Lee Min-ho awarded 'Sharing Happiness Award' via Ministry of Fitness and Welfare

Lee Min-ho awarded 'Sharing Happiness Award' via Ministry of Fitness and Welfare

Actor Lee Min-ho was once awarded the 1st 'Sharing Happiness Award' via the Ministry of Fitness and Welfare at the 21st.

The 'Sharing Happiness Award' by the Ministry of Health and Welfare rewards folks and organizations who build up awareness of sharing to the society and spread that culture. Lee Min-ho become the just one in the preferred culture out of 40 winners that evening. Lee Min-ho joined hands with UNICEF in 2009 beginning alongside the insecticidal remedy for Malaria mosquitoes or even donated over one hundred million won for the sufferers of the Nepal earthquake in 2015.

In 2014, he established the charity platform, "Promise" with his enthusiasts and has done loads of charity paintingscorresponding to digging wells in Africa.

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SISTAR's Bora Named New Ministry Of Fitness And Welfare Ambassador

SISTAR's Bora Named New Ministry Of Fitness And Welfare Ambassador

(Photo : Twitter )SISTAR's Yoon Bora now knows how to do CPR and is encouraging more folks to get involved.

Bora used to be appointed via the Ministry of Fitness and Welfare to be the hot ambassador of emergency first reliefand may spread the significance of studying CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to others.

The K-pop singer will seem in CPR educationfabrics presented by the govtbranch to advertise awareness and stayall and sundry safe.

Bora published her excitement and the importance of learning how to save a person's existence by CPR.

"I'm satisfied to spread the importance of CPR to more people, and I also feel a feeling of responsibility," acknowledged Bora, as reported by Allkpop.

Bora also revealed that the life-saving meansisn'tdemandingto be told and that any one can save a person's life.

"CPR shouldn't be hard or complicated. Any person can save anybody else by applying drive to the middle of the chest."

Aside from her turning into an ambassador, the SISTAR member will sign up forthe forged of Law of the Junglefor the impending season.

Also, Bora attended Phiaton X Teddy'sevent on Nov. 5, which turned into to sell Teddy's new headphone line.

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Choi Song-hyeon to be awarded the Korean Sharing Award

Choi Song-hyeon to be awarded the Korean Sharing Award

Choi Song-hyeon to be awarded the Korean Sharing Award

Actress Choi Song-hyeon has been acknowledged for her foreign charity work and is going to be awarded the Korean Sharing Award in following Moon Geun-yeong and Kong Hyeon-joo.

Tobis Media claims, "Choi Song-hyeon will be awarded the Diplomatic Trade Unification Commissioner Award at the 7th "Korean Sharing Awards" 2012".

The Korean Sharing Awards committee revealed the reason for the award saying, "Choi Song-hyeon has become a social role model going back and forth Africa, Rwanda and Indonesia, performing acts of charity and increasing awareness of the country".

Choi said, "I didn't think I would get this award yet but I am so honored to have it. I think sharing is our duty and responsibility. Anyone who with a heart can do it".

So far Moon Geun-yeong, Kong Hyeon-joo, Kim Jang-hoon, Jang Nara and others hae been awarded the Korean Sharing Award.

Meanwhile, Choi Song-hyeon was chosen once as the most wanted 'bride', beating Kim Tae-hee.


f(x)'s Victoria and Krystal awarded at China's 'JUMEI AWARD Rite 2016'!

f(x)'s Victoria and Krystal awarded at China's 'JUMEI AWARD Rite 2016'!

f(x)'s Victoria and Krystal have claimed awards at China's 'JUMEI AWARD Rite 2016'!

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The model award ceremony, backedby skill of 'Bazaar China' and Chinese buying groceries mall 'Jumei', marks it is2nd year in 2016. A lot ofmost sensible Asian celebrities who have won attention thru their fashion are invited and awarded. 

f(x)'s very own Victoria took house the 'Best Reputation Goddess Award', whilst Krystal clenched the 'Fashion Icon Goddess Award'! Congratulations to the 2 fashionistas!


Lee Byung-hun, Yoo Ah-in and Han Hyo-joo to be awarded the 2015 Most sensible  Megastar Award

Lee Byung-hun, Yoo Ah-in and Han Hyo-joo to be awarded the 2015 Most sensible Megastar Award

Actors and actress Lee Byung-hun, Yoo Ah-in and Han Hyo-joo are being awarded the Korean BestMegastar Prizes.

Also, the winners of the preferred award are Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Choo Ja-hyeon, and the maximumsmartly liked stars in Korean videos are Byeon Yo-han, Choi Woo-sik, Lee Yoo-young and Park So-dam.

Producers Lee Joon-ik and Lee Byung-hun are taking house to the most efficient Director Awards and martial arts dicrector Jeong Doo-hong is being given the Martial Arts Director Award. Ahn Seong-gi is being awarded the Success Award.

The 2015 Korean Height Star Awards is being held at the 29th at the Grand Hyatt and it is being hosted through Shin Hyeon-joon and Lee Da-hee. The Korean Actors and Actresses Arrangement and contributors of it make up the judge.

Last year's winners, Kim Han-min, Yang Woo-seok, director Kim Hak-soon and actors Si Wan and Kang Ha-neul, may be in attendance at the development to announce the winners.


Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin  and other  stars have wowed people when having been awarded at the  Korean Film Actors Guild Award

Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin and other stars have wowed people when having been awarded at the Korean Film Actors Guild Award

Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin, and More Honored at Korean Film Actors Guild Award Ceremony Many actors were honored at the Korean Film Actors Guilds award ceremony that took place on June 18.

Actors Son Hyun Joo and Kim Myung Min were awarded the highest honors of the night. Both of the actors have been in two of the highest-grossing domestic films of 2015 so far, with Son Hyun Joo starring in The Chronicles of Evil and Kim Myung Min in Detective K 2.

The popularity award of the ceremony went to Kim Woo Bin, who starred in the youth comedy film Twenty. The new actor award went to his co-star Kang Ha Neul.

Other actors who received awards at the ceremony included Kim Go Eun (Coin Locker Girl), Kim Sung Kyun (The Deal), Lee Seung Gi (Love Forecast), Ji Jin Hee (Equator), and Lee Yeon Hee (Detective K 2).

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Leeteuk and Hyeri sentimentally recall Ladies

Leeteuk and Hyeri sentimentally recall Ladies" Code"s past happiness at receiving the "Rookie Award" at "The 4th GAON Chart Kpop Awards"

Leeteuk and Hyeri sentimentally recall Ladies

"The 4th GAON Chart Kpop Awards" took place on January 28 where the sweet girls of Ladies" Code were sorely missed. MCs Leeteuk and Hyeri particularly expressed their sentiments about the girls after giving the awards out for best rookies of the year as Ladies" Code had won the award the previous year.

Leeteuk said, "Seeing WINNER and MAMAMOO win the rookie awards makes me think of Ladies" Code. Last year, Ladies" Code won the award and their happy image has popped back into my head. It"s regrettable that they are not here with us today."

Hyeri added, "I wish people would listen to their songs more and remember them." Leeteuk said, "We also wish that the other members would recover quickly, so that we could see them on stage," showing his support for not only the group"s rehabilitation but also their return to the K-Pop world.

Meanwhile, congratulations to WINNER and MAMAMOO on receiving the honor that had been bestowed to Ladies" Code in the past.


Big Bang

Big Bang"s T.O.P awarded Visual Culture Award for his artistic interests from "Prudential Eye Awards"

Big Bang"s T.O.P was recently awarded the Visual Culture Award at "Prudential Eye Awards" for his artistic talents and potential to grow as an art curator along with his interest in furniture and construction design.

YG Entertainment revealed to the media that T.O.P had received the award at "Prudential Eye Awards" which was held in Singapore on January 20 at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands. "The Prudential Eye Awards" is an award show that recognizes and supports talented and emerging artists all across Asia.

The idol has been studying furniture and construction designs, and visual arts, continuously communicating with many young talented artists. It was revealed that T.O.P is planning on releasing furniture pieces that he designed with a prominent Switzerland furniture brand.

Meanwhile, starting in March, T.O.P will attend the "2015PrudentialSingapore Eye exhibition" held at the ArtScienceMuseum in Marine Bay Sands as an art curator.

Congratulations to T.O.P!


Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician"s Chanhyuk awarded Outstanding Individual Award

Akdong Musician"s Chanhyuk was recently awarded the "2014 Korea Outstanding Individual Award," confirming his status as one of the top rookie producers to look out for in the upcoming year.

The organizers for the awards praised Chanhyuk for his talent in creating one-of-a-kind music and bringing variety into the rather repetitive idol music industry.

They said, "He has outstanding talent in music where his unique melody progressions and lyrics brought a warm breeze into the monotonous idol music industry."

On this day, Lee Chan Hyuk attended the award ceremony with his younger sister and musical partner Suhyun.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician released their first ever album, "Play," garnering much love. It was also later revealed that Chanhyuk had produced and wrote the lyrics for all the tracks included in the album.


"Superman Returns" Children Cast Member Awarded Popularity Award at '2014 KBS Entertainment Awards'

2014 was a year blessed with many rising stars in all different fields of entertainment, but the most notable rising stars of South Korea have proven to be the adorable child stars of KBS’s mega-hit show Superman is Back. 

Their consistently accumulating popularity is not only evident in their impressive Sunday night TV ratings, but also in receiving the honourable Popularity Award at the 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards.


The stage for the presentation of the KBS Popularity Award initially did not look lacking in any component, as viewers and audience were graced with the overwhelmingly charismatic aesthetics of special MC’s SuhoXiumin and Sehun of EXO. However, once they announced that the winners of the prestigious title were Lee Haru, Choo Sarang, Daehan Minguk Manse, Lee Seo Eon and Lee Seo Jun of Return of Superman, it is safe to say that the once residing peacefulness of the stage had been bid farewell, as the children and their fathers made their way to accept the award.

The children had both the audience and the MC’s cooing over their adorable blankness and inability to comprehend what exactly was occurring at that very moment, as their fathers were wildly running around the stage in an attempt to catch a runaway child.

However, it was the questions the fathers were asked in the stead of their speechless children that truly amused the audience. One such question was addressed to Sarang’s father Choo Sung Hoon, who was asked by MC Shin Dong Yup, “What were your sentiments when Manse and Sarang kissed?” His reply was, “I didn’t know about it until I watched the actual broadcast, so I was surprised.”, drawing laughter from the audience. This was then followed by another question by Shin Dongyup, this time to the triplets’ father Song Il Kook, asking, “Did you intentionally plan on having triplets?”, to which Song Il Kook’s flustered reply was, “Not really. We did whatever and then…”

Though the children’s acceptance of their awards was simply the most adorable moment of the entire awards show, there is the clearly noticeable lack of Haru and Tablo‘s presence. This is due to Epik High’s current “Parade 2014″ tour, with Busan being the concert venue that clashed with the awards night. However, Lee Hwi Jae expressed Tablo’s gratitude upon acceptance, explaining the reason behind his absence.

Check out the children’s acceptance clip below!

Source: E Today