INFINITE’s Hoya puts his occupation  at the line

INFINITE’s Hoya puts his occupation at the line

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Despite the truth thatthere are so much of talented dancers in the K-Pop industry, INFINITEHoya is regarded as to be the maximum effective of the best. 

In fact, Hoya is so professional at dancing that hes latelyat thesolid of Mnet dance show Hit The Stage, where hell compete with the industrys other height dancers including SHINeeTaeminGirls GenerationHoyeonSISTARBora, and more.

And whilstthe contest is indeed fairly strong, Hoya proved his self beliefthrough announcing, If my performance doesnt pop outjust rightadequateto meet me, In deficient health retire from the industry. While Hoya made the claim as a way of exaggeration, the manufacturer of the display reminded him that the total lot he stated is being recorded, rendering him speechless. From his reaction to the manufacturers comment, its transparent from his reaction that Hoya wont be retiring as a member of Endless any time soon.

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'Big Man

'Big Man" Jung So Min Puts Everything On The Line

On the 9th episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama "Big Man" broadcast on May 26th, Kang Ji Whan (played by Kim Ji Whan) heard Jung So Min (played by Kang Jin Ah) say that to get everything, he would stop at nothing.

On this episode, Kang Jin Ah was having dinner with the family members of Daesam Group and said to Kang Sung Wook (played by Um Hyo Sup), "What did you do with Kim Ji Hyuk?" he asked. He promised Kim Ji Hyuk that he would send him safely to a foreign country but the actual person who left was another person with the same name as Ji Hyuk.

At this, Jin Ah left the scene and went to look for Ji Hyuk. Jin Ah who saw Ji Hyuk in front of her eyes said, "What are you going to do with my life? You have to feel guilty" and resented Ji Hyuk.

In the end, Jin Ah left his house and decided to live with Ji Hyuk. He told So Mi Ra who came to see her, "I can keep Kim Ji Hyuk. I"m an only child and I"m here so what are those people going to do." More than this, Sang Ho (played by Han Sang Jin) said, "I can give it all up for him. Everything that I have" he said firmly and showed his feelings for Kim Ji Hyuk.

Netizens who saw this episode said, "Jung So Min is so pretty." "Jung So Min, has an unexpected charisma." "Jung So Min, how can you not love a woman like this?" and showed random reactions.


"Big Man" Lee Da-hee puts her life on the line

Lee Da-hee put her life on the line for Kang Ji-hwan.

On the tenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Big Man", So Mi-ra (Lee Da-hee) became a spy for Kim Ji-hyeok (Kang Ji-hwan).

Deok-gyu (Kwon Hae-hyo) asked So Mi-ra for help and told her to bring Do Sang-ho's (Han Sang-jin) documents of those in charge of the disposal in Hyeonseong Tradings. She almost got caught but managed to get out with the help of Kang Dong-seok (Choi Daniel). He took her out to Do Sang-ho for a wedding dress fitting.

So Mi-ra visited a wedding shop. Kang Dong-seok fell for her and told her how pretty she looked but she didn't hear him. She could only be safe again if she delivered the papers to Deok-gyu. She pretended to go into a fitting room and ran out onto the streets to Deok-gyu.

She passed the papers to him and returned to the wedding shop. Kang Dong-seok didn't know she'd been gone.

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Seobaby and her ’91-line posse, ft. Key, Hoya, Nicole, Sungyeol & Sungjong

Seobaby and her ’91-line posse, ft. Key, Hoya, Nicole, Sungyeol & Sungjong

Seobaby and her 91-line posse, ft. Key, Hoya, Nicole, SungyeolSungjong

Seohyun recently uploaded the above picture onto the official Girls Generation site along with the following message:

[From. SEOHYUN]: SeoChinSo!!

Introducing Seohyun’s friends!!

My loyal ‘91 line friends

who came to see the concert despite being busy (Nicole, Kibum, Howon, Sungyeol) and

cute younger brother Sungjong~!

And, they aren’t in the photo, but Minyoung, Minho!

And even Ock Juhyun unnie, who Seohyun likes the most!!

Seriously, thank you all~^^

I think I’m a happy person who has lots of good luck when it comes to friends~!ㅎ

Once again, thank you to everyone who came and supported us~ I love you~ I’ll only give you happiness♥

This makes me so proud guys.remember when Seobaby didnt know how to make friends? :)

(check out 6:05.)

Source: Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

Translated by: [email protected]

Edited by: [email protected]

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miss As Suzy and Infinites Hoya tried out for Super Star K

miss As Suzy and Infinites Hoya tried out for Super Star K

miss As Suzy and Infinites Hoya tried out for Super Star K

miss As Suzy and Infinites Hoya are drawing a lot of attention thanks to their appearances on an audition program, prior to their debuts.

Cable TV Mnets Super Star K will air the history of the show Super Star K Conquest starting on August 13 through 16 at 10:00 at night.

The first episode will release thirty-two participants, who are the most memorable of the past seasons. Suzy, Hoya, and Jewelrys Park Se Mi will make appearances as ordinary people before their debut.

From preliminaries to the finals will also air and the highlight scenes will capture the publics attention.

Super Star K 4 will start airing on August 17 at 11:00 p.m.

Source: TV Report


[PICTURE] Seo In Guk comfortably puts legs over INFINITE Hoya’s shoulder

[PICTURE] Seo In Guk comfortably puts legs over INFINITE Hoya’s shoulder

[PICTURE] Seo In Guk comfortably puts legs over INFINITE Hoyas shoulder

Seo In Guk recently attracted netizens attention for acting mischievously toward INFINITEs Hoya with his legs.

On July 16, tvNs Respond 1997 revealed a picture of the cast reading the script on a couch while getting ready for the next scene. What draws the most attention is Seo In Guks legs, which are resting on Hoyas shoulders

The two are getting closer to each other through the program and fooling around with each other. According to the staff on site, From Eun Ji Won (1987) to Jung Eunji (1993), everyone is of the same age and they never stop jittering and chattering as if this was really their school.

Netizens commented, Bad legs! But Seo and Hoya seem to be comfortable sharing physical contact. I suppose they have become close friends, Those legs are indeed bad but they dont look that bad and Bad boy In Guk oppa! Lol.

Source: TV Report


Infinites Hoya looks like an idol from the 90s

Infinites Hoya looks like an idol from the 90s

Infinites Hoya looks like an idol from the 90s

Infinites Hoya recently drew a lot of attention by posing like an idol group H.O.T.

Hoya will appear on tvNs new weekly series Reply 1997 as an actor for the first time. He plays the role of a mysterious character named Kang Jun Hee, who captures women with his gentle personality and handsome appearance.

He is a best dancer in Busan and he will also capture the publics attention by performing various dances, which were very popular back in the 90s.

In the pictures, which were released online, Hoya is posing like a member of group H.O.T, who was the best idol in the 90s. He is wearing a school uniform like hip hop pants and stretched his arms apart like he is bluffing about something.

People responded: Even though he looks like he is bluffing, he is really handsome. I cant wait to see him as an actor. I laughed out loud at his school uniform. I wore my uniform like than in the 90s.

The series is about six high school boys and girls in Busan in 1990, when idol groups H.O.T and Sechs Kies were very popular. The boys and girls have become 33 years old in 2012 and gather together to celebrate two of their friends wedding. Then they lose in memories of their childhood.

Source: TV Report


Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On “Doctors”

Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On “Doctors”

Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On Doctors?JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On Doctors? The Monday-Tuesday drama Doctors has released new preview stills of Kim Min Suk in a conceivable love line!

In the primary photo, Kim Min Suk and Pyo Ye Jin are having a verbal exchange in front of a automobile and are having a lookslightlygreat together. The 2 argue for a sectionyet they get in the auto and seem like theyre having an excellent time. They generally have scientific gowns on but they glance even more fascinating with their informal outfits.

In the drama, Kim Min Suk plays Choi Kang Soo, a first year resident, and Pyo Ye Jin plays Hyun Soo Jin, a 5th year neurosurgery nurse. To peer what occurs to the two from now on, watch the following episode of Doctors airing each Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the maximum recent episode below!

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Hyorin puts apart her busy time table to save a life

Hyorin puts apart her busy time table to save a life

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith SISTAR just having released every other hit song with I love That, the crowdcontributors are all busy with packed schedules. 

However, workforce member Hyorin, whose known for being probably the mostbest animal-lovers in Korea, showed her worryingcenter and love for pets through taking the time to assist a kitten in need. In line with reports, after finding that solo singer Baek Ji Youngs manager had discovered a lost and injured kitten, Hyorin couldnt sit down by without making certain it was once okay.

After hearing about the lost kitten and its fitness condition, Hyorin called the chief at 11PM and rushed to the hospital. For the explanation that kitten had a one damaged leg at the aspect ofsome other leg with dead nerves, Hyorin agreed to pay for its surgery, or even tended the the cat for all theevening after the operation regardless of having an early morning globalagendathe following day. Upon coming across Hyorins type act, fans couldnt prevent showering her with praise.

Check out this glorious clip of Hyorin fiddling with her own cats on popular show I Are living Alone:

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Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Get ready For Fight In “Hit the Stage” Teasers

Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Get ready For Fight In “Hit the Stage” Teasers

Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Get ready For Fight In Hit the Degree Teaserskminjungee July 8, 2016 0 Watch: Hyoyeon, Hoya, Bora, U-Kwon, And More Practice For Conflict In Hit the Stage Teasers With a bit over two weeks left till its premiere, Mnets Hit the Stage releases its first batch of teasers!

Hit the Stage is a new program where celebrities and pro dancers will sign up for forces to struggleeach and every other in fierce competition. Each team will prepare a functionalityin reaction to the theme, that willtradeeach episode. The groups volition also transfer around every week.

Girls Generations Hyoyeon, SHINees Taemin, INFINITEs Hoya, SISTARs Bora, Block Bs U-Kwon, MONSTA Xs Shownu, TWICEs Momo, and NCT Us Ten have been showed as the 8 celebrities contestants.

In the primary teaser from July 4, participants are told of the displaysstructure individually. Whilst they all express excitement at the opportunity, their temperbrieflyadjustments when they are told they're going to exist ranked.

Most of them, especially the freshmenreminiscent of Ten and Momo, are hesitant when asked how primethey believethey're going to rank, and moderatelyanswer theyd love to be in the pinnacle three. Also they are asked who they think the most productive dancers are. The overall consensus turns out to be Hyoyeon, Taemin, or Hoya.

The teaser ends just as they are about to respond to the closing question: who they trust to be their rival.

The next teaser showcases TWICE, and asks them to rank themselves in other categories such as who has the most aegyo and who can open their mouth the widest. The ultimatequery asks who the most talented dancer is, and displaysa quick clip of Momo lightly demonstrating her skills.

In the most recent teaser, which used to be released on July 7, the participants get started off by capability ofspeaking more or lesswhat collection of people are most likely unaware in theirinterest for dancing, or have never observed this aspect of them. Bora and U-Kwon even say that folksdoubtlessly dont even know that they're dancers.

As clips of them fervently practicing flash by in the background, the contestants explicitself assurance in their expertiseto put first. At the very end, Hoya even says if he doesnt wear a stage that hes chuffed with, he'll retire, indicative of the waydemandingthose dancers are operatingto place on their very very best performances.

Hit the Stage will premiere on Wednesday, July 27, at 11 p.m. KST.

Who will you be rooting for?

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