Jessica Offers  Lovers An Inside of  Glance Into Her Makeup And Skin care  Regimen On YouTube

Jessica Offers Lovers An Inside of Glance Into Her Makeup And Skin care Regimen On YouTube

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter To turnlovers how to appear to bea true K-Pop star, Jessica Jung teamed up with American attractiveness and model magazine Vogue to create a makeup educational video. 

In just two and a part minutes, Jessica walked fans via a 16-step tutorial that used quite a fewskin care and makeup products adding moisturizer, hydrating mist, blush, eyeliner, and more. Throughout the short video, Jessica used to bereadyto teach fans that willsucceed in the K-Pop idol glance and just how much of a difference a little of preparation can make.

Check out the total 16-step tutorial by Jessica Jung below:

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Slate Columnist Links Korean Skin care Regimen to Radical Feminist Self-Care

Slate Columnist Links Korean Skin care Regimen to Radical Feminist Self-Care

Slate Columnist Links Korean Skin care Regimen to “Radical Feminist Self-Care”notclaira January 12, 2016 0 LINE it!Slate Columnist Links Korean Skincare Regimen to “Radical Feminist Self-Care” Recently, U.S.-based online mag Slate published an article column about the noted 10-step K-beauty skincare regimen and its developingcirculation in North America. The writer opens the thing with a private anecdote in which her Korean-American friend, a college professor, sends her sheet mask for the primary time.

Unlike maximum U.S. products, the Korean skincare regimen demandsa kind ofother products implemented in an exact order. In position ofjust just a cleanser and a moisturizer, the skincare regimen calls for a bewildering number of cleansers (including oil-based), toners, essence, serums, masks, eye creams, and more than one emulsions. The writer notes that the K-beauty fashion is increasingspeedy in America, with shops like Sephora opening their own sub-sections.

After pertaining to her own stress-freeenjoy with K-beauty, the author is going on to say that K-beauty is changing into popular among feminist academics, quoting one professor’s blog post, “I’ve began to view good looks equally a sort of self-care, in its place of a patriarchal trap. For lots of women, especially girls of color, we’re frequently told that we are most effective useful, only precious when we devote ourselves to others; that taking excellent manage of ourselves is the remaining affair that we will have to consider.”

The same friend who prompt K-beauty ordinary to the author also agrees, mentioning the culture of spas and bathhouses in Korea, where ladiesof each age used to fulfill and kick back with each one other. The Korean routine isn'tsimply roughly results, the author writes. Instead, ... its also about the ritual. She notes that there'sanything empowering about the repetitive routine.

However, the article also makes note of a big cultural divide in terms of “whitening” products, that arenot unusual in Korea. Even if she writes that the ingredients aren'texcessive (they do no longer bleach the skin), she notes that the language used to marketplacethose products (e.g. “White Vitality Essence”) is normallydebatable when they gothe sea over into the United States.

The authors statement of K-beauty as radical feminist self-care is alsomoderately surprising, taking into account South Korea currently has one of the crucial lowest Global Gender Hole Index scores among evolved countries (No. 114 in 2014, in comparison tothe U.S. at No. 20) whilst its highly developed cosmetics industry and topcriteriaof privatecosmetic (particularly for women) have also ended in one of the perfect plastic surgical treatment rates in the world.

Do you settle with the author? Must K-beauty be embraced as a sort of feminist self-care? Do you in finding the routine empowering like the author does?

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Jessica Jung branches into skin care products for “BLANC & ECLARE”

Jessica Jung branches into skin care products for “BLANC & ECLARE”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter No longersimplest is Jessica Jung getting ready for a conceivable comeback, yet she has also expanded her product diversity to cosmetics for brand, BLANC ECLARE. 

Last November 26th, BLANC ECLARE presented their skin caresequence Serein, which was once modelled through Jessica Jung herself. Already available to buy online, the collection is composed of a form of products similar to moisturising cream, evening cream, eye cream and more with the purpose to hydrate, company and white skin.

Meanwhile, in a up to date interview, Jessica Jung printed that she plans to move back equally a singer as some way of interacting with her enthusiasts who have supported and waited for so long. The whole interview and pictorial are going to be integrated in the December factor of Top CUT.

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Jessica Jung Continues To Extend Blanc & Eclare Logo With New Skin care Line

Jessica Jung Continues To Extend Blanc & Eclare Logo With New Skin care Line

jessica jung blanc & eclare Serein cosmetics line 2015(Photo : Blanc & Eclare)jessica jung blanc & eclare Serein cosmetics line 2015(Photo : Blanc & Eclare) Clothier Jessica Jung has had an overly busy year with her logo Blanc Eclare.

After liberating an denim and Fall/Winter collection, the celebrity has now expended to cosmetics. The brand's first skin care brand introducedremaining week and it contains several essentials like detoxification foams, toners, enriching essences, moisturizing creams and hydrating mists.

Blanc Eclare presented the line by ability of revealing several promotional advertising and marketingpictures of the maximum important products and Ingenious Director Jessica, by way of Facebook. The accompanying observation explained, "Introducing our Serein skincare collection. Notice for yourself our line of hydrating, brightening and toning products. There is something for everyone."

The new line is extremelycheap and has pieces ranging between $16 and $60. The most budget-conscious product is the Serein Luscious Lip Balm. The balm smooths and hydrates your skin, will also be yours HERE and will benoticed below.

On the dearer side, there would possibly be the Serein Tough Ampoule Serum. In keeping with the brand, the serum "applies deep nutrition with a gentle, wet finish. Moisturizing ingredients advertiseglossy texture and Ceramide strengthens the barrier for healthy skin." The articleis also yours HERE and will existvisible below.

Blanc Eclare is latelyprovidingloose shipping for orders over $100.

In other news, Jessica Jung recently discussed her solo songprofession plans in L'Officiel Singapore.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop superstar style, Korean actress attractiveness trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Style Week news.

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Wonder Girls' Sohee's Secret To Great Skin,

Wonder Girls' Sohee's Secret To Great Skin, "A Light Skin Care Regimen"

wonder girls, sohee, elle, like this

soheeskincareStill new to her 20's and more fitting to be called a girl than a woman, Wonder Girls' Sohee's editorial photos were released. She is garnering attention from her interview in the July issue of Elle magazine where she reveals her secret to great skin.

Sohee started performing at a young age and while promoting in the U.S, she even did her own makeup at times. Despite all the thick stage makeup, Sohee maintains beautiful, clean skin. Her regimen doesn't consist of applying an unnecessary amount of skin care products, but just mist, hydrating cream, mist facial packs and sun screen. She revealed that in order to maintain her skin, she keeps only a light skin care regimen.

Sohee is known for her unique sense of style such as 'Sohee's casual wear' or 'Sohee stockings'. Although she is embarrassed by this, she revealed that it makes her happy that her interests and likes have been well received by people.

Internet users commented, "Of course she had a special regimen" and "Its surprisingly simple, yet a good reference."

The Wonder Girls are currently promoting their new song, "Like This" since its recent release.


EXO Lovers Crash YouTube Looking to Watch EXO’s Hot New Teaser For “Monster”

EXO Lovers Crash YouTube Looking to Watch EXO’s Hot New Teaser For “Monster”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs one of the crucialhottest idol teams in the history of K-pop, EXO has already had their fair share of accomplishments and records. In addition to winning multiple daesang awards and surroundings physical album sales records, however, they is alsoin a position to now upload crashing one of the largestweb sites in the sector to their list. In a while after SM Entertainment released the primary video teaser for the groups upcoming song Monster on YouTube, enthusiastsspotted that the website had crashed. With the teaser gaining tens of thousands of perspectivesin only seconds, it used to bemoderatelytransparent that the insane quantity of traffic that it became getting was placing a stress on YouTubes servers.

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Watch: Jessica Says Lovers Are Stars In Her “Golden Sky” In New At the back of The Scenes MV

Watch: Jessica Says Lovers Are Stars In Her “Golden Sky” In New At the back of The Scenes MV

Watch: Jessica Says Lovers Are Stars In Her Golden Sky In New At the back of The Scenes MVkminjungee June 4, 2016 0 Watch: Jessica Says Fans Are Stars In Her Golden Sky In New Behind The Scenes MV On June 3, Jessica released a new video that presentations a behind the scenes glance at her Fly track video shoot and album jacket photo shoot.

The English edition of one of her b-side tracks, Golden Sky, plays in the background of the video. Jessica in my opinion wrote the heartfelt lyrics, and helped compose the song as well. She thank you her fans for sticking through her aspectthru everything, making the video more meaningful as well.

Take a peek into what went on behind the scenes and concentrate to her gorgeous song below:

Meanwhile, following its unencumber on Might 17, Jessicas first solo album, With Love, J, has been experiencing immense luckin spite of having no professionaltv promotions, even being nominated for first position on two other music shows.

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Pictures of Jessica at fan signing riding  lovers crazy

Pictures of Jessica at fan signing riding lovers crazy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter making her solo debut, former Girls Generation member Jessica held a fan signing at the Coex Mall in Seoul.

And whilst the Coridel Entertainment has been known for her attractivenessin addition her original vocals, fanatics were still blown away by way of her visuals when they saw her at the event. Dressed in a mild blue get dressed and dressed in a flower crown, fans referred to Jessica as a princess after seeing her youngerand type appearance.

Jessicas solo debut song Fly has wona huge number ofcompliment from fans, who patiently awaited her first unencumber since departing from SM Entertainment and women Generation. Take a glance at the tune video for Fly below

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Tiffany Finds  The only  Skin care Product She At all times Uses

Tiffany Finds The only Skin care Product She At all times Uses

Tiffany FindsThe onlySkin care Product She At all times Usesan0ya Would possibly 16, 2016 0 Tiffany Exhibits The One Skincare Product She Always Uses Ever wondered how to reach healthy and sleek skin like Girls Generations Tiffany?

On the Could 16 broadcast of SBS Love FMs Song Eun and Kim Sooks Unni Radio, Tiffany makes a guest appearance to advertise her solo debut album and greet the listeners.

Talking about dancing on the ground for the choreography of her namemusic 1 exactly Wanna Dance, Tiffany reveals, That section looks pretty, yet its if fact be toldsomewhat exhausting. I wore a slightly revealing outfit for my music displayultimate Saturday, and each person told me that I appear to have developed abs. I also feel like my abs are more defined.

When asked about her skincare routine, she names one unexpected product, I use toddler lotion. It absorbs temporarily so its my go-to product.

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Fans indicate  feminine idols who glance  utterly  other without makeup

Fans indicate feminine idols who glance utterly other without makeup

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMakeup can make slightly a difference for ones appearance especially in terms of eyeliner for those popular feminine idols.

In a post on online network board Bada, a netizen noted the significance of eyeliner, comparing sooner than and after makeup footage for female idols corresponding to T-ARAs Jiyeon and Eunjung, After Colleges Nana, Brown Eyed Ladies Narsha and Gain, and miss As Min.

While these female idols glanceno doubt adorable and lovely alongside their bareface, the air of mystery they exude with their makeup face on is simply as extraordinary.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

21 Make up is too evolved these days....

7 Make up is their existence line

4 Korean women brand up and plastic surgical treatment is scam level

4 Eye liners dont seem likethe solevery important thing 

3 참Poor menfall for plastic surgical operation fall for make up

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