Kim Hyun Joong Files Charm After Ex-Girlfriend Acquitted On All Charges

Kim Hyun Joong Files Charm After Ex-Girlfriend Acquitted On All Charges

Photos between Kim Hyun Joong and girlfriend reportedly surface.(Photo : Twitter)Actor Kim Hyun Joong has made up our minds to record an charm after his girlfriend was once acquitted of the fees he filed opposed to her.

Kim's firm Key East released a observation on June 24, stating, "we filed an appeal and a complaint straight away after Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend became acquitted on rates of defamation, false accusations, proceedingsaccording to lies, and intimidation."

In addition, Kim has replaced his felony representation to a globally-recognized law firm, who have saidthat they're going to "prove that Kim's ex-girlfriend is in charge of the charges against her."

AdvertisementHis ex-girlfriend's attorney also commented at the acquittal whilst criticizing Kim Hyun Joong, stating, "this resolutiongot here out on June 19th, yet he has no longer given a heartfelt apology or reflected on his movements at all."

"I do notnotice why he is tormenting the mummy of his kid like this," the lawyer added.

Meanwhile, Kim's ex-girlfriend's lawsuit against him is still in progress. Their next court date is scheduled for July 8.

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Acquitted Of All Charges

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Acquitted Of All Charges

Kim Hyun Joongs Ex-Girlfriend Acquitted Of All Fees kokoberry June 23, 2016 0 Kim Hyun Joongs Ex-Girlfriend Acquitted Of All Charges Kim Hyun Joongs ex-girlfriend, hereafter known as A, has been discoveredno longerto blame of the charges brought opposed to her via Kim Hyun Joong.

According to reports, A had been found now not guilty at the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutors Place of job on June 19.

Previously, Kim Hyun Joong sued A for blackmail, fraud, false accusation, and defamation closing July.

Her attorney stated, The verdict used to be made on June 19, yet we stayed quiet so as to keep away from media play. A experienced tough days because of being formed equally a con artist. In spite of being acquitted, Kim Hyun Joong has not apologized and displays no remorse. He should apologize.

The lawyer continued, He made the picture of her persona crash as he sued the mummy of his child and called her a blackmailer and con artist. Regardless that she became constitute not guilty, it was not published to the public so A kept getting tortured by malicious comments from irrational fans. He wishes to self-reflect now.

The civil suit that A has sued Kim Hyun Joong with continues. Furthermore, Kim Hyun Joong and A have a 2d plead date for the lawsuit referring to a claim for damages on July 8.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joongs aspect has revealed their purpose to allure the verdict.

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Kim Hyun-joong's ex-girlfriend, acquitted

Kim Hyun-joong's ex-girlfriend, acquitted

Hallyu famous person Kim Hyun-joong's ex-girlfriend Choi who could also be his son's momused to be acquitted of all fees of threat, fraud, false accusations and defamation.

According to investigators, Kim sued her for threat, fraud, false accusations and defamation yet she turned intodiscoveredno longer guilty.

On the alternative hand, the rates Choi made on Kim for false accusations, defamation and others, is recentlybeneath investigation.

Kim sued Choi a month earlier than she gave birth. He even asked for her prohibition of leaving the rustic as he was afraid she may flee overseas.

Kim's attorney Lee Jae-man said, "Choi issued a faux diagnosis and sued Kim for physical abuse. She has no listing of having had a miscarriage but claimed she did. We've got evidence".

However, the outcome of Kim's case opposed to Choi has ended in vain and proved that they were in needless battle.

This case has settled for now but the civil suit against Kim via Choi is still ongoing.

In September closing year, Choi gave birth to a son. DNA tests were done to end up that Kim Hyun-joong is indeed the father.

Choi and Kim could be summoned to the Seoul Central District Court for wondering in private.

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Kim Hyun Joong's Girlfriend Withdraws Assault Charges

Kim Hyun Joong's Girlfriend Withdraws Assault Charges

Kim Hyun Joong

The assault charges filed against singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong have officially been withdrawn. On Aug. 20 the singer-actor was accused of several incidents of assault by his former girlfriend. The incidents allegedly resulted in bruises and a broken rib. As the case was reported to the police, both the singer and his girlfriend were questioned.

The girlfriend, whom the Korea Times identified as being named Choi, asked Kim to publicly apologize for the incidents. If she felt that the apology was sincere, she said through her attorney, she would consider dropping the charges.

Kim Hyun Joong previously stated through his agency that the couple only had one physical fight and that anything else was a misunderstanding. He said the broken rib happened when they were fooling around. But he did apologize. On Sept. 15, he issued an apology, saying that he was sorry for inflicting mental and physical pain on a person he loved.

"Im embarrassed at myself for doing something that a man should never do," he said in his apology. "Since this incident occurred entirely because of my mistakes, there is no reason for her to be blamed. I want to also say sorry to her family and friends. More than anything, I hope she will accept my apology and forgive me. As a result of this incident, I"ll work harder to become a better and healthier person."

The apology did not address his girlfriend"s claim that there were multiple incidents of assault. But he did apologize.

"It is exceptional that a celebrity admits to the allegations after being charged," said Sun Jong Mun, Choi"s lawyer. "

According to MyDaily, Kim met with Choi and apologized again in person. She felt that he was sincere and accepted his apology.

"She decided to withdraw all charges as a last action of consideration for a person she loves," said Sun.

On Sept. 17, Choi"s attorney asked the police to officially drop the charges of assault and battery.

"From the beginning, if Kim Hyun Joong apologized, she was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money," Sun told Star News.

Kim Hyun Joong finished his world tour on Sept. 16 with an appearance in Nagoya, Japan. Local promoters canceled another tour stop in Beijing that was scheduled for Sept. 19.

Kim Hyun Joong"s last drama role was in "Inspiring Generation." Although the assault charges have been dropped, it is too soon to know what long-term repercussions the case may have on his career.


Kim Hyun Joong’s Girlfriend “A” Drops Assault Charges

Kim Hyun Joong’s Girlfriend “A” Drops Assault Charges

It looks like Kim Hyun Joong’s assault case has been wrapped up.

Early afternoon on September 17, according to a report by Star News, a request was put in by girlfriend “A’s” lawyer to drop the charges of assault and battery being pressed against Kim Hyun Joong.

Previously, on September 15, following a statement from “A” that the singer apologize and admit his wrongs, Kim Hyun Joong posted an apology on his official website, as well as apologized to his girlfriend though a phone call.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong just recently finished his world tour, with his final tour performance in Nagoya, Japan on September 16. His final tour stop had been scheduled for September 19 in Beijing, but was canceled by local concert promoters.

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Kim Hyun Joong’s alleged girlfriend presses charges for repeated assault

Kim Hyun Joong’s alleged girlfriend presses charges for repeated assault

Media in Korea have releases breaking news that Kim Hyun Joongs alleged girlfriend, who we will refer as Eunseo, will be pressing charges against the artist. Eunseo claimed at the Songpa police station, that Kim Hyun Joong had injured her in assaults between the end of May and mid-July. Eunseo sent in evidence of her alleged relationship with Kim Hyun Joong to the police station as well as an initial statement and her medical proof of injury. Police have yet to bring in Kim Hyun Joong for questioning and will be setting up a date to bring him in. A friend of Eunseo is reported to have said, The two started dating in 2012, and in May when personal woman issues came up, Kim Hyun Joong severely assaulted Eunseo. Eunseo is reported to have been assaulted at Kim Hyun Joongs apartment where she was punched and kicked. She allegedly suffered injuries on her face, chest, arm, and butt in May which room over 2 weeks for her to recover at the hospital. In July, she fractured a rib and required 6 weeks for recovery after being assaulted.


Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong"s alleged girlfriend reported to have pressed charges against him for repeated assault

Kim Hyun Joong

"Dispatch" released a shocking exclusive reporting that Kim Hyun Joong"s supposed girlfriend has pressed charges against the celebrity for allegedly assaulting her for two months.

According to the report, Kim Hyun Joong"s alleged girlfriend, being referred to as "A", pressed charges against Kim Hyun Joong at the Songpa police station. The woman claimed that she suffered injuries from assaults by Kim Hyun Joong from the end of May to mid-July. Ms. A has completed her initial statement at the police station and sent in evidence of her alleged relationship with Kim Hyun Joong as well as a medical certificate proving her injury. However, the police have not brought in Kim Hyun Joong for questioning yet and will have to set up a date to bring the star in for further investigation.

It"s said "A"s friend revealed, "The two started dating since 2012... After May, various women troubles came up, and during then [Kim Hyun Joong] severely assaulted "A"."

"A" is reported to have been hit at Kim Hyun Joong"s apartment. "A" says he punched and kicked her and she suffered injuries on her face, chest, arms, and butt during May. She was told by the hospital it"ll take 2 weeks for recovery.

In July, women troubles came up again then, and it"s said she fractured a rib due to Kim Hyun Joong"s assault, requiring 6 weeks for recovery.

"A"s friend added, "Women troubles occurred, and it turned into assault... The past two months were a repetition of beatings and forgiveness. However, the situation got worse, and that"s why "A" decided to report it."

His agency Key East Entertainment rep responded to TV Report, "We found out just now after reading the article. We will have to confirm it."


Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Combat In Court; Ex To Sue Fan

Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Combat In Court; Ex To Sue Fan

Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Combat In Court; Ex To Sue Fankokoberry July 20, 2016 0 Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Conflict In Court; Ex To Sue Fan On July 20, Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi, had their prison representatives provide their ultimate statements at court in regards to the accusations of attack and miscarriage.

The court stated, This situation is advancedbecause ofthe variousoccasions and claims from either parties. This case will be judged according to the conviction shaped from the lawsuits and the submitted evidence.

During the closing arguments, Ms. Chois representative said, If the defendant had no longer assaulted, forced abortion, and slandered; then this unluckystate of affairsdon't have happened. He shifted the liability he brought upon himself to the plaintiff and is murdering her honor and character.

Kim Hyun Joongs representative said, The sole bear witness of the plaintiffs pregnancy during that point are text messages and a photo of an effortless pregnancy test. They'veno longer submitted detailed clinical evidence.

Previously, Ms. Choi sued Kim Hyun Joong in August 2014 for assaulting her and causing her to have a miscarriage. She gainedsix hundred million won (approximately $526,000) as a agreement and dropped the lawsuit. Ms. Chois facetmentioned that it was once not a settlement yet rather a price for damages for repeated assault and injury.

However, the pair experienced conflict and Ms. Choi sued him in April 2015 for 1.6 billion won (approximately $1.4 million) for reimbursement for damages comparable to mental hurt in a civil suit. Kim Hyun Joong also sued Ms. Choi for defamation and compensation in a civil suit. Ms. Choi became acquitted of thosefees terminal June.

In addition, Ms. Chois representative revealed, We plan on suing the witness, Lee, that Kim Hyun Joongs side called for the last hearing for perjury. The defendants witness, Lee, is indexed every bit a member of his fanclub. The reality that a fanclub member participated as a witness is extremely inappropriate.

The representative continued, Whilstoffering the statement, Lee said, On Kim Hyun Joongs birthday his brother apologized to the plaintiff. Lees testimony is strongly suspected of perjury. We plan on suing for perjury soon.

The very last sentence relating to this case will take position on August 10 at 2 p.m. KST.

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Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual AttackFees notclaira July 13, 2016 0 Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Actor Lee Min Ki used to becurrently accused and acquitted of sexual assault charges.

On July 14, a source from Lee Min Ki’s firmsaid that the actor have beenkeen on a sexual assault scandal yet after careful investigation by way of the police he become declared innocent.

There were rumors in the entertainment industry that Lee Min Ki had long past to a club in Busan on February 27 and met the lady “A.” On February 29, “A” filed a claim of sexual harassment.

His agency explained that even if Lee Min Ki did pass to the club, he was no longerconcerned in the harassment case. “The girl filed the charges mistakenly. She has since redacted her observation and we have gotgained an apology from her. One daywe are hoping that such misunderstandings will no longer happen.”

Lee Min Ki has been serving in the army as a public provideremployee since 2014. He is decided to be discharged this August.

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Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual AttackFees jun2yng July 10, 2016 0 Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Police have revealed that Park Yoochun could be acquitted of the 4 sexual assault charges made opposed to him.

On the morning of July 11, the Seoul Gangnam police said, “As it's milestough to end up the use of force, the charges of sexual assault don't appear to be valid. He'll be acquitted.” The investigation on the sexual assault charges will be concluded, and the consequences forwarded to the prosecution through the finish of this week or early next week.

With the case in huge part resolved, police are having a look into whether or no longerone hundred million won (approximately $87,300) used to be given to the primary accuser. Police restored texts exchanged between Park Yoochun and the 1st accuser, and featureshowed several mentions of “100 million won.”

Investigation relating to this substitute of money, alleged blackmail and false accusations by the accusers, prostitution, and  possible solicitation of prostitution by Park Yoochun is still ongoing.

Some reports are stating that police have charged the accusers with blackmail and false accusations, despite the truth that this has yet to be confirmed.

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