Inheritance Tax Revenues Soar

Inheritance Tax Revenues Soar

The quantity of inheritance taxes paid by way ofrich heirs hit a listingprimeclosing year.The National Tax Provider on Sunday acknowledgedthe complete amount of inheritance from oldsters to offspring in 2015 rose 21.7 % to W13.12 trillion in comparison to 2014 (US$1=W1,124). From 2012 to 2014, the once a year amount hovered between W10.2 trillion and W10.8 trillion. Inheritance tax revenues exceeded W2 trillion for the primary time last year at W2.19 trillion, up a whopping 32.5 percent from the former year. An NTS professional said, "The upward pushturns outbasicallybecause of the spike in genuine estate values in contemporary years given that there were no adjustments in inheritance tax laws". More other people left considerable inheritance to their children. In 2014, best 1,619 individuals left more than W2 billion value of sourcesyet that rose 10.3 percent to 1,785 last year. Also, 167 of us left more than W10 billion in inheritance, and 18 left more than W50 billion.

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Upcoming Korean short film

Upcoming Korean short film "The Wonderful Inheritance"

Added the impending Korean short film "The Wonderful Inheritance"'s page to HanCinema database"The Super Inheritance" (2016)Directed by way of Jang Geun-seokWith No Hyeong-wook,...SynopsisJun-Suk is drowning in debt. Jun-Suk's father (Young-Pal) left him a bank account yet he went into coma sooner than telling him its PIN. Jun-Suk assists in keeping on speaking to his father who is in coma. One day Young-Pal's electrocardiogram reacts on Jun-Suk voice. The numbers on electrocardiogram appear to be the PIN.

FestivalBucheon World Fantastic Film Festival 2016No liberate date in Korea yet

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Song Joong-ki Meets Enthusiasts as Reputation Continues to Soar

Song Joong-ki Meets Enthusiasts as Reputation Continues to Soar

Actor Song Joong-ki held a fan meet at Kyunghee University in Seoul on Sunday, drawing a bigchoice oflovers from China and Japan, in addition Korea.

The actor has change into a hot belongings across Asia thank you to his role in the mega hit Television series "Descendants of the Sun", which ended its 16-episode run closing week.

Fans take footage with their cell phones equally a automobileregarded assporting actor Song Joong-ki passes via at Kyunghee University on Sunday. /Yonhap

The match lasted so long as4 hours, with 4,000 fans cheering for the star.


"Five Children" continues to soar

"Five Children" has been doing neatly after taking the baton from "All About My Mom".

According to Nielsen Korea, the KBS 2TV drama "Five Children" rated 26.5% which is 1.9% more than the former episode.

MBC "Mom" stuck up with 24.5%, KBS "Jang Yeong-sil - Drama" rated 11.7%, MBC "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol" got here in first with 33.4%, whilst SBS "Yeah, That is How It Is" came in ultimate alongside 6.5%.

Meanwhile, "Five Children" is a comedy circle of relatives drama about locating true happiness thru love and conflicts.


Tao addresses his haters and the huge inheritance cash from his father

Tao addresses his haters and the huge inheritance cash from his father

Tao once back sat down for an interview session, this time around with media outlet Sina, to discussquite so much ofsubjectsadding his anti-fans and the 3 Billion USD inheritance cashhe'll reportedly be receiving from his father.

Sina had released this interview on February 1, and it had right awaystuckthe eye of Korean media, who released a translated edition of the interview at the following day.

Regarding the edited footage of his bare, no makeup face that his anti-fans had uploaded and circulated online after his appearance on SBS's 'Law of the Jungle,' Tao stated, "I'm a public figure, and I assumed that each little thing I say or do may also be spread to a vast degree. As It's now not that i am the Renminbi, not each personis sureto love me. So long aseverybodyis excited then it's good. All I will make is take a glance at tirelessly in order thatmany of uscould bein a positionto recognize me."

SEE ALSO: Tao to inherit 20 trillion CNY (approximately 3 billion USD) from his father?

Tao was once too queried about the large--to say the least--sum of cash that he will be inheriting from his father, an issue that has generated much buzz online. The singer replied, "In my youth, my father taught me that the gods will lend a handpeople whoassistance themselves. I did not know what he intended back then, yet I comprehend it now, now that I have grown up. There isn't any shortcut to success. What matters is effort," sparselyrunning about answering the query directly.


Tao Is Reportedly Inheritor  to giant Inheritance

Tao Is Reportedly Inheritor to giant Inheritance

Tao Is Reportedly Inheritorto large Inheritanceck525 February 1, 2016 0 LINE it!Tao Is Reportedly Heir to Massive Inheritance Former EXO member Tao shockedother people amongst his impressive circle of relatives background.

Chinese media platform printed that Tao’s father is making plans to pass 20 billion yuan (approximately $3 trillion) to his son. This news especially won more attention since Chinese mag printed a letter written by ability of Tao’s father himself. He has no less than4to 5 mansions in Qingdao alone, and consistent with him, the onlineprice of his corporate in Beijing is value more than $3 trillion.

Though some have wondered his wealth, Tao’s father argued that he used to be ranked as the 7th wealthiest in Qingdao in 1997. He acknowledged that though a failure in 2002 left him with simplest 40,000 yuan (approximately $6,000), he got here to be where he'sthese days with immense effort.

Meanwhile, Tao’s father asked for Tao to leave EXO in April of 2015 as a result of his son’s injuries. Since then, Tao has been operating in China independently and is still going viaprison dispute with SM.

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AOA’s Chanmi Supplies Her First Perm on “Great Inheritance”

AOA’s Chanmi Supplies Her First Perm on “Great Inheritance”

AOAs Chanmi Provides Her First Perm on Fantastic Inheritancekiddy_days December 25, 2015 0 LINE it!AOAs Chanmi Gives Her First Perm on Great Inheritance AOAs Chanmi watched over her moms salon on her own.

On the December 24 broadcast of MBCs Great Inheritance, Chanmi watches over her mothers salon on her own. She prays, Please, any individualyet a visitor who needs a perm, but the first actual customer to consult with the salon is a tenderguy who sought after a perm.

Chanmi despairs at first, but then is enthusiastic as she begins. However, as Chanmi gets ready, the buyer looks increasingly worried. Chanmi reassures him, Dont be nervous. Dont be worried.

Chanmi then sighs I would like my mom, but then she continues on with the perm. Her mom returns previousto discover Chanmi doing rather well alongside the perm! Her mother says, I used to be so pleased with her.

The customer is pleased with the perm afterwards, and her mother comments, For her first, its beautiful good. Chanmi confesses, I used to be proud but also sorry.

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BIGBANG’s comeback earned more than 150 billion won in revenues

BIGBANG’s comeback earned more than 150 billion won in revenues

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterProving to have had a sturdy comeback this year, BIGBANG is reported to have earned a staggering amount of cash for their track releases and concert revenues. 

On December 14th, tVN aired their list of 2015 and integrated BIGBANG as some of the stars a selection of the forerunners of the “golden age.” In line with the report, BIGBANG ranked 3rd after keeping concerts across 15 countries, receiving an annual earnings of 140 billion won.

Along with their concert revenues, BIGBANG additional made a general of 52 billion in relation to their album sales for MADE and  other profit sources.

The record has won such certaincomments after reflecting at theluck of BIGBANG’s comeback, their first liberate after 3 years.

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'Yong Pal' Ratings Soar Higher Than Most K-Dramas Of 2015

'Yong Pal' Ratings Soar Higher Than Most K-Dramas Of 2015

(Photo : SBS ) The SBS medical drama, "Yong Pal" continues to rack up double-digit ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the August 13 episode of the series recorded 16.3 percent in nationwide viewership. This is an increase of 1.5 percent from ratings yielded by the previous episode. With ratings of 16.3 percent, "Yong Pal" is now the highest rated weekday series of 2015.

"Yong Pal" incorporates a mix of action and medical horror, which could have cross-gender appeal. Joo Won is credible in the role of Kim Tae Hyun, a seemingly corruptable surgical resident, who is thrust into the realm of high-end medical service.

The role serves as a follow-up for Joo to the lackluster musical series, "Tomorrow"s Cantabile." The 28-year-old previously portrayed a conflicted physician in the 2013 KBS2 series, "Good Doctor." He fully flexed his acting chops as Park Shi On, a mentally disabled man who is gifted as a diagnostician and surgeon.

Audiences and critics have noted that he has carried he bulk of early episodes, as Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) is slowly introduced.

MBC"s vampire period series, "Scholar Who Walks the Night," experienced an increase in ratings. "Scholar Who Walks the Night" recorded 7.4 percent in nationwide viewership, increasing 0.5 percent from its previous episode.

On August 13, representatives for the production company responsible for the drama confirmed the addition of a new writer to the team. Screenwriter Ryu Yong Jae previously worked with Lee Joon Gi on "Time Between Dog and Wolf." Ryu was also responsible for the script of the hit tvN drama, "Liar Game," which starred Kim So Eun.

The KBS2 drama, "Assembly," continues to struggle with ratings. "Assembly" recorded 4.7 percent in viewership.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


Big Bang

Big Bang"s "We Like 2 Party" deemed unfit for broadcast on KBS, but continues to soar high on charts along with "Bang Bang Bang"

Big Bang

There"s some unfortunate news as one of Big Bang"s newest songs, "We Like 2 Party" has been deemed unfit for broadcast on KBS. However, that doesn"t seem to matter to the music lovers out there who continue to stream and download the song!

On June 3,YG Entertainment"s representative toldTV Report, "Big Bang"s "We Like 2 Party" has been judged as unfit for broadcaston KBS. We"re not yet sure whether we will submit it for another review." Apparently the reason for KBS" decision is because of the mention of brand names and coarse language in the lyrics of the song.

"Bang Bang Bang" has passed the inspection though, so at least the boys won"t have a problem with their song perhaps clinching another win on "Music Bank"!

Whatever KBS" decision or broadcast regulations may be, this doesn"t stop the dominance of their songs on music Charts! "Bang Bang Bang" and "We Like 2 Party" are both still dominating, with "Bang Bang Bang" continuing to hitMelOn"s roof over and over again on the third day into its release.

Big Bang are also set to have their comeback stage tonight on "M! Countdown", so don"t miss out!

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