Kim Seong-min Donates Organs After Finishing  Lifestyles in Obvious Suicide

Kim Seong-min Donates Organs After Finishing Lifestyles in Obvious Suicide

Actor Kim Seong-min was once declared brain-dead and his organs were donated with the consent of his circle of relatives on Sunday."Kim's householddetermined to donate his organs, as he used to mention it changed intoanything he'd love to do", St. Mary's Clinic in Seoul said.Five patients will acquire his kidneys, liver and corneas.Kim it appears attempted suicide by way ofplacing himself in the toilet of his area later a quarrel with his wife on Friday. He was soon discoveredsubconscious and taken to the health facilityyet he never recovered.Kim's profession had its ups and downs.In 2010, he was arrested for methamphetamine ownership and smuggling. He gaineda prison term and was given a reprieve. But soon after, in January 2015, he was arrested backat the same charge. He was released in January this year after serving ten months.

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Kim Seong-min dies of brain damage, donates organs

Kim Seong-min dies of brain damage, donates organs

Actor Kim Seong-min who was once nous dead after making an attempt to dedicate suicide, died.

Operations to take away his organs for donation started at 6PM at the 26th and done about 9:45PM. His lifestylesfortifybecame lifted around 11.20PM after suture, in keeping withmedical institution officials.

His frame volition soon be installed the mortuary.

Kim was diagnosed of brain wreck at 10:10AM by potential of the committee of brain death confirmation.

Kim was respiringvia a respirator all through the operation to extract his organs for donation. However, the criminal death time on his death certificate is mentioned at 10:10AM.

Kim Seong-min has at all timesstated he would donate his organs and that is the reason what his circle of relativesdetermined to do. But even so his heart, lung and intestine, his kidneys, liver and corneas could be donate to five patients.

Kim attempted to kill himself in his toilet on the 24th. He was taken to the medical institution and revived for 30 or so mins only was showed to be brain damaged.

To save youfurther brain damage, he was taken to the neurosurgical in depth care unit but was diagnosed of hypoxia brain damage.

Kim's funeral is in room 14 of the Seoul Sungmo Hospital and the coffin will be borne out on the 28th at 8:15 in the morning.

Meanwhile, police claim there isn't any evidence to mention that his death was murder.

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Kim Seong-min attempts to devote suicide, in a coma

Kim Seong-min attempts to devote suicide, in a coma

It seems that actor Kim Seong-min attempted to dedicate suicide.

According to police, Kim was oncediscovered laying on his rest roomgroundat the 24th and turned into taken to the hospital. He perceived to have hung himself with his neck tie.

About 40 minssooner than this happened, Kim had a controversy alongside his wife and the police were called. They took the wife and kid to her mother's as she wished.

Later, the wife discussed that Kim would get under the impact of alcohol and say he needs to die and asked the police to test up on him.

Kim is latelysubconscious and is depending on existence support.

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Spoiler 'Entertainers' Ji Seong's lifestyles falls apart

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Ji Seong's lifestyles falls apart

SBS' new Wednesday drama, "Entertainers" premiered on April 20th. The primary episode depicted the breakdown of Sin Seok-ho (Ji Seong)'s life.

On this day, Sin Seok-ho released a song for his singer, Jinu. However, he replaced the usual composer's call to the singer's name, Jinu. As the composer complained and askedto switch it back to his name, Sin Seok-ho refused the request and made amusing of him instead.

The composer stated again, "I wish tostay my love with my girlfriend. We promised to get married after the liberate of this song. Please ask them to right kind the article". Sin Seok-ho said, "You're no longer that smart. This cashhere'srather more than the license. Use this money to make your female friend happy". However, the composer said, "I'll sue". Sin Seok-ho utterlyomitted the request and told the composer, "Your factormight belong pasttemporarilywhilstfolksspeak about plagiarism or whatever. And also the promotion for Jinu will be done in the meantime".

The composer did now not take the money and left the office. Sin Seok-ho used to be mad and shouted, "Those deficientindividuals are too proud, they wouldmustare living that poor forever".

Later, while Sin Seok-ho became having a drink, he won a telephone cry letting him know the composer had killed himself after leaving a letter. He was inebriatedyet he drove his vehicle out of hasty. He also bought a phone call from Jinu pronouncing he sought after to die. He may not think instantly in the placement and crashed into some other car. Because he drank and drove, he didn't have any features left in the situation.


Former Superstar K Contestant discovered Dead in obvious Mass Suicide

Former Superstar K Contestant discovered Dead in obvious Mass Suicide

Former “Superstar K” Contestant Found Dead in Apparent Mass Suicide It is being reported that former “Superstar K” and “Voice Korea” contestant Kim Hyun Ji (30) has died of an apparent suicide.

According to the police, she was once found dead in a minivan at a automobile park in Iksan, North Jeolla Province on October 27 at 3:50 p.m. The bodies of 2 males, Go (33) and Lee (33), were also found out in the car, at the aspect of burnt coal briquettes.

One of them had reportedly sent a text message to their family, saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll be leaving ahead of you.”

The minivan used in the mass suicide was a rental car below Go’s name.

The lost minivan was first reported by capacity of a condo car manager from Gwangju, who told the police that his shopper did now not go back the vehicle on time and his cell phone is became off. The police then used GPS to locate and notice the lost vehicle.

Police continues to analyze the case.

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[Spoiler] "prime order" UEE & Seong Joon glad finishing... Hyung Sik & Lim Ji-yeon were given hitched!

The UEE/Seong Joon couple And the Hyung Sik/Lim Ji-yeon couple All were given their satisfied endings.

SBS" Monday-Tuesday drama "prime guild" ended its work at the 28th. 1n the episode, Jang Yoon-Ha (UEE)-Choi Joon-Gi (Seong Joon) couple And the Yoo Chang-Soo (Hyung Sik)-Lee Ji-Yi (Lim Ji-yeon) reaffirmed their honey.

First, Choi Joon-Gi leaving the corporate surprised Jang Yoon-Ha. He used All his contacts to equallysist Jang Yoon-Ha who used to exist Accountable for the Chinese trade team alongside winning a freelance. As A effect, she finally ends up increaseing sales. He equally well come Acrossmed on A tv plan to advertise the corporate. yet in spite of everything the give A boost to, he then leaves her pronouncing, "Let"s no longer meet back And make no longer vociferation me".

then back, the 2 may no longer remain aside for long. Once Jang Yoon-Ha understood his emotions, they were given back in combination And he stated "I traded jobs to look y'all" And they either laughed. Later, in front of the elevator he commencement ran into her, Choi Joon-Gi says, " i Admired y'all from the primary fourth dimension 1 laid eyes on y'all. i Admire y'all". Jang Yoon-Ha replies through pronouncing, "I make A selection y'all as well as" And they buss. three hundred And sixty five days later, he proposes And she settle fors.

Next, Yoo Chang-Soo is harm through his mom assembly Lee Ji-Yi And Agreeing to settle for her. Afterwards, he's surprised through Lee Ji-Yi"s Announcement that she used to exist no longer going to look his mom back. Later, he equallyked her up to now him back just her middle isn't perturbed. then back, once he adjustments his mom"s brain, things unexpectedly trade And they briefly become married. The two include And reaffirm their honey At where they bussed for the 2d one fourth dimension. three hundred And sixty five days later, they had A toddler.

The Ambition of Jang Gyeong-Joon (Lee Sang-woo) used to exist the sudden part of "prime guild". He commencement surprised his circle of relatives through existing Announced to exist dead And so shocks them back equally he reemerges Alive alongside serious backing. Amongst the struggle alongside his father, the chairman, he displays himself to increase his energy in the corporate.

"prime guild" is A Amusing romance approximately the Affection existtween four famous person, UEE, Seong Joon, Hyung Sik, And Lim Ji-yeon.

The tale of the unpleasant duckling of her wealthy circle of relatives looking to stand on her two feet portrayed through UEE And the Affection tale of Choi Joon-Gi who used to exist born into a standard circle of relatives And attempted to upward thrust the social ladder in the corporate turns out to exist the messages of "prime guild".

The honey tale existtween Yoo Chang-Soo (Hyung Sik) And Lee Ji-Yi (Lim Ji-yeon) equally well Added to the joys of the display. 1t greater the tension alongside the 2"s fateful commencement meet, their topsy turvy romance, And their clash alongside fact.

"prime guild" may exist followed up through Kim Hee-ae"s new display "Mrs. Cop" at the tertiary of August.

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[Spoiler] "Kill Me, Heal Me" Fifth personality of Ji Seong, "Suicide Assistant" appeared

Related movies/dramas

Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me

(,- 2015) On the 6th episode of MBC drama, "Kill Me, Heal Me", Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum) became deeply bewildered as soon as Cha Do-hyeon (Ji Seong)"s fifth personality, Ahn Yo-seop appeared.

Cha Do-hyeon asked Oh Ri-jin to become his personal psychiatrist. However Oh Ri-jin called Doctor Seok Ho-pil (Ko Chang-seok) and said she was leaving to study at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Oh Ri-jin said, "I"m going to Johns Hopkins. I believe it"ll be a good experience. Thank you for the good opportunity you offered though".

Oh Ri-jin also called Cha Do-hyeon and said, "I was thinking about it. No, I actually didn"t have to think about it even. I came to the conclusion that the offer to be your personal doctor seems to be unrealistic for me after all. I"m calling you today to say bye. I am going to leave to study abroad. It"s somehow thanks to you. Although I couldn"t be your friend nor your doctor, it was good to meet you. I had some new experiences and had good time thanks to you. And thank you for saving me from the fire. Stay healthy and I hope you find a good doctor".

Cha Do-hyeon was silent over the phone and it made Oh Ri-jin worried. Two weeks later, the fifth personality, Ahn Yo-seop appeared following the original personality, Cha Do-hyeon and the second, the third and the fourth ones, Shin Se-gi, Perry Park, and Nana.

Ahn Yo-sep said, "You are running away any ways. It means Do-hyeon has been abandoned by you" Oh Ri-jin asked, "Who are you?" Cha Do-hyeon told her, "Me? Ahn Yo-seop, 17 years old. Dr. Seok named me "Suicide Assistant"".

Ahn Yo-sep said, "Yes, Suicide Assistant. I like the nickname pretty much". Oh Ri-jin asked back, "What are you talking about" and Cha Do-hyeon said, "I"m leaving my Dying Message here. It"s meaningless to live any longer. I"d rather die along with all others inside me. Death will be the only thing that will set you free".

Ahn Yo-sep said "The sky above will be my tomb". Oh Ri-jin shouted, "One second, Don"t hang up".

But Ahn Yo-sep hung up and stood on top of a building with a headphone on his head, getting ready to fall. The ending scene of this episode heightened the curiosity in viewers as to how the story will develop in the next episode.


"It"s Okay, That"s Love", Kong Hyo-jin realizes Jo In-seong"s suicide situation

On the thirteenth episode of the SBS drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love", Ji Hae-soo (Gong Hyo-jin) found out that Jang Jae-yeol (Jo In-Seong) believed Han Kang-woo (Do Kyeong-soo) had killed himself.

Ji Hae-soo saw Jang Jae-yeol"s hat and asked, "Do you know the Yankees batter #4, Henry Louis Gerick?" and he answered "Yes. Isn"t he the first person who caught Lou Gehrig"s disease?" When Ji Hae-soo asked how he knew, he said, "I read it in a book, maybe".

Ji Hae-soo asked more questions about Han Kang-woo and Jang Jae-yeol answered unintentionally while getting his beard shaved by her, "I think he"s going to die. He has no more novel ideas and he"s sick. He"s got the Lou Gehrig"s and he didn"t look good when I met him in front of the hospital".

Ji Hae-soo asked, "Did you go to the hospital together? How do you know he didn"t look good as if you watched a movie or something?" Jang Jae-yeol said, "No, I didn"t go. I was with you. Wait a minute, did I know what he looked like?" He seemed surprised, but didn"t seem to think much of it.

However, Ji Hae-soo read his scenario. She told Yeong-jin (Jin Kyeong), "He"s been hurting himself unintentionally all this while. He"s been neglecting his wounds and even has a scenario for suicide. He thinks Kang-woo is sick and will do something extreme".

Jo Dong-min (Seong Dong-il) and Lee Yeong-jin started to prepare for his hospitalization and Ji Hae-soo hugged Jae-yeol before she had him taken to the hospital.


"Uiri" commercial star Kim Bo-seong donates 20 million won to charity

Actor Kim Bo-seong donated 20 million won ($19,450) to the blind and to children suffering from hunger. Kim, who is partially blind, visited the Community Chest of Korea on Friday and delivered the donation personally. Kim suffered an injury to his eye in the past while trying to help a friend."I"m also blind, and I wanted to do something good for the blind", he said to local media yesterday. "And I also wanted to help children in need".The donation was his attempt to help the community after he recently made some money starring in commercials. He has become an icon of "uiri", a Korean word for loyalty or friendship. He previously donated 10 million won to help victims of the sunken ferry Sewol. BY LEE SUN-MIN [[emailprotected] ]


Kim Bo-seong donates 10 million won to Sewol

Kim Bo-seong donates 10 million won to Sewol

Kim Bo-seong donates 10 million won to Sewol

Actor Kim Bo-seong donated 10 million won to the Sewol ferry disaster.

Fruit of Love Community Chest claimed that Kim Bo-seong donated 10 million won to the crisis on the 21st.

Stars have been making generous donations to the search and rescue efforts of the Sewol ferry disaster.

Joo Sang-wook, Ha Ji-won, Jeong Il-woo, Song Seung-heon, Oh Joo-wan and others have been donating money under their own names and Song Hye-kyo, Kang Dong-won, Yoo Ah-in and others have been sending relief goods to Port Pengmok where the victims' families are currently staying.

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