Jeong Woo-seong,

Jeong Woo-seong, "Let's assist the refugees stay their dignities as humans"

- "Let's assist the refugees stay their dignities as humans" (Actor Jeong Woo-seong)

Jeong Woo-seong visits the donation booth for the UN refugees at the 3rd.

- "I like the entirety from tripe, entrails and gut" (Singer Hyuna)

She claims she eats whatever she needs then works out challenging for five days.

- "200 million won? What was once at home? (Netizen star***)

Sol-bi discussed on the MBC display "Radio Star" that she become robbed of two hundred million won value of possessions.

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Kang Min-hyuk in dating rumor with actress Jeong Hye-seong, who is she

Kang Min-hyuk in dating rumor with actress Jeong Hye-seong, who is she

On July 11, a media has reported that CNBLUE member Kang Min-hyuk and Jeong Hye-seong from the similar agency, FNC Entertainment were dating for many years sincerely.

However, in line with a following documentby capacity ofevery other media, an go in combination with FC denied the rumor saying, "As we have gotshowed alongside Kang Min-hyuk and Jeong Hye-seong, they aren't dating" and "The two of same age are very close. They are friends, very close".

Jeong Hye-seong, who debuted via 'Friend, Our Story', 2009 made her face widely identified by public for her role in tvN 'Potato Star'. She later gave the impression in "Pride and Prejudice" and "Remember". She played Namgoong Min's more youthful sister in "Remember" appearing off her screen presence.

Jeong Hye-seong will problem her first length drama role in KBS 2TV's imminent drama, 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', in which she will be able to play Princess Myeong-eun, the male lead Lee Yeong (Park Bo-geum)'s young sister.

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Spoiler 'Master - God of Noodles' Jo Jae-hyeon warns Cheon Jeong-myeong to stay distance from Gong Seung-yeon

Spoiler 'Master - God of Noodles' Jo Jae-hyeon warns Cheon Jeong-myeong to stay distance from Gong Seung-yeon

On the episode 18 of KBS 2TV's Wednesday Thursday drama, Kim Gil-do (Jo Jae-hyeon) warned Moo Myeong (Cheon Jeong-myeong).

On this day, as Kim Gil-do felt suspicious as his daughter Kim Dahae (Gong Seung-yeon) at all times listened to Moo Myeong well, he told Moo Myeong to look him in his office.

Moo Myeong told Kim Gil-do that he had already know Kim Dahae used to be Kim Gil-do's daughter. Kim Gil-do warned Moo Myeong, "Keep distance from Kim Dahae".

Moo Myeong said, "Are you announcing this as the advisory of the restaurant? No. Kim Dahae is able to running the restaurant. Are you announcing this as her father? No again. You are not qualified to mention this".

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Spoiler 'Dear My Friends' Ko Hyeon-jeong and Sin Seong-woo in any case  wreck up

Spoiler 'Dear My Friends' Ko Hyeon-jeong and Sin Seong-woo in any case wreck up

"Dear My Friends" Ko Hyeon-jeong and Sin Seong-woo after all broke up.

On the episode 11 of tvN drama, "Dear My Friends", Dong-jin (Sin Seong-woo) left to US.

While Dong-jin were keeping the indistinctcourting amongst Wan (Ko Hyeon-jeong), he ultimatelymade a giantresolution for himself. He determinedto head back to his circle of relatives in US.

Wan asked him, "You just leave like this? Have a drink with at least" and Dong-jin, smiling, said, "Better leave this way. The startused to be like this too".

Dong-jin asked her, "Did you meet Yeon-ha (Jo In-Seong)?" and then he wanted Wan happiness.

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Spoiler 'Dear My Friends' Ko Hyeon-jeong leaves to be with Jo In-Seong: Will she be in a position  to discover her love back

Spoiler 'Dear My Friends' Ko Hyeon-jeong leaves to be with Jo In-Seong: Will she be in a position to discover her love back

On the episode nine of tvN's Friday Saturday drama, "Dear My Friends", Wan (Ko Hyeon-jeong) attempted to solve the deepened conflicting feelings between her and her mom and also her former lover, Yeon-ha.

Wan beganconverting later on it was oncecame upon that she became dating a married man. Wan blamed her mother who scolded her. Wan said, "This is all as a result of you. Thanks to you, mom, I deserted Yeon-ha (Jo In-Seong)".

Wan continued, "You acknowledged he may not exist disabled. Yet Yeon-ha have become a disable person. So I left him. I had a excellent excuse since you fell down at the great timing".

Wan said, "I determined to are living my lifestyles as I please since then. So I made mistakes. It is all because of me" and "Do you know why I am bringing up a majority of theseI have been hiding for the final 3o years? I sought afterto hide up my accountableemotionsno less than like this. I omit Yeon-ha to death".

Wan later had a communication with Yeon-ha. She told him, "Why did not yousinquire from me why I am not coming back to you even after 3 years have passed?" She broke down in tears.

Yeon-ha told her, "Don't be sorry" smiling. Wan went to the airport to moveand spot Yeon-ha after all.

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Spoiler 'Dear My Friends' Jo In-Seong is hit through a truck in front of Ko Hyeon-jeong

Spoiler 'Dear My Friends' Jo In-Seong is hit through a truck in front of Ko Hyeon-jeong

On the Friday episode of tvN's "Dear My Friends", Park Wan (Ko Hyeon-jeong) recollected the time when SEO Yeon-ha (Jo In-Seong) were given into a automobiletwist of fate

On that day, Yeon-ha called Wan and told her he used to be going to propose her. Wan became so glad and running with a large smile on her face. However, appropriateahead ofthe 2 met, Yeon-ha got hit through a truck right in front of Wan. Wan's brain went blank and she collapsed to the ground.

Wan and Yeon-ha are just friends now whilst the two still embody the ardent emotion in opposition toevery other. Yeon-ha told Wan, "Don't feel lonely. Think that i amat all times amongst you", which constantly made her eyes tear up.


Kim Ah-joong:

Kim Ah-joong: "Filming 'The King' with Jeong Woo-seong, Jo In-Seong and Ryu Jun-yeol. It is a blessing"

Kim Ah-joong has shared a a section of her fresh activities.

A press convention for the 18th Seoul World Women's Movie Festival happened at the Art Corridor of Korea Broadcasting Art College in the afternoon on Might 10th.

During the click conference, Kim Ah-joong spoke back to a question asking about her recent activities. She said, "I'm filming film "The King". I amrunning alongsidethe entirevery good actors, Jeong Woo-seong, Jo In-Seong and Ryu Jun-yeol. I'm operatingat the filming set with one of these blessing".

"The King" depicts the large survival fit between a guy who sought after to grow to be a king and the power-holders who controlled the society in the fashionable and contemporary generation of Korea.


Ji Seong at 'Entertainers' press convention says,

Ji Seong at 'Entertainers' press convention says, "Competing with Hwang Jeong-eum She looks excellent alongside Ryu Jun-yeol"

Ji Seong cheered for Hwang Jeong-eum, who stars in the competing drama.

On April 18th, Ji Seong attended a press convention for SBS' new Wednesday Thursday drama, "Entertainers" at Mok-dong construction of SBS.

Ji Seong statedright through the conference, "It looks as ifany individualsought after to play a trick. We took placeto look in dramas just exchanging our partners. Since we have gotexcellent chemistry, we take turns and get to compete in dramas (during the similar airtime)".

Ji Seong and Hyeri and their spouse actors in their outdated dramas, Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol become to compete opposed toeach and every coupleby capacity of starring in SBS' "Entertainers" and MBC's "Lucky Romance" respectively all throughan analogous airtime.

Ji Seong explained, "Jeong-eum is terribly loyal. As you saw in "Secrets" and 'Kill Me, Heal Me', we understand howwe can bein a position to react and every one other's pace. I also know Jeong-eum's weakness" and "I'm satisfied to see her partner this time is Ryu Jun-yeol. I trust the pair has their own chemistry as well. I thinkthey're going to exist able to give a drama of smart qualities".

He also added, "I'll do an eventask for "Entertainers" with Hyeri and the team".



Photos "Entertainers" personality posters, featuring Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk, Chae Jeong-an, L.Joe

The limited edition album poster for "Entertainers" is out.

With 6 days to moveprior to the broadcast starts, SBS drama "Entertainers" released teaser posters of Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk, Chae Jeong-an and L.Joe.

Ji Seong looks playful whilstpreserving his chest and it roughly feels like he is going to be the clown in the drama. The words 'Real Manager' on his jacket had been emphasized.

Hyeri's poster looks lively as she is smiling kindly. The word, 'Hard Worker' display that she is in a position to do anything.

Kang Min-hyuk is a musical genius who is self-assured of himself. Chae Jeong-an provides off a pictureof class with her purple lips and seductive look. L.Joe in the role of Jae-hoon, a drummer from Seoul National University, is the maximum office model-looking personalityat the poster.

The poster is uniquely designed. The poster resembles a listing and reflects on the musical qualities of the drama. The poster is antiqueas thoughit is been touched for many years and the feel of the poster is raising hype for the drama.

Meanwhile, "Entertainers" is the existencetask of an audacious manager named Seok-ho (Ji Seong) and an amateur band called Entertainers.