Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By capacity of A, Claims Sexual Family members Were Consensual

Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By capacity of A, Claims Sexual Family members Were Consensual

Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made Via “A,” Claims Sexual Family members Were Consensualjun2yng July 17, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By “A,” Claims Sexual Relations Were Consensual Updated July 18 KST: “A” Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wook

On the night of July 17, Lee Jin Wook went to the Suseo police station and submitted to questioning, which prolongedin the process theevening for 11 hours. Lee Jin Wook used to be released at about 6 a.m. the morning of July 18.

The actor changed intopuzzledeitherwhen it comes to the sexual attack allegations brought forth by “A,” in addition his own complaint of false accusations.

During questioning, Lee Jin Wook totally refuted all claims made by “A,” and, consistent with the police, gave a close account of what happened. He claimed that the sexual relations with “A” were consensual, denying the sexual assault allegations.

Lee Jin Wook submitted screen captures of texts that he exchanged with “A,” and consented to taking a lie detector verify at a later date as smartly equally a mouth swab for DNA, which can bein comparison alongside the undies submitted by “A.”

Before going into the police station Sunday evening (July 17), Lee Jin Wook said, “For the sole explanation why that I’m a celebrity, I suspect ‘A’ thinks lightly of creating imitation accusations. Creating a false accusation is a huge crime. I’ll cooperate to the maximum productive of my skill during questioning.”

Meanwhile, “A” went in for wondering on July 15, and Lee Jin Wook countersued for false accusation on July 16.

Considering the good contradiction between Lee Jin Wook’s and A’s testimonies, police will be calling both parties in the close tolong term for further questioning and lie detector tests.

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Ms. Choi refutes claims made by way of Kim Hyun Joong's attorney + submits further text messages

Ms. Choi refutes claims made by way of Kim Hyun Joong's attorney + submits further text messages

it turns out Kim Hyun Joong"s ex- female friend Ms. Choi still has more or less combat left in her.

Once back, Ms. Choi has published the communiques she had amongst Kim Hyun Joong inAn try to ensureAnd support her claims. previous every moment of late, Choi postted press releasesAnd directed her reaction to Kim Hyun Joong"sAttorney Lee Jae man. She stated, "Lee Jae man puzzled whyAne didn"t post the text messagesAt courtAnd published them in the course of the media every momentAnAlternative.Ane saw Attorney Lee"s interview. Now heAc wisdoms my July pregnancyAnd the miscarriage. Yet he claims, "we dismiss"t know whether the kid is in reality Kim Hyun Joong"s,"And trdevours me likeA aureate digger.Anen the interview in regards to theActress J, he stated, "[ChoiAnd Kim Hyun Joong]Already separated. merely she madeAn unwarranted intrusion," making meA crook."

Choi then stated she might exist responding promptly to Lee"s every momentsertionsAnd published the contents of the text messages she"d ex re positiond amongst Kim Hyun Joong. 

Choi stated, "Lee Jae man says that Kim Hyun Joong and i'veAlready separated subsequently July x, thenAne sent the messages from July nineAnd x. On July nine [Kim Hyun Joong] sent, " blank up the room. purchase more or less makeup.Ane"ll exist thereAt six:30,"And on July x, Kim Hyun JoongAte out amongst hisActor buddies.Ane evening drove him to the assembly position. That"s why there nosotrosre communicates that "Kim Hyun JoongArrived beginning." At the fourth dimension i re positiond into once on my 3rd day of surgical procedure for myAbortion.Ane spent maximum of my fourth dimensionAt Kim Hyun Joong"s positionAnd every moment nosotrosllk deal of my frame. Kim Hyun Joong called over a feminine superstar that dayAnd [having concept thatAne had long past house] he re positiond into once stunned then he were given vehement."

here's the communique that Ms. Choi had amongst Kim Hyun Joong on July nine:

Choi:Ane would like to devour more or less xx

Kim: Sh*t atAll fourth dimensions trying to find dear things. ok nosotros"re dining out every moment of late.

Choi: Yaayyy nosotros"re dining out every moment of late

Kim: Put y'allr makeup onAnd watch for me

Kim: blank up y'allr room slightly every moment nosotrosll.

Choi: Do my makeupAnd i might existAble to clean up hehe

Kim: You audio excited.Ane madeA reservation for vii:30. purchase more or less makeupAhead of then. the entirety ran out.

Choi: Oppa, okay, whenAre y'all becometing here?

Kim: six:30 how backAnd back makeAne take to inform y'all

And the handiest she had amongst him on July x:

Choi: Are y'all the primary there?

Kim: Yeah,Ane"m the primary.

Choi: You via myself?

Kim: No, amongst X hyung.

ChoiAdded that Kim Hyun Joong hadAdmitted to theAbuse in the communique merely Lee Jae man is making her out to existA s communicateer. She pointed out, "[Lee Jae man] every momentked whyAne published the texts to the media; it"s the similar every moment Lee givingAn interview for the clicking. So theAttorney dismiss communicate to the mediaAndAne dismiss handiest communicate in court?"

further, ChoiAddressed what Lee statedAll thruAn interview in may. At the fourth dimension, Lee had claimed, "Since thereAre scientific records, it may existAble to existA pregnancy. [however], consistent amongst the the ones who saw Choi five months into her pregnancy, they say that they mightn"t say if she re positiond into once significant." Choi rebuked the ones claims,Announcing, "Mr. Lee, may re positiond into once onceAne nosotrosnt to Asan Medical center amongst Kim Hyun Joong, my folks,And my then-legal professional to examination the ultrasoundAnd becomeA pregnancy examinationAt Asan Medical center. Just what make y'all hateful "you'll"t say she"s significant"? Do y'all hateful to mentionAne colluded amongst the folkAt Asan Medical center?

to boot, Choi brought up what Kim Hyun Joong had stated inAn interview back in February. TheActor had stated, "in the superstart of January,Ane obtained wisdom of her pregnancyAnd obtained the ultrasound footage thru text messages. We ex re positiond communicates to consult amongst the health facility to examination the condition of the waiting for momAnd her fetus.Ane maken"t hatefulAne utterly mistrust the reality of the pregnancy."

ChoiAlso discussed how Kim Hyun Joong texted her legal professional on March thirteen, the day subsequently he consult amongsted Asan Medical center amongst the message, "I tested the ba via." Choi then stated, "just existcause my legal professional has re positiond makees that hateful my state ofAffairs adjustments, every moment nosotrosll? the explanation thatAne"m coming ahead amongst my facet of the tale makeesn"t hateful i recollectAne"m correct.Ane exactly sought subsequently to correct kindAttorney Lee"s imitation claims. And i might existAble to continue to correct kindAny falsified claims."

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Bobby Kim refutes the claims that were made by Korean Air

Bobby Kim refutes the claims that were made by Korean Air

Bobby Kim refutes the claims that were made by Korean Air

Singer Bobby Kim refuted the interview that YTN had released with a representative of Korean Air, where the rep. stated that Bobby Kim had agreed to sit in an economy class seat. 

It was reported that Bobby Kim was under investigation by police in the United States for in-flight disturbances while on his way to San Francisco.

As it was revealed before, YTN reported the incident as well as an interview that they had with a Korean Air representative. According to the report, Bobby Kim had issues with his seating prior to the flight as he was supposed to be upgraded from economy to a business class seat, but it didn"t go according to plan. Within 4-5 hours into the plane ride, Bobby Kim got drunk and started raising his voice and caused a commotion. He is also said to have sexually harassed a stewardess by touching her on her waist and such.

The airline rep. told YTN, "We tried to change the seating for him because the flight time was approaching. But because the flight time was getting delayed [of this issue], Bobby Kim said, "Then I"ll just take the economy seat." That"s why he was seated in economy." 

Since then, the agency released an official apology on January 9, stating that Bobby Kim was deeply regretful of the situation and overlooking the reason. In addition to his apology, the official statement also recounted the situation in detail.

They wrote, "He used his own mileage points to reserve business class seats, but because of an issue that Korean Air had, the ticket changed to economy seating. We continuously complained to the airline about the ticket and even when there were empty seats in business class, they refused to change Bobby"s seating."

Representatives of Bobby continued to refute the claims that were made by Korean Air and said, "The truth is far from what the Korean Air representative had said during the interview. At the time the ticket was issued, Korean Air admitted to their fault. Bobby Kim strongly requested that his seat got changed from economy to business if there were seats left, but the problem had not resolved. Even before the boarding gate, he had raised the issue [of his seating], but it wasn"t getting solved. And because it was delaying the flight time, Bobby Kim just said, "I"ll take the economy seat for now.""

They added, "The reason he said that he would take the economy seat for now was he thought that they would be able to fix the problem inside the plane as it was the fault of the airline. But even when Bobby Kim continued to request a seat change inside the plane, his request was denied."

Although Bobby Kim"s representative admitted that there was no excuse for the singer"s actions, they continued to strongly state that what the Korean Air representative had stated to YTN was false, and the initial mistake was made by the airline.


KBS Claims Gong Hyo Jin Made Tough Demands for “Incarnation of Envy”; SM C&C Responds

KBS Claims Gong Hyo Jin Made Tough Demands for “Incarnation of Envy”; SM C&C Responds

KBS Claims Gong Hyo Jin Made Tough Demands for Incarnation of Envy; SM CC Respondscrystalcove April 21, 2016 0 LINE it!KBS Claims Gong Hyo Jin Made Challenging Demands for Incarnation of Envy; SM CC Responds Yesterday, it was once reported that KBS and SBS were disputing who could be broadcasting the drama Incarnation of Envy on its channel, with SBS pronouncing that it's going to exist airing the drama, KBS saying that the drama at the beginning and still belongs to them, and the production corporate for the drama siding with SBS, announcing IT never showed alongside KBS.

With the drama production guests – SM CC – confirming SBSs claims yesterday, it gave the glance of the dispute would be settled, with the exception of KBS has enduredto assert ownership of Incarnation of Envy. It issues out that the drama became originally slated to air on KBS and to have that agendaexchange straightawayapproachreasonsa huge number ofwreck to KBS. It does no longer acceptsome other drama in line to update Incarnation of Envy, and if SBS does air it in August find it irresistible says it will, the drama that was once KBSs will now turn out to bepageant for KBS.

KBS also pointed out that conflicts with scheduling and long negotiations frequentlytake placesooner than a drama premiere, yet a network just intercepting a drama from some other network is opposed to all industry ethics.

KBS claims that it proven broadcast of Incarnation of Envy for the 2nd onepart of this year in early March. It had worked with SM CC on casting, planning, and production, but then it abruptlywon a realize that a couple ofprerequisites didnt fit and that SM CC would be moving the drama to yet one more network.

According to a representative from KBS, the explanation why the drama was given to SBS is on account of  lead actress Gong Hyo Jin, who demanded a definite filming and broadcasting schedule, in addition a sure product team. The representative printedthey'dattemptedto satisfy Gong Hyo Jins specific conditions, which incorporatedthe usage of a PD from out of doors KBS, now not a KBS PD. KBS was in the route of negotiating for that PD, having accredited her demands, when the drama was given to SBS.

The rep also revealed that Gong Hyo Jin sought after the drama to air in August, but KBS couldnt meet that condition as it already had an alternative drama, but it did attempt to push up the schedule up to possible. Gong Hyo Jin also supposedly needed the drama to air on Wednesday-Thursday, which KBS agreed to.

The rep argued that the all the conditions of just onefacetcan't be met in the procedure of drama production. It stated that for industry to take care of its criteria and order, Incarnation of Envy will have to air on KBS.

It must be noted here that not anything was finalized with an reliable contract relating to the broadcasting between KBS and SM CC, because of this that KBS cant take any criminal action.

SM CC answered to the file about Gong Hyo Jin, saying that they're saddened by way ofthe reality that Gong Hyo Jins recognition is being damaged, and that the actress never made any demands to the corporate or Television network.

SM CC claims that it was simplest negotiating with KBS for broadcasting rights, with nothing confirmed. It says that KBS unilaterally moved the broadcast schedule, as smartly as demanded that the drama be replaced from a 24-episode drama to a 20-episode drama. It also unearths that KBS first advised PD Jeon Chang Geun to helm the drama but the PD never attend any similar meetings. It features out that the PD now for Incarnation of Envy is a SBS PD, disproving KBSs claims that the actress wanted an outsourced PD.

SM CC is keepingrapid to their role of airing Incarnation of Envy on SBS, saying it has nothing to talk about with KBS.

In addition to Gong Hyo Jin, actor Jo Jung Suk may be leading the drama. It was originally expected that the drama would air after KBSs Uncontrollably Fond done its run in September. Currently, if the drama remains with SBS, it will premiere in August.

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Jay Park Refutes Claims That '2nd Thots' Attacks Beenzino's Female friend Stefanie Michova

Jay Park Refutes Claims That '2nd Thots' Attacks Beenzino's Female friend Stefanie Michova

AOMG at Stage 48 in NYC ft. Jay Park, SIMON Dominic, GRAY, Loco, and DJ Pumkin On Thursday, Korean-American rapper Jay Park clarified that his newest song isn't approximately any specific person.

Following a lot of rumors surrounding Park's recent song, "2nd Thot," Jay Park took to Twitter and made up our minds to "clear the air." Previously, fanatics of the rapper interpreted the lyrics of the song to be about fashion Stefanie Michova.

"2nd Thot is no longer about any explicituser or situation," Jay Park wrote. "So do notmoveand have a look atto begin no drama."

The post got here afterwards Michova tweeted based on harassment and comments from fans on her non-public social media accounts.

Michova, referred to as rapper Beenzino's girlfriend, also denied the rumors after she used to beburdened on Twitter.

"I have mind about stupid children making up shit," she wrote. "Just forestall it and leave me alone!"

Jay Park clarified that the song is set "certain people who seek other folks for their status, fame, or cashand should throw away their morals to score that and that person yet act like they don't."

The rapper also asked other peoplenot to "make assumptions" and "speak high quality things."

Since sharing the post, fans reshared Jay Park's tweet over 2,000 times and lovedthe similar mail service on Instagram over 20,000 times.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance creator and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

© 2015 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do no longer reproduce without permission.

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Staff member dies during making of MBC

Staff member dies during making of MBC "Splendid Politics"; family claims for loss

The family of the deceased staff member has claimed for damages to MBC and the production company for their son"s death which happened during the making of the MBC drama, "Splendid Politics".

According to the Seoul District Court, head of liaisons Ahn Eun-nam"s family claimed 760 million won in damages for his death as it was due to overwork and stress.

Previously, Ahn was found dead in a motel in Naju and his death was confirmed sudden. He was staying at a motel after driving around a location hunting car for long hours at a time.

The petition claimed, "Part of the job required Ahn to work an average of 15 to 20 hours a day. Despite the feeble working conditions, the broadcasting and production companies composed a "work commission contract" instead of a "labor contract" to avoid restrictions from the labor regulations. They evaded all the standards of working hours assigned by the law".

"Ahn has received 7 prescriptions from the hospital in the last ten years which clearly shows he was a healthy man but overwork led to his sudden death".

Kim Joo-hwa, the legal attorney in charge of the case claimed, "Although Ahn has worked with MBC for about 20 years he wasn"t signed under a labor contract but he was considered an "outsource" so there was no way to obtain a claim for his death. Behind the scenes of the dramas that everyone watches, staff members are working in poor working conditions and under tremendous amounts of stress. Hopefully this leads to some improvements in cases of accidents or compensation".

A member of staff who used to work with Ahn said, "The irresponsibility of MBC and the production company is the reason they are being sued right now. They didn"t even keep the promise of planting a tree under his name".



Rainbow Joikingly Claims That Lee Jin Wook Broke His Promise to Treat Them To Food

Rainbow Joikingly Claims That Lee Jin Wook Broke His Promise to Treat Them To Food

Rainbow Joikingly Claims That Lee Jin Wook Broke His Promise to Treat Them To Food

During the airing of KBS's entertainment show "Entertainment Weekly," idol group Rainbow jokingly claimed that actor Lee Jin Wook broke his promise to the girls when he promised to treat them to food!

On the February 28th broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed the members of Rainbow on the set of their newest music video, where they sat down for an interview for the entertainment news program.

During the interview, Rainbow mentioned that Lee Jin Wook had previously stated, “The girl group that gave me the most strength during my military service is Rainbow. I promised to buy them a meal,” in an interview with “Entertainment Weekly” back in 2011.

Member Jaekyung asked, “Why haven’t you kept your promise?” When asked to send a video message to the actor, Woori said, “Hello, we are Rainbow. You haven’t forgotten [your promise], right? Please buy us food,” causing laughter.ro


Go Young Wook claims he only pinched thigh of minor claiming sexual assault

Go Young Wook claims he only pinched thigh of minor claiming sexual assault

Go Young Wook claims he only pinched thigh of minor claiming sexual assault

Go Young Wook is continuing to deny the recent allegations of sexual assault against a 13-year-old girl, but after five hours of interrogation, he has now admitted that he did pinch her thigh.

The accusations against Go Young Wook have been investigated, and according to the officer in charge of the case, the former Roora member claimed, I did pinch her thigh, but I never touched her anywhere else.

This contradicts earlier statements as he previously claimed that though the minor had entered his car, there was no physical contact.

It was also revealed that the police will decide tomorrow, January 4th KST, whether an arrest warrant will be issued against the celebrity.

Considering that theres CCTV of the alleged event in question, justice will likely be served in a fair manner.

Source: Osen via Nate; TV Report via Nate


JYP Claims "Gangnam Style" Was Made with Him in Mind

JYP Claims "Gangnam Style" Was Made with Him in Mind

JYP Claims Gangnam Style Was Made with Him in MindJack of all trades Park Jin Young has revealed the reason for his support for Psy.

On October 12, Park Jin Young made an appearance on SBS Good Morning and revealed the reason for his tweet that supported Psy.

Park Jin Young playfully claimed, The reason why I am supporting a YG artist is because I heard that Gangnam Style was created with me in mind.

Recently, Park Jin Young posted a support message for Psy on his Twitter saying, Jae Sang, I just heard about your news today after spending my time away from Korea without a cell phone or internet connection. What in the world is going on! I did an interview cheering you on and wishing you to succeed with ‘Gangnam Style‘ two weeks ago, just before I left Korea. And now that song is ranked at the second place on the billboards chart! How could you accomplish something other people have prepared for years in just a month? Congratulations! Your life is full of drama! I’ll give you a call as soon as I get a cell phone again.

During this segment, actor Lee Byung Hun also made an appearance and praised Gangnam Style, saying that the title of the song is very fitting with the artist himself.

Meanwhile, this segment also aired a never been seen before footage of the Gangnam Style music video.

JYP Claims Gangnam Style Was Made with Him in Mind


R.efs Lee Sung Wook claims innocence after being accused of assaulting ex-wife

R.efs Lee Sung Wook claims innocence after being accused of assaulting ex-wife

R.ef’s Lee Sung Wook claims innocence after being accused of assaulting ex-wife

R.efs artist Lee Sung Wook, who had just returned after 8 years, has claimed innocence of physical assault towards his former wife whom he legally divorced.

The two were reported to have hit each other on the face after being engaged in an argument in the car. The Seoul Gangnam Police Department got on site after receiving a call from the wife at approximately 1:00 AM on October 7th, . The singer was questioned first as his ex-wife was sent to hospital with injured chin.

A representative of Lee Sung Wook commented, “His former wife called him to discuss some things, but at the time she was drunk beyond the ability to converse. During this process, an argument happened, and Lee Sung Wook says that he didn’t even touch a hair on her body.”

Following the news, Lee Sung Wook apologised to fans on the homepage website while denying the charge “I sincerely express my apologies towards our fans for bringing bad news, regardless of the truth,” he began. “However, the news of two-way physical assault is not true. In the process of delivering a personal message, due to her drunken state at the time, she began to get a little heated and the situation became bigger than it really was.”

“Thanks to our first comeback in eight years, R.ef and the company family are promoting with happiness. I apologize once again for giving our fans doubts and worries at a time like this.”

Source: Herald, Newsis