MAMAMOO's "brother group" VROMANCE to make their debut in July

MAMAMOO's brother crew VROMANCE to make their debut in July Jun 27, 2016 12:34

MAMAMOO's junior neighborhoodorganization VROMANCE will make their debut this July.

RBW Entertainment announced on July 27th that their 4-member vocal group VROMANCE will unencumberthe primary mini album in early July. A teaser symbolused to be also released appearingthe lads in a preppy look.

Meanwhile, take a glance at their 'Love Never Felt So Good' quilt below

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Watch: MAMAMOOs Brother Workforce VROMANCE Drops Teaser For Debut She MV, Co-Starring Hwasa

Watch: MAMAMOOs Brother Workforce VROMANCE Drops Teaser For Debut She MV, Co-Starring Hwasa

Watch: MAMAMOO’s Brother Workforce VROMANCE Drops Teaser For Debut “She” MV, Co-Starring Hwasailmare42 July 6, 2016 0 Watch: MAMAMOO’s Brother Organization VROMANCE Drops Teaser For Debut “She” MV, Co-Starring Hwasa RBW’s new boy group VROMANCE is gearing up to make their debut soon, and their label mate Hwasa of MAMAMOO might be starring in their first ever tune video!

On July 6, VROMANCE shared a video teaser for their debut MV “She,” which capabilities the guys having a looktrendy and good-looking in matching bright crimson suits. The teaser also stars Hwasa, who’s shown taking some of her frustrations out on a drum set and posing with the members.

The track sounds like it's going to existamusing and upbeat, with a funky retro-inspired feel, very equivalent to MAMAMOO’s sound. Try it out below!

VROMANCE contains4individuals who have already been known for their amazing vocal talent: leader Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, and Lee Hyun Suk.

The group’s debut MV “She” will be released on July 12! Are you waiting for their debut?

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New NCT Unit To Make Their Debut In July!

New NCT Unit To Make Their Debut In July!

New NCT Unit To Make Their Debut In July! Jul 01, 2016 06:25

Following NCT U, a new NCT unit from SM Entertainment will debut this July.

The new unit is known as NCT 127, with 127 refers to the longitude coordinate of Seoul as explained by way of SM Entertainment. The crowd volition consist 7 individuals from Korea, China and Japan and they'll make a grand debut level on July 7th.

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MAMAMOOs Brother Team VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debut

MAMAMOOs Brother Team VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debut

MAMAMOO’s Brother Crew VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debutilmare42 June 27, 2016 0 MAMAMOO’s Brother Organization VROMANCE Unveils Plans For Debut MAMAMOO’s brother group VROMANCE will soon be making their debut!

VROMANCE’s 4individuals are leader Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, and Lee Hyun Suk. All four members of VROMANCE reportedly have very impressive vocal abilities (like their RBW label pals MAMAMOO), and feature worked as vocal running shoes for idols in addition recorded e-book songs for other artists. In addition, Park Jang Hyun and Park Hyun Kyu in the past recorded the music “Love Is…” for the soundtrack of “Heirs,” and Park Jang Hyun released the track “Already Winter” with Huh Gak back in February.

On June 27, VROMANCE shared teasers on their official Facebook page for their upcoming debut and announced that they will be liberating their first mini album “The Action” in early July, featuring the name track “Girl Friend.” The song is described as being funky and fun, with a swing-inspired feel, that’s bound to problem any preconceptions of male vocal teamsmost effectiveplacing out ballads.

RBW describes them as a “vocal group that assists in keepingthe normal feel of different song groups, whilst at the similar time being flexible and in a positionto drag off quite so much ofother genres, addingamusingand stylish music.” They upload that the group’s been operatingdifficultto arrange for their debut for four years with one of the crucial country’s best possible producers, and that their album can beanythingthat folks from all age groups can enjoy.

Ahead in their comeback, VROMANCE will be maintaininga unique busking matchin the community of Hongdae in Seoul on July 2.

Want to get a concentrate to VROMANCE ahead of their official debut? Take a glance at some videos from their professional YouTube channel below!

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Girl's Day's 'brother group' M.A.P.6 to hang a fan assembly before debut

Girl's Day's 'brother group' M.A.P.6 to hang a fan assembly before debut


It has been lately reported that Girl"s Day"s "brother group" M.A.P.6 is to grasp their first ever fan meeting prior to their debut.

A rep from Dream Tea Entertainment stated, "M.A.P.6 may be maintaining their fan meeting prior to debut at the 30th at Nonhyeon-dong Agape space at 6PM. They are making plans to maintain an intimate meet with the primary 77 fanatics to arrive and can also be acting their debut name track. Prior to their debut, they're going to be making efforts to be the sort of idol workforce that fans need via holding intimate conversations, paying attention to music and dining snacks."

Meanwhile, M.A.P.6 will be holding their debut show off on November 10.



Girl's Day's 'brother group' M.A.P.6 announced for a November debut!

Girl's Day's 'brother group' M.A.P.6 announced for a November debut!


It turns out like the season of debuts, especially for boy groups! Joining in at the a laugh is Dream Tea Entertainment, which will be launching a new 5-member group! 

The firm announced, "Girl"s Day"s "little brother group" is education demanding forward of debut in the latter part of this year, and their staff call has been made up our minds as M.A.P.6." M.A.P.6 (pronounced em-ae-pee-six) is the agency"s first idol boy neighborhood and their name indicates their doable as international stars who will make their way around the five oceans and six continents.

The boys may be status on level with Girl"s Day at their Tokyo concert happening on October 10~13th, and 19~30th to gain enjoy and hook up with lovers ahead of their debut.

M.A.P. 6 are recently aiming for a November launch!

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Yoochun"s brother Park Yoo Hwan to make his big screen debut with film "Musudan"


Park Yoo Hwan, who might still be more known as JYJ Yoochun"s brother, is making a name for himself with each added production. He"s now making his big screen debut in the film "Musudan"!

His agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, "Park Yoo Hwan has been confirmed to act in the film "Musudan". As this is his big screen debut, he will do his best to show a new side of himself."

The film is a mystery thriller about the GOP (General Out Post). Park Yoo Hwan will take on the role of a soldier and "Musudan" will begin filming very soon.

Congrats to Park Yoo Hwan for picking up his first big screen role!

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MBK Entertainment

MBK Entertainment"s new girl group "DIA" to make their debut in August!

MBK Entertainment"s upcoming girl group have confirmed their group name to be "DIA"!

It looks like "DIA" (pronounced "da-ee-ah" for diamond) has so far confirmed six members, including Jenny, Chaeyeon, Yebin, Eunice, Eunjin and Cathy, for the final lineup. There is, however, a possibility that another member may be added to make DIA a 7-member girl group instead.

MBK Entertainment stated, "The new girl group"s team name has been decided as "DIA", short for diamond. The meaning of their group name carries our hope that like diamonds, they will be the most valuable of all jewels and will continue to receive love and shine even after time passes."

The photo above features a group selca of members Jenny, Chaeyeon and Yebin at the practice room, looking lovely and excited for their debut, which will be in August!

As mentioned before, MBK Entertainment was originally planning to launch a reality survival program, but they later scrapped the idea to just make the decision within the agency. They are said to be currently considering whether to add a 7th member or not, but in the meantime you can check out the 6 finalized members below!

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Kara"s Hara revealed to make her solo debut in July

Kara has officially ended their "Cupid" promotions, but fans be ready cause Hara will grant July with her solo debut.

According to DSP Media on June 23rd, Hara will be making her solo debut in the third week of July. Even though the date hasn"t been decided yet but she"s currently gearing up with all the preparations.

July has become more worth wating since many girl groups are making their return including Girls" Generation, Sistar, A Pink, AOA, Girl"s Day and many more, so whether Hara will survive among this battle, we will have to wait and see.

Are you also looking forward to Hara"s solo debut? READ MORE