Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyang’s Mind On Her Woman  Team Debut

Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyang’s Mind On Her Woman Team Debut

Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyangs Mind On Her LadyTeam Debutkokoberry July 16, 2016 0 Min Hyo Rin Displays Taeyangs Thoughts On Her Girl Organization Debut In a contemporary interview, Min Hyo Rin used to be asked about Taeyangs comments in regards to thetask girl group she is a phase of. The actress is recently a forged member in KBS2s formdisplay Sisters Slam Dunk.

Min Hyo Rin says, Taeyang in point of fact likes it and sincerely congratulated me. I suspect he also felt actuallyjust right that I used to beready to do what I sought after and the reaction changed into good.

When asked what his reaction to seeing Unnies on level was, she answers, He said, Good activity and congratulations. Every time 1 had a troublesome fourth dimensionwhilst practicing, he encouraged me. He also monitored with me.

Catch up on the newest episode of Sisters Slam Dunk below!

Sisters Slam Dunk aims to make the solidcontributorsperson dreams come true. Min Hyo Rins dream was to debut in a woman group, so the project group Unnies was created. Unnies released their tuneClose Up, filmed a music video, and debuted on a music show.

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Sisters Slam Dunk Unearths New Jacket Symbol For Upcoming Woman  Team Debut

Sisters Slam Dunk Unearths New Jacket Symbol For Upcoming Woman Team Debut

“Sister’s Slam Dunk” Finds New Jacket Symbol For Upcoming LadyStaff Debutnotclaira June 29, 2016 0 “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Exhibits New Jacket Image For Upcoming Girl Organization Debut “Sister’s Slam Dunk” is on the point of officially expose their girl group task “Unnies.” Their single, “Shut Up,” is scheduled to drop on June 30.

The KBS type program “Sister’s Slam Dunk” has been taking No. 1 in viewership ratings each Friday evening in its time slot for the beyond3 weeks. The forged are latelyin the direction ofpleasant minute Hyo Rin’s dream of converting intoa lady group member.

Unnies has enlisted the assistance of A-list manufacturerssimilar to Park Jin Young, Yoo Gun Hyung, and Yoo Hee Yeol. The track video teaser is scheduled to drop at the similar fourth dimension as the virtual single.

The jacket image, which was once unveiled on June 30, presentations the six contributorshaving a lookattractive in black with Min Hyo Rin up front and center.

Unnies might beacting their debut degree on “Music Bank” on July 1 at five p.m. KST. Meanwhile, “Sister’s Slam Dunk” airs each Friday at 11 p.m. KST.

Watch the newest episode below!

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YG Finds Teasers For New Woman  Team Member Jisoo

YG Finds Teasers For New Woman Team Member Jisoo

YG Finds Teasers For New WomanWorkforce Member Jisookokoberry June 14, 2016 0 YG Exhibits Teasers For New Girl Organization Member Jisoo On June 15, YG Entertainment published seven teaser pictures for Jisoo, who has now been showed every bit a member in their upcoming girl group.

In the teaser images, Jisoo pulls off variousideas from cute, innocent, trendy, and more. But even so her beauty, the recent girl group member is understood for being talented in dancing, singing, and acting as well.

Shes fairlywidely recognized to many YG lovers as she gave the impression in song videos for Epik Topin addition Hi Suhyuns music videos. Furthermore, she made a cameo in KBS 2TVs Manufactureralong 2NE1s Sandara Park and WINNERs Kang Seung Yoon.

YG Entertainment has been revealing teaser images featuring their new girl group member weekly since June 1. Contributors Jennie and Lisa were revealed thus far. The following member will also be expected to be revealed next week.

Check out her teaser images below!

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YG Finds  2d New Woman  Team Member Lisa

YG Finds 2d New Woman Team Member Lisa

YG Unearths2nd New LadyStaff Member Lisakokoberry June 7, 2016 0 YG Exhibits Second New Girl Organization Member Lisa After revealing their first new girl group member, Jennie Kim, YG Entertainment has publishedthe second one member in their upcoming girl group!

The member is known as Lisa and is 19 years old. She has been revealed to have trained for 5 years at YG.

YG has revealed seven other teaser footage featuring Lisa. In the teasers, she rocks quite so much of hairstyles and concepts. Remain tuned for more updates in regards to the highly expected girl group!

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Star Empire Finds More Main points Of Upcoming Woman  Team With Shim Chae Eun And Han Hyeri

Star Empire Finds More Main points Of Upcoming Woman Team With Shim Chae Eun And Han Hyeri

Star Empire Finds More Main points Of Upcoming LadyCrew With Shim Chae Eun And Han HyeriJiwonYu Would possibly 18, 2016 0 Star Empire Exhibits More Info Of Upcoming Girl Organization With Shim Chae Eun And Han Hyeri Megastar Empire, housing Produce 101 trainees Han Hyeri and Shim Chae Eun, has printed more information about its soon-to-debut girl group.

According to reports on Could 18, Star Empire has made up our minds that the approaching girl group will have five to seven members. The showedcontributors of the woman group up to now are Han Hyeri, Shim Chae Eun, and two other Star Empire trainees.

Once the members are confirmed, the crowd volition officially debut at the finish of June. Enthusiasts are moderately excited to look what idea this girl group will have, since Star Empire is understood for generatingteams with original concepts.

Shim Chae Eun was oncein the past a trainee below Starship Entertainment, yet moved to Star Empire previous this month.

What do you observed this girl group can be like?

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New 4-member woman  team MIXX prepares to debut

New 4-member woman team MIXX prepares to debut

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA new womanstaffcan be joining the track scene in South Korea and are set to debut below the firm Chiko Entertainment.

Named MIXX, the M stands for motivative, I for affect and the XX represents the feminine chromosomes. In other words, MIXX stands for girls who supplies off a robust impression and motivates thru their music.

The neighborhood is made up of 4individuals with two born in 1994 and the opposite two in 2000, and stands at an reasonable height of 169cm, or abou 55.

Look out for their debut in May!

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Mnet Finds “Produce 101″ Woman  Team Name

Mnet Finds “Produce 101″ Woman Team Name

Mnet Finds Produce 101 LadyCrewCall JiwonYu March 31, 2016 0 LINE it!Mnet Displays Produce 101 Girl Organization Name The woman group name for Produce 101 has been revealed.

According to an associate on April 1, the head 11 trainees in Produce 101 might be debuting as a collectionbeneath the name IOI, symbolizing the number 101.

This name was once made due to the ideas from audiences and fans. When the personnel asked enthusiasts about what the girl group name will have to be, many of them sought after 101 to still remain in the name.

Mnet answered to the unveiling of the girl group name, saying, The name becamedetermined upon comparingall the audiences opinions. It'll existpublishedall over the reside broadcast of the show.

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“Produce 101″ Finds Exciting Ultimate Debut Team Details

“Produce 101″ Finds Exciting Ultimate Debut Team Details

Produce 101 Unearths Exciting Ultimate Debut StaffMain points kokoberry March 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Produce 101 Displays Exciting Last Debut Organization Details Popular lady group survival factdisplay Produce 101 is playing a flood of news and articles about their final 11-member group.

First of all, the gang which has yet to be decided has already wona huge number of CF offers. To this point seven CFs wereshowedyet there are a couple of more gives being undoubtedly reviewed. The profits from those seven CF deals is estimated to be around 1.4 billion won (approximately $1.2 million).

YMC Entertainment, the firm that will be managing the task group, has published that the group could beselling their album in April and May. More specifically, the group will be acting their debut song on tunepresentations in Might at the earliest. This suggests that the teams promotions might overlap with TWICEs promotions as the JYP lady group is making plans a spring comeback. Somi, who is thought about as a most sensible contender as a member of the general daughter group, was once once a candidate for Two timesat the reality prove SIXTEEN. Many lovers are fascinated bythe prospect of seeing Somi advertise at the similar time as TWICE.

Along with music promotions, the Produce 101 final girl group has been provento seem on long run episodes of Weekly Idol and Cool Kiz on the Block (also referred to as Our Vicinity Arts and Physical Education).

Finally, it's been revealed that the lady groups debut song will be Fingertips which turned into produced through hitmaker Ryan Jhun. He previously created SHINees Lucifer and Red Velvets Dumb Dumb. The last episode which featured a principlefightincorporated a functionality of Fingertips.

Watch and concentrate to Fingertips below!

What are your mind on all this news surrounding Produce 101? What are you maximum excited about?

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Hani's more youthful brother finds which woman  team member he likes

Hani's more youthful brother finds which woman team member he likes

KBS 2TV aired the 2nd onephase to their Lunar New Year special, 'We Are Siblings,' on February nine where EXID's Hani was once in for a impolite awakening.

SEE ALSO: What made Hani cry on 'We Are Siblings'?

She acknowledged to her more youthful brother, who is lately enlisted, "You do notin point of fact like idols, right? Because you are a bit other from other soldiers." However, he gave the glance of he have beenstuck or like anything she said pricked his conscious, and made the target audience laugh viawarding off his sister's eyes. Never ask questions you do no longer needto understandthe solution to, Hani.

In an interview with the production crew, he admitted, "Still, I am a soldier. I individually like SECRET's Hyosung. I'm alternative from my sister. My sister is.. slightly different."

Hani, girl, what did you expect? He could also be your little bro, yethe is still also a man.


Star Empire Finds Debut Teaser for New Boy Team IMFACT

Star Empire Finds Debut Teaser for New Boy Team IMFACT

Star Empire Finds Debut Teaser for New Boy Staff IMFACTan0ya January 3, 2016 0 LINE it!Star Empire Displays Debut Teaser for New Boy Organization IMFACT Star Empire is gearing up for the debut in their new boy group IMFACT!

The first legitimatesymbol teaser dropped on January fourin the dead of night KST, giving fanatics a little glimpse of the album concept and announcing the debut album unencumber date.

In the picture, the five members show off their trendy combo of black leather loafers and gray socks, possibly hinting at a more preppy and trendy concept. Consistent with the teaser, IMFACTs debut album is will drop on January 27.

Through their official Twitter, the individuals relayed that they're busy practicing their choreography, and asked fans to wait a little longer for their debut.

The controlfirm has also opened IMFACTs official fan cafe and homepage.

Are you having a lookahead to this new boy group?

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