Juniel Adjustments Her Prison Name

Juniel Adjustments Her Prison Name

Juniel Adjustments Her PrisonCall kminjungee July 5, 2016 0 Juniel Changes Her Legal Name With her latest song just released, Juniel announces a slightlyunforeseen piece of news.

On July 5, the singer revealed, I latterlyreplaced my legal name. I changed it from Choi Joon Hee to Choi Suh Ah. It's going to feel a little unfamiliar, yet please call me Suh Ah from now on.

However, she clarifies that she intends to continue the use of Juniel as her degree name.

Meanwhile, Juniel dropped her newest single, Pisces, on July 6 in the dead of night KST. Marking her first unlock since amicably parting techniques with former firm FNC Entertainment, the unhappy ballad looks back on a smash up and the resulting emotions.

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Juniel Clarifies Statements After Controversy Erupts Over Alleged Jabs Against FNC Entertainment

Juniel Clarifies Statements After Controversy Erupts Over Alleged Jabs Against FNC Entertainment

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJuniel has issued a explanation and apology after her fresh statements were interpreted as sickemotionsin opposition to her former agency, FNC Entertainment. 

On July 19th, Juniel was onceone of the vitalvisitorsseemed on Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School where she promoted her newest single, Pisces. The unmarried marks her first free up since leaving FNC Entertainment early this year.

As the program progress, however, Juniel went to show how happier she felt in having the opportunity to have a song she composed herself being released. She also detailed that she gets remarks that even her complexion looked larger afterwards moving agencies. The comments were no longergained lightly as netizens speculated that they couldhad been aimed opposed to her former control agency, FNC Entertainment.

Updating her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Juniel clarified that she does no longer take any bad feelings toward FNC Entertainment and directed a commentary to CEO Han Sungho to transparent up any misunderstandings.

A photo posted through JUNIEL (@930903_juni) on Jul 20, 2016 at 3:27am PDT

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Netizens speak about how a woman’s flavor in ideal men adjustments from adolescents to twenties

Netizens speak about how a woman’s flavor in ideal men adjustments from adolescents to twenties

5kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter This discussion subjectused to be trending with over 80,000 views.Originally titled, The difference in ideal kinds when youre for yourchildren and when youre on your twenties. The writer laid out the alternate in womens flavor in men as they age.

They don't like men with large muscles. They prefer lean muscles yet makeno longerusually care if a guy is muscular or not. They often prefer thin guys.

 They like guys with bangs that experience either dandy hairstyles or two block cut.

 They like cutesy guys who have aegyo and are playful

 They like guys that smell like soap

 This varies but they prefer guys with voices that aren't too deep

The ideal form ofladies in their twenties

Women get startedworrying about a guys body. They do now notcommonlybe expecting a guy to be ripped like a frame builder but they like men with giant upper body.

 They like a guy with thick hands and so when they wear a quick sleeve the arms have compatibility tight.

 They dont typically like guys with bowl cuts but prefer styled up blankhaving a look hair.

 Facial hair isnt a will have to simply they dont brain IT if it looks just right on you

 They prefer guys with cushytoddler skin or darker rough looking skin

 They prefer sophisticated coolly scented cologne. It makes them feel so a lot more masculine?

 Most prefer deep low voices.

106, 3 This is in general true. With the exception of Im an adolescent and I appear to have the taste of ladies in their twenties. I dont like tall skinny guys but guys who have huge shoulders big arms and tight hips

79, 3 Im a primecollege student but why am I lovea woman in her twentiesI hate light guys and skinny guys. I am prepared on mature looking out dark skinned men

48, 44 Guys in their teens wear the ones thick rimmed glasses to seem cool but women in their 1920s hate that. They just prefer guys who wear customary glasses like Choi Daniel or Sung Si Kyung

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Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Are Ko Soo and Jin Se-yeong changing into Romeo and Juliet

What is going to take place to Jin Se-yeon and Ko Soo's romance?

MBC drama "The Flower in Prison" OK-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) and Tae-won (Ko Soo) ultimately broke up. Tae-won made up a false observation about findingthe army secrets to save Ok-nyeo, yet it wasn't enough. Seong Ji-heon (Choi Tae-joon) set out to save Ok-nyeo but she used to be going to be sent away as a central authority slave.

Ok-nyeo looked around for Tae-won as she left. She sought afterto mentiongood-bye to him. However, he watched her from afar and looked sad.

Yoon Won-hyeong became attacked. Tae-won stored his existence from a stab wound. Yoon Won-hyeong was at the verge of death. There has beena company that was seeking to kill him. There was a lord that the court maid that was dressed inthe similar ring as Ok-nyeo's mom who was in the back of this. Kang Seon-ho (Im Ho) was also on a similar boat.

Ok-nyeo and Tae-won mayturn out to be Romeo and Juliet whilst Myeong-jong couldgrow to be Ok-nyeo's new Black Knight.

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Avid Fangirl Juniel Snaps Photo With Her Idol Taeyeon Backstage

Avid Fangirl Juniel Snaps Photo With Her Idol Taeyeon Backstage

Avid Fangirl Juniel Snaps Photo With Her Idol Taeyeon Behind the scenes kminjungee July 9, 2016 0 Avid Fangirl Juniel Snaps Photo With Her Idol Taeyeon Backstage Known for being a gigantic fan of women Generations Taeyeon, Juniel will for sure cherish this reminiscence forever!

On July 9, the singer posted a photo of herself and her idol backstage at Taeyeons very own concert, which was once held the similar day.

She also writes, I met my happiness today.. She even knew that I released a song. I like y'all Kim Taeyeon *cries* #TaengConcert #I love you also Sunny unni who were given me excellent seats

오늘 나의 행복님을 만나따.. 내 노래 나온것도 알고계셨다. 사랑해요김태연ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ #탱콘 #좋은자리준써니언니도사랑해ㅠㅠㅠ pic.twitter.com/dWdXyOi2ur

— JUNIEL (주니엘) (@junielism) July 9, 2016

Just a couple of days ago, Juniel sat down for an interview where she explained why she adored the Women Generation member so much.

Looks like her desiresgot here true! Congratulations to Juniel on her fulfillment as a fan!

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Juniel discusses her love for Taeyeon

Juniel discusses her love for Taeyeon

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs some of thebest vocalists and visuals in the K-pop industry, Girls GenerationTaeyeon has won the hearts of enthusiastsin each and everyunmarried place the world. 

In fact, fans are conversant in the fact that one of Taeyeons fans is truly a K-pop idol as well. All overa up to date interview with International BNT, solo singer Juniel discussed her love for Taeyeon, explaining, I never learned when I fell for Taeyeon. It took place very naturally. Theres actuallyno use for explanation, shes just fantastic at singing. I attended a showcase she carried out at when I used to be silent a trainee. All through one of her stages, she sang the song Moonlight. Back then, I presumed she was once really excellent at making a song and have becomekeen on hers when she debuted in Ladies Generation.

Juniel also explained that the sole two other people she follows on social media are Taeyeon and f(x)Krystal, explaining that the 2 were the prettiest celebrities shes ever seen. When asked if shes confessed her love to Taeyeon yet, Juniel spoke back that shes still too shy to method Taeyeon, adding that she still hasnt even told her friend and women Generation member Sunny about her obsession.

Source: Foreign BNT News

Juniel lately made a comeback with her new song Pisces. Take a glance at the song video below:

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Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Women Generations TaeyeonJiwonYu July 7, 2016 0 Juniel Explains How Much She Loves Girls Generations Taeyeon Singer Juniel has made a comeback after a one-year hiatus with her virtualunmarried Pisces, and she has returned more mature and lovelier than ever.

She lately sat down for an interview to proportion things that experience been going on in that point and resolution some questions that her enthusiastswere curious about.

Juniel is well known for being a big fan of ladies Generations Taeyeon. To this, Juniel says, Yes. Thats right. Shes so pretty. I actually likebeautiful people. I handiestobserve two other people on my SNS: Taeyeon and Krystal from f(x). When I first met Krystal, I iced up in position because she was once and so pretty. It changed into back when f(x) was selling Electric Shock.'

She continues, I didnt even know I had fallen for Taeyeon, though. It was just natural. Her making a song is great, no explanation necessary. I once went to a exhibit of hers when she was just a trainee. She sang the song Moonlight back then and I thought, Wow, shes so just right at singing. Thats how I have become her fan when she debuted as a member of women Generation.

Unfortunately, it roughly feels that Taeyeon doesnt know this passionate fan exists because Juniel says, I havent told Taeyeon yet. Honestly, I believe shy. Im close with Sunny, or even met her a couple of days ago, yetI think shy even telling Sunny how I'ma large fan of Taeyeon.

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“Girls Who Devour Well” To Make Drastic Adjustments  To turn  Layout  In line with Criticism

“Girls Who Devour Well” To Make Drastic Adjustments To turn Layout In line with Criticism

Girls Who DevourSmartly To Make Drastic AdjustmentsTo turnLayoutIn accordance withComplaint JiwonYu July 7, 2016 0 Girls Who Eat Well To Make Drastic Changes To expose Format In Response To Criticism JTBCs new kinddisplayWomen Who Eat Well might bevastlyconverting its format even supposing its most effective been two weeks since its first episode.

On July 7, JTBC stated, Ladies Who Eat Well is these daysrunning on replacing its name and format of the show. We can also alternate the air time.

The broadcasting station continued, We've got been criticized of quite so much of things throughoutthe 2 weeks of the reside broadcasts, so we're going tocome again after making the ones changes.

Girls Who Eat Well is a prove where ladycrewparticipants bear witness how they love to eat quite much of foods. The girls have dining battles opposed toevery other so as to be decided on equallythe easier eater. Comedienne Kim Sook, Jo Se Ho, and Yang Se Hyung are the MCs.

In the primary and 2nd episode, TWICEs Tzuyu, Dahyun, Red Velvets Seulgi, Secrets Hyosung, Nine Muses Kyungri, A Pinks Namjoo, Oh My Girls Jiho, and I.O.Is Minah gave the impressionat the show.

After the episodes aired, audience sent in proceedingsof ways they feel uncomfortable judging how ladycommunity members eat. So, the body of workers has made up our minds to make some changes.

What are your mind on the show?

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Dal Shabet Delays Album And Adjustments Comeback Plans

Dal Shabet Delays Album And Adjustments Comeback Plans

Dal Shabet Delays Album And Changes Comeback Plans(Photo : Glad Face Entertainment) Ladyteam Dal Shabet has totallyreplaced up their comeback plans.

Instead of a virtual single, they'll instead unencumber a mini album stuffed with new songs.

According to a representative of Pleased Face Entertainment on July 2, "We done recording Dal Shabet's new electronicunmarriedexpecting a July release date, yetwe've gotdetermined to chase away the release date."

Advertisement"We made this resolutionso asto provide a more finishedand entire album, according to the needs of the participants and toughen of the company," they added. "Instead of an easy single, we are getting ready new songs to release a mini-album for Dal Shabet's loversthat experience waited for so long."

This can be Dal Shabet's 10th album. Their 9th album, "Someone Like U," used to be released in early January.

The firm also apologized to fans for delaying the group's long-awaited comeback.

The members of the gang are lately busy with person activities.

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Spoiler Added episodes 18 and 19 captures for the Korean drama 'The Flower in Prison'

Spoiler Added episodes 18 and 19 captures for the Korean drama 'The Flower in Prison'

Added episodes 18 and 19 captures for the Korean drama "The Flower in Prison" (2016)Directed by way of Choi Jeong-gyoo, Lee Byeong-hoonWritten by Choi Wan-gyooNetwork : MBCWith Jin Se-yeon, Ko Soo, Kim Mi-Sook, Jeong Joon-ho, Park Joo-mi, Yoon Joo-hee,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 22:00SynopsisThe drama depicts the efforts by the key character, Ok-nyeo born in prison, who is helpingother people unfairly accused, the use of Waeji-bu, the personal litigation gadget in Joseon.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/04/30

#Choi Jeong-gyoo #Choi Wan-gyoo #Jeong Joon-ho #Jin Se-yeon #Kim Mi-Sook #Ko Soo #Lee Byeong-hoon #Park Joo-mi #Yoon Joo-hee #The Flower in Prison #news