Lee Jin-wook's accuser adjustments her mind, freed from rape charge

Lee Jin-wook's accuser adjustments her mind, freed from rape charge

The lady who accused Lee Jin-wook of raping her replaced her statement.

According to Sooseo Police, the accuser implied that the actor did not do the rest to her by way of force.

She didn't say this without delay yet, yetit form of feels like she changed her remark about the 'force' involved.

Previously, the police made a statement that the accuser's false accusation used to be slowly beginning to surface.

Lee Jin-wook changed into sued by his accuser at the 14th. He countersued her two days later and the accuser sued him back for false accusations.

However, the accuser's attorney give up on the 23rd for 'new discovered information, otherperspectives about the investigation and agree with issues'.

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Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser, no trade of mind

Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser, no trade of mind

While it's faracknowledged that Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser replaced her words and said there used to be no force fascinated with their sexual intercourse, the police deny this.

MBC News Table reported that the fourth girl claimed the sex turned into consensual.

Apparently she changed her brainat the 17th.

However, the Gangnam Police claimed that this observationwill now not be true.

The police added, "The accuser was puzzled on the 17th and 19th yet she did notalternate her statement. She also didn't cancel any fees she made on Park Yoo-chun".

Park Yoo-chun was first accused of rape on the 10th then later 3 more accusers claimed that they were raped.

Park Yoo-chun and his firm are going to take care of this legally and counter sue them for false accusations and threat. They also have recorded evidence of the accuser.

The police have created a team of 12 investigators trustworthy to this case.

The police also have asked prohibition of departure on the 2 accusers whom Park Yoo-chun sued for false accusations and threat.

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Yoochun’s 2d rape accuser explains in detail how she used to be allegedly sexually assaulted

Yoochun’s 2d rape accuser explains in detail how she used to be allegedly sexually assaulted

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSince the primarygirl accused JYJYoochun of sexual attack3 more ladies have followed suit and accused the singer of raping them. 

And whilstthe 1st accuser has since dropped all fees and is now facing a counter lawsuit for making an attempt to blackmail Yoochun and his agency C-JeS Entertainment, the 2nd one accuser has just released information about her alleged come upon with the singer.

According to the woman, similar to the account given throughthe opposite accusers, Yoochun had brought her into the toiletahead of the assault took place. There, he blocked her from the door and refused to let her out, in the end locking it shut. She then is goingdirectly to describe the come across in detail, beginning with the reality that he grabbed her shoulders before forcing her down. In a video released by YTN News, the accuser goes on to give an explanation forprecisely what she acknowledgedtook place to her.

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ZEST member discovered  blameless of rape   accuser and partner charged

ZEST member discovered blameless of rape accuser and partner charged

ZEST member A has been discoveredblameless of rape fees made opposed to him previous this year.

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This beyond March, it was onceprinted that a former idol had accused a ZEST member of rape, yet the accusations had been found to be false. The feminine quondam idol in question, Omit Son (24), and her friend, Miss Moon (34) who helped spread the rumor on social media, have either been charged with defamation of character.

Miss Son up to now claimed that she and the ZEST member dated and he later sexually assaulted her. Despite the reality that it become found that the 2 were in a relationship, there has been no evidence of the rape in question. They are acknowledged to have damaged up because of their respective schedules.

Zenith Famous person Entertainment previously stated, "It's true that the two met remaining year. However, Miss Son unexpectedly sued for rape when they stopped seeing each and every other. She is announcing that she is the victim. It's far an absurd scenario for us.


ZEST's firm speaks out about rape accusations + finds purpose to sue accuser

ZEST's firm speaks out about rape accusations + finds purpose to sue accuser


ZEST"s agency made a remark about the rape allegations opposed to the gang that made headlines previous this year and printed their intention to sue the accuser.

At the exhibit for subunit ZEST-Z"s debut on September 10, the pinnacle of the agency stated, "The ZEST member who went thru rape allegations earlier this year has been cleared via the police. It"s these days dealing with investigations as it"s a rape case that"s been cleared."

The agency head continued, "We"re currently making ready to sue the girl in query as the member has been cleared of rape accusations. We"ll announce the results... Earlier this year, a lady called our agency and claimed that a ZEST member raped her and asked that we drop him from the group. Since then, he"s had a troublesome time. Prior to the group"s call was once even known, they have become related with rape. They"ll go back with the name ZEST once again."

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Park Si Hoo Rape Case is Dropped by Accuser

Park Si Hoo Rape Case is Dropped by Accuser

The accuser in the Park Si Hoo case has suddenly dropped her charges, leaving the public confused and curious.

According to prosecution, the accuser turned in an application to cancel her case on May 9. As rape cases are treated according to the wishes of the accuser, prosecution has been led to stop pursuing the indictment of Park Si Hoo.

As such, Park Si Hoo has also dropped the case he filed himself against his accuser.

Park Si Hoo Rape Case is Dropped by Accuser

Some have speculated that Park Si Hoo and the accuser have reached an agreement, but sources close to Park Si Hoo have denied the claims.

A source told enews on May 10 to a question on whether an agreement had been reached, "No. They did not reach any agreement."

Sources have also said that no monetary agreement was involved in the dropping of the case.

The public, however, has been left feeling confused at the sudden turn of events, especially as the accuser had been very cooperative in the investigation. Police had also been leaning toward prosecuting Park Si Hoo, as they transferred the case to prosecution on the charges.

Park Si Hoo was first sued for alleged rape. On May 2, the Seobu Police Agency forwarded the case to prosecution.

Photo credit: enews DB

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Park Si-hoo Questioned Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Questioned Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Questioned Over Rape Charge

Actor Park Si-hoo arrives at the Nokbeon Police Station in western Seoul for questioning on Friday.

Police plan to summon actor Park Si-hoo for further questioning on charges that he raped a 22-year-old aspiring actress. "We did not set a specific time to summon him and the next round of questioning may take place privately as he wishes", a police spokesman said.

Park finally appeared for questioning on Friday accompanied by his attorney and was grilled for about nine hours. He had repeatedly failed to obey a summons in the previous two weeks.

On his way out of the police station afterwards, Park told throngs of reporters camped outside, "Although there is much for me to tell you, all I can say now is that I responded dutifully to the police summons and the truth will prevail".

Park's defense team also submitted to police records of text messages sent by his accuser via messaging service Kakao Talk.

A female friend of the aspiring actress apparently sent her a text message advising her to either "get a lot of money" from the actor or "bring him down".

Park's accuser allegedly responded, "I'm going to show them how well I can act by looking like the victim".

But police said they intend to use the Kakao Talk records merely as reference, and other messages actually support the accuser's claims. "Park has yet to present evidence showing that the sex was consensual", a police spokesman said.

Police have come under fire for shoddy investigation since it was revealed that they did not bother to check the text messages in the two weeks since the probe began. Only one week's worth of messages are saved on the Kakao Talk main server, and Park's lawyer, rather than the police, had sought a warrant to obtain the records.


Park Si-hoo wants rape charge transfer

Park Si-hoo wants rape charge transfer

Park Si-hoo wants rape charge transfer

Actor Park Si-hoo has asked that the sexual assault case against him be transferred to the Gangnam police.

"We have decided that this case, currently under investigation at the Seobu Police Station, would be better served at the Gangnam Police Station. Today, we have filed paperwork asking for a transfer", said the actor's law firm Purme yesterday.

"We've watched how the case has been handled, and we found the investigation process wrong-headed. From the beginning, the details of the investigation were reported to the media without any filtering or confirmation", the statement read. "For example, the Seobu police reported to the media that Park Si-hoo postponed his appearance for the inquiry, but he was never even ordered to appear", the law firm stated.

However, Seobu officials said they have no intention of permitting the transfer.

The rape allegations, filed on Feb. 19, have dealt a huge blow to the actor's reputation just as he was getting noticed in "Cheongdamdong Alice".

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Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Actor Park Si-hoo, who has been charged with raping an aspiring starlet, has again failed to present himself for questioning by police. He had been summoned for 7 p.m. on Sunday.

"At around 6 p.m., an hour before he was scheduled to appear, Park's lawyer informed us that he wouldn't show after all", a police spokesman said.

Park also got a new lawyer on Sunday, who told police the actor now wants the investigation to be handled by the precinct that has jurisdiction over the trendy Cheongdam-dong area of southern Seoul, where his home and the bar where he drank with the alleged victim drank are located.

The investigation has so far been handled by police in western Seoul, which has jurisdiction over the accuser's home. The precinct declined and summoned Park again for questioning this week.

Meanwhile, another actor identified only by his surname Kim, who introduced Park to his accuser on the night of the alleged rape, has also been charged with raping the woman. Kim was also scheduled to report to police on Sunday night but did not show up.

Police said on Friday they are investigating whether Park spiked the woman's drink at the bar where they first met, since CCTV footage suggests she suddenly fell unconscious after leaving the bar. Police collected samples of her blood and urine and handed them over to the National Forensic Service.

Earlier, the woman told police that she passed put and only realized she had been raped after she regained consciousness. She said she felt she became drunk unusually fast.


'Beautiful Mind' actress Park So-dam flashes slender legs

'Beautiful Mind' actress Park So-dam flashes slender legs

"Beautiful Mind" actress Park So-dam showed off her slender gorgeous legs.

Park So-dam lately posted a photo of herself on her private Instagram.

In the printed photo, Park So-dam is straightening the collars of her blouse in front of a caf. Park So-dam in mini shorts presentations off her gorgeous legs.

Meanwhile, Park So-dam is handing over her enthusiastic acting performances for her role as a police officer, Gye Jin-seong in KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind" also starring Jang Hyeok. Audience can watch the drama thru desktop on KBS authentic website.

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