K-Pop Fanatics Call Police After Witnessing EXO Price tag Scalpers’ Despicable Actions

K-Pop Fanatics Call Police After Witnessing EXO Price tag Scalpers’ Despicable Actions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith male group EXOs amazing popularity, its grow to benearlymost unlikely for enthusiaststo buy tickets to their solo concerts. In fact, to have an opportunity at shopping tickets when theyre released online, maximumcommitted fans use computers at PC bangs, or web cafes, so as to have the fastest computers and internet. However, more ceaselessly than no longer fans have to hotelto buying groceries for overpriced tickets from scalpers in order to waitone of the crucialteams shows, begging the query every bit to how scalpers are in a position to get such so much of tickets to the highly sought-after concerts.

Recently, some fans spottedprice tag scalpers renting out more than thirty computers at a PC bang, environment them up at the purchasing page in preparation for the free up of EXOs 2d batch of tickets for their upcoming concert. Outraged at the scalpers were occupying the entireto be had computers and would most probably existcapable of reserve a couple of tickets to sell at massivebenefit margins, fans called the police. Even if it wasnt transparent whether or now not the officer was onceable to do anything, fans were elated at the chance that the scalpers may face criminal repercussions for their actions.

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Spoiler "Wanted" Eom Tae-woong did not call the police officers after assembly the criminal

Eom Tae-woong let Lee Moon-sik go.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Wanted", Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) gave the impression in front of Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong).

Joon-goo disappeared with Hyeon-joo (Park Min-soo) or even his mother-in-law. Therefore, the truth that Joon-goo called Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) first used to be a confusing situation; Hye-in shouted for Hyeon-woo on the telephone amongst Joon-goo.

Joon-goo seemed in Dong-wook's house. When Joon-goo how saw stunned Dong-wook was, he said, "I did not think you'll existhousesooner than the broadcast". Joon-goo simplestresponded that Hyeon-woo turned into safe.

Dong-wook asked Joon-goo why he didn't ask to be on air with him yet Joon-goo had already crossed the river. Joon-goo admitted that he was at the back of all this and passed a tape to Dong-wook, then asked him to exploit it. Dong-wook didn't call the police on him and let him go.

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Chinese fanatics  call for to pay attention Yoona’s stance relating to South China Sea ruling

Chinese fanatics call for to pay attention Yoona’s stance relating to South China Sea ruling

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSince an world court ruled against China in the South China Sea case, Chinese enthusiasts accept flooded to Girls Generation member Yoonas Instagram to pay attention her stance at the issue. 

Following the courts ruling in choose of Southeast Asian countries reminiscent of Vietnam and the Philippines in the territorial dispute, many Chinese idols such as EXOLay and f(x)Victoria have taken to SNS to turn their fortify for China, the usage ofthe preferred hashtag #ChinaCannotBecomeAnySmallerAnd whilst many Chinese idols have already given their mind on the issue, many Chinese fans also consider that Korean idols running in China will have to besidesdisplay their assist for China, with many in particularfocused onWomen Generations Yoona.

However, many Korean fans have considered China’s stance on the problem to be grasping and oppressive, adding that in regards to the territorial dispute China had also laid claim to the Korean island Ieodo situated in the South China Sea. With Korean fans and Southeast Asian fans advising her to abstain from commenting on the difficulty while Chinese fans are soliciting for her opinion, Yoona is in point of fact stuck in an uncomfortable state of affairsrelating to the court ruling.

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Taemin gains some weight – Fanatics call it the chubbiest point in his career

Taemin gains some weight – Fanatics call it the chubbiest point in his career

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSHINeeTaemin has transforminfamous for being one of the most thinnest male idols in the industry.

Even in the chubbiest point in his career, adding SHINees Married to the Tune promotions, fanatics pointed out that Taemin used to be still slightly thin yet looked rather a lot cuter and friendlier but less imposing. A post on Instiz compiling Taemins chubbiest moments has wona massive number of attention online, with many fans raving over how amazing he looked.

Check out Taemins newest solo functionalityall the manner through Music Banks half-year special below:

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Park Yoo-chun's fanatics in China sign  team actions:

Park Yoo-chun's fanatics in China sign team actions: "We will give coverage to Park Yoo-chun"

It turns out that singer actor Park Yoo-chun's Chinese enthusiastsbegan taking staff actions.

After the within track reported Park Yoo-chun was once sued for sexual attack on June 13th, his fandom in Korea in addition in Asia becameutterly shocked. His fans in China, where he receivedthe maximumreputation for his roles in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' and 'The Rooftop Prince', were no different.

After the comparable news was reported in China, maximum of his Chinese fans printed their mistrustagainst Korean media in accordance with their trust "The fees have no longer been shown yet". Especially after the primary complaint withdrew the accusation pronouncing "There was no force", such style among his Chinese fans have become even stronger.

Later, his Chinese fans started supporting the use of hashtags, 'Park Yoo-chun, we're going togive coverage to you', 'Park Yoo-chun, we may beready to exist waiting till you return' throughout the Chinese social network service, Wiebo and also opened an account with the title, 'Action to beef up Park Yoo-chun'.

They also established a network assigned to every local house and are selling their supporting activities lively. Over 20 messenger channels were open on Weibo to hide the spacesadding Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Fujian and other regions. Via the open messenger channels, Park Yoo-chun's fans are sharing the positioning of meeting, time, reason and the oppositemain pointsin their activities.

Most of the local teams are making plans to advertise 'Taking community photo to support'. Ahead of this, a small organization of fans in Chongqing collected to hang a placard and revealed a set photo to aid Park Yoo-chun. To respond, fans in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions besides started posting the major points of their meet-ups.

Park Yoo-chun's Chinese fans maintains their stance as "Until the investigation completes, fans will stay stand by Park Yoo-chun" and continues their support employing the hashtag, 'Park Yoo-chun, we shallshield you".

The truth that Park Yoo-chun was accused for sexual assault was reported on June 13th. Even thoughthe 1st complainant withdrew her accusation based totally on 'no force', 3further complainants reported identical attacksituations afterwards.

Park Yoo-chun filed a written accusation letter opposed to the first complainant for blackmail and false accusation. His firm also has announced that he's going to retire from entertainment industry if he would be proven guilty. The police in feeshaped an investigation team of 12 participants and is investigating the case essentiallyvia the moveexamat the complainant and the those who were at the scene.

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K-Pop Fanatics  Disgrace  Price ticket Scalper Online For Hard Sex In Replace For EXO Tickets

K-Pop Fanatics Disgrace Price ticket Scalper Online For Hard Sex In Replace For EXO Tickets

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMale group EXO has turn out to beprobably the mosthottest male idol teams of all time, promoting out tickets to their concerts in list times whilst crashing ticketing web pages consistently. 

In fact, for a practicallikelihoodto wait one of the groups concerts, many enthusiastsneed tolodge to the secondary marketplace and pay ridiculous costs for tickets. Yet while fans are already used to paying massive markups for EXO tickets, one dealers asking value for the groups upcoming concert used to bespecifically shocking. Instead of ask for a wide sum of money, a web scalper has allegedly asked for sex in replace for the ticket. Outraged viathe promoting post, fans have spread the inside of track online, causing outrage among EXO-L and fans in general.

Check out this video to look just how amazing an EXO concert is:

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BIGBANG fanatics call for boycott because of mistreatment

BIGBANG fanatics call for boycott because of mistreatment

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Because of the mismanagement of BIGBANGs releases and activities, enthusiasts of the gang are calling for a boycott in their 2016 Soul Concert Reside DVD so as to send a message to their agency. 

According to VIPs (fans of the group), their company YG Entertainment is these days doing a deficientprocess of managing BIGBANG, addressing several issues in their proposal for a boycott. As neatly as complaining that its been around 8 years because theteamsnewestcomplete album, fans also criticized the firm for BIGBANGs busy agenda and loss ofattention over their symbol online or safety.

To get rid of the boycott, the fans are hard YG to give fans more particularknowledgeat the groups upcoming full album, be more thoughtful of the contributorsfitness and well-being, and to forestallthe usage of BIGBANG as media play for their other artists.

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MYNAME Call On Fanatics For Assist  Deciding on North American Excursion Stops

MYNAME Call On Fanatics For Assist Deciding on North American Excursion Stops

MYNAME to Make Comeback on October 11 with Day by Day(Photo : d)Fans, get your wallets ready. MyMusicTaste is calling all K-pop groupies back to assist in makingevery otherexcursion happen.

After EXO and Dynamic Duo, male idol crew MYNAME are the following K-pop act MyMusicTaste needs to "MAKE" things take place with.

In a video uploaded by MyMusicTaste on Sunday, Mar. 6, participants Chaejin, Insoo, JunQ, Seyong, and Gunwoo encouraged fans and fansto assist them make a decision what towns they will have totalk over withto fulfill their global fans.

Known for their roles on Pocket Boyfriend, all members expressed their choiceto accomplish their vigorous hits and ballads, and are having fans vote for the cities they'll visit.

With only a few clicks in your mouse on MyMusicTaste, fans are capable of request the cities they would like the MYNAME tour.

"We are getting ready a lot!" JunQ said.

Check out the message from MYNAME below:

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BEASTs Yoseob Reminds Fans Not to Prank Call Police on April Fools Day

BEASTs Yoseob Reminds Fans Not to Prank Call Police on April Fools Day

BEAST member Yoseob has been gaining attention for his thoughtful, well-mannered reminder for fans ahead of April Fool’s Day (April 1), which is a day when people play practical jokes.

On March 31, Yoseob wrote through his personal Twitter account, “April Fool’s Day has returned without fail once again!! Please don’t make prank calls to the fire station, police station, or any other public institutions! Everyone knows the reason without having to explain, right?!!”

The BEAST member pulled a prank on fans by changing his Twitter name and profile picture to that of his pet Chihuahua, Yang Gaeng. He tweeted on behalf of his dog, MungMungMung (WoofWoofWoof), which is the equivalent to the sound of a dogs bark.

While this day is certainly known as one on which many people prank one another, it is important to stay away from making prank phone calls to public institutions, as it could result in serious consequences with the law. With all that aside, enjoy April Fool’s Day by pulling fun pranks (that don’t endanger anyone’s life or your own) and beware of others’ pranks!

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DIA Records Song With Fanatics For New Album

DIA Records Song With Fanatics For New Album

DIA Records Song With Enthusiasts For New Albumilmare42 August 13, 2016 0 DIA Records Song With Fans For New Album DIA is celebrating 12 months since their debut by way of recording a tune with fans!

The fan song, which capabilities lyrics written by the members, is entitled The Love… and supplies the individualsa chanceto specific their gratefulness to fans and sing about the satisfied moments theyve had along with them.

The song is very special because its being recorded in combination with fans!

The Love… might beincorporated as a song on their upcoming album, which is determined to be released on September 12. So far, the crowd has released a Harry Potter-themed teaser for the album.

DIA debuted beneath MBK Entertainment on September 14, 2015 with the album Do It Amazing. They maximumthese days released the mini album Pleased Ending, featuring the name track At the Road, in June.

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