Lee Kwang Soo Named New Style For Buckaroo

Lee Kwang Soo Named New Style For Buckaroo

Lee Kwang Soo Named New Fashion For Buckarooleonid August 9, 2016 0 Lee Kwang Soo Named New Brand For Buckaroo Lee Kwang Soo is the maximum recent face of emblem Buckaroo!

On August 9, King Kong Entertainment stated, Lee Kwang Soo has been designated the crazemannequin for the 2016 F/W season of informalantique brand Buckaroo.

Lee Kwang Soo has made a call for himself far and wide Korea in additionaround the worldviadiversified projects in movies, dramas, and diversity shows, earning him the nickname of Asias Prince.

The actor also has revel in in the box of modelling, where he puts his impressive height, striking appearance, and authentic mode sense to excellent use.

Recognizing his easygoing yetsubtle image, Buckaroo made up our minds that he would make an excellentfit alongside the brands vintage textures and classy tailoring, and has named him the recent face of this season.

In the photos, Lee Kwang Soo also poses with emerging CF megastar and his fellow Buckaroo model, Hi Venuss Nara.

Buckaroo officials stated, With Buckaroo, hallyu star and actor Lee Kwang Soo can create a favorableimpression as the new ambassador of Korean fashion, so he has been appointed our model for 2016. He'lltake part in quite so much of promotions by which our consumers sack meet him, adding an match to celebrate his appointment.

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Interview #3 Si Wan,

Interview #3 Si Wan, "I pitied Hwang Kwang-hee all the style through the "Infinity Challenge" acting lesson"

Actor and ZE:A - Youngsters of Empire idol workforce member Si Wan supported Hwang Kwang-hee.

In an interview with the actor and singer at the 11th, he said, "I know Hwang Kwang-hee smartly and he hesitates to bring out the sincerity in him".

Si Wan made a unique appearance on Hwang Kwang-hee's present MBC Televisiondisplay "Infinite Challenge" with actor Lee Sung-min. He discussed that episode and said, "Lee Sung-min used to befascinated by the acting courses and Hwang Kwang-hee becamestuffed with jokes. They did not get along yetinducedaspect effects".

Si Wan said, "If Hwang Kwang-hee had approached the lessons with a more honest attitude it shouldwere different. However, I suspect he did a excellentactivity in the hot episode of "Infinite Challenge"".

"Thinking of My Older Brother" is in keeping with the cause of a lacking children's choir all the manner through the Korean War. The filmpresentationsthe ability of a small song that began in a position where all hope was lost. Si Wan takes on the role of lieutenant Han Sang-ryeol who is harm but slowly recovers thank you to the children's choir.

Ko Ah-seong plays Park Joo-mi, a instructor who jumps into the war to give coverage to the children. Lee Hee-joon played 'the Hook' who threatens the security of the children. Jeong Joon-won and Lee Re played Dong-goo and Soon-yi who sign up for the choir.

"Thinking of My Older Brother" might be released on the 21st.


Actor Kim Kwang Gyu gets non-public about his alcoholic father and dating style

Actor Kim Kwang Gyu gets non-public about his alcoholic father and dating style

On the November 30 episode of 'Healing Camp,' emerging actor Kim Kwang Gyu were given a little personal, detailing his less-than-perfect adolescence and his dating style.

The actor published that he used to be embarrassed of his own father who had worked as a cart motive force for a bakery after he voluntarily retired. He recalled, "If I used to be more mature, I'd possess helped him push the cart," tears welling in his eyes.

Kim Kwang Gyu also confessed that he had an estranged courting amongst his father. He explained, "When he would get drunk, my father would argue with my mom everyday," speaking about his rough early life which he spent restraining his father's mood tantrums.

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He continued, "Before my father passed directly tothe nice beyond in 2007, I asked him, 'Why did you simplest hit me?' He had replied, 'Because I cared.' I cried so much on the interior at his words," revealing how he ignored his father regardless of the strained relationship he shared with him.

Moving clear of the somber, heavy subject of his past, Kim Kwang Gyu also discussed his dating style, disclosing that he'sthe kind to watch forthe girl to take realize and way him first. MC Search engine marketing Jang Hoon asked him, "Is there a girl who is to yourcentercorrect now?" to which Kim Kwang Gyu in truth responded, "Yes. There is."

When the MCs then wondered why he hasn't confessed his emotions yet, Kim Kwang Gyu answered, "Because there were time and againI have confessed and things did notpaintings out."


Jessica Named Exclusive style and Muse of J.Estina Red

Jessica Named Exclusive style and Muse of J.Estina Red

--> J.Estina Red announced on October 29, "We′ve decided on hallyu superstar Jessica, who is lately active at the global stage, to be our exclusive style and muse."

Jessica Named Exclusive version and Muse of J.Estina Red

Jessica′s first reputable promotional match with J.Estina Red can be a fan signing on November 7, sooner than she starts more than a few activities as the brand′s model.

A rep from J.Estina Red stated, "Jessica knows ample about fashion to release her own logo Blanc & Eclare, and she has numerous passion in good looks and fashion. Jessica is a trend icon among ladies now not best in Korea yet everywhere in the world, and during non-stop collaborations with Jessica, we will be ready to be offering complicated and sensual day by capacity of day makeup to ladies in towns all round the world.

Through the exclusive modeling contract, Jessica will be active as the brand and muse of J.Estina Red′s cosmetics brand J.Estina Red Beauty, which introduced in June, and jewellery category.

Meanwhile, as neatly as Jessica′s activities as J.Estina Red′s brand model, the logo plans to collaborate with her brand Blanc & Eclare to frequently produce authentic items.

J.Estina Red Beauty′s base and makeup products are to be had on J.Estina Red′s online store.


Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young And Lee Chun Hee Show Classy Style For Elle

Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young And Lee Chun Hee Show Classy Style For Elle

Actors Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee posed together for the November issue of Elle.

The trio are costars in the movie Collective Invention (also known as Mutant), which has been receiving rave reviews and was even screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film is about a man whose face becomes fish-like after taking an experimental drug.

In the main photo, Bo Young leaned against Kwang Soo while they both sat on the floor. She wore a sheer cut-outs dress by Valentino from the brand"s Fall 2015 RTW collection. The popular dress was also modeled by miss A"s Suzy in the magazine"s October issue and can be seen below. Park accessorized the look with a black crown and multi-strap pumps.

(Photo : Valentino)

Meanwhile, leading man Kwang Soo thankfully left his fish mask at home! The star rocked black-and-white print dress shirts, evening blazers and black slacks by brands like Dior Homme and Saint Laurent. Meanwhile, Chun Hee looked classy in a black fedora and matching suit.

Collective Inventionis currently in theaters across Korea. Check out the trailer below!

To see photos from the film"s official press conference, click here!


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"Buckaroo" to release jeans named after their model AOA"s Seolhyun

AOA"s Seolhyun is not just a typical model for jean brand "Buckaroo". She"s a model with jeans named after herself!

For the Summer 2015 season, the promotional photo for her new jeans, "Seolhyun Biter Jeans #3" has been released! In the photo above, she is wearing her jean shorts along with a crop top, showing off her lean legs and shapely figure.

Don"t you think she looks great? You can also see her as a vampire in the drama "Orange Marmalade"!

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Style Log' BEAST's Lee Gi Kwang's Denim on Denim Fashion

Style Log' BEAST's Lee Gi Kwang's Denim on Denim Fashion


Member of the idol group BEAST Lee Gi Kwang shared his denim on denim fashion sense on the cable channel On Style"s "Style Log 2014." BEAST Lee Gi Kwang stars on On Style"s "Style Log 2014" as a host, in addition to Huh Ga Yoon and Do Sang Woo. On the most recent episode of On Style"s "Style Log 2014" BEAST Lee Gi Kwang wore a pair of light blue destroyed jeans and matched it with an ice denim jacket, showing off his denim on denim style. Both of his denim products were from the designer brand PERDRE HALEINE. In related news, Lee Gi Kwang is working as a part of BEAST singing the track titled "Twelve Thirty" from its special mini seventh album. On Style"s "Style Log 2014" is a newly premiered entertainment program where the three hosts, BEAST Lee Gi Kwang, Huh Ga Yoon and Do Sang Woo, explore hot fashion places, galleries and eateries in each part of Seoul.


BEASTs Lee Ki Kwang, 4Minutes Gayoon, and Model-Actor Do Sang Woo Chosen as New MCs for Style Log

BEASTs Lee Ki Kwang, 4Minutes Gayoon, and Model-Actor Do Sang Woo Chosen as New MCs for Style Log

On August 29, OnStyle stated, “Lee Ki Kwang, Gayoon, and Do Sang Woo have been chosen to be the new MCs of ‘Style Log.’” “Style Log” is a culture guide program that reveals popular places that are hidden throughout Seoul and shows how to enjoy these places stylishly like ‘fashion people.

Not only does “Style Log” incorporate hot places for fashion and beauty, it also introduces various hot places that are related to living, interior, art, dining, and more. In the previous season, model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, After School’s Nana, and model Jo Min Ho hosted the program, so many are curious as to what new charms this change in MCs will bring.

4Minutes Gayoon and BEASTs Lee Ki Kwang have proven to have a great sense of fashion, as well as a lot of interest in this area. Do Sang Woo has been gaining attention and recognition after starring in SBS’ drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” as the role of Gong Hyo Jin’s ex-boyfriend.

The very first broadcast of the new season of “Style Log” is set for September 12 at 9 PM (KST) on OnStyle.


PSYs Gangnam Style to be named as Best MV in 2012 by Billboard

PSYs Gangnam Style to be named as Best MV in 2012 by Billboard

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” to be named as Best MV in 2012 by Billboard

Billboard has chosen PSY’s megahit “Gangnam Style” as the best MV of 2012 with 21% of the vote. Billboard brought out the results of “2012 BestWorse” votes on its official website on December 19th.

“Gangnam Style” achieved over one billion viewers on YouTube.

According to an announcement on Billboard website, “With the record number of viewers on YouTube, there is no doubt that ‘Gangnam Style’ should receive the best music video award of the year.”

In related news, runner-ups in the best MV category included Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” with 19% and Justin Bieber’sBeauty and the Beast” with 11%.


ZE:As Kwang Hee performs Gangnam Style on To The Beautiful You

ZE:As Kwang Hee performs Gangnam Style on To The Beautiful You

ZE:As Kwang Hee performs Gangnam Style on To The Beautiful You

ZE:As Hwang Kwang Hee recently performed Psys Gangnam Style on a TV series.

In the thirteenth episode of SBSs Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You, which will air on September 26, Hwang will perform Gangnam Style and will make the audience laugh out loud.

Hwang performs the song to tease SHINees Choi Min Ho because he thinks that Choi got dumped by Kim Ji Won. Hwang even made the entire crew laugh with his funny face and poses.

According to the officials for the series, Hwang, who always creates a happy atmosphere on the set, showed off his dance skills while performing the song.

Since Hwang will parody the song at his concert, he practiced the choreography for the song a lot. As a result, he was able to shoot the scene confidently.

The production company for the series says, Whenever we shoot scenes with Hwang, he moves the entire crew and actors to laughter. He tries hard to encourage the exhausted crew by telling them funny stories with funny movements.

The thirteenth episode of the series will air on September 26 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: Star Daily News