Lee Jin Wook’s Facet Speaks Up About Sexual Attack Allegations

Lee Jin Wook’s Facet Speaks Up About Sexual Attack Allegations

Lee Jin Wooks Aspect Speaks Up About Sexual Attack Allegationskokoberry July 15, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wooks Side Speaks Up About Sexual Assault Allegations On July 15, Lee Jin Wook used to be accused of sexual assault by ability ofa lady in her early 30s generally known as A.

After denying the allegations, his firm spoke up about the case and released an authentic statement. CCO ENS stated, First of all, Lee Jin Wook would love to sincerely express regret for any problembrought about by this unsavory event.

They continued, We might bein a position toobviouslylet you know that the sexual assault discussed in media reports did no longer happen. We plan on taking criminal action for false accusation opposed to the plaintiff. Lee Jin Wook will cooperate with the investigation so asto expose the truth. We deeply apologize to lovers and people who have shown unchanging love and support.

Furthermore, a source just about Lee Jin Wook spoke to news retailers and claimed that the plaintiff is in reality Lee Jin Wooks girlfriend. The source said, They were assembly amongstjust right intentions so he can'tagree withthose sexual assault allegations that got here up suddenly. Ive known Lee Jin Wook for a long time and hes no doubtno longerthe kindto invite out any individual first or behave in a forceful manner. Its regrettable that he were givenstuck up in this unfair situation. It practicallyturns out like its a trap.

The police are these days investigating the plaintiff and her allegations. Following this, they'll summon and investigate Lee Jin Wook.

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Details Regarding Park Yoochun’s 2d Sexual Attack Allegations Emerge

Details Regarding Park Yoochun’s 2d Sexual Attack Allegations Emerge

Details Relating to Park Yoochuns 2d Sexual Attack Allegations Emergekokoberry June 16, 2016 0 Details Concerning Park Yoochuns Second Sexual Assault Allegations Emerge On June 17, YTN News released details relating tothe second one allegation of sexual assault opposed to Park Yoochun.

The second individual, often known as A, currentlygot hereahead later Ms. Lee pressed fees against Park Yoochun for sexual assault. A explained that her case of sexual assault happenedclosing December yet she discovered the courage to leap forward after hearing of a equivalent incident. Eitherpeople have mentioned that Park Yoochun sexually assaulted them in the bogs of adult entertainment establishments/liquor bars.

YTN came uponevidence that A had in reality reported the sexual assault to the police 4 hours after their come across in December. She reported it to the police after calling a helpline at 3:20 a.m.

Following her initial call, the police called her back at 4:40 a.m. The police sent officials to verify sexual assault. However, A made up our minds to withdraw her statement.

A police source published that they were given the document and her testimony. They advised an investigation but A canceled her report.

A stated she used to bescared of a felonyfight with a bestmegastar which is why she didnt divulge his call and why she didnt press any charges. She revealed that she gained counseling following the hectic experience.

After Ms. Lee made a decision to drop rates against Park Yoochun, the police revealed that they are going to continue investigating. Now that a second allegation has emerged, they are going to exist investigating the second case as well.

Following the inside of track of the second allegation of sexual assault, Park Yoochuns firm C-JeS Entertainment released an authenticobservation claiming that the actor is blamelessand should retire from the entertainment industry if found guilty.

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C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Attack Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If Discovered Guilty

C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Attack Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If Discovered Guilty

C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Attack Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If DiscoveredAccountable kokoberry June 16, 2016 0 C-JeS Entertainment Says Sexual Assault Allegations Are False; Park Yoochun Will Retire If Found Guilty Following the 2nd one allegation of sexual assault filed opposed to Park Yoochun, his firm C-JeS Entertainment has released an legit statement.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here is C-JeS Entertainment.

We make an apology for being worriedmany of us with our involvement in non-stop scandalous cases.

The contemporary reports of the moment case against Park Yoochun aren't true and we can take felony action for defamation and false accusation.

We consider that he'll be cleared of suspicion as the police are lately investigating the primary lawsuit.

We feel unhappy and regrettable to listen of news of another ridiculous lawsuit that has been filed thru reports when Park Yoochun hasnt even been asked for his testimony in regards to the first case yet.

Currently, Park Yoochun is in a state of serious emotional shock. We ask for refrainment from reporting invalid and sensational news and hope that folks will wait for the effects from the investigation.

In the case that Park Yoochun is located guilty of committing any crime, he will retire from the entertainment industry.

Previously, Park Yoochun was once accused of sexual assault by 24-year-old Ms. Lee. The alleged sexual assault turned into reported to have came about in a leisure room of an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar. The fees accept since been dropped. However, a separate allegation from a otherparticular person has been made. The second allegation states that Park Yoochun sexually assaulted A in the toilet of an adult entertainment establishment/liquor bar remaining December.

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Yoo Sang Moo’s Alleged “Real” Female friend Speaks Out Relating to Sexual Attack Case

Yoo Sang Moo’s Alleged “Real” Female friend Speaks Out Relating to Sexual Attack Case

Yoo Sang Moos Alleged GenuineFemale friend Speaks Out Referring to Sexual Attack event soojji Would possibly 21, 2016 0 Yoo Sang Moos Alleged Real Girlfriend Speaks Out Regarding Sexual Assault Case Comic Yoo Sang Moo has lately been accused of sexually assaulting a girl he met 3 days previousvia Instagram. He attemptedto relievethe placement by calling this victim (Victim B hereafter), his “girlfriend.” However, his real girlfriend (Victim A hereafter), has spoken up and shared her conversations on a cellular messenger provider between her and Yoo Sang Moo. Victim A states, “I do no longerwish to encounter anymore sufferers like me.”

With a shaking voice, Victim A said that she was once shocked, disappointed in herself, and felt wronged. “I am Yoo Sang Moo's girlfriend. When he changed into at that assembly when the sexual assault occurred, he turns out to were amongstany other woman. I think stupid for falling for his act.”

Unable to continue speaking, Victim A showed over 2 hundred pages value of affection-filled messages, that she and Yoo Sang Moo sent each and every other. Yoo Sang Moo was a candy boyfriend, no less thantillMay just 17 (The sexual assault of Victim B allegedly came about on May additionally 18).

Messages from May also 17, 2016

Victim A: What are you doing? (8:35 p.m.)

Yoo Sang Moo: Recording for “Comedy Giant League”

Victim A: Are you done? (10:43 p.m.)

Yoo Sang Moo: Ah~~ now we’re in meetings T.T

Victim A: At this time? (11:17 p.m.)

According to Gangnam police, Yoo Sang Moo invited Victim B to the Might 17 recording of tvN “Comedy Huge League.” After the recording, Yoo Sang Moo, Victim B, and Yoo Sang Moo’s colleagues went out for drinks.

They drank except around 2:30 a.m. (May 18), and Yoo Sang Moo asked Victim B to “Please remain next to me until I fall asleep” and took her to a close by motel where the alleged sexual assault took place.

The final message Yoo Sang Moo sent to his girlfriend, Victim A, was at 11:17 p.m. It's farobvious that he met with Victim B after making excuses to Victim A announcing that he was in meetings.

However, Yoo Sang Moo had often expressed his affection for his girlfriend, Victim A, until May well 15.

Messages From May perhaps 15, 2016

Yoo Sang Moo: I leave out you. (9:52 p.m.)

Victim A: Have you been drinking?

Yoo Sang Moo: Honey, I admire you.

Yoo Sang Moo: Honey, I miss you.

Victim A: Huh? You’re drunk.

Victim A and Yoo Sang Moo were making plansto fulfill that weekend. Yoo Sang Moo repetitiously expressed that he enjoyed and overlooked his girlfriend and Victim A had no reason why to suspect otherwise.

“Even at the morning of Could 17, he sent me messages announcing that he loved me and missed me. How may 1 suspect any person like that? After seeing the within track on May 18 I used to be in utter shock, “ stated Victim A. On May 18 Yoo Sang Moo was engulfed in the sexual assault allegations and he has tried to alleviate the scenario by stating, “it was anything that happened between my girlfriend and I after having drinks.”

Messages From May 18, 2016 

Victim A: What is going on? Are you okay?

Yoo Sang Moo: I’m sorry. Something bad happened. I can shout y'all once things are settled.

Victim A: I think we need to talk.

Yoo Sang Moo: TT TT I’m sorry

Victim A: I believe I understand whats going on. I feel as although I have the correctto mention this. I’ve stated this before: when you play with someone’s heart, you're going to never be forgiven. I feel stupid for smiling and accepting all your acting whilst you enjoyed the situation. I actually wish you could possiblytake some timeto really reflect on yourself, and now notalmost about how you were given caught. How am i ready toaccept as true withanybody ever again?

Coincidentally, Yoo Sang Moo and Victim A also first met one anothervia direct messaging on Instagram. Victim A stated, “I also heard that he met Victim B through Instagram as well. Now that I consider it, that’s his pattern. He testsother folks out, contacts them, and meets them through SNS.” Victim A and Yoo Sang Moo exchanged telephone numbers, beganto speak over the phone, and sooner or later dated once you haveinvolved through Instagram.

Their beginnings were much like any other couple. All sides expressed their affection to every other; however, there were conflicts once in a while when Yoo Sang Moo was tough to reach.

Victim A: I won’t fall for it anymore.

Yoo Sang Moo: Fine. I’m disappointed in you too.

Victim A: You handiest say you miss me, yet don’t make the trouble to come see me.

Yoo Sang Moo: I’m being honest.

Victim A: You just act like you’re being honest. You are saying you miss me immediately afterward not contacting me. You treat me like I’m a toy while you are bored.

Yoo Sang Moo: I love you, but you stay pushing me away.

Victim A: If you actuallybeloved me, you wouldn’t call me just in those situations. Wouldn’t you frequently nameto look how I’m doing?

Yoo Sang Moo: I seriously paintingsalways like a dog TT TT

Victim A: I don’t think we were intended to be.

Victim A stated, “I said it to him then too. If here is all an act, then he would be punished by heaven. He said that it was a misunderstanding. I made up our minds to trust him back and we made a decisionup to now formally.”

Right after the sexual allegations were made by Victim B, Yoo Sang Moo stated that Victim B was his girlfriend.  He tried to make the ordeal into just a “happening” between girlfriend and boyfriend. But Victim A was not one to stick quiet after hearing his try to brand excuses.

“The reason I sought afterto talk out in an interview is because I trust there are numerous victims like me and Victim B. I would like him to as a minimum take duty for his actions. I’m not seeking to claim that I’m his real girlfriend. What use would that be? There are manygreatwomen like me out there. I need this incident to be correctly portrayed.”

What are your mindin this new information?

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Idol Workforce ZEST Declared Blameless in Sexual Attack Allegations

Idol Workforce ZEST Declared Blameless in Sexual Attack Allegations

Idol Staff ZEST Declared Blameless in Sexual Attack Allegationskokoberry December 16, 2015 0 LINE it!Idol Organization ZEST Declared Innocent in Sexual Assault Allegations Two girls who spread false rumors about an idol member might be undergoing a crook trial. The 2were accused of libel, and they'repurported to accept written on social media that one of them, Ms. Son, has been raped by skill of a member of the idol group ZEST. Ms. Sons friend, Ms. Moon, helped spread the rumor by re-posting it.

The false writing includes allegations that Ms. Son was once date raped this beyond February by a member of ZEST, whom she had been dating for a while. However, it turns out that whilst the two did indeed date, there has been no rape. The two are stated to have parted techniqueson account of busy schedules.

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Ki Hong Lee's facet speaks up about rumors of him performing on 'Superman is Back'

Ki Hong Lee's facet speaks up about rumors of him performing on 'Superman is Back'

Ki Hong Lee

Hollywood superstar Ki Hong Lee stepped up to respond to rumors of him appearing on Korean type display "Superman is Back" following an image he posted by approach of Snapchat of himself with Song Il Kook"s triplets, Dae Han, Min Kuk, and guy Se, on September 4.

His rep stated, "Ki Hong Lee was once at all times a lover of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back," so throughout his time table for film "Maze Runner: Scorch Trial," he met the triplets via an acquaintance. Ki Hong Lee had a personal time with the triplets; he isn't appearing in the broadcast."

The manufacturer of the prove likewise stated, "It become no longer for filming. They met in personal as acquaintances."

Well, that"s a shame! yet perhaps we"ll still get to peer him on Korean television sometime!

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Seungri and YG worker also sue reporter 'K' + 'K's facet speaks up

Seungri and YG worker also sue reporter 'K' + 'K's facet speaks up

Seungri and YG worker also sue reporter

In addition to YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk suing reporter "K", it"s been printed that firm artist Seungri and an worker have also filed complaints opposed to the similar reporter.

According to those in the felony field, the Big Bang member filed opposed to the reporter previous this month for libel, requesting repayment of 50 million KRW (~ 42,000 USD). An worker below the firm also filed bringing up defamation, requesting 30 million KRW (~ 25,000 USD) in damages.

Seungri claimed in his lawsuit that even supposing the police had governed his automobile crash ultimate year as being the purpose of speeding, reporter "K" brought up speculations about inebriated driving. Meanwhile, the YG worker is suing about the object "K" wrote at the employee"s court case associated with his army draft. Reporter "K" in the past reported at the worker wasting his case in court and stated that the worker bragged about being a "high magnificence YG employee" and taken damage to those around him by means of exposing his private issues.

Regarding some of those lawsuits, "K"s legal professional commented, "It"s no longer that reporter "K" has any special [ill] emotions in opposition to YG, yet rather that he brings up suspicions in his articles about the prosecution letting the firm off the hook in hopes that a superstar in the entertainment international will also grow to be an individual who is reputable at the side of his private existence as well. One of those freedom of the click should be assured."

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Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual AttackFees notclaira July 13, 2016 0 Lee Min Ki Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Actor Lee Min Ki used to becurrently accused and acquitted of sexual assault charges.

On July 14, a source from Lee Min Ki’s firmsaid that the actor have beenkeen on a sexual assault scandal yet after careful investigation by way of the police he become declared innocent.

There were rumors in the entertainment industry that Lee Min Ki had long past to a club in Busan on February 27 and met the lady “A.” On February 29, “A” filed a claim of sexual harassment.

His agency explained that even if Lee Min Ki did pass to the club, he was no longerconcerned in the harassment case. “The girl filed the charges mistakenly. She has since redacted her observation and we have gotgained an apology from her. One daywe are hoping that such misunderstandings will no longer happen.”

Lee Min Ki has been serving in the army as a public provideremployee since 2014. He is decided to be discharged this August.

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Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Attack Charges

Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual AttackFees jun2yng July 10, 2016 0 Park Yoochun To Be Acquitted Of Sexual Assault Charges Police have revealed that Park Yoochun could be acquitted of the 4 sexual assault charges made opposed to him.

On the morning of July 11, the Seoul Gangnam police said, “As it's milestough to end up the use of force, the charges of sexual assault don't appear to be valid. He'll be acquitted.” The investigation on the sexual assault charges will be concluded, and the consequences forwarded to the prosecution through the finish of this week or early next week.

With the case in huge part resolved, police are having a look into whether or no longerone hundred million won (approximately $87,300) used to be given to the primary accuser. Police restored texts exchanged between Park Yoochun and the 1st accuser, and featureshowed several mentions of “100 million won.”

Investigation relating to this substitute of money, alleged blackmail and false accusations by the accusers, prostitution, and  possible solicitation of prostitution by Park Yoochun is still ongoing.

Some reports are stating that police have charged the accusers with blackmail and false accusations, despite the truth that this has yet to be confirmed.

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Park Yoochun's DNA Suits In First Sexual Attack Case

Park Yoochun's DNA Suits In First Sexual Attack Case

Park Yoochuns DNA Matches In First Sexual Assault Case(Photo : C-JeS Entertainment)New traits have taken position in one of Park Yoochun's sexual assault cases.

According to Seoul police on July 7,despite the reality that Park's DNAmatches the DNAfound at the woman's underwear, it's milesmost probably that Park Yoochun could bediscoverednow notresponsible of sexually assaulting the primary woman.

The 1stlady submitted her undies to the police for DNA testing, and the effectsdisplay that Park's DNA used to be indeed provide on the clothing. The police investigation has made up our minds that even ifhere is prove of sexual intercourse, it is hardto take merit of it as evidence that Park used force in the encounter.

The girls who sued Park all saidall over the investigation that Park didn't threaten or use violence opposed to them in the direction of the encounter.

AdvertisementThe investigations relating to all 4instances of sexual assault are still underway. However, there's aprimelikelihood of Park being found not guilty because ofthe trouble of proving that he used force during the encounter.

The encounters all happened between 2015 and June 2016 in more than a few locations, adding adult entertainments establishment, Park's residence, and a karaoke room.

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