Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman  Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For woman Staff Survival Show

Mnet Unearths First 2 Contestants For womanCrew Survival Display ehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Mnet Exhibits First 2 Contestants For Girl Organization Survival Show Mnet has printedthe primary two contestants on their trainee roster for upcoming girl group survival show Locating Momoland (working title).

The first contestant, Nancy is a trainee at Duble Sidekicks firm Duble Kick Entertainment. She already has a a fan following thru their appearance in a tv program on cable channel Tooniverse. She used to be born Nancy Jewel Mcdonie to a Korean mom and American father.

Duble Kick Entertainment reveals that 2d contestant Yeonwoo could also be an in-house trainee. She is 169 centimeters tall and lives by capacity of the motto Are living like theres no tomorrow.

The agency shares, There are trainees besides Nancy and Yeonwoo that would greet audienceby way of Finding Momoland for a overall of 10 trainees. We ask that you come back alongsidetopexpectancies because each and every trainee has her individual charm.

Mnet is teaming up with manufacturers Rhymer, Shinsadong Tiger, and Duble Sidekick for Finding Momoland. The first episode of the show is scheduled to air on Friday July 22 at 7 p.m. KST.

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Mnet Reveals Four First Contestants For Female Rapper Survival Show

Mnet Reveals Four First Contestants For Female Rapper Survival Show "Unpretty Rapstar"

Mnet to Launch Korea’s First-Ever Female Rapper Survival Show “Unpretty Rapstar”

Awake out of sleep to look forward to Korea’s first-ever female rapper survival show program!

On January 12, cable network Mnet revealed that “Unpretty Rapstar” will be a spin-off of their sensational rap competition program “Show Me the Money.” Eight talented female rappers will be battling it out starting January 29.

Mnet also released the profiles of four members of the eight rapper line-up, featuring Lucky J’s Jessi, AOA’s Jimin, Tymee, and Cheetah.

Jessi recently made headlines with her collaboration with Ailee and Hyorin at an end-of-year awards ceremony. She debuted in 2005 under the name Jessica H.O. and was a featured female vocal for hip hop group Uptown. She soon became known as the second Yoon Mi Rae. She has been featured on a variety of songs and is currently active as a member of hip hop group Lucky J.

AOA’s Jimin has made a name for herself as a skilled rapper despite being an idol. She stands out amongst her peers because she writes her own raps, most notably the rap for AOA’s hit single “Moya.”

Tymee, who is known for being able to fit in over 160 beats of verse in one minute, previously went by the names Napper in 2004 and E.via in 2009. She competed in “Show Me the Money 3” and drew attention with her diss battle with fellow contestant Jolly V.

Cheetah debuted in 2010 as a member of Blacklist. The same year, she turned heads with her explosive raps and innovating performances on the first season of “Show Me the Money.”

The objective of “Unpretty Rapstar” is to produce the first-ever female rapper compilation album in Korea. Every episode, the nation’s top producers will present a new song, and the girls will compete for the chance to record on the track. The contestants will have to overcome a variety of intense missions that will test their limits.

PD Jeon Kyung Nam who was in charge of casting for “Unpretty Rapstar” commented, “It has always been difficult for female rappers to get noticed in the hip hop world which is dominated by males. We wanted to support our female rappers’ dreams by providing them a stage on which to fully show off their skills.”

“Unpretty Rapstar” will premiere on January 29 and air on Mnet every Thursday at 11 p.m., KST for six weeks.


Mnet is determined to release  some other survival fact show, “Finding Momo Land”

Mnet is determined to release some other survival fact show, “Finding Momo Land”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter basking in the good fortunein theirfreshwoman group, I.O.I, Mnet is once backat the hunt for the followinggiant thing with a new program. 

According to reports, Mnet might be launching a new crewvia their upcoming survival truth show, Finding Momo Land. It has already invited most sensiblemanufacturers Rhymer, Duble Sidekick and Shinsadong Tiger as representatives.

It was onceextraprinted that with Mnet set to release a new program, Finding Momo Land is determinedto prepare filming soon. Mnet may be schedueld to hang a press convention this month ahead of going into a large-scale promotion appropriate after.

In terms of format, the program will applythe thought thatequipped by JYP Entertainment as they looked for their newest idol communitythroughout the program SIXTEEN. 

The survival truth programmebecame met with nervous replies from the netizens as they expressed their mind on the upward push of idol teams coming from the similar format.

Check out this video from Mnets remaining girl organization survival show SIXTEEN to get a flavor of what Finding Momo Land might glance like:

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12 Underrated Woman  Staff Singers From SPICA, Ladies’ Code, And More To Compete In New Making a song Show

12 Underrated Woman Staff Singers From SPICA, Ladies’ Code, And More To Compete In New Making a song Show

12 Underrated LadyWorkforce Singers From SPICA, Women Code, And More To Compete In New Making a songDisplay jun2yng June 26, 2016 0 12 Underrated Girl Organization Singers From SPICA, Ladies Code, And More To Compete In New Singing Show Twelve girl group participantswereshowed for “Girl Spirit,” a new vocal pageant show from JTBC for underrated singers.

(first 3 singers pictured above)

Kim Bohyung (SPICA)Hyemi (Fiestar)Sojung (Ladies’ Code) uji soyeon kei

Uji (BESTie)Soyeon (Laboum)Kei (Lovelyz) minjae seunghee clc omg

Minjae (Sonamoo)Seunghee (CLC)Seunghee (Oh My Girl) jinsol dawon seongyeon

Jinsol (April)Dawon (WJSN)Seongyeon (Pledis Girlz) An associate of the show said to media, “With contentioncorrectround the corner, the 12 members are in demandingtrain mode. They're a group of singers that experience failed to look true spotlight, so this can bereasonably the competition, with the girls doing the complete thingthey could also beready to to take dangle of this opportunity.”

In the show, the 12 girls will be ranked, and a winner determined.

Five “gurus” — Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Ji Hye, SEO In Young — will be assisting the girls, giving them fortify and recommendationrelating toexistence in entertainment, in additioncomments on their performances.

“Girl Spirit” will be hosted by way ofcomic Jo Se Ho and INFINITE’s Sunggyu.

“For the ones in their youth and twenties, this might occasionally existan opportunity to see other performances from artists that they like,” statedmanufacturer Ma Gun Young, “and for older generations, here isa chance to notice hidden abilities and smash their preconceptions of idol singers.”

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SHINee’s Taemin To join in Mnet’s Upcoming Dance Survival Show

SHINee’s Taemin To join in Mnet’s Upcoming Dance Survival Show

SHINees Taemin To register for Mnets Upcoming Dance Survival Display kokoberry June 24, 2016 0 SHINees Taemin To Sign up Mnets Upcoming Dance Survival Show In step withquite so much of reports, SHINees Taemin is making plans on joining Mnets upcoming dance show Hit the Stage.

Hit the Degree is described as a dance survival program that includes celebrities attractive in dance competitions in a otherway from Dancing 9.

Mnet has top hopes for this new show and hopes that it is going totransform a hit. It has also been printed that whilst Dancing nine had contestants and a panel of judges, Hit the Stage will feature an overlyvariousevaluate system.

Filming for the show will start in early July. Taemin is understood for his dance skills, so anticipation for the show is rising.

In other news, SHINee could beappearing in concerts in Seoul in September.

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BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

BOYS24, Male Edition Of Idol Survival Program 'Produce 101' Unearths First 14 Contestants

Male Version Of Idol Survival Program Produce 101 Reveals First 14 Contestants(Photo : BOYS24)BOYS24, the latest idol survival program from Mnet, has printedthe primary 14 contestants that might compete to sign in for a male idol group.

The complete list of revealed contestants will also bediscoveredat the BOYS24 reliable Facebook page, which has particular person profiles for every member, introducing them and highlighting their authenticcharacteristics and skills.

The contestants diversity in age from 15 to 23, with one of the vital contestants being born as past due equally 2001.

Similar to Mnet's oldfact program Produce 101, in BOYS24, 49 trainees will compete for a place on a 24-member male idol group, that willadvertise for one year, retaining a concert each day. After a year, a choose few individualscould beselected to debut as an idol group.

The 1st episode of BOYS24 is scheduled to get started out airing on June 18 on Mnet and tvN.

The 3rdcircular of trainee was once revaled on Might 23, where seven new contestants will be unveiled.

Unlike Produce 101, the contestants on BOYS24 aren'tthese days trainees beneath any firmand mayfinally finish up being signed under one of CJ EM's industry arms. The program will also emphasize the significance of the crowd over individuals.

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New Boy Staff Survival Display Boys24 Has A Premiere Date, Unearths Format

New Boy Staff Survival Display Boys24 Has A Premiere Date, Unearths Format

New Boy Workforce Survival Display “Boys24” Has A Premiere Date, FindsLayout boxclub Would possibly 9, 2016 0 New Boy Organization Survival Show “Boys24” Has A Premiere Date, Displays Format Now it’s the boys’ turn! “Boys24,” a wide scale K-pop task led via CJ EM, has gained its premiere date of June 18 at 11:30 p.m. KST.

Breaking via an intense festival rate of 220 to one, 49 talented boys will compete each and every week in devices for the overall spot in a collection of 24. The ones 24 boys will then win the opportunity to accomplishsurvivequite so much of stages for one year, all 365 days, in other units. After thoseare livingfunctionality missions, the ultimate unit of measurement volition debut as an idol group.

While outdated survival displays have emphasized the significance of the individual, this show will center of attentionat the unit, encouraging just right team work. The maximum efficient unit will win 2 hundred million won (approximately $171,220) of investment into their tune production and unit activities promotion. The simplest of the professionals in the vocal, rap, and dance industries could be on hand to assist them train.

The lead manufacturer for the 8-episode “Boys24” Oh Kwang Suk said, “If the survival shows up to now have picked the appropriate one person, ‘Boys24’ will select the easiest team paintingsby way of unit competitions.”

Ahn Suk Joon, the president of the music branch for CJ EM, added, “’Boys24’ is a project that combines broadcast, performance and music in combination and we plan on expanding it globally, love to China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. I'm hopingmany of us are interested by our program.”

Make certain you become Mnet and tvN on June 18 at 11:30 p.m. KST for its first broadcast!

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FNC Entertainment could also be  running on an Mnet survival show

FNC Entertainment could also be running on an Mnet survival show

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWhen Cube Entertainment revealed that they would be retaining a new male idol workforce survival display amongst broadcasting channel Mnet, netizens reacted strongly opposed to the idea. 

However, with the luck of Mnets survival shows, that have produced hit teams such as WINNER and TWICE, many corporations take expressed passion in operating with the channel to shape new groups. In fact, as neatly asDice Entertainments show, FNC Entertainment was also printed to be operating on a prove with Mnet. Upon hearing the news, however, netizens once backhostile the idea, suggesting that the corporatefocal point on its existing artists in position ofattempt to debut yet every other group.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

2545, 75 Deal withFeet ISLAND first

1810, 67 What the heck took place to NFLYING

1812, 88 The following WINNER my ass

1343, 56 Didnt you debut NFLYING just recently??

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Jang Geun Suk to Mentor Trainees in Mnet’s Lady  Staff Survival Program, “Produce 101″

Jang Geun Suk to Mentor Trainees in Mnet’s Lady Staff Survival Program, “Produce 101″

Jang Geun Suk to Mentor Trainees in Mnets WomanStaff Survival Program, Produce 101kiddy_nights December 7, 2015 0 LINE it!Jang Geun Suk to Mentor Trainees in Mnets Girl Organization Survival Program, Produce 101 It more or less feels that Mnet has added yet any otherbig name onto its large-scale display Produce 101, which has the second-largest budget of the displays Mnet has produced, at about 4 billion won (approximately $3.4 million).

The latest addition is Jang Geun Suk, who will serve as a mentor to the womenat the show. So far, little is understood more or less the program, excluding that there might be 101 girls on the show, who are trainees from huge entertainment corporationseitheroutside and inside of Korea. They're going toare livingin combination and train, and ten of them will be decided on to be on Mnets task group. This group will remain together and advertise their album for a year, to be released beneath the listing label of CJ EM.

The filming of the key episodes is now underway; the trainees have moved into the set on December 5. Produce 101 will air in January 2016.

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Mnet Getting ready for a wide Scale woman Crew Survival Program

Mnet Getting ready for a wide Scale woman Crew Survival Program

Mnet getting ready for a sizable Scale Woman Neighborhood Survival Program Mnet is preparing for a never-seen-before survival program to discover without equal K-Pop girl group. In keeping with the insiders, Mnet is making plans to spend about 4 billion Korean Won (approximately $3.4 million USD) in generating a display tentatively titled “Produce 101.” here's on par with “Superstar K,” which is one of Mnet’s flagship programs.

While SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment might no longer be participating, maximum other entertainment agencies will take part, every firm sending up to ten promising trainees.

An insider said, “In terms of budget, it's far 2nd handiest to ‘Superstar K,’ this way that that Mnet thinks that it'll be hugely successful. As in the case of ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ staring at conflicts among women is entertaining. There may be controversies, yet it would be fun.”

The filming is already underway. Many participants had been interviewed, and the filming of the most important episodes will get started very soon, as it's scheduled to air at the finish of this year.

Mnet hopes to let the girls from the similar agency compete as a unit, then make a choice about ten girls to shape a team belonging to Mnet for some quantity of time. This suggests that trainees from other agencies could belong to an identical team in the end.

Even the girls who do no longer win will take anything away, as they are going to all get an opportunity to marketplace themselves and get their names out there, offering motivation for masses of entertainment agencies to participate.

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