Matt Damon To look On JTBC’s “Newsroom”

Matt Damon To look On JTBC’s “Newsroom”

Matt Damon To seem On JTBCs Newsroomchoralee July 14, 2016 0 Matt Damon To Appear On JTBCs Newsroom Back in Korea to advertise his newest film Jason Bourne, Matt Damon is determined to appear on JTBCs Newsroom on July 14. The actor chose the display over another entertainment program. Anchor Sohn Suk Hee interviewed the actor, asking Matt Damon questions on and beyond the movie to his non-publiccritiques on politics and environmental issues.

Newsroom is understood for interviewing no longermost effective Korean celebrities yet also globally known figures comparable to Jason Mraz, Russell Crowe, or even Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey to call a few. Many Hollywood actors have received much attention for actingat the Newsroom. Currently, the show is proceeding to interview noted celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, and now Matt Damon is appearing as well.

What other international celebrities do you wantto peer on the show?

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Matt Damon Turns Down Appearance On “Infinite Challenge”

Matt Damon Turns Down Appearance On “Infinite Challenge”

Matt Damon Turns Down Appearance On CountlessSituation jun2yng July 3, 2016 0 Matt Damon Turns Down Appearance On Infinite Challenge In keeping with reports, Matt Damon, who have been discussing an appearance on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” has made a lastresolutionno longerto seemat the show. A source said to Sports Chosun that “Matt Damon is lately in talks for a other program, yetnot anything has been confirmed.” A rep from MBC said, Currently, an appearance from Matt Damon on Infinite Mission is difficult.

This news brings numerousunhappiness to fans, who had been having a lookahead to an appearance by capacity of Matt Damon on the show, especially after the luck of Jack Black on “Infinite Challenge.”

Matt Damon can be in Korea on July 8 to advertise his upcoming movie “Jason Bourne,” which premieres on July 28 (in Korea).

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Hollywood Actor Matt Damon In Discussions For Appearance On Korean Television Program “Infinite Challenge”

Hollywood Actor Matt Damon In Discussions For Appearance On Korean Television Program “Infinite Challenge”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterInfinite Challenge could also be having some other exciting Hollywood feature guesting soon as Hollywood actor and Bourne action-star Matt Damon has shown his pastime in the show.

On June 30th, news of Matt Damon expressing his interest in guesting at thedisplay were published. The actor is decided to talk over with South Korea soon so as to advertise his newest film, Jason Bourne, the 5th movie in the series. Whilstnot anything has been showed yet as the actor has an excessively tight agendaabout themovies promotion in Asia, it's farstated that the 2facets are recently in discussion.

This is especially exciting as previous this year, Infinite Challenge greeted Hollywood actor Jack Black for a distinct episode. At the time, he was once in South Korea selling his film Kung Fu Panda 3.

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Matt Damon In Talks To look On “Infinite Challenge”

Matt Damon In Talks To look On “Infinite Challenge”

Matt Damon In Talks To seem On EndlessIssue jun2yng June 30, 2016 0 Matt Damon In Talks To Appear On Infinite Challenge A news outlet lately stated that Matt Damon, who is back as Jason Bourne, will be acting on “Infinite Challenge.”

However, a source from MBC acknowledged to Sports Chosun on June 30, “It’s true that Matt Damon is in talks for the show, yetnot anything has been confirmed.”

Matt Damons new movie Jason Bourne premieres on July 28.

Previously, Jack Black gave the impression on “Infinite Challenge” to advertisethe latest “Kung Fu Panda,” where he was onceslightly the hot subject for his humming abilities.

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Luhan has  reportedly posed along with the celebrities called Matt Damon and Andy Lau who took part in the show called  The Great Wall

Luhan has reportedly posed along with the celebrities called Matt Damon and Andy Lau who took part in the show called The Great Wall

Luhan Poses Alongside “The Great Wall” Stars Matt Damon and Andy Lau Luhan recently updated fans with pictures alongside his co-stars of the upcoming movie “The Great Wall.”

On July 2, Luhan shared photos with Hollywood actor Matt Damon as well as Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau on his personal Weibo account.

In the uploaded photos, which were taken at the press conference of their new film in Beijing, Luhan is seen posing next to Matt Damon and Andy Lau with a variety of facial expressions.

luhan matt damon luhan andy lau

Meanwhile, Luhan has been actively promoting with a solo career as an actor in China after filing a lawsuit against agency SM Entertainment.

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Matt Damon reveals he was amazed by Luhan

Matt Damon reveals he was amazed by Luhan"s popularity

Matt Damon reveals he was amazed by Luhan

Even Hollywood actor Matt Damonwas impressed by Luhan"s fame in China!

Matt Damon and Luhan recently filmed "The Great Wall" together, a US-China joint movie that features The Great Wall as a defense against monsters. During the press conference for the movie, Matt Damon revealed that he was awed by Luhan"s popularity, saying, "I think the first night where we started shooting there was something like 400 flower arrangements that came to the hotel and took up the entire hallway."

Check out Luhan"s interview and Matt Damon"s comment above!


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Matt Damon Was Impressed By Luhan, During The Filming Of 'The Great Wall'

Matt Damon Was Impressed By Luhan, During The Filming Of 'The Great Wall'

(Photo : Luhan Weibo) On July 2, the cast of the 2016 film "The Great Wall," gathered in Beijing for a press conference. During the session, Hollywood star Matt Damon spoke positively about working with former EXO member Luhan, expressing his amazement at the large fan base of the pop star.

In video footage, Damon was asked by the host of the press conference to describe his feelings about working with a large number of Asian stars, for the first time. "It"s a been a great experience," said Damon. "It"s a little overwhelming when someone like Luhan shows up with so many fans. I think there were 400 flower arrangements sent to the hotel [for him], on the first night of shooting."

The host then asked if Damon thought the fans or the flowers were for him. He knew that they were not, but co-star Andy Lau jokingly pointed out that they could have been sent from representatives of his fan base.

Damon went on to express his admiration for his Asian cast members, including Luhan. "If someone hadn"t told me how famous he was, I wouldn"t have known from how he carries himself, which is very impressive," said Damon.

On July 2, Luhan shared photos taken during the press conference to his Weibo account. The photos depicted Matt Damon and Andy Lau, with Luhan exuding an enthusiastic expression.

Directed by acclaimed cinematographer Yimou Zhang, "The Great Wall." The film, which focuses on the mysterious construction on the Great Wall, is a Hollywood-Chinese co-production.

Damon leads the cast along with Lau and esteemed star, Willem Dafoe.

"The Great Wall" will serve as one of four film projects pursued by Luhan, following his alleged lawsuit against SM Entertainment and departure from EXO. The movie is scheduled to premiere in 2016.


Luhan Casted For Hollywood Blockbuster

Luhan Casted For Hollywood Blockbuster "The Great Wall" Alongside Matt Damon


Rising star Luhan has been casted for Hollywood movie, "The Great Wall," starring oposite actor Matt Damon.

Prior to this report, only Matt Damon (Saving Private Ryan, The Bourne Trilogy), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones “Season 4″), and William Dafoe (Spiderman Trilogy, The Grand Budapest Hotel) were confirmed to have a role in the upcoming Legendary East film.

In addition to this all-star lineup, director Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) was reported to have also cast many Chinese celebrities and actors, such as Zhang Hanyu and boy band TFBOYS to name a few. Variety has also confirmed the appearance of Andy Lau, who is acquainted with Zhang as he worked on House of Flying Daggers with him in 2004.

By no means is Zhang Yimou an unknown figure in the movie industry. In fact, he has worked with several famous actors in his previous works, such as infamous martial artist Jet Li in Hero and the previously mentioned Andy Lau. In addition to these popular films, he also played a significant role in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

The movie will be about the Great Wall of China and a mystery surrounding the historic Chinese landmark as elite soldiers attempt to to hold a last stand against mythical creatures in order to save humanity.

Due to unexpected circumstances, the movie was forced to postponement its initial filming plans last month, but new reports revealed it will resume filming at the end of March 2015 in China.

The Great Wall is set to be released sometime in 2016, but the precise date is still unknown, and will feature a confirmed cast of  Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau, Jing Tian, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Luhan, Lin Gengxin, Zheng Kai, Chen Xuedong, Huang Xuan, and Wang Junkai.


Eric Nam Snaps Photo with Matt Damon

Eric Nam Snaps Photo with Matt Damon

Eric Nam Snaps Photo with Matt DamonEric Nam has recently posed with the mega Hollywood star, Matt Damon!

On August 14, Eric Nam posted on his Instagram, Wow! With the cool Matt Damon hyung! It was so good to meet you! Elysium daebak! Come to Korea again and lets meet up!

Eric Nam Snaps Photo with Matt Damon

In the photo, Eric Nam and Matt Damon are side by side, peering and smiling at the camera. Matt Damon recently visited Korea to promote his newest sci-fi thriller film, Elysium.

Eric Nam is currently working as a reporter for MBCs Section TV Entertainment Relay. He has snapped photos with other big-name Hollywood stars such as Miranda Kerr, in the past.


Matt Damon's News to Phony Press Conference: 'I Will Not Go To The Bathroom' [VIDEO]

Matt Damon's News to Phony Press Conference: 'I Will Not Go To The Bathroom' [VIDEO]

Matt Damon toilet strike

Matt Damon's News to Phony Press Conference: 'I Will Not Go To The Bathroom' [VIDEO] Actor Matt Damons news: hes on a toilet strike.Matt Damon has breaking news: he is on a toilet strike.

In a new parody video clip for the organization, Damon tells a room full of news reporters that he will refrain from going to the bathroom in protest of the 2.5 billion people who lack access to a toilet or basic sanitation.

"In protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom," Damon said in the video.

The actor also points out that 780 million people, or twice the population of the U.S., lack access to clean water.

The video opens with Damon asking a room full of reporters how they spent Toilet Day, a real event which raises awareness of the global toilet problem.

"Sorry, World Toilet Day? is that even a real thing?" one reporter shoots back.

"Yeah, of course it's a real thing," Damon responds, becoming agitated. "November 19---World Toilet Day. How'd you celebrate it?"

He looks out to a sea of blank stares, but continues undeterred.

"Anybody have any idea what invention has saved more lives than any other in the history of human kind?" Damon asks. The toilet--I'm not at all surprised you gasped."

"We didn't gasp," a reporter says.

Damon co-founded of with the nonprofit organization's current CEO Gary White, in 2009. has provided safe water and sanitation to hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America.

"Matt's strike announcement and the vlogger videos are designed to start an online conversation that can engage people across the digital landscape, and we hope people will share the video, and respond to it with their own thoughts," White said. "I've been working on the water crisis for over 25 years and the interest and excitement for our work against one of the world's most solvable problems has never been more real. We are confident we will solve this crisis in our lifetime."

Damon is also planning on doing more YouTube videos for the cause, with original cameos scheduled on the YouTube channels of ShayCarl, EpicLloyd, WheezyWaiter, LivePrudeGirls, Smosh, Stan Lee, Lisa Schwartz, and John Elerick.

The actor, who parodied his own passionate activism in an appearance as himself on the HBO show "Entourage," back in 2009, pleads with the reporters in the new clip to join his cause and not go to the bathroom.

"Guys, the toilet strike is important," he said. "Whose with me?"