Mnet “Boys24” contestant leaves deficient  flavor in viewers’ mouth after poor attitude

Mnet “Boys24” contestant leaves deficient flavor in viewers’ mouth after poor attitude

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Audience of Mnets boy crewpageant show Boys24 have expressed their disappointment amongst one specific trainee because of his alleged deficient attitude.

After a contemporary airing of the truthcontention show, viewers printed their distaste for contestant Sungho, leader of the Red Unit. In one special segment throughout the gadgets practice, Sungho was onceobserved directing his community mates. It changed into also noted at the episode that Sungho was specifically harsh on member Won during the practice. Later in a solo interview, he was quoted saying, Dont harbor any needless greed. Yet he already has.

Netizens have criticized Sungho for making an attempt to give off a G-Dragon and Zico vibe. That is, they claim that whilst G-Dragon and Zico, and other equivalentorganization leaders, would possibly criticize their members, they do it with excellent intentions for their individuals to support and now not for egocentric reasons. On the opposite hand, netizens claim that Sungho lacks all the ones skills, and is allegedly doing it to make himself glance good.

Meanwhile, the ganglatelycarried out and covered GDTaeyangs Good Boy among others on the June 9th episode.

image Image: Watch the perspective of your arm (Sungho)

image (1) Image: Won-hyung, wake up (Sungho)

image (2) Image: Do that hyung (Caption)

image (4) Image: Whats not easyis tricky (Sungho)

image (5) Image: Won acting the choreography in front of the others by myself

image (6) Image: Unit Red = Leader replacement?!

image (7) Image: Just take a glance atnot totake into considerationthe rest else

image (8) Image: Dont harbor any lifeless greed

image (9) Image: But he already has harbored greed.

image (10) Image: Hyung, just you attempted and you were given the choreography wrong (Sungho)

image (11) Image: I in reality wont mean you canbreak out with it.

Watch the Red Sets expert Boy functionality on June 9th:

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Premiere Of K-Pop Truth  Pageant Program “Boys24” Receives Complaint From Feminine Viewers

Premiere Of K-Pop Truth Pageant Program “Boys24” Receives Complaint From Feminine Viewers

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFollowing the premiere of its first episode, it form of feels like Boys24 stuckmoderately a other reaction from its feminine fans. 

A post on Instiz highlighted the various reactions made via female netizens as Boys24 began its premiere and it appearedlove itwas once met with  more than negative responses than positive. The post featured plenty of screenshots as the episodes aired and it publishedthe strain some female audience were experiencing during the program. Some claimed that they were givenstressed out out whilst others pointed out if the program become indeed that bad, mentioning the loss of visuals and talents from the participants.

Others started comparing Boys24 to its female edition Produce 101 as netizens claimed that the visuals for Boys24 were missing every bit criticisms for the program continued.

This isn'tthe primary time that Boys24 won criticisms following its premiere episode. It was these daysin comparison to Produce 101, which regardless of the stark differences in their budget looked as though information technology would have an easier quality than the male version.

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Boys24 Contestant Oh Jin Suk Talks About Being a YG Trainee

Boys24 Contestant Oh Jin Suk Talks About Being a YG Trainee

“Boys24” Contestant Oh Jin Suk Talks About Being a YG Traineenotclaira June 19, 2016 0 “Boys24” Contestant Oh Jin Suk Talks About Being a YG Trainee On June 18, the recent Mnet survival program “Boys24” aired its first episode and chose its Best 7 contestants.

One of the trainees at thedisplaywas once Oh Jin Suk, who gave the impression on the dance survival prove “Dancing 9” in 2013. Lee Minwoo, who turned into on the show with him, known and greeted him warmly.

“I have become a trainee with YG Entertainment after ‘Dancing 9,’” Oh Jin Suk said. “I didn’t know when I used to be going to debut. I readyto head back to a normallifestylesprior to ane heard about ‘Boys24.’ I assumed that if I do neatly here, I mayin any case debut. It’s my ultimate chance.”

He then showed off his dance and rap. Ha Hwi Dong said, “There aren’t any challenging moves yet it looks cool.” Vasco was less complimentary, saying, “Your pronunciation and diction is a bit of lacking. You stay smiling but the lyrics don’t suit that. Those are small issues so you'll upgrade soon.”

“Boys24” tests 49 male trainees and varieties them into gadgets to compete for the maximum productive unit. The head 24 will carry out concerts for 365 days afterward the show.

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Mnet’s “BOYS24” Selections  Best 7 Contestants In First Episode

Mnet’s “BOYS24” Selections Best 7 Contestants In First Episode

Mnets BOYS24 SelectionsMost sensible seven Contestants In First Episodejun2yng June 18, 2016 0 Mnets BOYS24 Picks Top 7 Contestants In First Episode Mnet’s “BOYS24” put its first foot ahead on June 18, with an intense first episode where the 49 contestants were evaluated individually.

In addition to giving audience a flavor of the talents of the contestants, who showed quite so much of performances starting fromadorable to professional, the judges set the tone for their evaluations. Whilst Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung were in massive part encouraging against the contestants, Vasco was once blunt and didn’t grasp back in his evaluations.

Already, the primary episode has put numbers in front of the men names; the pass judgement onreviewsdecidedthe head seven contestants, who were awarded immunity and given the positions of unit leaders. Note that being in the head seven does no longer mean those contestants wereshowed every bitprobably the mostultimate 24.

The top seven are as follows:

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5 Things That Make Mnet’s “BOYS24″ Other Than “Produce 101″

5 Things That Make Mnet’s “BOYS24″ Other Than “Produce 101″

5 Things That Make Mnets BOYS24 Other Than Produce 101kafox June 9, 2016 0 5 Things That Make Mnets BOYS24 The various Than Produce 101 Mnet is continuing their series of idol survival truthpresentations amongst BOYS24, the network’s sequel to supply 101. Even supposingthe dimensions isn’t as large, with best 49 contestants vs. Produce 101’s staggering overall of 101, the concept that is similar. However, BOYS24 does have a couple of key differences that make it much different than Produce 101, in the case of the group’s longevity.

In Produce 101, only 11 out of the 101 contestants were decided onto sign in fora woman group. At the other hand, in BOYS24, 24 out of the 49 contestants could bechose to sign up for a boy group. In Produce 101, only 10 % of the contestants made it to the end, yet in BOYS24, just aboutpart of them will.

2. Year-long pageantconcert

With Produce 101, the contest ended when the display did. But with BOYS24, the contention doesn’t finish subsequentlythe overall episode of the prove airs. After the ultimate 24 participants are selected, they are going tograsp a concert eachunmarried day for a complete year. At the end of a year, the preferred members will be selected to debut in the truevery last group. The explanation this works is because…

3. Contestants are unsignedNone of the contestants on the show are lately signed with an agency. Unlike in Produce 101, where the contestants are already trainees at other agencies, the contestants on BOYS24 are loose agents. Thank you to this, the entire members selected at the end of a year will be signed below a department of CJ EM so as to debut as an ordinary idol group.

4. Permanent teamUnlike I.O.I, which is decided to disband after a year, the crowdshaped after BOYS24 will be ready to continue selling for a long way longer, similar toan ordinary idol group. Here'sone of the mostmajor differences (and very best changes, in my opinion) between the 2 programs. Excellent job, Mnet.

5. Different ideas And perhapsthe largesttrade of all, the contestants are male, as an alternative of female. Whilstthe outsideadjustments are obvious, this canend in more a diverse variety of concepts than I.O.I, which has taken with doing a lovely concept.

Check out the music video for the communitywhile you havent already!

What do you bring to mind the changes? Will have to Mnet have replacedthe rest else?kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki.

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“Produce 101″ Contestant Lee Soomin Leaves Fantagio Music

“Produce 101″ Contestant Lee Soomin Leaves Fantagio Music

Produce 101 Contestant Lee Soomin Leaves Fantagio Song an0ya April 26, 2016 0 LINE it!Produce 101 Contestant Lee Soomin Leaves Fantagio Music Produce 101 contestant Lee Soomin is notschooling to becoming an idol.

It used to be reported on April 26 that she recently decided to leave her agency Fantagio Music. Her contract has been terminated.

This news turned intoshowedby capability of a representative of Fantagio Music. Even sooner thanperforming on Produce 101, Lee Soomin was not sure if she would be a just righthave compatibilityfor a lady group. Together with her parents, she lately approached us and told how this job is no longer for her, and finally surrender being a trainee.

Meanwhile, Lee Soomin placed 31st in the generalrating of Mnets womanteam survival display Produce 101. Two Fantagio trainees — Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung — made it to the Top 11 and have becomeparticipants of the crowd I.O.I.

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'Show Me The Money' and 'Unpretty Rapstar's major PD Han Dong Chul leaves Mnet

'Show Me The Money' and 'Unpretty Rapstar's major PD Han Dong Chul leaves Mnet

Mnet's director Han Dong Chul has left the company.

Han Dong Chul is the guyat the back ofquite so much of Mnet displayscorresponding to 'School of Rock', 'Super Vibe Party', 'Hiphop the Vibe', 'Hotline School, 'Time to Look', and more recently, 'Show Me The Money' and 'Unpretty Rapstar'.

SEE ALSO: 11 moments revealing idols' grimy fanservice

According to insiders, he lately submitted his resignation to Mnet and CJ E&M, and may be leaving the corporate soon. However, Mnet has denied that the record is true, and haev reported that they never gained his resignation. Either way, since he is played an excessivelyhugephase in propelling the hip hop culture in Korea, many are having a lookahead to see what his next step will be.


Mnet releases legitimate observation about warfare between 'Superstar K7' and contestant

Mnet releases legitimate observation about warfare between 'Superstar K7' and contestant

Mnet releases authentic observation about battle between

Mnet representatives stepped ahead to give an official statement in regards to the contemporary strife between "Superstar K7" contestant Shin Ye Young and the program"s production team. previous final week, Shin Ye Young had ranted on her Facebook about being the victim of "evil editing" at the program, leading her to earn a negative recognition in the public"s eye. 

On November 16, Mnet relayed, "The production group and Shin Ye Young are speaking things out. the misconception between the production crew and Shin Ye Young could be resolved thru communication. What the professor acknowledged to Shin Ye Young will have been not easy for her to discern as fact as an audition participant," referencing what Shin Ye Young had written on her Facebook, and added, "But after checking with the production crew, what the professor said was once false. We can paintings with Shin Ye Young to decide the fact and speak about the appropriate kind recourse. If want be, we're going to imagine taking criminal action."

"Superstar K"s filming progresses as a program with a practical element. There were no forcible filming but we deeply be apologetic about now not being more thoughtful of Shin Ye Young"s struggles adjusting to the filming environment. we shall check out our very best to unravel this factor quickly." 

Shin Ye Young had published on her Facebook these days that she become suggested by way of the professor at her college to signal a freelance with a newly-established firm run by a high-ranking Mnet official. When she declined the recommendation, Shin Ye Young explained that the professor had told her she could also be at a downside on the show. She also claimed that she was the victim of manipulative editing, which had spawned into a controversy.




Mnet"s "SIXTEEN" reveals eliminated contestant after a fierce final battle round


On the June 9 episode of Mnet"s SIXTEEN, minor teams A and B fought for the third and fourth spots in a final battle round.

Team A gave a funky performance of Lee Hyori"s "U Go Girl," while Team B grooved to their rendition of J.Y. Park"s "Swing Baby." Ultimately, after the audience voted, Team A took the winning title with 238 total votes while Team B earned 144. 

After each member in Team B received their constructive criticisms, Momo was decided to be the final eliminated contestant.

J.Y. Park explained, "I"m proud of all three of you and you all did well, but when the audience make their votes, there must be a good reason why. You have to be able to accept [their decision]." The singer selected Momo as the contestant that most left something to be desired performance-wise.

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Mnet"s "SIXTEEN" contestant cries at sister"s elimination


On the latest episode of Mnet"s "SIXTEEN", a competition show designed to determine the members for an upcoming JYPE girl group, the first contestant was eliminated. 

After Jungyeon was promoted to "major" and Dahyun was demoted to "minor", the decision for which contestant will be leaving the show was announced. That contestant was Chaeyeon, who had joined the program with her younger sister, Chaeryong. Chaeryong could not hide her tears at the news of her sister"s elimination.

J.Y. Park declared that the reason for the elimination was though Chaeyeon has talent, she is unable to naturally flaunt it.

Chaeyeon expressed her own thoughts saying, "I will rest for now and return to practice once again. I want to see myself grow."

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