Lee Seung Gi Units In Exposure Poster For The National Armed Forces

Lee Seung Gi Units In Exposure Poster For The National Armed Forces

Lee Seung Gi Units In Exposure Poster For The National Militia ehk38 June 16, 2016 0 Lee Seung Gi Models In Publicity Poster For The National Armed Forces Lee Sung Gi currently modeled in a publicity poster for the national armed forces.

The poster, which was once displayed at therespectable homepage of the 14th Flooring Forces Festival, functions Lee Seung Gi having a lookrushing as ever in his army uniform. Genuine talk, we cant figure out whether we are more jealous of the schoolgirl beside him or the kid that Lee Seung Gi is protecting in his arm.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi enlisted in needed military provider on February 1 of this year and graduated from militaryeducation with honors on March 16. He's currently assigned to important War Command. He is expected to be discharged on October 31, 2017.

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Lee Seung-gi and agency:

Lee Seung-gi and agency: "The girl in the rumor, an entire stranger. No amicable solution to the long-established poster"

Singer actor Lee Seung-gi will take robust measures at the initial poster of the malicious rumor and those that spread the rumors online.

Lee Seung-gi's firm Hook Entertainment told Xports News on June 23rd, "Yesterday, (June 22), we asked the police to analyzethe primary poster of the malicious rumor about Lee Seung-gi".

The go along with the agency said, "We were going to let it cross this time back because we've got been making an allowance forthe ones malicious rumors and comments online so that you canspecificpassion just about him. For the explanation that rumors are utterly groundless and false, we were going to let it go this time as well. However, as the rumors are spreading incrediblyspeedy and they even abused a photo of a non-celebrity person, we havemade up our minds to request the investigation" and "The ruin is too large to let it go thinking it all startedonly for fun. We considerwe mightwant to acceptsolid measures to save you the equivalentstate of affairs from recurring".

The partner also acknowledged firmly, "We hesitated first (before inquiring for the investigation) because he's serving army at the moment. The girl in the rumor is an entire stranger to us. Because the malicious posters even stole a non-celebrity's non-public image, we wouldn't have anypurpose to get to the ground of this with the initial poster amicably".

According to the initial posting of the rumor, Lee Seung-gi used to be engulfed in rumors announcing he had an affair with an older girl and delivered a baby. His agency requested the investigation thru cybercrime reporting system. Gangnam police station is in control of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-gi became enlisted in February this year and is lately serving defense force in Republic of Korea Army Special Forces.

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Lee Seung-gi sings national anthem at the Memorial Day ceremony

Lee Seung-gi sings national anthem at the Memorial Day ceremony

Lee Seung-gi sang Korean National Anthem at the Memorial Day ceremony.

Singer actor Lee Seung-gi, these days serving essentialarmy service, attended the 61st Memorial Day rite held at the Seoul National Cemetery in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on June 6.

Lee Seung-gi went at thedegree to sing the national anthem, Aegukga, which was oncea section of the Memorial Day Ceremony program. Throughout the solemn proceeding of the ceremony, Lee Seung-gi's callbecome called. He went on the stage and sang all the4 verses of Aegukga. He then went down from the stage after he executedmaking a song the national anthem.

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Watch: Lee Seung Gi Plays National Anthem At Memorial Day Ceremony

Watch: Lee Seung Gi Plays National Anthem At Memorial Day Ceremony

Watch: Lee Seung Gi Plays National Anthem At Memorial Day Rite ilmare42 June 6, 2016 0 Watch: Lee Seung Gi Performs National Anthem At Memorial Day Ceremony Lee Seung Gi used to be given the honor of making a song the national anthem at an professional Memorial Day ceremony.

The ceremony become attended through over 10,000 people, adding South Korea’s president Park Geun Hye and other political dignitaries, veterans who have wonpopularity for their service, and other citizens. It happenedat the morning of June 6 at the Seoul National Cemetery. Lee Seung Gi was joined by 4 other servicemen to accomplish the anthem.

During the ceremony, actor Lee SEO Jin later recited the poem “Rose of Sharon” devoted to fallen soldiers, and singer Gummy carried out the song “We Bear in mind Them” in conjunction with a children’s choir.

It’s been decades since enthusiasts of Lee Seung Gi have had an opportunityto peer him perform, as he enlisted in the military for his essentialarmyprovider on February 1 of this year. Lee Seung Gi is expected to be discharged from the army on October 31, 2017.

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BEAST and Jang Hyunseung Face Contract Renewal and armed forces Enlistment

BEAST and Jang Hyunseung Face Contract Renewal and armed forces Enlistment

BEAST and Jang Hyunseung Face Contract Renewal and armed forces Enlistmentkminjungee April 19, 2016 0 LINE it!BEAST and Jang Hyunseung Face Contract Renewal and Military Enlistment Amidst the news of Jang Hyunseung officially leaving BEAST, two more coming near near issues exist for the rest members.

On April 20, a representative states that the contracts that BEAST, in addition Jang Hyunseung, have with Dice Entertainment will all be up for renewal at the finish of October. This issue is these daysbelow discussion, and is the maximumpressingand criticaltopic for BEAST, at the moment.

The 2ndmost vital matter for the participants is their impending military enlistment. For one of the crucial members as smartly equally Jang Hyunseung, the age they shouldcross to the army temporarily approaches, causing a scenario where the groupssymbol and attainable promotions will have no selectionyet to change.

The representative says, We think that for now the complete lotmust be open, and idea about, expressing that they'retrying to find the most obviousoption that might beget advantages BEAST, Jang Hyunseung, and the firm itself.

For now, BEAST plans on freeing a new album someday this year, and Jang Hyunseung is getting ready as a solo artist under Cube Entertainment. He previously released a solo album, preluding his career as a solo artist. Member Yong Junhyung may bemaking plans to free up a solo track.

Meanwhile, BEAST has promoted for the closing8 years with the similar members since their debut in 2009. With Jang Hyunseungs leave, the crowd volitionadvertise alongside the remaining five members moving forward.

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BIGBANG Talks About the K-Pop Label and armed forces  Provider in Washington Post Interview

BIGBANG Talks About the K-Pop Label and armed forces Provider in Washington Post Interview

BIGBANG Talks About the K-Pop Label and armyCarrier in Washington Post Interviewnotclaira March 4, 2016 0 LINE it!BIGBANG Talks About the K-Pop Label and Defense force Service in Washington Post Interview The Washington Post these days published an editorial about BIGBANG, explaining the sector of K-pop and the group’s recognition in South Korea to its U.S.-based readers. The itemcomprises an interview that came about in Tokyo all the style through BIGBANG’s global tour.

The article compares BIGBANG to stars corresponding to Taylor Swift and One Direction, noting that BIGBANG’s “MADE” excursion sold 910,000 tickets (almost 1 million) for 18 presentations in Japan alone, whilst One Direction sold 2.4 million tickets across 85 displaysround the world.

Not content with pan-Asian success, BIGBANG also toured several towns in North The united statesremaining year. “We were amazed that folk knew our songs in countries that we haven’t even been to, such as Mexico,” acknowledged Taeyang in the interview. “They’d never observed us rather thenat the Internet.”

The article explains K-pop as having taken off in the 1990s, with corporationsstriking trainees via “grueling training” and “churning out highly manufactured teams amongst a saccharine sound.” They also advocate that “vocal abilitygot here2nd or 3rd to looks and dancing ability earlier than going on to supply an explanation for that K-pop briefly spread throughout the 2000s to Japan, across Asia, and grew to change into a “Korean wave” that encompassed dramas, movies, and fashion.

The article states that BIGBANG has damaged out of the “K-pop machine” and “matured to turned into a new generation of boyband, one whose artists are interested in writing, composing, and producing.”

“Actually, I don’t know why they call Korean song ‘K-pop,’” Seungri said in the interview. “Good music is sweet music.” G-Dragon added, “We are Korean, so glaringly they call our music K-pop. Yet nosotros never thought about our music as K-pop. Our music is solely our music.”

T.O.P had the general word, saying, “You don’t divide pop music by who’s doing it. We don’t say, for instance, ‘white pop’ when white other folks make music.”

The article mentions that BIGBANG has “pushed limitations of what is looked as K-pop,” but also notes that the five participantshad been careful to logo themselves as individuals. They call Taeyang and Daesung’s solo activities, T.O.P’s branching out into acting, and G-Dragon’s acclaimed sense of fashion.

The article notes that thoseperson activities are very important at a time when BIGBANG’s long runis known as into question. Korean men are required to finisha minimum of 20 months’ military service before they turn 32, and the oldest member of BIGBANG, T.O.P, is 28. G-Dragon and Taeyang observe close in the back of at age 27.

“If we’re going to discuss about that, we’ll feel sad,” G-Dragon said. “We are Korean, so we want tocross someday, but I don’t know when it’s going to be. Till then, we’ll just take a glance atdemanding to do what we were given to do.”

“I accept as true with in destiny, and I’m going to let it go with the flowand notice how it goes,” T.O.P said.

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Video Song Seung-heon's

Video Song Seung-heon's "Saimdang, the Herstory" poster and teaser video

Actor Seong Seung-heon's presence in the SBS drama "Saimdang, the Herstory" is outstanding.

Song Seung-heon is featured at the drama poster printedviaTeam 8 on the 14th.

Song Seung-heon looks practically mad about something. He looks as ifhe is or so to jump out of the poster and reasons anxiety about his persona Lee Gyeom.

Song Seung-heon's role of Lee Kyeom was once destined to satisfy Saimdang when they were more youthful and he best had eyes for her. He's the Joseon edition of The good Gatsby.

He is an artist from head to toe yet he does notconsider injustice and doesn't chorus from telling correct from wrong even to the best possible powers.

The poster has been in the highlight ever because itgot here out.

This drama is Song Seung-heon's first historic drama and his character of Lee Gyeom is certainto attract attention.

He is the landlord of an arts gallery where many artists accrued back in the days and the pinnacle of a portray bureau making him the Joseon Renaissance Man.

Song Seung-heon is totally engrossed in his character and it's miles highly expected that he'llseem to bea fullyother lineament from all that he is been till now.

"Saimdang, the Herstory" is a retold tale of Saimdang which began making in August remaining year and is because of exist released at the later part of this year.


Photo Added new poster for the impending Korean animated film

Photo Added new poster for the impending Korean animated film "The Robust and Mini Special Forces: Birth of a Hero"

Added new poster for the impending Korean animated film "The Robust and Mini Special Forces: Birth of a Hero" (2016)Directed by way of Lee Yeong-joonSynopsisIt's the birth of the Mini Special Forces!Dr. Jeremy at the MSF lab is readinganything called Alinum which has amazing powers. At the other hand, Zeus from the Lizard Corps plans on the usage of Alinum to make an impressive weapon and take over the world. He raids the MSF lab and steals the Alinum. Headquarters makes a decision to create a team of the maximumvery good agents to get the Alinum back. Bolt, Semi, Max and Lucy all accumulate in one position from other areas. Dr. Jeremy's daughter Anna may bea section of the team yetthere's a secret hidden in the back of the Lizard Corp's plan...Release date in Korea : 2016/02/04


JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates E book Cafe to the Armed Forces

JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates E book Cafe to the Armed Forces

JYJs Jaejoongs Fanclub Donates E-book Cafe to the Militia notclaira December 30, 2015 0 LINE it!JYJs Jaejoongs Fanclub Donates Book Cafe to the Armed Forces JYJ’s Jaejoong’s fanclub has in my view donated a book cafe to the primarydepartment of the armed forces! The library opened its doors on December 21.

The book cafe was oncereadythrough Jaejoong’s loversin order that the armed forces serving in the front lines will have a positionto sit back and stay along ofhighbrow activities right through their service. At some degree inthe choiceprocedure for the donation, the fans took into accountthe reality that Jaejoong had spent his schooling with the 1st division.

The small library holds desks and chairs or evenfunctions temperature keep an eye on in attention of the armed forces who would possiblyneed toundergobloodless weather. The fans also personally sent 500 books, CDs, DVDs, and even a stereo system.

A representative of the first division expressed the gratitude of the warriors in his division. “Even in the path of their busy lives, they thought about the armed forces. Thank you for the book cafe and thank you for remembering those who are sporting out their army services.”

Jaejoong’s fanclub has also performed other charitable projects, akin to sponsoring scholarship price range and offering lunch foods for deprived children. Meanwhile, Jaejoong is lately serving his term in the army band of the 55th division.

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Yoo Seung Hos Comeback movie The Magician Poster Revealed

Yoo Seung Hos Comeback movie The Magician Poster Revealed

Yoo Seung Ho’s Comeback Film “The Magician” Poster Revealed ActorYoo Seung Ho‘s comeback film “The Magician” has released an authentic poster that experience stuck many eyes throughout the 2015 Asian Film Market.

In the poster, Yoo Seung Ho looks very charismatic with his long hair and piercing glare. Probably the most things lovers are maximum serious about is why his appropriate eye is blue.

A pamphlet of the impending film was once also released during the 2015 Asia Film marketplace event. In the pamphlet, fans may just see sneak peeks of alternative scenes in the motion picture featuring the lead feminine actressGo Ara.

Lotte Entertainment stated, “We couldn’t expose much during the Asia Film Market panel because we are still in post-production. However, the poster turns out to be very popular. many of us took our pamphlet.”

“The Magician” is set a magician living in the Joseon Dynasty who is in a volatile courting with a girl. He then gets swept up in rumors that in the long run puts his existence at the line. It's miles slated to premiere in December.

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