Lee Gwang-soo,

Lee Gwang-soo, "I do not would like to be greedy"

Fashion mag In Taste featured Lee Gwang-soo and his interview in the August issue.

He starred in the tvN drama "Dear My Friends" as Kim Hye-ja's son and left slightly an impression. He said, "I learnednumerous things gazing Kim Hye-ja from so close. She does the complete thing perfectly even every now and then she does not take to. I presumed anereadyso much for my role, yetin comparison to her, I am noting. I have a ways to go".

He's starring in the tvN drama "Entourage Korea". He is gotten just aboutthe forged and they hang out each straightaway and then. "I think unity with your fellow co-stars is important".

He spoke about the factors he chooses in characters. "I had beenfortunatethus far and I'm thankful to have met such excellentother people around me".

"I have never been grasping somethe rest I think. I'm just chuffed with myself at the moment".

Lee Gwang-soo's interview will also benoticed in the August factor of In Style.

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Song Joong-ki,

Song Joong-ki, "I wrote Lee Gwang-soo's call on a rock all over "Descendants of the Sun""

Song Joong-ki thinks so much about Lee Gwang-soo.

A Chinese media reported that Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo have special bromance.

Song Joong-ki had his 2d Asian Excursion in Hong Kong at the 11th. Lee Gwang-soo made a distinct appearance there.

Song Joong-ki acknowledged that he wrote Lee Gwang-soo's call on a rock at the coastlinewhilst filming "Descendants of the Sun".

Lee Gwang-soo pretended to gag and said, "I've never done this before".

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki is having every other fan assembly at Chungdu, China and Taipei, Taiwan on the 17th and 25th.

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If Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo fell for a similar woman Love or friendship

If Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo fell for a similar woman Love or friendship

Actor Song Joong-ki chose love over friendship.

Song Joong-ki attended a fan assembly at the Guangzhou sports arena. Fanatics welcomed their 'national husband' with open arms.

According to the local media, Song Joong-ki drew images of his fans and had a fantastic time with them.

When he was once asked what he would do if he fell for a similarwoman as his best possible friend Lee Gwang-soo, he said, "I would select love".

Then he become asked if would permit his sister thus far Lee Gwang-soo and he replied, "No, no, no" three times and said, "He is my excellent friend yethe is too tall".


Lee Gwang-soo and Song Joong-ki as accountability  loose models

Lee Gwang-soo and Song Joong-ki as accountability loose models

Actors Lee Gwang-soo and Song Joong-ki are happeningan identical paths.

According to several sources, Lee Gwang-soo has these days been selected to be the face of Shilla AccountabilityLoosewhilst Song Joong-ki is the face of Doosan Duty Free.

Lee Gwang-soo earned himself the name 'Prince of Asia' during theTelevisiondisplay "Running Man".

The two palshad beenassistingeach and every other out with paintingsoccasionally and this time they are in a friendly fightout of doors of the screens. Lee Gwang-soo was once featured in Song Joong-ki's drama "Descendants of the Sun" for a brief while.

Song Joong-ki may becreating a cameo appearance in Lee Gwang-soo's KBS 2TV web-drama "The Sound of Your Heart" which is Lee Gwang-soo's first drama in 2 years. Song Joong-ki has turn out to be a Hallyu celebrity after the good fortune of "Descendants of the Sun" yet made the time to give a spice up to his friend Lee Gwang-soo.


Song Joong-ki makes cameo appearances for Lee Gwang-soo in 'The Sound of Your Heart'

Song Joong-ki makes cameo appearances for Lee Gwang-soo in 'The Sound of Your Heart'

Song Joong-ki will make a unique appearance in Lee Gwang-soo's sitcom "The Sound of Your Heart". The primarymagnificence friendship of the 2 actors is in reality heartwarming.

In the morning, Might 17, the inside of track about Song Joong-ki's special appearance in KBS sitcom web-drama, "The Sound of Your Heart" has been reported. Earlier than this, Lee Gwang-soo made a special appearance in KBS 2TV's Wednesday Thursday drama, 'Descendants of the Sun' to cheer Song Joong-ki.

Song Joong-ki in the pastpublished his appreciation for Lee Gwang-soo's special appearance when he had an interview with newshounds about 'Descendants of the Sun'. Song Joong-ki needs to cheer Lee Gwang-soo viacreating a exceptional appearance in his drama.

Sitcom "The Sound of Your Heart" starring Lee Gwang-soo as the foremostpersonality Jo Seok is in line with the bestseller web-toon of the similar title. The sitcom web-drama could be released thru Naver q4 and then a groundwave Televisionedition will be broadcast by way of KBS 2TV later.


Jo Jin-woong, Search engine marketing Kang-joon and Lee Gwang-soo showed for 'Entourage Korea', filming starts at the finish of May

Jo Jin-woong, Search engine marketing Kang-joon and Lee Gwang-soo showed for 'Entourage Korea', filming starts at the finish of May

tvN's new drama, "Entourage Korea" will input product at the finish of Might in complete scale as the team got here up with full casting adding Jo Jin-woong, Seo Kang-joon, Lee Gwang-soo, Park Jeong-min-I, Lee Dong-hwi and other actors.

"Entourage Korea" is a black comedy drama depicting the dailylifestyles in the entertainment industry that Yeong-bin (Seo Kang-joon), who is an emerging famous person actor, his friends, Ho-jin (Park Jeong-min-I), Joon (Lee Gwang-soo), Turtle (Lee Dong-hwi) and a controlcorporate CEO, Eun-gap (Jo Jin-woong) get to enjoy daily.

This is world's first ever remake of the preferrednormalTelevision series, Entourage through HBO, of which 8 seasons were aired from 2011 to 2014 in US. To pursuit the very best quality of the drama, the production might bewholeaccording to 100% pre-filming system.

Jo Jin-woong will play Kim Eun-gap, CEO of a wideleadershipagency overseeing a collection of stars including Cha Yeong-bin. Seo Kang-joon will play actor Cha Yeong-bin, who has change into a celebrity sweeping dramas, videos and advertisements in 4 years since he debuted.

Lee Gwang-soo will play actor Cha Joon, who receivedrepute in 90s that only lasted in short and whose fame has faded away now. Park Jeong-min-I will play Lee Ho-jin, who is Cha Yeong-bin's highest friend and also his manager. Lee Dong-hwi will play 'Turtle', a happy-go-lucky friend a few of the3 friends, who is at all times optimistic, cheerful and goofy.

"Entourage Korea" leadermanufacturer Kim Yeong-gyu says, "A long time has passed since we made up our mindsto provide the remake. It used to beno longersimpleto conform the filmto slot Korean feelings and culture whilst nosotroswish tostaythe entirejust rightportions of the original series. We plan to offerremarkable and unprecedented a laugh that drama fanaticshave notobserved from other dramas. With regards to directing, we are getting ready new experiments. Please preserve your hobby alongside us".

The drama is slated for the 2nd onepart of this year and it is going to enter production at the end of May.


'Cameo specialist' Lee Gwang-soo's loyalty

'Cameo specialist' Lee Gwang-soo's loyalty

Lee Gwang-soo is referred to as a cameo specialist.

He made special appearances in the KBS 2TV drama "Descendants of the Sun", the tvN drama "Dear My Friends" and KBS 2TV "Flower Knights: The Beginning".

A cameo is in point of fact a wonder gift. The surprise and gladness led toby potential of one special appearance is somewhat big. Lee Gwang-soo has been doing this out of loyalty for no fee at all. He starred in "Descendants of the Sun" for Song Joong-ki, "Dear My Friends" and "It's Okay, That is Love" for creator Noh Hee-kyeong.

However, he is coming back with anything of his own this year. He's coming back with a web-drama called "The Sound of Your Heart" and the tvN drama "Entourage Korea". "The Sound of Your Heart" is going to be released online first and later on KBS 2TV. "Entourage Korea" is going to be broadcasted at the similar time in Korea and China because the Lee Gwang-soo is in it.


Song Joong-gi's friendship with Lee Gwang-soo and Park Bo-geom

Song Joong-gi's friendship with Lee Gwang-soo and Park Bo-geom

Actor Park Bo-geom posted an image of himself, Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo on his Instagram. He was once at Song Joong-ki's fan meeting.

They glance very friendly. Lee Gwang-soo has his hand on Song Joong-ki's shoulder and is smiling brightly. Park Bo-geom added that they're his brothers.

The 3 of them are all excellenthaving a look and their friendship can also benoticed in this picture.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki is ready to set out on his Asian fan meeting. Park Bo-geom is starring in the hot KBS 2TV drama "Moonlight Drawn by way of Clouds" with Kim Yoo-jeong.


'Descendants of the Sun' finds Lee Gwang-soo's behind-the-scenes still image

'Descendants of the Sun' finds Lee Gwang-soo's behind-the-scenes still image

'Asia's Prince' Lee Gwang-soo's 'Descendants of the Sun' behind-the-scenes still symbol has been revealed.

The behind-the-scenes still pictureprintedat theprofessional Instagram of the drama is from the episode one.

In the image, Lee Gwang-soo is dressed inan army uniform and a red hat with a mark that claims 'Drill instructor'. When Lee Gwang-soo made the marvel appearance, he played a student runningphase time, who served Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) and SEO Dae-yeong (Jin Goo) unenthusiastically. Lee Gwang-soo authorised the cameo role as a result of the special friendship with his best possible friend Song Joong-ki.

It turns out that Lee Gwang-soo is reading his script of 'Descendants of the Sun' hard. KBS stated on the official Instagram "He at all times does his most sensibleeven if the filming is for just one cut!! #Lee Gwang-soo #Asia's Prince #Cameo #SpecialApperance".


Song Joong-ki,

Song Joong-ki, "Touched via Lee Gwang-soo's cameo appearance. Taking into account to seem in 'Running Man'"

Song Joong-ki showed off his friendship with Lee Gwang-soo right through his interview with a media in Hong Kong.

April 6th, Hong Kong Oriental Day-to-day online printed Song Joong-ki's interview, which took placeat theoutdated day. In the path of the interview, Song Joong-ki mentioned episodes with his close friend Lee Gwang-soo.

Song Joong-ki indexed Lee Gwang-soo's cameo appearance in 'Descendants of the Sun' as one of the vitalmaximum memorable moments. Song Joong-ki said, "We are so close I felt in realitycomfy when we filmed the scene" and "He filmed "Running Man" on the formereveningsooner than his cameo appearance. He most definitelymay justno longer sleep a minute and shouldhad beenactually tired. He still did his best. I used to beactually touched and thankful".

When he was once asked about the chance to guest-appear in "Running Man", Song Joong-ki said, "Any time" ""Running Man" is like my house town. It a chance comes around, I wish to appear".

Song Joong-ki also talked about the digitally edited symbolappearing 'Descendants of th Sun' Song Hye-kyo's face turned into replaced with Lee Gwang-soo's face, which drew much attention in Korea in addition China. Song Joong-ki said, "I was in truth then surprised. I assumed information technology was Song Hye-kyo when I was it from a distance. Yet it was Gwang-soo's face. Song Hye-kyo and Lee Gwang-soo do no longerglance alike at all. Taking a look back, this is aexcellent memory". He also added, "Lee Gwang-soo sent me the picture from Hong Kong before. I deleted it correct away".

While Hong Kong ViuTV starts broadcasting 'Descendants of the Sun', Song Joong-ki along side Song Hye-kyo visited Hong Kong. Song Joong-ki will take a ruin in Hong Kong till April 10th and go back to Korea.