Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Fame In Comedy After Wasting Weight

Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Fame In Comedy After Wasting Weight

Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Repute In Comedy After Wasting WeightJiwonYu July 16, 2016 0 Kim Shin Young Addresses Having Lost Popularity In Comedy After Losing Weight Comedienne Kim Shin Young mentioned how losing weight has affected her life.

On the new episode of Ask Us Anything else on July 16, Kim Shin Young got here every bit a guest and confessed that she has lost that symbol she had as a comedian ever since losing weight.

When asked how she feels about it, she said, I receivedfitness instead.

She explained, I will have lost my personaviahealthy eating planyet ane do now notremorseful about losing weight. I used to beplagued byquite so much ofailments back then so I went to the doctors. The physicianacknowledged to consider how I can exist after 10 years. He even said that I would most likely not be in this international in 10 years and it totallysurprised me. Even supposingI'm able to turn back time, I'd lose weight again.

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How Shin Min Ah Lost Weight Gambling An Obese Lawyer

How Shin Min Ah Lost Weight Gambling An Obese Lawyer

Shin Min Ah's persona in "Oh My Venus" loses weight thank you to the educational and vitamin regimen prescribed by ability of hence Ji Sub's instructor character. Whilstgambling the obese attorney Kang Joo Eun, Shin Min Ah lost some weight too.

Workouts and gazing her diet lend a hand Kang lose an outstanding 33 pounds by the 5th episode. And in genuineexistence the already slender actress also lost weight as a result of the physical demanding situationsconcerned about playing her role.

The dear and time-consuming transformation that led to longer paintings days. It was oncesimpleadequate to pad Shin Min Ah's clothing yet making her face glanceas though information technologybecomeactually heavier required skill and time. It took a team of Mobile makeup skilledrunning for hours to make the $172,000 hideappearance realistic.

It was very important to make the transformation look realistic acknowledged the director, Kim Hyung Suk, at a November press convention for the drama.

"We attempted to make our drama as realistic as conceivablein order thatfolks can relate to the story," said Kim Hyung Suk. "That's why we made Shin realistically fats alongside the special makeup, now not absurdly fat, which would possibly brand her look funny."

Seven or 8individuals in the CELL makeup team worked on Shin Min Ah at the similar time, adding silicon weights and smoothing over the additions to make it seem seamless.

The makeup team was currently interviewed in the Korean media outlet Insight and presentedknowledge about the process, announcing that it took about 3 hours every fourth dimension it was applied.

"In the five episodes that aired, Shin Min Ah had to be made up 25 times."

Needing that much makeup time also affects the drama filming schedule. In some dramas, two or three scenes are filmed with the makeup on and then the actress gets to relaxation for a couple of days to give coverage to her skin. That didn'ttake place in "Oh My Venus."

"Once the special makeup is on, she had to movie for 15 to 20 hours at a stretch," said the CELL representative. "And even after erasing the makeup, she simplest had to reapply it in a few hours."

But up to now Shin Min Ah's skin turns out unaffected. Fortunately, the nature is shaping up and Shin Min Ah may notneed to spend as many additional hours in makeup.

"Oh My Venus" also stars So Ji Sub as the chaebol famous person trainer, Yoo In Young as Shin Min Ah's rival and Jung Gyu Woon plays her ex-boyfriend.


Gummy talks about Kim Shin Young

Gummy talks about Kim Shin Young"s hard road to weight loss

Gummy discussed comedian Kim Shin Young"s difficult road to weight loss on the October 23rd broadcast of MBC FM4U"s "Kim Shin Young"s Noon Song of Hope".

Gummy said, "I saw Kim Shin Young"s whole process to weight loss. I"m an eyewitness. Even at a dinner for "I Am a Singer", she only ate lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots." The singer continued, "For her meals, she only ate nuts and half an apple. She really worked hard."

The comedian responded, "I"m so sick of apples because of that. I don"t eat them anymore."

In other news, Gummy recently released her song "Nowhere to Go", which was composed by Wheesung. Do you remember the old Kim Shin Young?


Kim Shin Young reveals how she recently lost 11 pounds

Kim Shin Young reveals how she recently lost 11 pounds

Comedian Kim Shin Young revealed how she went from pleasantly plump to thin on her radio show, MBC FM4U"s "Kim Shin Young"s Noon Song of Hope".

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On the May 30th broadcast, she shared how she lost 5kg (~11lbs) recently. Kim Shin Young said, "I lost 5kg. I went from 57kg (~125lbs) to 52kg (~114lbs). I"m going to tell you my secret to losing weight now."

The DJ continued, "In the morning, I eat two boiled eggs and diced cabbage and cucumber in balsamic sauce. I then finish off my breakfast with 500ml (~16.9fl oz) of low fat milk. For lunch, I have a formal meal. Nothing with a lot of oil, but something like vegetable bibimbap or doenjang soup. For dinner, it"s good to eat chicken breast, fish, or another food with a lot of protein along with sliced cabbage and cucumber as well as eggs. It"s good to eat chicken soup once a week too."

Do you think you might try out Kim Shin Young"s diet?


Kim Shin Young lost 16 kgs thank to singer Jang Woo Hyuk

Kim Shin Young lost 16 kgs thank to singer Jang Woo Hyuk

Kim Shin Young reveals Jang Woo Hyuk was her motivation for her dramatic weight loss

Comedian Kim Shin Young, who had audiences gasping when she revealed a slimmer self  recently has shown her affection toward singer Jang Woo Hyuk!

The entertainer, best known for her plump, comedic appearance, said she lost a total of 16 kilograms in just five months and currently weighs somewhere around 40 kilograms.

She proudly revealed, “I dieted for Jang Woo Hyuk oppa.”

When another male co-star asked, “I heard that you were now a size 44 (12 in America). Did you lose that much weight also for Jang Woo Hyuk?” to which she replied, “The thought of seeing Woo Hyuk oppa was more affective for my diet than jogging on the treadmill.”

Kim Shin Young wasn’t shy in showing her support and affections when it came time for Jang Woo Hyuk to put on a special performance.

On the benefits of weight loss, Kim said, Previously, I used to be easily irritated and tired after two hours with anyone. Now Im full of energy.

Do you impress with Kim Shin Young dramatic weight loss?!


Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se Kyung "It's Hard Living So I Lost Weight" Funny

tvN, Taxi, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Young Ja

Shin Se Kyung Its Hard Living So I Lost Weight FunnyShin Se Kyung talked very honestly.

Actress Shin Se Kyung showed her skillful talking on tvN 'Taxi' on Thursday.

MC Lee Young Ja and Gong Hyung Jin went to the helicopter landing area to meet Shin Se Kyung. Lee Young Ja who saw Shin Se Kyung asked, "Why did you lose so much weight?"

Shin Se Kyung replied, "It's because it's hard living," and made people laugh. She added, "I'm kidding, but it's because I received a lot of love." Lee Young Ja added, "Then I must be living well," and made people laugh more.

Shin Se Kyung said, "Why did we have to meet here?" Lee Young Ja responded, "Actually, I'm the aeromechanic. Didn't you know?" and made people laugh.


Comedian Kim Shin Young transforms into a lovely bride + recent weight loss

Comedian Kim Shin Young transforms into a lovely bride + recent weight loss

Comedian Kim Shin Young transforms into a lovely bride + recent weight loss

Comedian Kim Shin Young recently transformed into a May bride.

SidusHQ Entertainment posted a preview photo of Kim Shin Young on their me2day with the description, This is a new look! Let us introduce the lovely May bride, Kim Shin Young! Kim Shin Young has been getting more beautiful as each day passes. She recently became a model for wedding dresses so please stay tuned for this on Infinity Girls Season 3!

In the photo, Kim Shin Young looks adorable in a mini wedding dress and short, baby-permed hair. What is even more apparent in this photo is her major weight loss. It was reported that Kim Shin Young has lost 35.3 pounds (16 kg).

Netizens had mixed reactions about the stars weight loss as they commented, Her weight loss is extreme, Her body line is beautiful, and This is a little awkward. I like the old Kim Shin Young better.

Source + Image: SidusHQs me2day


Kim Shin Young reveals she’s lost 15 kg in five months

Kim Shin Young reveals she’s lost 15 kg in five months

Kim Shin Young reveals shes lost 15 kg in five months

Comedian Kim Shing Young has been surprising netizens with her slim figure, and on the recent episode of Park Kyung Lims Oh! Happy Day, she revealed just how much weight she has lost.

The comedian guested on jTBCs Park Kyung Lims Oh! Happy Day and revealed that she had lost 15 kg in five months!

Before I went on a diet, I would get tired easily after only talking for two hours on a show, and would even get angry and sensitive. However, Im not like that anymore, she said.

Kim Shin Youngs personal trainer also made an appearance on the show and revealed the tricks to the comedians weightloss for the audience. Kim Shin Young explained how she was able to overcome the food temptation, saying, I bought a bikini long time ago with a cartoon character on it, but I wanted to lose my stomach fat so I could shorten the characters nose, and caused the audience to laugh.

She continued, When I tell people that I lost weight, they dont believe me. In order to prove it, the comedian brought in her smaller sized pants and even changed into them during the show.

SourceImage: Osen via Nate


Korean Comic Kim Shin Young After all Breaks Silence With Reality About Alleged Superstar Sex Tape

Korean Comic Kim Shin Young After all Breaks Silence With Reality About Alleged Superstar Sex Tape

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKim Shin Young braves the public as she for my part denies malicious speculations that she was oncethe femininefamous person in a reported sex tape. 

On July 12th, Kim Shin Young broke her silence thru her ownr adio display and stated, “I am now notthe girl in the sex tape.” In step withthe fame and entertainer, she became embarrassed about the sex tape controversy and won more than 16 videos for the beyond4 days. She went on to expose that as the difficulty continued, she can'tlend a handyet watch it and clarified that it was not her. There has been no way that she’ll be ready to movie and described herself as a “very lonely person.”

She was praised for the manner she treatedthe debate and expressed her surprisein opposition to it. She also thanked the eagle-eyed netizens who discovered online evidence just about her identity trough the site of her moles.

Kim Shin Young ended her remark alongside a message that she was hopingnobody else will brokenthrough the misunderstanding.

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Kim Shin Young Clarifies Sex Tape Rumors

Kim Shin Young Clarifies Sex Tape Rumors

Kim Shin Young Clarifies Sex Tape Rumorskokoberry July 11, 2016 0 Kim Shin Young Clarifies Sex Tape Rumors Entertainer Kim Shin Young has spoken up about fresh sex tape rumors.

On July 12, throughout her radio display MBC FM4Us Kim Shin Youngs Hope Song at Noon, she spread out more or less the ordeal.

She said, I'm embarrassed about the video controversy. Since 4 days ago, I have gained over 16 videos.

Kim Shin Young continued, Because itwas onceturning into a problem, I looked at it yet theres no way I maymovie it. I am an overly lonely person.

She extra explained, I used to be dumbfounded. Some other folks even noted the positioning of moles and stated IT wasnt me. They say stars revel in embarrassment, so I betI can do smartly this year. Anyway, I'm hoping that nobodymight bebrokenby way of the misunderstanding. Theres around two male and feminine Kim Shin Young doppelgängers in each neighborhood. Im no longerthe individual in the video.

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