Legal Representative Of Plaintiff In Lee Jin Wook Case Resigns

Legal Representative Of Plaintiff In Lee Jin Wook Case Resigns

Legal Representative Of Plaintiff In Lee Jin Wook Case Resignsjun2yng July 23, 2016 0 Legal Representative Of Plaintiff In Lee Jin Wook Case Resigns On July 24, the lawyer representing the plaintiff in the Lee Jin Wook sexual attack case, Son Soo Ho from the law company Hyunjai, announced his withdrawal from the case.

Lawyer Son Soo Ho said, “The number one reasons for my withdrawal are differences in opinion with the plaintiff on how to take care of new facts and investigation, and the criticalwreck in believe that took place as a result.”

Continuing, he said, “As always, for the beyond week, I trusted my client and did the entirety I could in the interests of the client. Now the recentlegal professional to be appointed to the case can betaking on that role.”

The lawyer stated that with the resignation, his law firm can not take any section in the case, and they're going to exist keeping in self beliefthe entire facts they have got learned all the manner through their representation of the plaintiff.

Meanwhile, the plaintiff currently submitted to a lie detector test, and the consequences will be out by way of month’s end.

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Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiff’s Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Each side Explain

Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiff’s Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Each side Explain

Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiffs Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Each sideGive an explanation for jun2yng July 20, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiffs Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Both Sides Explain On July 21, in an exclusive report, Dispatch revealed call records and photo evidence submitted via Lee Jin Wook and the plaintiff (hereafter known as “A”) in the sexual attack case, in addition statements made by both to Dispatch.

The order of occasions are as follows, as reported by Dispatch:Lee Jin Wook, A, and their mutual acquaintance meet for dinner at more or less 8 p.m., and pass their separate techniques afterwardnine p.m., and then Lee Jin Wook and his friend burst off to a 2nd location.

Approaching midnight, Lee Jin Wook calls A twice. Afterward, at about midnight, A texts Lee Jin Wook her house address. Lee Jin Wook calls A back at 12:13 a.m., after which she texts him the passcode to get into her development and her condo number. Lee Jin Wook calls A again mins later at 12:21 a.m. Lee Jin Wook leaves As area at around 2:30 a.m.

Both sides give their explanations of the telephone calls and texts that were exchanged:A’s aspect said, “Lee Jin Wook acknowledged he would install blinds for A. To get started with she said it was onceok and declined. Then he called again and said he would just take a glance atportions and leave. It turned intotough for A to reject his goodwill further, and after the moment one call ended, she sent him her address.”

Lee Jin Wooks side: “Lee Jin Wook called first. The verbal exchange was normal. He also mentioned blinds. However, if A had expressed opposition, he wouldn’t have long past to her house. She told him what intersection he will have to go to, and he called her again to get an precise address.”

Both parties’ accounts of A’s reasons for texting Lee Jin Wook also differ. Lee Jin Wook submitted the 2 texts — in which A told him her cope with and building passcode — as evidence supporting his claims to police, whilst A says Lee Jin Wook asked her for her address, and that she sent him the code to her building because her intercom was damaged and she wouldn’t be in a position to pay attention him page her apartment. “This was showed by the police when they inspected the scene. It was an overlyherbal text to send,” said A’s side.

Results released for As harmrecord and exam of Lee Jin Wooks frame for symptoms of resistance from A:Dispatch also got here into ownership of the injury report and footage of A’s injuries — from July 15 — that were submitted as evidence of force, which display bruises on quite so much ofcomponents of her body, adding her ankle, knee, shoulder, cervical vertebrae, and decrease back. The report states that the wounds would take two weeks to heal fully.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook’s aspect is skeptical of the injury report, as it was done two days after the alleged incident.

A’s side claims that she had never been to the police station, and didn’t know what the procedure was. “When she was filing her complaint, they told her to bring evidence. That was the night time of July 14. Photographs were then taken, and the injury report was written on July 15.”

Lee Jin Wook’s side: “There was no telling who began it. It advanced naturally. Lee Jin Wook also was tested for injuries at the police station. There were none to be discovered on his body. If there were use of force, A would have resisted. There isn't one unmarried nail mark on Lee Jin Wook’s body.”

As side explains the texts A sent to the mutual acquaintance (B) following the alleged sexual assault:That morning after the alleged sexual assault, A texted her mutual acquaintance with Lee Jin Wook (hereafter referred to as “B”) and sent him a link with knowledge around a burger franchise this is opening soon in Korea, which they had prior to now agreed to visit all together.

Explaining why she sent the ones texts, A’s side said it was a kind of ice breaker, because she sought afterto invite about Lee Jin Wooks behavior. “A was frustrated with the situation, so she sent a text to B. She neededto understand if B knew what Lee Jin Wook did, yet B’s reaction didn’t suggest that he knew anything, so A didn’t feel the wish to continue messaging him.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook’s side claims that the texts are uncharacteristic of somebody who has just been a victim of rape, and that it doesn’t make sense that A waited an afternoon to report the assault.

Why did A wait to dossier the complaint? Both sides comment:A’s side explained how her ideataskreplaced from July thirteen to 14, when she filed the complaint for sexual assault. “If A just wanted money, wouldn’t she have instantlyaccrued evidence? She a minimum ofdo now not have washed the blankets and towels that had physically fluids on them. She would have gone to the police without showering. Because all of these things are evidence.”

Lee Jin Wook’s side: “We don’t think cash is what A wants. If it is, she would have contacted the agency. Lee Jin Wook had an incrediblyexcellent feeling about A, which makes this situation tougher to believe. We also are curious as to why A changed her mind. They separated on smart terms…”

Final statements to Dispatch made by both sides:A:

“What do you watched a criminalstruggle is like for a civilian going up opposed to a celebrity? They make the victim the assailant. They typically tend to make the victim seem like a gold digger. I’m just a regular person. I take the subway to work, and I like my job.

“That’s why I haven't anyselection but to be more careful. Will I be capable of win in a combat alongside a celebrity? Will my identity be protected? Will there be rumors going around my friends, my family, at work? They say I sued simply becausehe's a celebrity? No. That'sthe explanation why I’m scared.”

“A superstaris very careful when beginning any variety of dating with a civilian. Especially those days. Lee Jin Wook felt that A was trustworthy. While it was a briefduration of time, he thought they were connecting. That’s why he contacted her again.

“It was A’s house. What if she had domestic CCTV? Or if she had some cameras set up? If a girl says no, it’s very unlikely to push. Because he’s a public figure, he has no option but to be more cautious. Because he knows it will be the end.”

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Lee Jin-wook on rape case:

Lee Jin-wook on rape case: "She told me her password", 'A': "I am no longer a con artist"

Actor Lee Jin-wook who is being accused of rape, is claiming that 'A' is a con artist.

According to the filethrough Channel A, Lee Jin-wook reported to police that 'A' gave him her spacedeal with and password below the pretense of asking him to mendanything for her. He also submitted evidence in their conversation.

However, 'A' claimed she never asked him to lend a hand her with anything.

As he used to be making his way to the police station at the 17th, Lee Jin-wook had said, "False accusation is a significant crime if any person thinks they are in a position to put this on me simply becauseI'm famous".

The investigation took 11 hours in which he stated they had sex yet it wasn't under force.

'A's resources are announcing Lee Jin-wook is making her like a feminine con artist and are prepared to combat back with more force.

Meanwhile, 'A' reported Lee Jin-wook of rape on July 15th. It sounds as if they met on July 12th, had a couple ofbeverages and he followed her house where he raped her.

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“A” Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wook

“A” Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wook

A Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wookjun2yng July 17, 2016 0 A Is Submitting More Evidence In Case Against Lee Jin Wook Updated July 18 KST: Lee Jin Wook Put onCommute Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser

On July 18, the prison illustration of the lady (hereafter often known as “A”) who filed a complaint of sexual attack against actor Lee Jin Wook made a statement to news retailers that “A” would be submitting an harmfile from the clinic to the police for evidence.

Her legal rep said, “Yesterday (July 17), whilst Lee Jin Wook was once being wondered at the Suseo police station, we submitted quite so much of pieces of evidence to the police, addingpictures of A’s body, bruises, broken clothing, and photos from the scene.”

“A” made up our minds to publishthe extra evidence because of Lee Jin Wook’s non-repentant attitude, in keeping with her legal representative. Lee Jin Wook has so far adamantly refuted the claims made by ability of “A,” pronouncing that she is fast to make false accusations based totallyat the sole reality that he's a public figure.

The legal rep acknowledged to BizEnter, “If Lee Jin Wook sincerely felt regret for his movements and apologized, there would were no explanation why to submit the evidence. If Lee Jin Wook continues with this stance, we can exist submitting more evidence.”

In a equivalentcommentary to Megastar Today, the rep said, Because we just need a trustworthy apology from Lee Jin Wook, we didnt submit further evidence. However, Lee Jin Wooks reactionturns out to be aimed at creating aappear to be a gold-digger, so we're going to be taking more potent action.

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Spoiler 'Neighborhood Legal professional Jo Deul-ho' Park Shin-yang misses his daughter's birthday birthday party  because of a case to solve

Spoiler 'Neighborhood Legal professional Jo Deul-ho' Park Shin-yang misses his daughter's birthday birthday party because of a case to solve

On the episode 8 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, 'Neighborhood Attorney Jo Deul-ho', Jo Deul-ho (Park Shin-yang) had to turn around these days when he was once about to fulfill his daughter Soo-bin (Heo Jeong-eun) because he had a case to solve.

On this day, Jo Deul-ho went to his daughter's birthday party, yet he won a telephone call from Lee Eun-jo (Kang So-ra), whom he had asked to cope with Seo-hyeon. Lee Eun-jo told him that Seo-hyeon's condition changed into serious after she ate food equipped at the kindergarten. Jo Deul-ho had to turn around to leave.

Jo Deul-ho feeling incredibly distressing for his daughter stated the words most effective to himself from a distance, "I'm sorry, Soo-bin. Dad is attempting to be a just right dad for you. But I believe I only stay hurting your feelings". Soo-bin also have become teary remembering the instant when she went to look her dad.

But their hearts discoveredevery other. When Soo-bin found a penguin doll outdoor the restaurant, she knew her dad was there. She was so satisfied to ascertain when she found and opened the card from her dad, which said "Dad love you so much, Superman".


Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Representative Reaffirmed His Position On Paternity Test, Ex-Girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Representative Reaffirmed His Position On Paternity Test, Ex-Girlfriend

(Photo : ) The latest development in the on-going legal battle between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend resulted in a September 17 press conference. While insiders speculated that the results of the paternity test involving the K-pop star and his ex-lover would be revealed, the press conference did not provide an opportunity for media outlets to hear paternity results.

A report published by the Korean outlet, OSEN, highlighted the key points of the event.

Kim was not present for the 12 p.m. press conference, which was led by his lawyer. He opened the event by providing the position of Kim, in regards to the paternity test. While his ex-girlfriend claimed that he was unwilling to take a DNA test, his legal team stated that the pop star had already done his part in providing evidence for the exam.

The most substantial portion of the media event focused on a handwritten letter, which firmly presented the position of the Hallyu star, in regards to his ex-girlfriend and the baby. In his letter, he expressed his sadness at recent reports regarding the delivery of the baby and his lack of knowledge about the paternity.

Key points of his letter were published by the Korean outlet, Newsen. This letter included his apology to audiences for the situation and provided insight into his sentiments about the on-going legal preceedings.

"I completed all of the documentation and preparation for the DNA test, while in the army," said Kim, in his handwritten letter.

He went on to discuss his alleged difficulty in obtaining information from the other side.

"Right now, the other side has only told me the gender of the child, but not the child or its blood type," said Kim. "They are telling lies so that I cannot get close to the baby."

He expressed his desire to take full responsibility for the child, through his letter. However, he provided clarification about the role he would take in the future of the baby, if it was his child. Kim expressed that he would be willing to remain within the life of the childif he was the father, but would not pursue marriage with his former lover.

"Although there may be a child, there will be no getting back together with Miss Choi," said his lawyer, after receiving instructions from Kim to pass the message on to those present at the press conference.

He concluded his letter with a plea for understanding from fans and expressed his wish to keep the identity of the child out of the press.

"I will be patient and do all that I can as a father," said Kim, regarding the possibility that he could be the parent of the baby. "I sincerely ask this; I do not want any information about the baby to be exposed, anywhere."

During the press conference, his lawyer presented a photo, which depicted Kim in his military uniform during the medical procedure, as evidence that the necessary DNA material was provided. However, his legal team stated that his ex-girlfriend continues to withhold DNA for the baby, which prevents Kim from having an independent test conducted.

On September 16, the actor and singer announced the emergency press conference through statements issued by his legal team. This development followed previous reports regarding the birth of the baby that his ex-lover alleged was his child.

Legal woes involving the 31-year-old woman who is referred to by Korean media as Ms. Choi or A began on August 21, 2014, when it was revealed that she had filed domestic violence charges against the "Boys Over Flowers" star.

The claims were initially investigated by the police, but charges were dropped. His ex-lover claimed that she dropped the charges due to her love for the SS501 member, however, it was later revealed that she received a settlement for approximately $512,000 USD or 600 million KRW.

The on-going legal battle included claims by the woman that the pop star had sent text messages about the alleged assault and her subsequent alleged pregnancy.

In July 2015, Kim began the process of countersuing his former lover for several reasons including defamation of character.

An article published by EDaily writer Lee Jung explored the reasons for the press conference and the impact that the on-going litigation has had on his career. "There are already reports that Kim Hyun Joong has received a big blow to his image as an actor," said Lee, in the EDaily report.

Meanwhile, the K-pop idol continues his active duty service in the Korean military.


Kim Hyun Joong’s Legal Representative Quoted “Choi has no evidence of pregnancy,”

Kim Hyun Joong’s Legal Representative Quoted “Choi has no evidence of pregnancy,”

Ekseupocheu News = haningu News] Actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong former womens 29 friend, Ms. Choi Mossi side of Kim Hyun Joong Choi party claimed that the assault heritage of Kim Hyun Joong once said that we believe there is no data to prove the fact of pregnancy .

Kim Hyun Joong is 12 days in May last year, according to hospital records contained in the director Choi wrote this side of the news in the currency Is not this pregnancy, visit back later and was written. Since natural heritage This was was marked. This will record a fall pregnant in the middle, he explained.

Following no holdings in the count data to prove the fact of pregnancy Choi. Choi had required the pregnancy diagnosis on the side, and dongmunseodap, he said.

Before the lawyers gave 600 million won in last years September 16th for Kim Hyun Joong Choi ssicheuk side assault, Mr. Choi was taken to the same month 17 days to sue, said, but given the 30 million won, Choi side This refusal to reveal the agreed 600 million won, he said.

If the lawyer is to be known, Choi said the settlement side portion, 600 million won for a hung condition that damages should be more, but found Mr. Choi had agreed because I love Kim Hyun Joong in an interview with the media, Mr. Choi and the first settlements is reported to have disclosed the related parts, he explained.

According to one billion won to 1.6 billion won from Mr. Choi is a mental demands compensation for the miscarriage, is asking for 600 million won was responsible for the settlement confidential.

The lawyers Kim Hyun Joong side continued to have a child of Choi would be liable if the right paternity, but Choi side has not offered an evidence of paternity. After inquiry that the Court will take legal action, said He said.

Choi had taken the cow Kim Hyun Joong is being sued by Apple in August last year after the alleged assault homicide and injury, Kim Hyun Joong. But later he claimed that the children of pregnancy in February, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong has refuted this. Following Choi filed a lawsuit claims up to 1.6 billion won he suffered psychological harm against Kim Hyun Joong last month.

Haningu reporters [email protected]

[Photo: Kim Hyun Joong ⓒ ekseupocheu News DB]


Legal Representative Countered The Allegation Made in SM's Lawsuit Against Luhan

Legal Representative Countered The Allegation Made in SM's Lawsuit Against Luhan

Legal Representative Countered The Allegation Made in SM's Lawsuit Against Luhan

According to Chinese entertainment source Sina Entertainment, a representative from Luhan’s “Luhan’s Workshop” released an official statement on February 6th disputing the claims made in the lawsuit SM Entertainment filed against the singer and fellow ex-EXO member Kris.

The statement reads, “We are releasing this official statement in order to clarify the truth and and to protect Luhan’s reputation. SM has filed a lawsuit to the Shanghai courts claiming that ‘Luhan has been participating in activities in China without permission.’ However, according to the rules of jurisdiction, [SM] has no right to file a lawsuit about [Luhan’s] exclusive contract to a Chinese court. Indeed, the Shanghai courts have no jurisdiction [over this matter].”

It continues, “The results of [our] investigation show that SM sued an advertiser affiliated with Luhan for copyright infringement. This does not match up with the reasons that [SM] provided for their actions. The statement that SM released through the press is misleading. SM is aware of the reasons behind [Luhan] filing [for nullification] of his exclusive contract, but in their statement the company unethically said, that ‘[he left] without any legitimate reason.’ Saying that ‘[Luhan] left EXO without any reason other than his own gain’ is a malicious attempt to defame Luhan.”

The statement concludes with, “In order to protect his lawful rights and interests, we will take full legal measures against any reports that slander Luhan’s reputation”

Meanwhile, Luhan left SM Entertainment in October of last year and filed for nullification of his exclusive contract with the company. Luhan has since entered into two rounds of court mediations with SM Entertainment but to no avail. On February 5, SM Entertainment released an official statement that claimed that Luhan left EXO without permission and announced that the company had filed lawsuits against not only Luhan but also the advertisers that used him as a spokesperson.


Clara's Legal Representative an Advertisers Negotiate an Agreement to Minimize Damage

Clara's Legal Representative an Advertisers Negotiate an Agreement to Minimize Damage

As advertising agencies announced Clara for hurting their brand name, legal representative of the model and actress is in talks with the agencies to minimize the case.

Due to Clara's conflict with Polaris Entertainment and the exposure of the text messages she'd shared with the chairman, it has affected the images of certain companies she used to model for. They have decided to sue her for defamation.

Agents are going to meet on the 29th and 30th and make sure the least amount of harm is inflicted on themselves.

Clara is currently in Hong Kong and carrying out her movie promotions. She has no plans of coming back to Korean soon.

She plans on communicating through the Korean Entertainment Management Association which made an official statement on the 28th saying, "Clara's activities will bring down the order in the entertainment business. She should refrain from making public appearances".

Source :


Clara's Legal Representative Reveals That Text Messages Between Clara and Polaris Entertainment's CEO Have Been Modified

Clara's Legal Representative Reveals That Text Messages Between Clara and Polaris Entertainment's CEO Have Been Modified


Media outlet Dispatch recently revealed text message exchanged by between Polaris Entertainment's CEO and model/actress Clara, who is entering a lawsuit against the CEO for sexual assaults! Clara's side has spoken up in more detail about why Clara had felt sexually harassed or humiliated by the chairman of Polaris Entertainment.

As mentioned before, Clara’s side had mentioned that the KakaoTalk history had been edited to make it seem as if Clara was the one seducing the Polaris Entertainment chairman by sending him pictures of herself posing in a bikini. Her reps went ahead and revealed a very long full KakaoTalk history document, which showed that all the mentioned texts in the "Dispatch" report had been said. However, "Dispatch" did not list the conversations in chronological order, which Clara’s side believed made the actress look bad, for it appeared as if she had sent the chairman her bikini photos in the middle of another conversation - if the reader was not paying close attention to the dates listed in the "Dispatch" article.

Her reps also clarified that the pictures that Clara sent were from a magazine shoot, not something she took on her personal time. "The pictures Clara sent to the chairman were photoshoot pictures for work. They were pictures that had shot for distribution in the magazine or in articles. ... Also these photos were not sent to the chairman in attempt to seduce him... Clara had sent the photos, revealed in the "Dispatch" article, on July 17 to chairman Lee, who had always taken care of her throughout the process of signing her contract with the agency, to just show him how the photos had turned out right after her photoshoot. These photos were those that were published by "SURE" magazine and they had been sent to the chairman just for the sake of business as she was just notifying him of her schedule and the outcome of the photoshoot."

In addition, after "Dispatch’s article came out, many pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be any sexual harassment going on in the released KakaoTalk history, except perhaps the one questionable series of comments from the chairman that reads, "Meeting you was different from other celebrities, so it felt fresh and my heart fluttered, but my heart is heavy for some reason now", "I’m saying this because I thought of you while drinking wine at the Peninsula", "Let’s have a good meeting tomorrow".

Clara’s reps addressed this saying, "It wasn’t just the comment made on September 19 that was problematic. It was due to the fact that the chairman sent her 3 text message of 5 minute intervals during the early hours of the morning past midnight. Seeing the texts sent after midnight while Chairman Lee had been drinking, it made Clara think, "Just how does he think of me to send me texts like this while drinking at this hour," making her feel very uncomfortable.

Also in the midst of this, at 1 PM later that day, when Clara met Chairman Lee, she heard something shocking from him. He told her "The agency has to know about your whereabouts and what you’re doing. You and I even discussed this before we signed the contract, about how the agency knows what kind of relationship some of our female celebrities have with their male managers, and even the dates of their menstruation."

Hearing (1) the mention about menstruation (2) the previous late night KakaoTalk texts (3) and some of the Chairman’s previous inappropriate ramblings about him having a girlfriend despite being married -- as a woman, Clara felt sexually humiliated.

Although they had mentioned the part about keeping track of menstrual cycle dates before the contract was signed, we had just passed over that in order to maintain a good relationship with them. But when Clara heard the mention of menstruation again, she could no longer take it. (We have submitted the evidence regarding this to the court and will reveal it to the media too if necessary.)"

The actress’s reps also revealed that Clara had also then sent an email to Polaris’s lawyer’s office at 5PM later that same day, writing, "After midnight last night, Chairman Lee sent to me these messages on KakaoTalk while drinking. Saying his heart fluttered, that he thought of me after drinking. How am I supposed to react? I feel so shocked and disgraced. What do I do?" However there was no response to her email, which apparently led Clara to feel even more ignored and disregarded.