The movie cranked in on the 5th along with Lee Sung-min, Kim Dae-myeong, Kim So-jin, Lee Hee-joon. Jo Woo-jin and more.

The director of "Inside Men" Woo Min-ho is in charge of "Drug King" which is based on the motive of the drug case that occurred in the 1970s in Korea and the drug lord Lee Doo-sam.

Song Kang-ho takes on the role of Lee Doo-sam, an underground drug seller who opens up to drug trafficking and becomes the drug lord. He produces and sells the biggest amount of meth in Korea.

[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Jo Jeong-seok and Han Ji-min considering fantasy drama,
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[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Jo Jeong-seok and Han Ji-min considering fantasy drama, "Two Cops"

Jo Jeong-seok and Han Ji-min have been offered the lead roles in "Two Cops", a fantasy romance drama about a straitlaced cop possessed by a lazy scam artist.

There are probably only a handful of actors who could pull this role off, and lucky for us, Jo Jeong-seok is one of them. If Jo Jeong-seok accepts, he'll be playing the role of a dedicated cop who lives for nothing but his work, until the day he's possessed by a conman. If Han Ji-min accepts, she'll play the reporter he falls in love with. It's not your typical cop show setup, which could be why the story won first place at a KBS crime drama script-writing contest.

Go Kyung-pyo,
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Go Kyung-pyo, "10 years apart from Jo Jeong-seok and Gong Hyo-jin"

Go Kyung-pyo admitted he was old looking.

He appeared on the KBS 2TV show "Happy Together".

He said, "People don't tell me directly that I'm old looking, but when they hear how old I am they say I don't seem that young. Go Kyung-pyo revealed that he was 28 years old and born in 1990. He said he's looked the way he does now since his 20s.

Go Kyung-pyo said, "I am 10 years apart from Jo Jeong-seok and Gong Hyo-jin. I became close to them in the drama "Incarnation of Jealousy" and we still keep in touch".

2AMs Jeong Jinwoon And Im Seulong Hilariously Call Each Other Out
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2AMs Jeong Jinwoon And Im Seulong Hilariously Call Each Other Out

2AMs Jeong Jinwoon and Im Seulong showed how close they remain by grilling each other on the August 14 broadcast of MBCs Oppas Thoughts.

During the show, the MCs asked Jeong Jinwoon, Have you ever caught Im Seulong with his girlfriend?


Jeong Jinwoon said that he had a long time ago, and asked for permission from his bandmate to tell the story. Jeong Jinwoon said, One time, I was leaving at dawn for work and he was just returning back to the dorm. The door opened, and the footsteps were not that of just one person. He revealed, Im Seulong had brought his girlfriend to the dorm, because he didnt have anywhere else to go on dates with her.