Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow Yong Good friendForged Park Hye SooJiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, Always An Oppa To Fellow Yong Pal Cast Park Hye Soo Actress Park Hye Soo expressed her love for actor Joo Won in her contemporary Naver V app broadcast!

On July 19, Park Hye Soo did her first V app broadcast and mentioned herself and her works.

During the show, she learns that her label-mate and Yong Pal co-star and Joo Won, who played her older brother in the drama, is looking at her broadcast, too. Then she says, Oppa, how are you doing?

Later, she says, Please leave a comment. I dont know your Identity though.

She tells her fans, Im going to be just rightagainst Joo Won. Once my brother, always my brother. I went to Singapore with Joo Won, too. It was once for a fan meeting, and I used to be so worried since there were such so much offolks there.

Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo has been cast in JTBCs new drama Formative years Generation as the maximum important lead.

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Review: The Return Of Cho Yong Pil! The Original Oppa Knocks Psy Out Of Number One On K-Pop 100 With 'Bounce' But Does It Match His Early Hits

Review: The Return Of Cho Yong Pil! The Original Oppa Knocks Psy Out Of Number One On K-Pop 100 With 'Bounce' But Does It Match His Early Hits

Cho Yong Pil, Bounce

Review: The Return Of Cho Yong Pil! The Original Oppa Knocks Psy Out Of Number One On K-Pop 100 With 'Bounce' But Does It Match His Early Hits? Without even a music video, Bounce created an instant buzz across the world of K-pop after its release last Thursday, boosted by generous praise from younger stars like Taeyang and G-Dragon of Big Bang.After a decade long hiatus from the recording industry, legendary 63-year-old South Korean musician Cho Yong Pil returned with a vengeance last week, knocking Psy's record-breaking hit "Gentleman" off of the number one slot on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100, with his upbeat single "Bounce."

Without even a music video, "Bounce" created an instant buzz across the world of K-pop after its release last Thursday, boosted by generous praise from younger stars like Taeyang and G-Dragon of Big Bang.

With his new hit, Cho Yong Pil is clearly aiming for the legions of young K-pop fans, and based on his chart topping success, he is winning them over.

The song does, as the title promises, "Bounce," with an opening hook that instantly imbeds itself in the listener's brain. The backing band, driven by a soaring guitar part, is vibrant and passionate.

Although nearly a senior citizen, Cho Yong Pil's voice shows no sign of wear and tear from his previous 18 albums.

If he wasn't one of the country's most famous and influential musicians, and "Bounce" was marketed as being the work of a hot new teenage K-pop star, there is nothing about the song that would give away that it wasn't .

Yet, as any legendary artist knows, Cho will always be competing with himself.

Although "Bounce" is a well-executed piece of pop music, when compared with early Cho Yong Pil classics like "Dorawayo Busanhange" ("Come Back to Busan Port") it is easy to find "Bounce" less than satisfying.

The song's producer also made the unfortunate choice to follow the ubiquitous practice of inserting random English phrases into K-pop songs.

For anyone who understands the meaning of the words, it is difficult not to be a little perplexed by a man in his 60s singing: "baby you're my trampoline. You make me bounce."

This is the same Cho Yong Pil that was the first major South Korean artist to use a synthesizer in 1980.

The same Cho Yong Pil that learned the painful technique of traditional Korean singing while practicing on mountaintops.

The expectations for an artist of his caliber are simply different than they are for just another teen idol.

Considering the experimental brilliance of the man on the microphone, it is difficult not to hear "Bounce" as a disappointingly safe career move.

Listen to Cho Yong Pil's number one single "Bounce" RIGHT HERE

Check out the Cho Yong Pil classic "Dorawayo Busanhange" ("Come Back to Busan Port")RIGHT HERE:


Yong Joon-hyung sends food catering carrier to 'Doctors', Park Shin-hye is touched and so thankful

Yong Joon-hyung sends food catering carrier to 'Doctors', Park Shin-hye is touched and so thankful

Park Shin-hye and Beast member Yong Joon-hyung showed off their outstanding friendship.

On July 8, Park Shin-hye wrote on her Instagram, "I used to beno longer feeling smartly this morning. So I neededanythingjust right would take place today, and here's deabak!" and "It's a wonder gift Joon-hyung has been making ready since 3 weeks ago. I am so touched and thankful. It in reality cheers me up. I used to benot likely to devour dinner latelyyetI am going to have two bowls. What a fabguy you lot are". She also uploaded a video clip and photos.

Park Shin-hye also said, "We also were given coffee truck here. Yong Joon-hyung is one of thesefantasticusersimilar to this. I cannot thank you enough".

Park Shin-hye is these daysgambling a neurosurgeon Yoo Hye-jeong in SBS' Monday Tuesday drama, "Doctors".

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Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is Through Yong Jun Hyung’s Marvel Gift On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is Through Yong Jun Hyung’s Marvel Gift On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is By capability of Yong Jun Hyungs Wonder Gift On Set Of Doctorsehk38 July 8, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is By Yong Jun Hyungs Surprise Gift On Set Of Doctors BEASTs Yong Jun Hyung knows how to hook his pals up!

Yong Jun Hyung lately sent two snack trucks to the set of SBS drama Doctors as some wayof revealingbeef up for actress Park Shin Hye who is currently starring in the drama.

On July 8, Park Shin Hye uploaded a Boomerang video and a photo to turn her heartfelt gratitude for Yong Jun Hyungs beneficiant gift.

She writes, I wasnt feel smartly this morning so I used to be telling Seung Hoon how greatit's going to exist if anythingexcellenttook place today, and daebak!

A video posted by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Jul 8, 2016 at 2:00am PDT

She continue, Jun Hyungs surprise gift that he has been getting ready since 3 weeks ago because he idea aneused to bemissing energy. I dont understand howto specific how touched I am. Thank you. Thank you so much. Jun Hyung, I can cheer up and film! I changed into going to fall asleep without dining dinner. I go to devour two plates. Hing. Im getting teary. What a great guy.

In the photos, Park Shin Hye showcases either the food truck and the coffee truck that Yong Jun Hyung sent her.

Meanwhile, you'll be in a position to catch the with just a little of luck refreshed and re-energized Park Shin Hye in her drama Doctors on Viki below!

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Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Forged For “Reply” Series Because…

Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Forged For “Reply” Series Because…

Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Forged For Answer serial Because?JiwonYu June 21, 2016 0 Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Cast For Reply Series Because? At thecontemporary episode of Taxi that aired on June 21, the answer team, Cross Ara, Sung Dong Il, and manufacturer Shin Won Ho, gave the impression on the display and publishedthe taleat the back of how the stars were given their roles.

During the show, Go Ara thinks back to the time when she used to be auditioning for Reply 1994 and says that she cried during the meeting. She says, I didnt tell him this because its cheesy, yet Im so thankful towards producer Shin Won Ho. He made it imaginable to consider in myself. I used to be then desperate.

Sung Dong Il teases the producer, saying, He alternativesany individual who cries. Dont broadcast this part, or else the folk auditioning for the fourth season of Reply will get started crying from the parking space of the audition room.

Producer Shin Won Ho plays along, adding, I picked Park Bo Gum because he cried, too.

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Treatment Of BTSs Jungkook And Kim Min Suk On Reside  Form  Display  By capability of Fellow Forged  Participants Sparks Criticism

Treatment Of BTSs Jungkook And Kim Min Suk On Reside Form Display By capability of Fellow Forged Participants Sparks Criticism

Treatment Of BTS’s Jungkook And Kim Min Suk On ResideKindDisplayBy way of swainSolidContributors Sparks Grievance ilmare42 June 6, 2016 0 Treatment Of BTS’s Jungkook And Kim Min Suk On Live Variety Show By Fellow Cast Members Sparks Criticism After the primary episode of new variety show “Flower Crew,” audience get criticized one of the vital cast for their comments and movementsin opposition to fellow cast members Jungkook of BTS and actor Kim Min Suk.

“Flower Crew” includes a cast of six guys (Jungkook, Kim Min Suk, Jo Se Ho, Ahn Jung Hwan, SEO Jang Hoon, and Yoo Byung Jae) taking a shuttle together. The show is broadcast live, and viewers’ votes (through V app’s “hearts”) resolvewhat type of things the guys could be doing.

On June 6’s first episode, the forged is told that the member with the maximum “hearts” from viewers will become the team leader of the “flower path” team, who will select two other members to remain alongside him in a luxury villa. The member with the fewest “hearts” would be the team leader of the “dirt path” team and settle on members to stick with him in a small stone house.

In the 1st episode, Jungkook arrives at the filming location with a bag stuffed with hamburgers for his cast members, luckily handing them to the group. He smiles as he describes how large the burgers are and whats within them to the camera, yet then Jo Se Ho says, “I think those are leftovers.” The opposite guys object to his comment, and Jungkook says, “No, they’re new!” Jo Se Ho then hands two of the hamburger bins to Jungkook, pronouncingDisregard it, and walks away.

Jungkook then turns to the camera and says, “They didn’t take them…” whilstprotecting out the containers.

Netizens have commented, “Where did you be informed that it used to beokto mention ‘I think these are leftovers’ to a tender dongsaeng who purchased you lot hamburgers?” and “Even once you can’t take excellent care of a young dongsaeng who’s on his first ever variety show, was there truly a want to tell him off like that?” Some other says, “He looked so embarrassed. Obviously it’s variety, but that was too much.”

Later on, Kim Min Suk and Yoo Byung Jae are eating the hamburgers when Jo Se Ho turns to Kim Min Suk and says, “Youre stuffing it all for your face?” The impolite and casual language he used to assert this has stunned many viewers.

Seo Jang Hoon has also been belowhearth for reputedlyseeking to ride the coattails of Jungkooks status by making comments about their closeness, and ignoring Kim Min Suk when he read out a remark by a fan telling him to forestall IT because Jungkook gave the impression uncomfortable. Seo Jang Hoon also many times complained about the vote casting system, claiming that it was unfair.

In addition, viewers were criticizing the show itself for the use of a layout in which it form of feels inevitable that Jungkook will be the winner, because of BTS’s large fanbase and their popularity on V app. Meanwhile, Jungkook appeared uncomfortable with the speculation of being team leader at the show, or even mouthed to viewers, “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me!” After being made to feel uncomfortable because of the his popularity, Jungkook also told viewers that he sought after to revel inanythingtough like being on the dirt trail team.

One netizen says, “Popular Jungkook was uncomfortable, and Jo Se Ho who didn’t have many ‘hearts’ was also uncomfortable. Why on earth was this made?”

What do you recall to mind this arguable new show and some of the casts actions?

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BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Catches Up With Friend Park Shin Hye

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Catches Up With Friend Park Shin Hye

BEASTs Yong Junhyung Catches Up With Friend Park Shin Hyean0ya Might 28, 2016 0 BEASTs Yong Junhyung Catches Up With Friend Park Shin Hye Yong Junhyung and Park Shin Hyes friendship is going strong!

On Could 28, the BEAST member shared a lovely black-and-white snapshot occupied with the actress on his Instagram account. For the caption, he just added two smiling emojis which appear to refer to their facial expressions in the picture.

In the picture, the stars are sitting in the back ofa cafe table and casually posing for the camera, taking a lookat ease around every other. The two are known to be close friends, and they have consistently updated enthusiasts on their reunions via social media.

Meanwhile, Yong Junhyung these days held his first solo concert, while Park Shin Hye will famous person in the hotclinical drama Doctors.

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Park Soo-jin's fair confession:

Park Soo-jin's fair confession: "Bae Yong-joon chefs higher than me. I will have to check out harder"

On Olive Television cooking show, 'Oksoo-dong Highest Apprentice' aired on Would possibly 24, the fameclassic Korean chef Sim Yeong-soon taught the looking ahead to actress Park Soo-jin how to make bean rice cake.

Sim Yeong-soon on nowadays explained how to make the bean rice cake so Park Soo-jin may have some protein all over her pregnancy.

Sim Yeong-soon discussed about walnuts some of the ingredients, "If you those a lot, your infantmay be born smart". Sim Yeong-soon asked, "Will this paintings or not" Park Soo-jin took a mouthful of walnuts and said, "It will work", which brought laughter to the studio.

On this day, as Sim Yeong-soon asked Park Soo-jin, "Does your husband treat you well?", Park Soo-jin answered, "He is so nice. He chefs even higher than me. He could also be a excellent baker. I mustcheck out harder".


When Oppa Doesn’t Would like to  Understand You: Idols vs. Sasaengs

When Oppa Doesn’t Would like to Understand You: Idols vs. Sasaengs

20140729_seoulbeats_smtownWhen Oppa Doesnt Wish toRealize You: Idols vs. SasaengsWritten via Madi On Might 12, 201620160502_seoulbeats_exoxiumin_sasaengSasaeng. The onlynoteany individualconcerned amongst Korean entertainment doesnt wish to hear. Its a identify that doesnt reign of glory and top praise. Sasaengs are the ones who ruin it for the many.

What began out as an effortlessrisk freeI am hoping senpai will notice me way of life for sasaengs turned into hacking into idols phones, calling them repeatedly, developingpretend accounts of acknowledged idols, stalking them to and from a location, breaking into their homes, and/or hecticnow notbest the artists, yet their families whilst they’re on vacation.

And for anti-fans, its more about spreading negative rumors and slanders of someones call and image. Theres not much to gain outdoor of the sheer thrill of impacting and harmful someones life.

While all artists will in the future acceptthose type of fans, it more or less feels that the ones basically heard about (and are out of control) are the artists belonging to SM Entertainment. Not to mention, SME seems very overdueat the uptake of scuffling withopposed to sasaengs and anti-fans alike. As early as 2012, artists from YGE, JYPWoolim, C-JeS Entertainment, and other corporations own taken up the mantle of shielding themselves. By way of fighting against sasaengs, its a littlemore challenging since not much can be done if nobodyused to beharm physically. This may smartly be the reason as to why idols are being more outspoken about droppinggentle on their movementsas a substitute of keeping silent.

EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun during reside recordings on V app have called out enthusiasts or picked up a telephone call, yelling into the receiver to prevent calling them.  SHINee’s Key and SNSDTaeyeon have called out sasaengs on their Instagrams about their habit and activitiesin opposition to the idols, calling them again and again or adding them into fan chats without their consent. f(x)’s Luna has also announced her displeasure of these “fans”. Key turned intoin particular vocal about the issue:

you can’t call yourself a fan you deficientfolks IT was 6am. Recently, Ive been receiving numerous messages and make touch with calls. This is in reality insulting and I cant stand it. To people who flooded my phone with six hundred messages, please stop.

Idols aren’t observed much as individuals in the arena of business, but more in ordergadgets and livestock. Firms seek to make a benefit off in their vocals, visuals, and performances. Keeping this in mind, businessesadvertise their “property” so asto extend sales and value. SM has a tendency to sell its idols as not so much artists, but as objects to be idolized. An idol (as an object) only serves one motive and it's far to be worshipped. It doesn’t have a life, likes or dislikes, choices, unfastened will, or anything elsethat might brand it human.

201601243_seoulbeats_shineekey_sasaengA corporate like SME most definitely doesn’t imagine taking much action against sasaengs because they’re a approach of profit. It’s not an unknown fact that SM dominates in physical sales. For example, in the final quarter of 2015 in line with the Gaon Chart, SME had the head physical album sales. Whilst youaccept as true witha collection like EXO which has currently nine members, pair them with a sasaeng fan who unconditionally supports them, there’s an overlyexcellentlikelihood said user volitionpurchase 9 copies of one album, compensating for each and every member. Mix the ideal with a widestaff of sasaengs, and there’s the really extensive portion of sales. So dont remove a earnings because while you act against it, itll pull out its support.

With this type of promotional marketing system, some of usoverlook that at the back of the idol prestige is a person. Strip them off the reputation and theyre only one of us. No one in their appropriatebrain would do that to someone they know, respect, or maybe someone they dont know. Harassment, bullying, breaking and entering, trespassing, and stalking are all wrong. Each personturns outto realize this with the exception of for them.

Actions like this are very hard to regulate in a position like Korea where, at one point, there wasnt much of an anti-stalking law. But seeing how the actions of sasaengs can put their life, an idols life, or individuals unrelated in danger, a more potent constabulary has been enforced with upper fines and conceivableprison time. Granted, its only been presented this year but there’s hope such a law might be taken seriously when humansdocument stalking or dangerous and unwanted attention.

20160502_seoulbeats_exochanyeol_sasaengSome anti-fans think artists are deserving of such actions simply because theyre an idol pursuing a dream. And with that status comes hardships they need to beworking out of and maintainas it “comes with the job.” That its ok totopic them to stalking, harassment, privacy invasion, etc., because “they must know better.” In truth, there’s no smartexplanation why for any one to be treated with malice or shaming for unjust goal or “just because”.

Idols generallydon'tintellectassembly or spending time with fans. Thats the sole goal of fan meetings, the Daum cafe, and now Naver’s V app. Occasions and interactions should be on an artist and companys terms. An organization sets up a meeting time, location, and date and lets in fans to get right of access to the event. Calling someone like Chanyeol and Taeyeon continuously in hopes theyll pick out up? Not okay. There isn't any mutual agreement, especially if the idol didnt give out their data in the primary place.

When it comes to sasaengs, oppa or unnie doesn'tneedto note you. Them picking up the telephone and yelling announcing not to name them, thats not being noticed. Thats responding to harassment. For anti-fans, youre getting spotted but that incorporatesthe chance of a lawsuit notification and a police officer appearing up at your door to place you lot in handcuffs.

What steps would you're taking against anti-fans and sasaengs alike? If it is really useful to create a law against these forms of “fans”, what prerequisites would you include? What are your emotions approximately idols in spite of everything taking steps to combat back against malicious comments?

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Park Jin Young Finds Why He Doesn’t Make Songs For Two times And GOT7

Park Jin Young Finds Why He Doesn’t Make Songs For Two times And GOT7

Park Jin Young Unearths Why He Doesnt Make Songs For Two times And GOT7kokoberry Would possibly 7, 2016 0 Park Jin Young Displays Why He Doesnt Make Songs For TWICE And GOT7 At theMay just 6 episode of KBS2s Unnis Slamdunk, Min Hyo Rin printed her want tochange intoa womanworkforce with her fellow solid members.

The actress enlisted the assistance of Park Jin Young to reach her goal. Whilst having many heartfelt discussions, Park Jin Young also discussed why he doesnt make songs for TWICE and GOT7.

JYPs head revealed that having this type ofmassive historic periodhole between himself and his new teams makes it tricky to have deep conversations at times. He confessed that its challenging for him to understand their mindon account of the generational difference and young age.

Park Jin Young said, Honestly, I pass over the g.o.d era. The first actual song I wrote used to beExpensive Mother. My centerharmsuch a lot after paying attention to Park Joon Hyungs story.

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