MBLAQ’s Mir Opens Up About His Emotions  Prior to Enlisting In The Military

MBLAQ’s Mir Opens Up About His Emotions Prior to Enlisting In The Military

MBLAQs Mir Opens Up About His EmotionsSooner than Enlisting In The army boxclub August 2, 2016 0 MBLAQs Mir Opens Up About His Feelings Before Enlisting In The Military MBLAQ member Mir stocks his truthful confessions before he enlisted for his needed military service.

On the August 1 broadcast of the KBS 2TV display Suspicious Vacation, Mir takes a travel to Sri Lanka with g.o.d. member Park Jun Hyung as a a phase of his bucket list.

During the trip, Park Jun Hyung and Mir seek recommendation from the sacred town of Kandy, a UNESCO International Heritage Centre, so as to higherenjoy the Buddhist culture.

This proveused to be the ultimate broadcast that Mir did before enlisting in the military last month.

Mir shares, I debuted as an idol at a tender age and just ran ahead without any rest. I entered a slump and I believe I attempted to run clear oftruth a lot. Each time I saw any person who appeared more talented than me, I have shyed away from them and for approximately3 months, I didn’t leave the home at all.

He continues, Round the fourth dimension that this broadcast is going out, I will have to exist in military uniform. My head feels so complicated.

Park Jun Hyung encourages him, saying, I am hoping you be informedso much and get backmore healthy and happier.

Mir enlisted in the military on July 14.

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JYJ's Yoochun to bid lovers good-bye at 'Membership Week' prior to enlisting quietly

JYJ's Yoochun to bid lovers good-bye at 'Membership Week' prior to enlisting quietly


Fans have been getting ready themselves for JYJ Yoochun"s front into the military since his enlistment date, August 27, was announced back in May. And that date continues to attract closer and nearer.

His firm has now up to date the public with the statement, "Yoochun will input the military in personal on August 27. we've got come to this resolution as Yoochun himself needs to go into quietly, and the learning middle has acknowledged media policy would be difficult."

They added, "On August 25, Yoochun and Junsu might be ready to spend time with fanatics at the "2015 JYJ club Week" fanmeeting. We are respecting Yoochun"s desires to have valuable time with fans, and then enlist quietly."

So attempt to catch as much of Yoochun as you perhaps can with just a little more than 2 weeks left till he bids us good-bye for two years!

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Park Yoochun Sheds Tears During Last Fan Meeting In Japan Prior To Military Enlistment

Park Yoochun Sheds Tears During Last Fan Meeting In Japan Prior To Military Enlistment

(Photo : C-Jes)

(Photo : C-Jes)

Park Yoochun met with over 24,000 fans in Yokohama on July 24 and shed emotional tears.

"Park Yoochun successfully wrapped up "2015 Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU" on July 23 at Yokohama Arena. Over 24,000 fans filled the arena and shouted his name for over 3 hours. Park Yoochun showed his professional side of him and made new memories with his fans until the very last moment," commented C-Jes Entertainment.

Park Yoochun opened the fan meeting with his self-composed track "Walking with Her in the Spring." He then unveiled brand new photos of himself and sang "Stand by Me" from the animation film Doraemon. Park Yoochun also caught his fans" attention with his fluent Japanese. He even surprised his fans with his Osaka dialect and foods that he made himself.

"I"m so happy right now. I still remember all the memories we shared in the past. I"ll remember today forever, and I hope you will remember today too. Let"s meet again as JYJ. Remember me, and remember JYJ. Thank you, take care of yourselves, and let"s meet again soon," commented Park Yoochun at the end of the concert.

The fans then surprised Yoochun with an event and sang JYJ"s "You"re" in Korean for him. They also flashed signs that read "We"ll wait for you." The event moved Park Yoochun"s heart and he shed emotional tears.

Park Yoochun and his fans closed the meeting by singing "Found" together. Park Yoochun then circled around the arena and shared parting words with his fans and promised his return with a smile.

Park Yoochun will attend "2015 JYJ Membership Week" on August 25 and enter the military on August 27.


stocks his ultimate moments with super Junior 
sooner than enlisting in 

Yunho stocks his ultimate moments with super Junior pals sooner than enlisting in military

Yunho stocks his remaining moments with large Junior pals prior to enlisting in military

TVXQ"s Yunho, who just enlisted in the military, shared the valuable few remaining moments with his fellow artists!

Yesung uploaded multiple footage on Twitter of him posing chummily with bandmates Donghae along side Leeteuk and of path, his just right friend Yunho who enlisted these days.

the men are taking a look good-looking as standard adding Yunho, who is still just as pleasant at the eyes even without his complete head of hair.

Heechul reminisced at the beyond just right times he shared with Yunho, writing on his Instagram, "2002 wintry weather. When I first entered dorm lifestyles Donghae and Yunho got here to escort me. Because they were either A blood sorts down to their cores, they seemed me, an AB blood kind, with wonderful awe...There were a large number of a laugh moments. we may write 3 books [on our times in combination]. It"s already been neatly over ten years."

SM artists weren"t the single real ones expressing their sadness at the enlistment of Yunho in the military. In an interview, actor Son Ho Joon printed his sorrow at the reality that he won"t be ready to fulfill with Yunho as ceaselessly. He acknowledged, "i can check out no longer to cry once he enlists," and "Yunho purchased me food currently and told me "after I cross to the military I won"t make any cash for 2 years so you will have quilt me. here is the remaining meal I"ll purchase for you," smiling as he recalled the remaining moment he shared with Yunho. 

Yunho will cross back after 21 months of serving in the military. Let"s hope the 21 months will pass through temporarily and need for his secure cross back in the period in-between! 

15년전 풋풋한꼬맹일때 만난사람들 .. 오랜만에 함께해도 여전하네 ~ 윤호 조심히 잘다녀오게나 ^^ #largejunior #TVXQ #윤호잘다녀와 percent.twitter.com/r7bZ2QTv14

— Yesung (@shfly3424) July 21, 2015

2002년 겨울. 처음 숙소 들어갈 때 날 데리러 와준 윤호랑 동해. 둘 다 완전한 AAA형이라 그런지 AB형인 날 엄청 신기해했었다. 가죽 잠바 사건, 돈까스 사건, 도원결의, 삼뽕 칫솔통, 타임머신, 로맨틱 윤호, 김희철 맥도날드에서 정윤호 첫사랑 폭파 사건, 햄스터 사건, 맷돌 희철, 빠빠빠빠빠, 삼뽕이서 옹기종기 모여살자 사건, 네 남자의 길거리 라면과 강남개 사건, 병원 동지 등등.. 굉장히 즐거웠던 일들이 많았는데.. 책으로 써도 3권 정도는 나올듯.. 벌써 10년도 훨씬 넘었네.... #희로뽕 #유로뽕 #도로뽕 #동슈 #ShowMeYourLove

A photo posted through 우주대스타 ☆ 天上天下 希澈獨尊 (@kimheenim) on Jul 20, 2015 at 11:17pm PDT

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Kim Hyun Joong Enlisting in the Military in May

Kim Hyun Joong Enlisting in the Military in May

Currently, there is speculation that Kim Hyun Joong will be enlisting in the military this May.

Kim Hyun Joongs agency Key East Entertainment answered, Kim Hyun Joong wants to enlist quietly. He was supposed to enlist in March, but he delayed it. We dont plan on revealing his future plans.

A source revealed that the singer/actor requested delaying his enlistment last month and after getting his request approved, has no choice but to enlist in May now.

Meanwhile, the star was fined for assaulting his ex-girlfriend last year. The ex-girlfriend has also claimed that he is the father of her unborn child.

Source: (1)(2)

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Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, Park Yoo Chun Will Soon Be Enlisting in the Military!

Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, Park Yoo Chun Will Soon Be Enlisting in the Military!

The news that Choi Jin Hyuk and JYJ's Kim Jae Joong would enlist in March was sad enough for k-drama fans but several other top stars are expected to announce enlistment dates soon.

K-Pop fans cried eyes out as their idols JYJ's Kim Jae Joong and Choi jin Hyuk announced to enlist in army in march; Sadness, however, continues its path!

Take a deep breath!

...... It is revealed that several other top stars are expected to announce enlistment dates soon.

Most likely to state a date of departure is Kim Jae Joong's fellow JYJ member and actor Park Yoo Chun. Although he has agreed to appear in a paranormal drama "Sensory Couple" with Shin Se Kyung, the members of JYJ have said in the past that they will enlist at roughly the same time. In June of 2014 C-JeS Entertainment announced that Yoo Chun and Jae Joong would leave for their mandatory military service after the new album. In July of 2014, Park said he wanted to do one more acting project before he enlisted.

Park is currently 28 and all Korean males are expected to serve two years of military duty before they turn 35. Most citizens prefer to serve before they are 30, although actors tend to postpone service since the 20s are the years when they are busy establishing a career.

Park Yoo Chun does have asthma, which may limit his ability to serve in an active duty capacity.

Kim Soo Hyun, who recently joined the cast of the drama "Producer," is also due to enlist. He will start filming "Producer" in April and is considering a film role before he signs up. Kim is 27.

Yoo Ah In turns 29 in October, so he is also enlistment age. He recently played the tragic Crown Prince Sado in the historical film "Sado." And he can also be seen in the 2015 film "Veteran."

Yoo Ah In took the auditions for the Seoul Police Public Relations Department but decided not to take further exams and instead serve as an active duty soldier. More celebrities are choosing to serve actively rather than participate in promotional duties after a scandal resulted in ending the existence of a special military unit for celebrities. Most celebrities served in that unit by participating in promotional activities. Yoo Ah In has not announced an enlistment date.

The other celebrity who is the right age for enlistment is Lee Seung Gi. In 2013 he said he would pinpoint the exact date when his schedule got more organized. At the time he had too many modeling contracts to fulfill. Since then the 28-year-old actor has acted in the police thriller "You're All Surrounded" and the romantic comedy film "Today's Love."

While these actors may soon be unavailable for acting roles, two other stars are back on the market. Yoo Seung Ho was discharged in December 2014 and is already working on the film "The Joseon Magician." Song Joong Ki will be discharged in May and is already in talks to star in "The Descendent of the Sun."



SHINee"s Jonghyun shares his thoughts on enlisting in the military + performs on "Picnic Live"


On a recent broadcasting of MBC Music"s "Picnic Live," SHINee"s Jonghyun guested on the show and shared his thoughts on enlisting in the military.

One audience member on the show expressed his regret in not being able to enlist in the military despite multiple attempts to apply. After listening to the guest"s unusual story, Jonghyun asked, "Is there a reason you want to go into military so early?"

The male guest member then replied back solemnly, "Even if I wanted to get an internship, they wouldn"t pick me because I haven"t gone to the military," revealing the importance of having to serve in the military, especially in Korea.

Jonghyun then said, "I see two men in the audience. Have you served in the military?" One of the male guests who has already served in the military frankly said, "If you don"t have to go to the military, it"s better not to go," drawing out laughter from the audience.

The idol then revealed, "I haven"t served in the army yet, so I am scared about doing something new. There is also the fear of having to be away from society for two years." Maybe if he wants some practice, he can join "Real Men"? Would fans like to see that?

Meanwhile, Jonghyun did a mesmerizing live cover of Maxwell"s "This Woman"s Work" and a live performance of "Love Belt" from his latest solo album, featuring Younha. Check out his performances on "Picnic Live" below!


Which Stars Will Be Enlisting In Military in Upcoming 2015

Which Stars Will Be Enlisting In Military in Upcoming 2015

Stars That Will Soon Be Enlisting in the Military

2015 is roaming around our doors. It is coming closers and also raises more curiosity about which stars will enlist in military this year?

To start off, singer and actor Lee Seung Gi, born in 1987, has his military service coming up within the next year. Known to be the ‘Nation’s Mother’s Friend’s Son’ for his bright and positive image, the actor has a wide range of fans—fans of all ages, from teens to middle-aged fans. Lee Sung Gi’s agency has stated, “His enlistment date has not been determined.” However, it is expected that the actor will most likely be entering the army within the first half of 2015.

Another star who has been earning increasing amounts of popularity over the years, actor Choi Jin Hyuk who is currently starring in the MBC drama “Pride and Prejudice,” will be enlisting in active duty next year. The actor had originally planned to begin his service earlier this year in August, but ended up forgoing the police service for the regular army next year.

2015 will possibly be seeing an ‘Army Rush,’ as there are many male celebrities born in the year 1986-87. Other stars that may very likely be seen in uniform throughout the new year include actor Yoo Ah In (’86), JYJ’s Jaejoong (’86), Yoochun (’86), and Junsu (’87), TVXQ’s Yunho (’86), actor Lee Min Ho (’87), singer-actor Seo In Guk (’87), as well as actor Joo Won (’87).

Meanwhile, actor Yoo Seung Ho was just released from his two-year service, and singer Se7en will be joining him on December 28.

Source (1)


Moon Hee Jun Revealed Time Enough For Enlisting In Military

Moon Hee Jun Revealed Time Enough For Enlisting In Military

Moon Hee Jun: “I Don’t Think Going to the Military Twice Is a Good Idea”

On the November 2 broadcast of MBC’s “Real Men”, the famous singer Moon Hee Jun (ex- member of the idol band H.O.T) has confided his heartfelt thoughts on the second chance of enlisting in the military.

On this episode, “Real Men” welcomed new soldiers, who entered the training facility and vowed to fulfill the military duties with their integrity, exactitude, and impartiality.

As they returned to the dormitory, the soldiers started removing the facial paint they had smeared on their face to camouflage in the environment. Seeing BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae grab a tissue and start removing the paint, Moon Hee Jun made everyone laugh as he said with a sorry tone in his voice, “That beautiful face…”

Later in the episode, Moon Hee Jun sighed and said, “I really think going to the military twice is too much,” and asked mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Kim Dong Hyun, “Don’t you feel the same about the marines?”

Kim Dong Hyun, who completed his mandatory military service in the marine corps, could not help but agree and said, “I do.”

real men moon hee jun


Yoochun reveals that JYJ once thought of enlisting into the military at the same time

Yoochun reveals that JYJ once thought of enlisting into the military at the same time

Yoochun reveals that JYJ once thought of enlisting into the military at the same time

JYJ"s Yoochunshared his thoughts on his upcoming military service with the exact date of his enlistment still not clear.

Yoochun shared during his interview with Star News on July 30, "My heart is at peace right now. I think it would be nice to do one more production before [my upcoming enlistment]... I"m not in a position where I can just blindly enter [a production] because I want to. The timing and situation have to be right."

He continued,"It would be nice to do one more production before I leave. On the other hand, I also think about going and coming back from the army quickly, so that I can pursue acting comfortably... I look forward to more acting opportunities once I come back from the military."

When asked if JYJ thought of enlisting at the same time, he revealed, "We thought of enlisting at the same time at first, but we don"t want to do that... I thought it would be a good idea, but after thinking about it some more, I think it would be better for the members to enlist some time after one another while taking on individual activities. [It"d be better to] enlist one by one."

Until then, Yoochun is living life to the fullest with his recent comeback with JYJ and the upcoming premiere of his movie "Sea Fog" on August 13!