K-Pop Idol SISTAR’s Soyou Finds Her Unhappy Tale Of Excessive Weight Loss And Dieting

K-Pop Idol SISTAR’s Soyou Finds Her Unhappy Tale Of Excessive Weight Loss And Dieting

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSISTAR’s Soyou is getting combined comments after she printed the worst nutrition she has ever been on. 

Appearing at the program 1 as adversarial to 100 on KBS, Soyou revealed that the worst diet she experienced used to be when she lost 8 kilograms in month. She also detailed that the diet integratednow not having any carbohydrates or salt, diningsimplestfour quail eggs without the yolk, low fats milk and salad without any dressing.

Soyou also shared an example where she become given a watermelon to eat, held it and cried that if she ate the fruit the total lot she had worked for would disappear.

Netizens who have noticed the episode right away reacted to Soyou’s excessiveweight loss plan and proved that diets are just just a fad and for the fast term.

http://news.nate.com/view/20160718n22118?mid=n1008 Image: 1 Vs one hundred / XSportsnews

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Netizens Occupied with Suzy After Contemporary  Pictures Of Excessive Weight Loss

Netizens Occupied with Suzy After Contemporary Pictures Of Excessive Weight Loss

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Famend for being probably the mostbest visuals in the industry, SuzyInstagram updates are at all times a treat for fans.

And whilstfanatics did revel in the miss A contributorsfresh photo update, however, many netizens have expressed worry for her fitness after noticing her recent weight loss. As one of the pinnacle celebrities in Korea, and a drama these days filming, netizens are being concerned that the JYP Entertainment singer could also be pushing herself too much. Many netizens have left words of encouragement, wishing Suzy just rightsuccess on filming her drama.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

16852, 817 Shes trulygorgeousyet it seems like she lost too much weight. No?

7938, 640 Lovely Suzy are you having a difficult time?? You lost such a lot weight ㅠ I heard that filming is nearly done so fighting!!

4355, 418 Actuallyfairly but she lost too much weightif she had slightly more weight in her cheeks she would glance prettier~~

7941, 1696 Too attractive for her own sensible wow..

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Son Seung Yeon finds what sparked her 3-year weight loss

Son Seung Yeon finds what sparked her 3-year weight loss

Son Seung Yeon published what sparked her 3-year weight loss adventureat the January 30th installment of MBC's 'Human Documentary'.

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The 'monster rookie' revealed that she's been weight loss plan since her debut 3 years ago, sharing, "I've lost over 22 pounds (10 kg). That is why I at all timesfear that I'm going to gain weight the following day. I consume lunch, and I rarely eat the rest afterwards." Son Seung Yeon also added that there were very explicit reasons that she began her diet, similar to clothing are compatible and negative comments.

She went on, "When I wear backed clothes, they areconsistently fit for items or lady groups. Frequently, there would be no sizes for me. I have even purchasedgarments personally, and there were a huge number ofcomplications like that."

She also gained some nasty comments after acting on television. Son Seung Yeon said, "I in reality hated comments like, 'God is fair,' 'She sings well, yet she seems like that,' 'Why is she popping out on Television like that.'"


Son Seung Yeon Stocks  Tale  At the back of Dramatic Weight Loss

Son Seung Yeon Stocks Tale At the back of Dramatic Weight Loss

Son Seung Yeon StocksTaleIn the back of Dramatic Weight Lossehk38 January 29, 2016 0 LINE it!Son Seung Yeon Shares Story Behind Dramatic Weight Loss At the January 30 broadcast of MBCs Human Documentary, singer Son Seung Yeon shares the tale behind her dramatic weight loss.

She unearths that shes in truth been eating planoften for the beyond3 years since her debut yetused to beadditional motivated through malicious comments about her weight.

The singer shares that she couldnt stand comments like God should exist fair because shes just right at making a song but looks as if that and Why does she pop out on Television in that state.

Thus far, Son Seung Yeon has lost 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds). But Im scared that the next day to comeSick gain it back, she says. I check outnow not to devour at all after lunch.

Sigh, some other day, some other malicious commenter making lifestylestough for celebrities.

What are your mind on Son Seung Yeons weight loss story?

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Kim Tae Woo Finds His Surprising Weight Loss

Kim Tae Woo Finds His Surprising Weight Loss

Kim Tae Woo Unearths His Surprising Weight Losscrystalcove December 20, 2015 0 LINE it!Kim Tae Woo Exhibits His Stunning Weight Loss Singer Kim Tae Woo, solo artist and member of g.o.d, reveals his slimmer body.

At the generaldegree of the g.o.d 2015 Concert series that started on December 16, singer Kim Tae Woo published his weight to his lovers like he promised this beyond October. He now weighs 90 kilograms, down 23 kilograms from his common 113. Kim Tae Woo had prior to nowmentioned his vitamin on other shows, updating other people on his progress. At the g.o.d concert, he commented, I believe myself getting more fitdaily as I lose weight. If I hadnt lose weight, I might have almost certainly fainted at those concert venues. I feelI'm sing larger because I am respiring better and longer because of the weight loss.

Kim Tae Woo consulted with the Juvis corporate for his weigh tloss, the similarfriends that singer No Yoo Min of NRG also saw good fortune at for his weight loss. Some preview photographs of his weight loss had been released; the whole spread is out in the January factor of Woman Sense magazine.

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Soyou  has reportedly shown people the way for her to gain amazing weight loss in only a month

Soyou has reportedly shown people the way for her to gain amazing weight loss in only a month

-- SISTAR is known for its healthy idol image, but Soyou revealed she has gone to extreme lengths to lose weight.

On the June 24 broadcast of OnStyle′s Get it Beauty, the MCs will speak in front of 200 audience members for the ′Get it Beauty MCs′ Special Beauty Lecture,′ where they will share their personal beauty tips and secrets.

SISTAR′s Soyou Reveals Shocking Way She Lost 8 Kg in One Month

Soyou will share her healthy diet tips and open up about her history of dieting, including how she lost 8 kg in one month.

"I worked out like crazy and didn′t eat like crazy," revealed Soyou. "From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep, I did hot yoga, weight training, cardio, dance rehearsal and ran, on repeat."

But what was more shocking was what she ate, as Soyou shared, "For food, I ate four quail eggs without the yolk and one cup of milk."

However, Soyou admitted it wasn′t the healthiest way to lose weight, even recommending others against it, saying "I realized that′s not exercise and it′s ruining my body."

MC Honey Lee will lecture on ′Mental Beauty, True Beauty,′ Kim Jung Min will discuss ′Cultivating Healthy Beauty Through Exercise′ and Hwang Min Young will share ′How to Buy Makeup Like a Pro.′ The episode will air on June 24.


SISTAR’s Soyou Unearths She Cried Once Whilst Dieting

SISTAR’s Soyou Unearths She Cried Once Whilst Dieting

SISTARs Soyou Finds She Cried Once WhilstWeight-reduction plan choralee July 18, 2016 0 SISTARs Soyou Displays She Cried Once While Dieting On an upcoming episode of KBSs quiz program 1 vs. 100, SISTARs Soyou competes alongone hundred other contestants to say a grand prize of 50 million won (approximately $44,000).

Soyou, who is understood for having a super body, shares some of her guidelines for wasting weight at the show. Theres one way that I did once that used to be the worst, yet it helped me lose 8 kilograms (approximately 18 pounds) in one month. I didnt devour any carbs nor absorb any salt. She also reveals, My buddiesmother brought me some watermelon, but the instant I ate some I felt like every the effort I installed came crashing down. So I held the watermelon and cried.

Announcer Jo Woo Jong then asks, Then what precisely do you eat? to which Soyou replies, 4 quail egg whites, low-fat milk, and salad without any dressing.

Catch the episode with Soyou and also actress Kim Jung Nan on KBSs display one vs. a hundred on July 19!

*A oldedition of this newsletter stated an wrong conversion of the grand prize.

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Wendy’s non-stop weight loss raises worry for her health

Wendy’s non-stop weight loss raises worry for her health

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn preparation for Red Velvets summer comeback, crew member Wendy appears to be still looking to lose weight, having a look thinner and thinner each day. 

And whilst Wendy has been criticized for effortlessly gaining weight in the past, apparently that shes also ready to lose weight temporarily as well. After seeing the newestfootage of Wendy at a functionality with her group, many lovers praised her for her shocking visuals and skill to lose weight. However, other fans have expressed considerations for her health, claiming that shes more than likelyno longerdining or resting enough.

Check out Wendys amazing performance on King of Masked Singer below:

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GFRIEND Finds A Superstition They've About “Weekly Idol”

GFRIEND Finds A Superstition They've About “Weekly Idol”

GFRIEND Unearths A Superstition They've approximately Weekly Idoljun2yng July 13, 2016 0 GFRIEND Exhibits A Superstition They Have About Weekly Idol GFRIEND made an appearance at the episode of MBC every1s Weekly Idol broadcast on July 13. When the MCs asked the women why they got here on the show, they printed a superstition that they have.

Yuju said, We've got a superstition. Earlier than nosotros start promotions, if we movie Weekly Idol, we carry out well.

The girls then told audience what they promise to do if their new song Navillera gets no. 1. Yuju said, Well ride curler skates on stage. Theres a scene in our song video where we ride roller skates, and I would like to ride them on stage, too. Umji statedthe gang would make a human butterfly, whilst SinB promised to bungee jump.

The MCs then asked GFRIEND to mention Weekly Idol and MC Defconn and Kim Heechul if they get no. 1 on MBC every1s Show Champion, and the girls readily agreed.

Weekly Idol airs this night (Wednesday, July 13) at 6 p.m.

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This K-Pop Idol’s “Ideal” Weight And Frame Proportions Are The Envy Of ladies All Across Korea

This K-Pop Idol’s “Ideal” Weight And Frame Proportions Are The Envy Of ladies All Across Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe attractivenesscriteria in Korea had been known to be incredibly strict, with maximum Korean ladiesdesiring to existeither tall and thin. 

In fact, many of us accept even referred to the usual of cosmetic in Korea as unrealistic, as the ideal height of 162 cm (approximately five feet and four inches) and weight of 42 kg (about 93 pounds) is considered asmoderately underweight and most likely dangerously unhealthy.

However, a up to date broadcast published that rookie group CLCYoojin perfectly suits this ideal, causing many fanatics to compliment her for having accomplishedthe easiest pinnacle and weight through Korean beauty standards.

But whilst Korean fans have overtly showered Yoojin with praise for her amazing height and weight, many global fans have expressed considerations for her fitness and well-being.

Check out the song video for CLCs newest song No oh oh below:

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