Korea in Anger Control Crisis

Korea in Anger Control Crisis

Korean society turns out to be littered with anger controlcomplications amid a spate of attacksjust for having a look at anyonethe contrary direction or bumping into others in the street. In keeping with the Best Public Prosecutors' Office, the choice of spontaneous assaults surged fivefold from 10,810 instances in 2004 to 71,036 in 2014. Some 347 cases of involuntary manslaughter were registered in 2014.

The sufferers are regularly women, youngsters and senior citizens. In one high-profile case, a 30-year-old lady in Suwon assaulted an elderly in his 70s without excellent reason. The ladystated she kicked and struck the guy alongside her handbag because he looked at her in a funny way. She later explained that she had grown angry after her clothing shop went stomach up. Ki Kwang-do at Daegu University said, "Spontaneous assaults are despicable since they target the weak, yetmaximum offenders face plainattackfees and finally finish up getting off with gentle penalties".Experts point to intensifying festival in society that ends up in frustration and anger. "Koreans had beenvulnerable to bottle up their feelings, and this loss ofrevel in in controlling feelings or urges is manifesting itself in spontaneous assault", says Yee Jae-yeol at Seoul National University.And Lee Woong-hyuk at Konkuk University said, "People who are smitten by the twisted perception that they should defeat others to prevail are expressing even minor grievances thru physical force opposed to the weak".


Seung Jae to cameo in

Seung Jae to cameo in "Entourage Korea" as Ahn So-hee's control director

Seung Jae is joining the "Entourage Korea" gang.

Urban Works ENT announced that Seung Jae is creating amarvelperforming in the tvN drama "Entourage Korea".

He lately filmed his section with Jo Jin-woong and Park Jeong-min.

Seung Jae has been covering his base as an actor in dramas like "Golden Time", "Miss Korea" and more. He also seemed in "Jackpot" as Sang-gil.

"Entourage Korea" is a remade edition of the yank drama "Entourage" starring Jo Jin-woong, Seo Kang-joon, Lee Gwang-soo, Park Jeong-min-I, Lee Dong-hwi and more. There may also be cameo appearances by way of Ha Jeong-woo, Kang Ha-neul, Song Ji-hyo, Mamamoo and more.

Meanwhile, Seung Jae replaced his call from Heo Tae-hee early this year.

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'Remember' Nam Goong Min's Anger Control Problems

'Remember' Nam Goong Min's Anger Control Problems

Remember Nam Goong Mins Anger Management ProblemsIn "Remember: War of the Son" Nam Goong Min could not hide his anger seeing that Yoo Seung Ho used to beloose to go.

On the 9th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Remember - War of the Son" (script Yoon Hyun Ho, director Lee Chang Min, production Emblems Film) of Jan. 13th, Yoo Seung Ho said, "I'm going to make sure thatthe fact wins this time."

On this episode, Nam Kyu Guy (played via Nam Goong Min) changed intousing when he won a telephone call from his colleague. His colleague instructed him that thank you to Lee In Ah (played by Park Min Young), Suh Jin Woo (played by Yoo Seung Ho) was not framed for murder.

At this, Nam Kyu Man was angered and stopped the auto forcefully that was headed in front of him. WIth that, he were given up and commenced to swing a golfing club, screaming time and again as he mayno longer hide his anger.

Meanwhile, 'Remember - War of the Son' is a human melodrama that revolves around an attorney (played by Yoo Seung Ho) who tries to combat to turn out his father's innocence in a sophisticatedhomicide trial.


Ferry Crisis Korea's Maximum  Discussed  Factor on Social Media

Ferry Crisis Korea's Maximum Discussed Factor on Social Media

The ferry crisis of April 2014 that took the lives of over three hundred people, most commonlytopfaculty students, remained the maximumon a normal basisdiscussedfactor in 2015.That displays how deep the scars were that the catastrophe left in the hearts and minds of the Korean public. In line with pollster Matrix tabulating the 80 most commonly used keywords on Twitter during the last year, the ferry Sewol was oncesaid 3.1 million times.

Second becomeCenter East Respiration Syndrome (1.91 million times), whilst "state history textbooks" (578,351 times) rode to a sturdyoverdue3rdpositionwhen they were first mooted in October.Cho Il-sang of Matrix acknowledgedeach and every time a tragedy occurs, folkstalk over with IT as "another Sewol disaster", so it has grow to be a symbol and is most likely to get a load more mentions. "Spy cams" was fourth amid a panic surrounding peeping-Tom photos from women's locker rooms ultimate summer. 5th was "chef" because of the explosive acclaim forTelevision cooking shows.


Fans specific anger that Kim Soo Hyun was once inconvenienced by ability of deficient tournament control in China

Fans specific anger that Kim Soo Hyun was once inconvenienced by ability of deficient tournament control in China

Fans specific anger that Kim Soo Hyun was once inconvenienced by skill of deficient tournament control in China

Fans are boiling with anger because of a up to date snafu that very much inconvenienced now not simplest themselves yet also their loved star, Kim Soo Hyun. Back on October 10, Kim Soo Hyun went to Zhengzhou, China so as to join in in a fan assembly as the type for a Chinese beverage company.

However, due to the the event"s poor management and handling of the situation, he had to be on standby for over seven hours! The fan meeting was intended to begin at 7 PM, but the host organization made a mistake, causing a 3-hour delay. Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun had already been waiting since 3 PM.

As soon as he were given at the stage, he apologized to his fans in Chinese. On best of that, he participated in the development regardless of not being in the maximum productive condition, so he acknowledged toward his fans, "Be careful of catching a cold."

A fan who have been at the event stated, "My middle went out for Kim Soo Hyun who was doing his best, and seeing that harm my heart."

What took place was the fan meeting was at first supposed to open at a college, but upon hearing Kim Soo Hyun was coming, over one thousand fans got here to the site. However, the organization had failed to protected permission for the distance forward of time and they didn't have ample safety guards, so they had gained an order to cancel the event temporarily.

The organization then moved the event to a hotel nearby, but the instances were even poorer. the site was not excellent and level equipments had not been prepared. Ultimately, the event opened at 10 PM as an alternative of 7 PM and lasted only 20 minutes.

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Korea's outset always crisis scientific drama 'D-Day' effectively completes outset script reading

Korea's outset always crisis scientific drama 'D-Day' effectively completes outset script reading


pictures from the script reading for JTBC"s new scientific drama "D-Day" had existen released online, raising excitement And Anticipation for the broadcast!

On July xxx, JTBC uploaded stills from the script reading, for which Kim Young Kwang, Jung so minute, Ha Suk Jin, And others were in Attendance. regardless that IT used to exist the primary script reading, each And eachthing used to exist stated to take improved smoothly amongst excellent emotions A number of the Actors. 

Kim Young Kwang stated, "When one get-go gained the script, one read IT amongstout Any respite. one felt like i used to exist drawn in even outtide deeper amongst each And each episode And were given Ambitious just About in need of to continue [with this personality]. i suspect i used to exist specifically interested in Lee Hae Sung"s personality who possesses Affection for humankind. existcause IT"s A personality that"s other [from my outdated personalitys] one"m always more devoted to reading my office. i volition take A look At my easiest to plow my excellent facet," resolute in his decision. 

Co-celebrity Jung so minute stated, "It"s An award to exist running amongst such wonderful Actors And body of workers. one"m individually finding out so much from reading my office. i volition take A look At my utmost easiest for this task."

Ha Suk Jin Added, "I"m Already excited existcause there Are lots of other individuals here about my historic period. i volition unquestionably take a laugh filming amongst All my young man Actors."

"D-Day"s product crew mentioned, "We couldn"t plow our heads clear of the chemistake A look At And liveliness of the Acting that exceeded our expectancies. we volition exist Able to make A drama this is a laugh for the eyes And ears of the audience."

in the meantime, "D-Day" is the country"s get-go always crisis scientific drama that may order the tale of An earthquake in Seoul, amongst the focal point on A genius surgeon. it's far ready to Air a while in September so make certain you song in to the display! 

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Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has  taken people by surprise when  making Twitter Private to respond to the growing worry of  Mers

Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has taken people by surprise when making Twitter Private to respond to the growing worry of Mers

Korea Centers for Disease ControlPrevention Makes Twitter Private in Midst of Rising Concern Over MERS As Korea continues in a state of unease due to the rising numbers of MERS casescurrently numbering 35and those in quarantinea number that has risen by 300 since yesterday to over 1600the Korea Centers for Disease Control  Prevention has protected its Twitter account (@KoreaCDC), effectively making it private and inaccessible, save for its current 1,628 followers. The population of South Korea is over 50 million, and capital city Seoul alone houses roughly 10 million.

In the current state where people are being punished for spreading rumors about MERS - 1 has been booked and 14 are being investigatedbut information isn’t freely being given, rather than attempting to quell rumors with open communication and release of accurate information, they’ve shut their doors, supposedly to “update content and disease prevention methods.”

It’s a Twitter account…

They’ve stated that the account will open mid-day on June 4. As of 6:30 p.m. KST, @KoreaCDC remains closed.

Screenshots of the tweets by followers following the account change are being posted online:

“How could a government organization makes its account private?”

“Knock knock?”

“The boss of ‘can’t see, can’t speak’ ethics.”

“It seems the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently in self-quarantine.”

“Private? Are you kidding?”

@koreacdc private

Screenshots likewise give a glance into the state of the account before it was made private, and it seems criticism had been pouring pretty heavily onto the account.

SBS News reports that just in case the response to the account change was an overreaction and misunderstanding, they attempted to make contact, but were unable to do so even after several tries.

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Lets find out all the things that  make  citizens  go  mad   about the way Korea dealed with the MERS  crisis

Lets find out all the things that make citizens go mad about the way Korea dealed with the MERS crisis

5 Reasons Why Koreas Handling of the MERS Outbreak Has Citizens Mad Korean news is abuzz with continuous updates on the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in the countrywhich currentlyas of the morning of June 4stands at 35 confirmed cases and over 1300 potentials in quarantine, a combined figure of those in standard quarantine and home quarantine.

Among the news is word of a quite frightening increase in mask sales, reports of schools closing and events being canceled, people refusing quarantine, and more, as netizens raise their voices in protest at the frustrating handling of the situation by officials.

Source (1)

mers quarantine center

1. Health authorities not revealing hospitals or regions where MERS has emerged

Possibly the most frustrating fact of the matter is that health authorities are not revealing the names of the hospitals or regions where MERS cases have emerged, and protest has risen sharply on this front, saying that the hospitals need to be named so citizens can be on alert.

During a briefing that took place on June 2, Kwon Joon Wook, chief of the MERS management and strategic planning team, stated that it would “raise unnecessary alarm.” The Minister of Health and Welfare, Moon Hyung Pyo, took the same stance, saying, “Not going to a hospital because of fear of close contact and infection is going overboard.”

One particular community post by a netizen made a headline for hitting the nail on the head:

mers sns post

“It’s not that we won’t go to that hospital..You need to tell us the hospital name so if we’ve been there we can keep an eye out for suspicious symptoms and report it. Reports are saying to report close contact with any diagnosed patient, but how are we supposed to know who’s a diagnosed patient and who’s not? You frustrating people..”

Lists of the hospitals and regions where MERS has emerged have been making their rounds online, although they are not official and the accuracy of them cannot be vouched for.

Source (1) (2)

2. Government quick to act on people spreading false rumors

Ironically, with no information about hospitals being released, the government stated earlier on May 30 that it would take severe action against those spreading false rumors about MERS, including information about hospitals. At the time there were 13 confirmed cases. Kwon Joon Wook stated that based on the investigations going on, he did not believe there were going to be more cases, and said, “There are unconfirmed routes of infection, treatment methods, preventative measures, and other information going around, but they are not true. Those who intentionally spread false information will be investigated and immediate and severe measures will be taken.”

On June 3, police booked a man in his 40s in Gwangju, for sending messages to his acquaintances with names of hospitals supposedly handling MERS cases. After the messages were sent, one of the hospitals, upon receiving a torrent of calls, reported the situation to the police.

The man is now being charged with defamation and obstruction of business. He said to the police, I thought it was true and wanted to let my acquaintances know.

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3. Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went and had a field day?

field day korea centers for disease control and prevention

The first MERS patient in Korea was confirmed on May 20. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention flagged a warning. However, according to a report by JTBC on June 3, the employees at the organization had a two-day field day, which started on May 20. JTBC added, “They even had a notice released to employees to inform anyone who calls that everyone is out.”

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention denied this report, saying that May 20 was the day of an event to commend quarantine officers of merit and a workshop to brainstorm ways to improve quarantine facilities. They said, “After hearing of the first confirmed case of MERS, we quickly wrapped up the event and returned to our duties,” and added that the field day portion of the event was scheduled for May 21, but was canceled.”

Source (1)

4. Minister of Health and Welfare says to wear a mask, then says that its not necessary

Moon Hyung Pyo, the Minister of Health and Welfare, got caught up in a “mask controversy,” after he stated on June 2, in response to news that there was a shortage of masks, that “I think [masks] aren’t really a necessary measure to take specifically because of MERS.”

However, this statement came after Moon Hyung Pyo’s previous statement on May 31 that everyone should “take preventative measures such as washing hands, maintaining manners when coughing, and wearing masks in public places.”

Source (1)

5. Ministry of Public Safety and Security says only an epidemic when 3 million people infected?

A representative of the Ministry of Public Safety and Security stated in response to the current MERS situation, “While we are taking measures across the country, it’s not serious,” and added, “In the case of the swine flu, the National Emergency Management Agency would only go into operation after it has spread across the country to 3 million people. It hasn’t reached the point for the National Emergency Management Agency to step in.”

After this statement hit the news, criticism rained down on the ministry, saying that for a virus that with an estimated fatality rate of 40 percent, their attitude isn’t appropriate, comparing it to the swine flu with a fatality rate of 0.07 percent.

The Ministry of Public Safety and Security then returned with an additional statement, saying that just because they explained with a similar example from the past, it doesn’t mean they would apply the same countermeasures.

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SNL Korea Skit on Adoptee Stirs Anger and Controversy Around the World

SNL Korea Skit on Adoptee Stirs Anger and Controversy Around the World

“SNL Korea” Skit on Adoptee Stirs Anger and Controversy Around the World A recent “SNL Korea” skit about an adopted Korean man is stirring anger and controversy in both Korea and overseas.

On March 8, “SNL Korea” aired a 4 minute-30 second skit titled “Going to Meet You Now. Jason Dooyoung Anderson.” After the video clip of this skit hit the Web, criticism has been pouring in.

The skit is about a Korean adoptee named Jason Dooyoung Anderson, who is waiting at the airport to be reunited with his Korean birth mother. While he waits, he reads a letter that he wrote to her.

He read, “Nice to meet you, mother. I’m Jason Dooyoung Anderson. Why did you leae me? Were you that butt poor? If you leave your child, it’s a sin. But I’m okay. Because I met you. I heard from my American mother. The reason for my high alcohol tolerance is because I resemble my Korean mother.”

The skit tried to bring humor through the adoptees poor Korean pronunciation, exaggerated facial expressions and body movements. It also tried to bring laughs by making the alcohol tolerance reference. The skit ends with Jason saying, “Let’s never be apart” and hugging his mother.

After seeing this skit, many people reacted about the poor judgment of the “SNL Korea” writers and directors.

“SNL Korea” Skit on Adoptee Stirs Anger and Controversy Around the World

Some of the comments include:

“SNL Korea, I see you made a broadcast to laugh and have fun while watching the poor Korean skills of an adoptee. If this was done overseas, the director would’ve been fired. A satire about the strong is allowed but a satire about the weak is usually not allowed but here, they’re only satirizing the weak.”

“SNL Korea, you made a skit about Korean adoptees. But did your good sense go on vacation? This is why you hear our country’s level of consciousness is low. Some of those people have many scars. There are things that can be satirized but not this. Please apologize.”

“We are waiting for the letter of apology, intent to punish those involved and official statement all in English from SNL Korea.”

“This is a cruel attack on all adoptees and their families all over the world.”

“I am a Korean adoptee who has been reunited with my family and what an insensitive portrayal of Korean adoptees and birth parent – child reunions. Both sides experience an array of emotions and painful experiences just like any forcefully separated family would. This is just not funny?”

Meanwhile, “SNL Korea” season 5 left out their skit on political satire and lowered the age restriction to 15+. This particular episode came out on #1 on the cable ratings.

“SNL Korea” Skit on Adoptee Stirs Anger and Controversy Around the World



Suzy Demonstrates Another time Why She’s Referred to as Korea’s “First Love” In Contemporary Press Photos

Suzy Demonstrates Another time Why She’s Referred to as Korea’s “First Love” In Contemporary Press Photos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSuzy’s symbol every bit the “Nation’s First Love” displays no symptoms of slowing down as netizens continue to rave about her day by way of day activities. 

Attending the film premiere of Train To Busan final July 16th, Suzy graced the red carpet dressed in a rose purpleget dressed from Fendi’s 2017 collection. The glancewas once complimented by rosy make-up, minimumcoiffure and red strappy sandals.

Suzy’s appearance and visuals were licensed by her fanatics as they continue to rave on her simplistic good looks and sparkling aura. Others have in comparison her public appearance to anything that she would do on a photoshoot.

Aside from selling her drama Uncontrollably Fond, the singer and actress also remains busy with other activities across Asia. Recently, she have becomethe primaryfeminine Korean famous person to have her wax figure done by Madame Tussauds.

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