K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Angie Turbines For KpopStarz)North America's biggestconference of "all things Hallyu," KCON 2016 backedby way of Toyota, wrapped up this beyond weekend in Los Angeles.

Boasting performances by one of the crucial industry's best stars, KCON 2016 L. a. attracted the eye of enthusiaststhe sector over. Yet idol teams and actors were notthe only real artists to make an appearance at this year's convention. Several of Korea's most neatly liked indie bands showed up to accomplishat the convention degree over the process the weekend. For rather a lot of of those bands, this will be the start fourth dimensionthey havecarried out at a traditioncorresponding to KCON. Among these, the indie rock duo, Dead Buttons, tops the list.

Advertisement Regardless of their irritating schedule, the duo, created from guitarist Hong Ji Hyun and drummer Lee Kang Hee, controlledto discover a moment to take a seat down and communicate alongside us about their music, their inspiration and their revel in at KCON 2016 LA.

KPZ: You'vethis type of wide number of sounds to yoursongit ispracticallyvery unlikely to describe your style. How would you describe yourself to somebody who hasn't heard your music before?

Ji Hyun:We've been encouraged by vintage rock and country music and punk rock, especially.

KPZ:Who are some of your favorites?

Ji Hyun:Personally, Johnny Cash. Musically, there is and much. I actually like a lot.

KPZ:Your sound could also be incredibly wealthy and a joy to pay attention and slightlyunforeseen for a duo. Let us knowa section or so your ingeniousprocedure when growing music.

Ji Hyun:Actually, we began out as 3 but if the bassist left, I attempted to fill the bass component but now days it does not matter. There isn't any limits.

KPZ:Are there sure artists who have inspired or impacted your work?

Ji Hyun:I was oncetrulyinterested by US garage rock scene. We are in the 3rd revival now. I have been really interested and inspired by that.

KPZ:Would you assert your sound is more very an identical to this taste or have you simply used this as inspiration to head off and do your own thing?

Ji Hyun: I am into numerous music, I watch so much of music videos, and I'm inspired by all of that but I do notwould like to exist that.

KPZ:When you started out as Dead Buttons, there were 3 of you but your bassist left...

Kang Hee:That came about on Korean independence day, actually.

KPZ:Oh really? That is kinda crazy!

KPZ:Most groups, when they lose a member, would either update that member or simplyutterly fall apart. You two did neither. As a substitute you lot scratched your whole old music and begantotally over. What inspired you to take such an atypical path?

Ji Hyun:After going via 2 other bassist, we were givenbeautifuluninterested infacing them so we just made up our minds to do without them.

KPZ:You currently wrapped up a 23-stop Ecuexcursion that integrated stops in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Spain. How became that? Do you have any favourite memories or reviewsyou wouldlove to share?

Ji Hyun:Primavera Sound, this isthe maximum efficient festival ever! Either the musicians and the target audience were the best. They were great.

KPZ:You've played at many of music fairs and such over the last few years and now you would possibly beon the point ofcarry out here at KCON, later today. As an indie band, did you ever see yourself functioning at a convention such as this? How has your expertise been so far?

Ji Hyun:This is our first time at a position like KCON. I don't really know what to name this but whatever it is, here is our first time at a K-Pop thing.

KPZ:Do you watched your time here will bring in more fans for you, will your appearance develop people's musical interests?

Ji Hyun:We don't know. We just play. We're just here for the music and to have a just right time.

KPZ:How has your journey been here so far?

Ji Hyun:This is my first time visiting the US. So I am goingloopy because tools are so reasonable here. It makes me mad! Or not it's cool though.

Ji Hyun:Yeah, it's too big. I like muchof yankee musicians, I used to be inspired to look them in their own country, so this is actually exciting.

(Photo : Dead Buttons Legitimate Facebook )Despite the truth the duo was a little unnerved by the choice of fans attending KCON this year, they did not let that prevent them from giving a stellar functionality this past weekend. To come up withan idea of what Dead Buttons is really like, make sureto try their video for "16-22" below!

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[Exclusive] SPICA Talks U.S. Debut, Dream Collaborations, and More in #AskSPICA Interview at KCON 2014

[Exclusive] SPICA Talks U.S. Debut, Dream Collaborations, and More in #AskSPICA Interview at KCON 2014

Hi Soompiers!

Soompi recently sat down for an exclusive interview with power girl group SPICA at this years KCON 2014 convention in Los Angeles! The girls shed some light on their U.S. debut, I Did It, their dream collaborations with American artists (hintthey love Bruno Mars!), and more questions fans sent in through Soompis #AskSPICA event on Twitter!

Check out the interview below!

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SB Midyear Review: Indie Music’s Soundcloud Superheroes

SB Midyear Review: Indie Music’s Soundcloud Superheroes

20160603_seoulbeats_guten_birdsSB Midyear Review: Indie Musics Soundcloud SuperheroesWritten through Camiele On June 6, 201620160603_seoulbeats_sam_kimAs 2016 reaches its midway mark (can you trust it?), it’s challenging to sift viathe entiresame old popular and surge of hip-hop popping out of Korea lately. Especially with big names from the idol international cropping up with solo projects. However, 2016 has to this point been a stellar year for music, and every personturns out to have reserved their easiesttune for the ultimate six months. It’s no surprise, then, that there are dozens of indie artists from each genre releasing music that crawls beyond the shine and sparkle of mainstream K-pop. This is where music becomes unfettered by the normalprocedure and artists are allowed limitlessprobabilities to shine. Thus my list of indie artists for the first part of 2016.

I used to be blessed with the opportunity to in fact see this band reside twice, in additiontake a seat down and chat with them. Those ladies… what am i in a position to say? They rock in eachkind of the word. They invent punk music at its maximum elemental, all rough cuts and guttural tones. Regardless thatno longer equally ostentatious as their compatriots in DIEALRIGHT, they don't lack for uncooked musicality. There’s not anythingcushy or frail about this trio of fearsome ladies. Lead singer and guitarist Mohho has a voice that will cure any painto your soul. Seo-hyun is a powerhouse at the bass. Mui is an absolute beast on the drums. Their aggregate of power and fearlessness is what gave their most contemporaryunmarried “Across the Black Tunnel” its emotional edge and helps to keep me clinging to their music

This band is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. Their sound is going beyond undeniable electronica. It’s melodic and emotional, music that’s made to get deep in the psyche and the spirit. Lead singer Annie Ho’s voice is angelic yeton no account soft. The band’s newest EP We Love We Leave, Section 2 combines the entire lotenthusiasts already love about LXS with a sharpness and emotional intensity that surpasses their previous releases. Making an allowance for how explosive their paintings has been in the past, that’s announcing something.

This is a band that wishestotally no introduction. They’ve were given a following and musical legacy that a ways outshines many in their peers, and two decades in the industry, they still arrange to create music that’s nuanced and kicks more ass than the young’ins in their wake. Their currentunlock Brainless mixes hard-edged punk rock and unapologetic blues to create a actuallyimpressive experience. Their balls to the wall attitude makes them so robust as a band. They take no prisoners and express regret for nothing, making music that’s hard as nails. No longer to mention their musicianship is in the process the roof. These guys take folksputsthey will never have ever idea they’d go, and they do it with a snarl and a bottle of soju.

This artist is what I’d love to categorize as a Soundcloud Superhero. There are a massive number of unheard skillsavailable in the market who release their work on Soundcloud, the Internet’s solution to promoting mixtapes out the trunk of your car. Danclock is one such artist, growing hip-hop that’s as melodic as it's far impactful. Formerly going by Treyz, he dropped his mixtape fit feel free, up last month. It includes a roster of manufacturers and staff Cream Villa throughout, creating a phenomenal listening experience. He’s got a very easy flow. Although there’s self assurance in his tone, I don’t sense any of the ego component in parcel with quite so much of hip-hop artists. He just creates fair music. You'll need appreciate an artist who dispenses with all posturing and uses that calories to create some reallyenthralling music.

She’s some other artist on my Soundcloud Superhero list. She makes the form of electronica that excites me. It’s molecular, taking a genre that at its excessive fire truly just be computer-heavy club drek and creating music with a pulse and a heartbeat. Her sound surrounds the listener, giving it warmth. There’s an earthy quality to her music, anything rooted in nature, supposed to grow and nurture the listener. That sparse elemental structure is highly erotic, tapping into the senses and giving the reader impetus to achieve out and touch. Her most recent release “OOZOO” is the easiest example of the way music can be both love and lover. I sort of equate her to Aquarian Angel-era Blue Six: temper music in sunglasses of indigo that’s glossy and cool yet incredibly warm to the touch.

Most well known as the runner-up on SBS’s K-pop Famous person Season 3, he got his likelihood to debut earlier a couple months ago with track “Mama Don’t Worry.” I didn’t get an opportunityto look him on K-pop Star two years ago, so I used to be actuallysurprised at his musical depth and vocal perfection. He boasts smatterings of basic blues with a latest twist. His voice is raw with a gritty cut to it. And whilst his debut EP I AM SAM does patterna couple of genres (namely a silken RB, a commendable piece of blues, and a little bit of pop, as one would possiblybe expecting from anyone who nearly won Korea’s an identical to American Idol), the focal point is undeniably his voice. He’s got an old spirit, the kind of music that can really get within the soul and spread to all of your parts. Making a song in either Korean and English , he manages to get across his ache and his emotion with ease, as though everything he says is one hundred% honest, true to life.

If I will exist frank, I don’t know rather what to mention close to Samuel Seo. His voice balances an easy musical note amongst complex emotions. His music is straight forward but manages to create an emotional maelstrom of its own. When I saw the primary track on his most recent release Ego Increase (100%), I became skeptical. After all, the identifyno less thancan pay homage to one of last year’s most sensible albums, The Internet’s Ego Death. However, when I heard the track, I got the sensation that was his intention: elemental RB that’s got an eerie slant and distort to it. He’s a natural artist, someone who creates music as much for himself as he does for anybody who needs to listen. In that way, the title is apt. The album is self-indulgent, almost self-congratulatory. But paying attention to the winds and bends of the music, the arc and croon of his vocal color, I’d say he’s in precise fact earned that expansion of his ego. He’s an artist that has to be on everyone’s radar. Just as my first stumble upon with Sam Kim, hearing Samuel SEO is an revel inthat maycarry your love of music and come up witha feeling of soaring, soaring above yourself and experiencing lifestyles on two separate planes.

More from my stash of Soundcloud Superheroes. This trio takes hip-hop and adds a heavy dose of harmonic musicality to the their sound. It moves far beyond the bounds of what hip-hop will also be and explores the softer construction of the genre. As in track “It All Changed,” it’s personal, sensual, and, dare I say, sweet. Meanwhile, track “NO DAB” first snarls, then soothes. Their more concerned about creating music that has effects on the heart, sparks the listener to believe their emotional makeup and adjust. Quite frankly it’s just brilliantly stunning music.

Honestly he’s at all times on my radar. I like his music, the style he can take the musical skeleton of a song and rebuild its muscles, giving it flesh and breath. His latest creation You Won’t In finding My Punchlines Here is solely as magical as UR Silhouette in where his musical vision has grown: from the naked bones of Debris to adding both vocal and instrumental layers. With each one freeyou'll tell he’s locating more of himself.

Oh, Dummy. The most effective real affairpreventing me from striking you lot on the list is the reality it’s been goodbye since I’ve heard your voice. In truth he was so as regards to being in my peak list. Track “SAFE” on my own should’ve had him in the mix. But honestly his last release (that I know of, now; I mayreally well be mistaken, and if I am I humbly apologize to Dummy in advance) was 3 years ago. But “SAFE” is the model of track that adjustments people. Every single consumer of colour who heard the song and saw the video shouted either a “Hell yeah” or “Hallelujah” at their pc screens. The fellow is a maniac lyrically, consistently has been since his days on King of the Dot. You pay attention his call and it demands instant respect. So even with just this single in the outdated couple of years, he had to be on the list.

Obviously this list isn’t at all exhaustive. These artists are just the top of the iceberg for me, and honestly the only thing keeping me from making this an inventory of about twenty artists is, well, it'll be a catalogue of twenty artists. So who in the indie world has stuck your attention so far this year?

(Guten Birds symbolby the use of SXSW, Sam Kim picture via pop!gasa, YouTube1234)


Rapper Microdot Talks About Tune Inspirations and Traveling EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Rapper Microdot Talks About Tune Inspirations and Traveling EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Microdot x Snoop(Photo : Microdot Instagram)There's numerousappreciate given to artists that arrange to make it giant without a large label at the back of their backs. Indie rapper Microdot is maximumwithout a doubt one of them.

Brother of Phantom's Sanchez, part of AllBlack, the veteran rapper made it to Team Logo New at the fourth season of MNet's tunetruth show, Show Me The cash 4.

After making his mark on the hit show, the Auckland-native went on his internationalexcursionappearing in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Austrailia and more.

In the midst of his U.S. Tour a couple of weeks back, we had the danger to interview Microdot courtesy of him and his management.

KPS: Who is the artist or the song you listened to that precipitated yous tobecome who you're today?

MD: The artist's who influenced me to transform the artist I'mlately wouldprobably must be my two older brothers who first presented me tohip-hop. My brothers would pay attention and create hiphop music once Iwould come againhouse from number one (elementary) school. This influenced meto mimic them at a tender historic period of 7. Plus in school nosotros use to be told aboutrhythmic poetry that specialize in rhymes.

KPS: What's thewhich means behind the call Microdot?

MD: Microdot - was once made alone at the age of 9, in the studio throughout myfirst ever pro recording consultation in Auckland City. The engineerhad a big mole on his appropriate cheek and at the time my push scooter brandname became "Micro". Manifestly being nine years old I put two and two togetherand it worked and stayed with me. I used to be also very overweight at the time so itsuited me well.

KPS: You and Dok2 first got herein combination every bit AllBlack nearly a decade ago andmade a comeback closing year, what's it like running alongside Gonzo and whenwill be the following release?

MD: Operating with Dok2 back was fairlya laughand engagingreason aneconnected upwith the bro quite often. It wasn't like an afternoon at the place of work at all it wasmore like shall we hit the studio and make a track for my free up afterward Show

me the Cash 4. He was the similar one-time Dok2 as he was when he was 14years oldand I was 11 years old. Fast production and recording yet successfuloutcome.

My next release is due next month (No Precise Dates) with two mini-albumsplanned which one being English orientated and the alternative being Koreanorientated. Shot a music video in Brooklyn Long islandTown too, as smartly asanother person who was shot over Chicago, Japan (Tokyo) and Korea. I am excitedfor those projects as it is not 100% fastened of the release order per trackof album or mini-album. I wager its a surprise.

KPS: How about your brother Sanchez?

MD: Sanchez is a musical genius because of this he is terriblychoosy with his craftwhich I do not blame him. But it is actually fun doing this paintings with himas we are circle of relativesregardless that we argue a lot.

KPS: Is there somebody else you wouldlove to collaborate with?

MD: Device Gun Kelly, J Cole.

KPS: How do you get your inspiration to write music?

MD: I get encouraged from the vibes of the ambience I am in at the time I amwriting... Gym, Rainy Days within my car, Sunny days outside (Driving),in the studio early hours of the morning. My feelings at the time bring

out other vibes too.

KPS: What are the highlights of your overseas tour so far? Favoritecities you definitely would like tocarry out in again?

MD: Japan was quite insane with the vibe it brought out which was after myChicago Show. Chicago Illinois was also quite hype with the crowd beingecstatic for my arrival on level which I liked a lot. Australia had

to be probably the most nigh memorable along San Francisco U.s.a. with sold outshows which was amazing.

KPS: What isyour ownfavourite song to perform?

MD: Tear Fuel which is one of my unreleased new song is rather very puffed up traptype track. Gets the crowd going and of routeObjective Keeper is a classic.

KPS: Are there any rituals you do earlier thanyou are taking the stage?

MD:I like to hear Hillsong worshiping music which assists in keeping me calm and Ipray and I just smile always haha. Its bizarre but I to find gettingnervous does now notlend a hand with a functionality haha. But even so that I truly liketo speak to other people some other things to boot my performance.

KPS: What's to yourtime table after your international tour?

MD: I am recentlymaking ready my completeduration album (not fixed) which might be amixture of English and Korean.

KPS: You could have created an self sufficient clothing line *DOWNBAD.* and arecontinuing your rapping career, what else would you find impossible to resist to do future?

MD: DOWNBAD. is my baby, its being nurtured and is growing. it'll be

rereleasing with a brand spanking new business in mid june (expected) 2016.Rap Career: is my bread and butter but I am taking a lookto cross into the USAmarket as an artist.Future: I would liketo begin up my own industry (outside of music)entrepreneurship. Belongings investment, restaurants, etc. as my university,double main and unmarried tyke degree of Marketing/International Businessand a minor of economics.

KPS: If you must give your EP to any western artist who would it be and why?

MD: I might say J Cole or DJ Khaled. Just the vibes and long runturns out most

relatable. But you know its demandingto inform as I would search for some one who

would be ready to upgrade my creativity and artist-ship limitlessly.

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Exclusive: XIA (JYJ’s Junsu) Talks New Studio Album “Xignature” And Musical Style

Exclusive: XIA (JYJ’s Junsu) Talks New Studio Album “Xignature” And Musical Style

Exclusive: XIA (JYJs Junsu) Talks New Studio Album Xignature And Musical Taste crystalcove June 2, 2016 0 Exclusive: XIA (JYJs Junsu) Talks New Studio Album Xignature And Musical Style XIA, sometimes called JYJs Kim Junsu, is back with his fourth studio album – Xignature – appearing his pastimeand resolutionto supplyprime qualitytrack that remains true to his authentic style. The album has 13 tracks that includesthe entirety from tough ballads to high-energy dance music that exhibit XIAs musical capacity and range.

The first title track of his fourth studio album is “Rock the World, a hip-hop encouraged dance track that features Automatic, who also worked with XIA on his “Incredible” album, and rapper The Quiett. The song makes a speciality of the colourfulpower of the stage, and during XIA’s lyrics, expresses a dynamic setting that guarantees a one-of-a-kind functionality from Junsu, for which he is understood to deliver.

The 2ndname track is nice Melody, which capabilities the candy vocals of singer Ben. XIA also wrote the lyrics for Sweet Melody, describing how one feels in front of the individual he/she loves, frightened and shy, yetshort ofto admit and give everything to that person.

Before XIA embarks on his concert tour, Soompi was oncein a position to catch up with the artist for a quick interview in which he discussed his new album and his musical tastes, showing his pride in the album.

If you had to select one, what is your favourite track from your fourth studio album, Xignature?

Its hard to make a decision on just one, so I can say the title track Rock the arena and the moment championship track of this album, Sweet Melody. In particular for Sweet Melody, the quality of the song is high and you'llpay attention how well-balanced my voice is with singer Bens. The beautiful melody of the song matches well with the summer time.

Listen to Rock the World:

Youre capable ofeffectively pull off either dance tracks and ballads, but is there a genre you prefer?

Actually, I don't have any preference. I suspect there are other charms to both genres. When it comes to dance music, it’s at all timesthe maximum efficient means for communicating with fanaticsby way of giving a performance. For ballads, they are able to deliver touchy emotions.

Are there any music genres that you need to challenge, for example, like Jazz or the Blues?

While they aren'tclassic jazz genre songs, there are two jazzy ballad tracks in my new album. I a large deal enjoyed recording them as I felt the allure of the genre and its characteristics. I have no longer yet attempted to the Blues genre, as you know, but I would actually liketo test out ITsooner or later for sure.

Whats the most effective way to cheer you up when you’re down?

Yummy food! (laughing) When I believe down or am somewhat depressed, I feeltaking phase in my favorite foods is the way in which to refresh myself. It’s my secret curative time.

What are we able tobe expecting from you in the close to future?

After liberating this album on Might 30, I held a are living showcase to be triumphant in out and keep up a correspondenceheavily amongst fans. Ill soon be embarking on an Asia concert tour, beginning in Seoul on June 11 and 12, and then proceeding to to Nagoya, Kobe, Tokyo, etc.

Do you'veanything else that you needto mentionfor youroverseas fans?

I have come again with my fourth studio album! The album includesthirteen tracks of more than a few genres that I love. I hope that you will also love it. Thank you for all of your honey and interest; as always, I appreciate it a lot. I am hopingto look you lotback soon with wonderful performances. Thank you!

Listen to a spotlight medley of all tracks from Xignature:

XIAs fourth studio album – Xignature – is out now! XIA embarks on his 2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert starting June 11 in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium and he then proceeds to to numeroustowns around Asia.

XIA Junsu Xignature Make stronger the artist by purchasing XIA - Xignature from YesAsiaRelatedTags JunsuJYJKim JunsuSoompi ExclusiveSoompi SpotlightXia Post NavigationOldTaleWonder LadiesMaking a return Very Soon

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SHINee Talks Person Activities and Long run Plans All through Their Time in Chicago EXCLUSIVE

SHINee Talks Person Activities and Long run Plans All through Their Time in Chicago EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Thank you to the entirechallengingpaintings of SubKulture Entertainment and the willpower of thousands of K-Pop loversround the world, SHINee's first fan-meeting in the U.S. was oncea big success.

Despite their busy schedule, SHINee graciously set aparta couple ofminsin their fourth dimensionto take a seat down and communicate amongst KPopStarz about their present schedule, their person activities and their quick time in Chicago.

KPopStarz:You've just come from the Korea Times Track Festival in Los Angeles. How does it feel to be maintaining your first fan-meeting here in Chicago?

Minho: It is been decades since we closingcarried out in L.A. so we were in realitysatisfiedto satisfy our fans there. We are as welltrulyeager about our Chicago fanmeeting and we are hoping to come up with all an ideal performance.

KPopStarz: You may just have traveled so much over the process your occupationyet is there one position in the arenayou have not visited yet but would really like to? What do you wantto look and/or do there?

Jonghyun: We've got never been to puts like Egypt and Africa so we would actuallylove to see what or not it's like to accomplish there and be in a position to enjoy the culture.

KPopStarz: Have you had a possibilityto have a look at Chicago's noted deep-dish pizza yet?

Key: We had a pizza birthday party today! We ate a wide variety of deep-dish pizza. It become truly good.

Jonghyun: We ate it once nosotroswere given here. It was really thick!

KPopStarz: Did you favor it?

Jonghyun: Back in Korea I once looked up a recipe for deep-dish pizza and attempted to make it but after as of late onelearnedgenuine Chicago pizza is such a lot better. Now I ammore or less embarrassed by way of the pizza I made before.

KPopStarz: If it makes you're feeling any better, it took me five years to master the Chicago taste pizza.

KPopStarz: Onew, you've been in quite much of musicals and dramas, your maximumfresh being Descendants of the Sun. What was the most challenging a section of your role as Dr. Lee Chi Hoon?

Onew: This was my first real drama so being used to this role was a little tricky but I'dindisputably like to take on a other function in the future.

KPopStarz: Key, you've playedin differentvarious musicals over the last few years. Which role has been the most difficult, so far?

Key: Anatoly from Chess. He is a Russian chess player and a 40 year old married man. That was the most complicated functionI have ever played.

KPopStarz: Which role has been your favorite?

Key: Ummm... Obviously, Usnavi from In the Heights.

KPopStarz: Is there a role you'll like to play in the future?

Key: I've performed Bonnie and Clyde, the musical, in Korea prior to but I wish to play it once more. I beloved the songs, really.

KPopStarz: Minho, you would possibly be scheduled to megastar in a new ancient drama this September. Is there any special education you've had to take on to arrange for this role?

Minho: I've been practicing horseback riding and also martial arts. I'm in truth filming it presently and am really taking a lookahead to it airing and I actually hope that fans will adore it equally well.

KPopStarz: You actually have a new film opening this month. Are you excited?

Minho: I'm really waiting for the movie's debut and I'm pleased that I've gotten to attempt out new things.

KPopStarz: Are you able tolet us knowslightly approximately the film?

Minho: It's greater for you in finding out in the theaters.

KPopStarz: Jonghyun, we heard you'll existfreeing a new album soon. When are we able tobe expecting IT to be released?

Jonghyun: No, no longer yet! (laughter) I'm still getting readyappropriate now. I would like it to be perfect. You'll be able to onlymust wait a little longer for this new music.

KPopStarz: Taemin, you released your first full-length album previous this year. Congratulations! You put a huge issue of work into this album, writing lyrics, getting ready stages, shooting MVs and such. What was the toughestcomponent of this solo comeback?

Taemin: Mmm... How do I say this? The obligation of having to discover that heartfloor between the corporate and what each personsought after to do with it. Although they had a commonplace goal, just looking tocollect all of the tips and cause them to work was difficult. And also bearing the responsibility of the finisheffects is difficult.

KPopStarz: Do you've gota favourite moment or memory, either all through preparation, production or whilst promoting?

Taemin: We filmed in Los angeles and it was really rainy and cloudy while we were there, which was how the elements was when we first came in Chicago. The weather here really strikes a chord in my memory of my time filming in LA.

KPopStarz: Can we see more of your lyric writing skill in the future?

Taemin: Nope! (group laughs) I believe my mind and emotionswill also be portrayed via other methods, instead of lyric writing.

KPopStarz: Is there a opportunitywe'd get a complete SHINee U.S. concert excursionsomeday in the future?

Taemin: Although we've traveled and toured in a number ofthe different countries in Asia, we have not had a chance to tour here in the U.S. yet; however, if the danger ever got here up, we would truly like to.

Minho: I would love for this Chicago fan-meeting to be the beginning of anything more here in the U.S.

KPopStarz: Is there anything else you'd like to mentionin your fans?

Jonghyun: It's taken us a long time to have a fan-meeting here in Chicago so we wantto regard them to a veryjust right performance.

True to their word, SHINee delivered a memorable functionality during their fan-meeting in Chicago, leaving fans with 1000000 happy memories and a desperate wish for this beloved team to make it back to the States very soon.

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INFINITE’s Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut   Identify  Music “Nodding”

INFINITE’s Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut Identify Music “Nodding”

INFINITEs Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut IdentifySong Noddingleonid Would possibly 7, 2016 0 INFINITEs Woohyun Talks About Upcoming Solo Debut Title Track Nodding INFINITE’s Woohyun, who will soon make his long-awaited solo debut, is so passionate about music!

On Could 7, the idol hosted the “Nam Woohyun’s Write Album Preview Show” via V app.

During the reside show, Woohyun acknowledges that the loversshould accept waited a long time, and says, I have also been getting ready for a long time. I had to paintings slowly and steadily. I in realityreadyfor 2 years so as to show my own authentic color, one that’s other from when there’s seven of us. I ask for forgiveness I made you guys wait for so long.

The singer also supplies his fans a sneak peek of all of the tracks and finds more information about the album.

He explains, “All six tracks at the album are love songs, and each song has a different breakup story. I am hoping y'all guys will staythat duringbrain when paying attention tothose songs.” The singer also says that despite the reality that they all paintingvariouskinds of music, there's ahabitual theme in the songs.

After gambling a a section of championship track “Nodding” (working title), Woohyun describes it as a love song which expresses “the misery, emptiness, and loneliness” after a separation. He says, “Real tools were used when recording. This song used to bevery well made piece by piece. The lyrics really moved me. The singer also adds,  “Jay Yoon and Kim Yi Na wrote the lyrics to this song. It’s truly good, isn’t it? The primary fourth dimension I heard it, I fell for it and kept listening for 3 months.”

His debut solo album, Write, will drop on Can also 9.

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Akdong Musician Talks About 2-Year Hiatus And Inspiration For “Spring”

Akdong Musician Talks About 2-Year Hiatus And Inspiration For “Spring”

Akdong Musician Talks About 2-Year Hiatus And Inspiration For Springleonid Might 5, 2016 0 Akdong Musician Talks About 2-Year Hiatus And Inspiration For Spring Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk has publishedthe foundation for their new mini album entitled Spring, which can also be translated as Puberty.

On May just 5, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun conducted on an out of doorslevel in Seoul Forest, where they also talked about their songs.

Lee Chan Hyuk said that many of his lyrics were encouraged by watching his sister Lee Soo Hyun passvia puberty during their two-year hiatus.

When Lee Soo Hyun denied her brothers claim, Lee Chan Hyuk quipped, “They say folksdealing with puberty don’t are conscious about it themselves.”

Lee Soo Hyun in the end admitted to it and added, “I am nonethelessthankful for being your muse.”

“Spring” got here out on May additionally 4, and covers quite so much of themes, comparable to the enjoy of interest about the world, excitement over love and dreams, and self-consciousness. The mini album targets to capture now not only the sentiments of teenagers, yet as wellthe interiorearly lifeof individuals of all ages.

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SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Talks About Inspiration At the back of “Pretty U” Choreography

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Talks About Inspiration At the back of “Pretty U” Choreography

SEVENTEENs Hoshi Talks About Inspiration In the back ofLovely U Choreographyan0ya April 28, 2016 0 SEVENTEENs Hoshi Talks About Inspiration Behind Pretty U Choreography At the April 28 broadcast of SBS PowerFMs Two OClock Get away Cultwo Show, SEVENTEENs Hoshi reveals what encouraged him to create the fun choreography for their new title music Pretty U.

Hoshi, who is the leader of SEVENTEENs functionality team, introduced the choreography. It represents the dance musical genre. The focal point is on the dynamic, smooth movements and lively expressions.

He explained about the adventprocedure behind the choreography, I couldnt get a dangle of any ideas, so I determined to head to a 24-hour waffle cafe. Whilst sitting on a couch, I started moving my legs, just for fun. Thats when I were given inspired. We actually use a sofa during our performance.

Meanwhile, the individuals of SEVENTEEN took section in producing their new album and put their non-public touches on the entirety from beats and lyrics to the choreography.

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Filipino Singer-Actress Glaiza De Castro Reveals Musical Inspiration Via  Large Bang EXCLUSIVE

Filipino Singer-Actress Glaiza De Castro Reveals Musical Inspiration Via Large Bang EXCLUSIVE

Glaiza de Castro Finds Musical Inspiration In Big Bang(Photo : Lai Frances)Glaiza de Castro Finds Musical Inspiration In Big Bang(Photo : Lai Frances)Glaiza de Castro Finds Musical Inspiration In Big Bang(Photo : Lai Frances)In the center of Manila, streets are dotted with a plethora of billboards where, among Filipino celebrities, the faces of Lee Minho and 2NE1's Sandara Park are noticed endorsing local clothing brands.

The Hallyu Wave (the expansion of Korean pop culture to other countries) is a certain hit in the Philippines as Korean Television dramas are dubbed for local television, K-pop plays on sort shows, and dozens of Korean fish fry restaurants are scattered far and wide metro Manila.

Filipino stars have joined other lay-fans in droves to specific admiration for quite a bit of of K-pop's leading stars, and among them, actress and singer/songwriterGlaiza de Castro has discovered inspiration with Big Bang.

Despite years of taking over roles in Filipino adaptations of Korean presentations likeStairway to Heaven and Temptation of Wifeand being surrounded through K-pop in local song shows, De Castro admits she did not become hit with the wave tillthe 2d onepart of 2015.After a thankful year of good fortune amongst her album Synthesis, followed by a solo concert and winning PerfectFeminine Rocker, her difficultpaintings paid off when she in any casewere givento peer large Bang live.

In December, De Castro sat down with KpopStarz to communicate about her newest musical inspirations.

First off, how did you get into K-Pop or Big Bang?

It used to be notwithstanding Sunday All Stars (Sunday music diversity show) and they were gambling 'Bang Bang Bang' all through a dance segment and then when I heard it I thought, 'Okay 'to, ah! (This is lovely good).' So I began researching then when I saw the song on YouTube, I found out ITturned into Korean. It sounded more western and other and I enjoyed the progression of music.

Upon your discovery, what made you dig deeper into the world of K-Pop/VIP fandom?

I saw a video clip of GD in the studio and he was so focused. He was so alternative to how he's on stage. I evolveda betterappreciate for him as a manufacturer and a musician now not precisely a famous person or a boy band member. It is amazing how his music transitions from club to hip-hop with components of rock. I in reality admire him for at all times thinking out of doors of the box. For me, I would like to exist like that.

One of the things I admire about T.O.P is how he handles music and acting. He istruly the actor of the group. I may beready to run into the balance of what he needs to do and what he wishes to do in the future. Right, he had this hobby for chairs? He calls it fresh art and when he continues to observe it, he gets encouraged to create something. Each person has their own way of having inspiration. I occasionally begin it from K-pop, underground artists, Dadaism... That is why I used to beconversant in 'DOOM DADA!' They areno longer your standard cute-centric artists.

Have you beganpaying attention to other artists?

I loved 2NE1 even prior to Big Bang. When lovers and supporters found out that I started listening, they gave me ideas like f(x), Girls' Generation, SHINee, 2AM. Yet thus far, not anything tops Big Bang.

Can you compare your view of K-Pop before you were given into it to now?

I had this belief earlier that it was continuouslysymbol that they all glance and sound alike so I never bothered. During that time, K-pop was any such big hype that it made me query why don't appear to be nosotros Filipinos hearing OPM (Original Philippine Music). There has been also a time the recognition of K-pop stars reached its top to the point where Filipinos attempted to sing, act and appear to be them. And I assumed to myself, 'We have our own identity!' And I respect everyone's opinions, but we will have tostay the K-pop picture and sounds to the Koreans. And us, we attempt to make our own. In case you are inspired by K-pop, you do notreproduction them. You get anything and so youstry and brand and build your own.

I in factspotted that. Especially in the weekly music variety shows.

I do not know who stated this but any person once said, 'Great artists steal. They do not copy.' I mean, it befairly regretful because some of the artists are forced to do it simply because it sells and this is how they know displays are going to get audience but, at the similar time, it's like you are giving false hope to folks of what they suspect is entertainment when it really isn't ours. But that's just my opinion. I still respect the manufacturers who think otherwise.

Being a singer yourself, have you attempted or planning to do K-pop covers?

Of course! I sought after to sing "Zutter" but I believe it does nothave compatibility me. I wish to makea canopy merelyit'll actually take time because just memorizing the lyrics... it's hard. Even before their Tokyo Dome concert, I tried to memorize a song because I wished to sing-along just to enjoyyour complete concert, but it is so hard.

But I read the translated lyrics to the songs and I learned 'Wow, there are such so much of new terms and references that give the song a deeper meaning.

In your opinion, what makes K-Pop the different from other genres?

K-pop engages their target audience get-go by the image. It's like 'Wow.' Because while you visit them, you cannotlend a hand but stare, watch, and end the video. And from there, of pathyou are going to like the sound because it's upbeat and it is beneficial to jam along to. I feel that's one of the biggestresources of K-pop. They understand how to interact their audience. And from the music, of course you want to haveto investigate the artist and your admiration grows once yoube informedthe whole lot more or less them, the that meansin the back of their songs and their image and the artists themselves.

I had this insight that if you've got talent, that's it. But that isn'tadequate in K-pop, or in this global and in general. Sound and image ought to always be aligned and must always art and commerce. Because it's usually difficultto justrely on art or most effective depend on commerce. And I think K-pop perfectly shows that balance. They master that balance of art and commerce.

What do you watched OPM, or Filipino music, can read from K-Pop?

Roots. What the audience really admires is the presence in their roots. Even if they carry out it shows that they're very pleased with their country. Up to possible, they are attempting and percentage their culture are very open and inviting to the point where they give off the sensation of "This is us and I'm hoping you enjoy us!" And I think we have that too but we have not been given the danger to explore it more.

Collaboration may be important. I trulyprefer to see OPM artists unite and be more open to explore, not just the artists inside their community, but other genres. Because that is what they do in K-pop, right? GD and Taeyang, GD and Missy Elliot, GD and Sky Ferreira, GD, T.O.P and Robyn! Because you will never know the result of your music except you explore the faucet of an artist and a genre. There are such much ofjust right artists in this country. The music is so diverse and I amglad to see that a wide variety of artists are being exposed on account of social media

How was your expertise of attending a K-pop concert for the primary time? Especially taking into consideration it was Big Bang!

I was already traveling to Japan for holiday and then my friend told me they were going to Tokyo in this date. Since I could not read Jap from the 1st site, I went on this other site and acquire tickets instantly not even knowing if it was reputable or a scam. I know I just needed to get tickets. But I also had a palbuy two other tickets just incase. It finally ends up the tickets were not a scam but the seats were a waysin comparison to the ones my friend bought. So I took the closer seats.

When I arrived at Tokyo Dome the day of the concert, my center was beating fast. I saw individualsdressed in Big Bang shirts, keeping merchandise, each and every stride made me more excited. Like everything I saw was one step closer to seeing them.

Then when I saw the venue itself I thought, 'Who would've imagined, in the first place, see Big Bang?! And in any other countrylooking at their concert with thosethose who are intensely fangirling/boying?' I couldn't compete! The merch line was the duration of one street. There were of us of all ages, from the youngest of the young to the oldest of the old. Once you'll discover them all and realize how much of an effect Big Bang are.

It's such a pleased feeling when you notice fans so excited, it makes you're feeling inspired. Not just as an audience member but also as an artist. It is a great feeling to see the effect they have got on all people and how everyone unites beneath music.

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