Makgeolli Makes Comeback

Makgeolli Makes Comeback

Makgeolli or classic rice wine is bouncing back after domestic sales and exports went downhill in 2011. Quite so much of new makgeolli products has captivated buyers in Korea, whilstvarious markets have ended in a upward push in exports.Makgeolli sales at Lotte Mart plunged 13.3 % in 2013 yet grew 22.2 percent thus far this year. In April, carbonated and fruit-flavored makgeolli were popular, using up overall sales.

Exports also arecreating as shipments, which have beenmost commonly going to Japan, are now headed to other markets. In 2011, when makgeolli exports peaked, just about 90 percent of foreign sales were to Japan. But then bilateral family members chilled and the recognition of Korean Television soaps and videos waned, so exports to Japan plummeted. Kooksoondang started exporting its fruit-flavored makgeolli to 16 countries in 2013 and saw exports rebound in 2014. Now it sells them to twenty-five countries and sales grew 16.2 percent ultimate year.Small brewers are also introducing new products, reminiscent of makgeolli brewed with tangerines from Jeju Island or containing ginseng.Makgeolli exports to China rose 70 percent from 1,306 lots in 2011 to 2,230 tons last year. Over the similar period, exports to Hong Kong rose 11-fold, to Singapore threefold and to Cambodia rose 10-fold.


I.O.I Makes Robust Transformation In Comeback Teaser

I.O.I Makes Robust Transformation In Comeback Teaser

I.O.I Makes Robust Transformation In Comeback Teaserchoralee August 1, 2016 0 I.O.I Makes Powerful Transformation In Comeback Teaser I.O.I has released a teaser symbol for their comeback!

The staff posted the picture on their legitimate Instagram for their upcoming comeback on August 9. Old reports state that the neighborhood is returning with a sexy-chic thought unlike their same oldadorable image.

In the teaser photo, the seven individuals are reworkedthru an intense makeover. The members are noticeddressed in white dresses, red lips, and same white blond wigs that duvet their eyes. Underneath the image are the words, WXAXTA X XAN.

I.O.I may beliberating their new virtualunmarriedviatrack charts after 3 months since their debut.

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TWICE’s “Cheer Up” Makes A Sensational Comeback On Song Charts

TWICE’s “Cheer Up” Makes A Sensational Comeback On Song Charts

TWICEs Cheer Up Makes A Sensational Comeback On Tune Chartskminjungee July 31, 2016 0 TWICEs Cheer Up Makes A Sensational Comeback On Music Charts A little over 3 months since its unlock on April 25, TWICEs Cheer Up has climbed its long ago into the pinnaclescores of quite so much of music charts.

As of July 31, Cheer Up has notably marked 3rdposition the final two days at the Genie and Monkey3 music charts, solidifying its impressively long run. Previous this week, the song discovered itself making history throughmountain climbing into the tip five of several music charts, addingyetnow not limited to MelOn, Mnet, and Naver Music.

Already popular on the charts when it used to be first released, Cheer Up is shaping up to be probably the mosthottest hit songs of 2016.

In addition to its chart rankings, TWICEs Cheer Up has made notable achievements with music video perspectives and sales of its corresponding album, Page Two, as well, preserving records for one of the fastest to be triumphant in 50 million views on YouTube and the maximum albums sold of any womanteam this year.

Congratulations to TWICE for a exceptional achievement!

Twice Mini Album Vol. 2 - Page Two (First Press Limited Edition) yesasiaStrengthen the artist by purchasing Page Two from YesAsia Source (1)

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BEATWIN Makes A Go On Your Girl In Classy Comeback MV

BEATWIN Makes A Go On Your Girl In Classy Comeback MV

BEATWIN Makes A Go On “Your Girl” In Classy Comeback MVnotclaira July 18, 2016 0 BEATWIN Makes A Move On “Your Girl” In Classy Comeback MV BEATWIN has joined the ranks of summer comebacks!

On July 18, the crowd released a mini-album titled “Come to Me” and the track video to their identify track, “Your Girl.”

The song functions an addictive, breathy refrain paired with electronic riffs and a secure beat. All dressed up in quite so much ofcolouredfits and amping up their sex appeal, the men croon about a forbidden enchantmentfor a lady who is already taken.

The five-member crew housed beneath the firm Heavenly Celebrity Content made their debut in January 2014 with the unmarried Exclusive. Their remaining comeback was once in 2015 with the mini-album “Insatiable.”

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ZTAO makes a comeback with “Black White”

ZTAO makes a comeback with “Black White”

15stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Just a month after liberating his final song 19, ZTAO is back back amongst a tune video for his new song Black White (AB). 

Much like its title, Black White (AB) is a song with two contrasting parts. Even ifportions of the song are moderatelycushy and nearly ballad-like, ZTAO surprises listeners with a unexpected yet modern transition into tough rap verses. With the music video portraying either the mild and dark facets of his personality and music via two other versions of himself, Tao is ready to create an excessively deep and meaningful music video that leaves an impact both musically and visually.

Check out those exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the music video below:

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FTISLAND Makes Angsty Comeback With “Take Me Now” MV

FTISLAND Makes Angsty Comeback With “Take Me Now” MV

FTISLAND Makes Angsty Comeback With Take Me Now MVehk38 July 17, 2016 0 FTISLAND Makes Angsty Comeback With Take Me Now MV Pop rock band FTISLAND makes a comeback with the track video for name track Take Me Now off in their6th studio album.

Entitled Wheres the Truth? the album expresses FTISLANDs choice to smash the preconceived notions about them and to show the truth. The album comes approximately twelve months and 4 months after their final album I Will.

Like in title track Pray from their last album I Will, FTISLAND gets uncooked and gritty for Take Me Now, which could also bea difficult rock track.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND has been vigorously selling in Japan. They wrapped up their Eastern arena excursionoverdue concluding month with a finale concert at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

Are you digging FTISLANDs new album?

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Watch: John Park Makes Comeback With Thought Of You MV

Watch: John Park Makes Comeback With Thought Of You MV

Watch: John Park Makes Comeback With “Thought Of You” MVilmare42 July 14, 2016 0 Watch: John Park Makes Comeback With “Thought Of You” MV lavatory Park has made a long-awaited go back with his jazzy new song “Thought Of You.”

On July 15 at the hours of darkness KST, the singer dropped his new track, which he composed and wrote himself. The music video for Considered YOu stars John Park having a look out a window at a lovelylady and making a song approximately how the entirety makes him recall to mind her now. Try it out below!

This is John Park’s first liberate in about two years because the release of his finalcomplete album “Inner Child.” He had planned to make a return with a new song in October of last year, yet his comeback was once delayed due to an injury.

Do you like John Park’s new single?

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Watch: GFRIEND Makes Much-Anticipated Comeback With Navillera MV

Watch: GFRIEND Makes Much-Anticipated Comeback With Navillera MV

Watch: GFRIEND Makes Much-Anticipated Comeback With “Navillera” MVilmare42 July 10, 2016 0 Watch: GFRIEND Makes Much-Anticipated Comeback With “Navillera” MV Hit rookie womanteam GFRIEND is back!

On July 11 at nighttime KST, the six-member girl neighborhood dropped the tune video for their new track “Navillera,” in addition their first complete studio album. The album is titled “LOL,” and is derived in two versions: “Laughing Out Loud” and “Lots of Love.”

“Navillera” was once written through Igi Yong Bae, the composing team that becomein the back of GFRIEND’s outdated tracks “Glass Bead,” “Me Gustas Tu,” and their massive hit song “Rough.” In the music video, the contributors have an excellent time skating around on curler skates, going on adventures together, and just placing out. Try it out below!

The note “Navillera” comes from a poem by Korean poet Cho Chi Hun entitled “A Buddhist Dance,” and is regularly used to describe a fluttering action, comparable to the move of a butterfly. Here is why the members may also benoticed making butterfly wing gestures with their hands in the video.

What do you recall to mind GFRIENDs new track?

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90s Megastar Yang Soo-kyung Makes Comeback

90s Megastar Yang Soo-kyung Makes Comeback

Yang Soo-kyung is returning to showbiz after just about two decades of absence.Yang, who was oncesignificantly popular in the 90s, is making the maximum ofthe present nostalgia wave to unencumber a mini album which includes4 songs adding remakes on Saturday.Her firm Oscar Entertainment statedshe can also seem on a KBS tunedisplay on Saturday, her first Television appearance in 20 years. Yang has been making ready a comeback because thefinish of remaining year, and these days signed a freelance with the agency."She at all timessought after to be at thedegree again", the agency said. "She hopes to charmnot tomost effective her old enthusiastsyet also young people".

The resolution comes after her husband died in 2013.Debuting in 1987, Yang released numerous hit songs earlier than marrying her manager Byun Du-seop in January 1998. She has lived as a normal housewife since she left showbiz after liberating her 9th album in 1999. Yang becamethe 2d onegreatest shareholder in her husband's company Yedang Entertainment, making her one of the vital richest celebrities in Korea at the aspect of Bae Yong-joon and Lee Soo-man who own their own skill agencies.But Yedang was delisted 3 months after Byun died.

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Pantech Makes Comeback with New Smartphone

Pantech Makes Comeback with New Smartphone

Pantech has bounced back from financial disasterbelow new ownership to unveil a brand-new smartphone.

The corporate in a press convention in Seoul on Wednesday unveiled the IM-100, which celebrates its 13th-hour rescue for the explanation thatcall sounds like "I'm back" when read in Korean.

It is Pantech's first new smartphone in 19 months and the primarybecause the Solid-Optis consortium bought the manufacturer in October closing year.

Pantech used to be once Korea's No. 2 smartphone maker, yet its focal point on top rateunits proved disastrous, so the IM-100 shifts solution to more reasonable models.

It prices W449,000, shedding to around W300,000 with programsintroducedthroughcellularservices (US$1=W1,155). It has a 5.15-inch screen and 32 GB memory.

Pantech also showcased what it calls the "Stone" as a better halfinstrument -- a wireless charger and 2.1-channel Bluetooth speaker in one. For state-of-the-art simplicity of design, the IM-100 bears no logo. It is going tomove on sale thru KT and SK Telecom next week.

The Solid-Optis consortium purchased Pantech when creditors had nearly given up. It has since laid off masses of staff, and the long run of the visitors hinges on whether the IM-100 sells or not.

Pantech hopes to shift 300,000 devices in Korea.

Head of product building Kim Tae-hyup said, "Rather than compete with inexpensive models from other manufacturers, we situated the IM-100 in the mid-range segment. We plan to roll out new models each six months and are in talks over exports to the U.S., Japan and Indonesia".

But the streetforward is tough. Sales of inexpensive phones were soaring around the sector since last year now that the era is mature and differences between models transform negligible.

Pantech should also compete in marketing alongside industry heavyweights who have extra money to spend, but the agency believes there are committedloversavailable in the market and hopes it can attraction to younger, style-conscious consumers.