MONSTA X Stocks First Idea  Footage For “Stuck” MV

MONSTA X Stocks First Idea Footage For “Stuck” MV

MONSTA X Stocks kickoffIdeaPictures For Stuck MVilmare42 July 31, 2016 0 MONSTA X Shares First Concept Photos For Stuck MV MONSTA X is giving us a glimpse at their special provide for loversby potential of sharing concept photos!

In July, the crowd revealed that theyll be freeing a song video for their track Stuck, which is a song on their fresh3rd mini album The Extended family 2.5 Pt.1 Lost. The music video has been described as a uniquecurrent for Monbebe.

On July 31, MONSTA X uploaded concept photos for 2in their members, Hyungwon and Shownu. We can be expecting more teaser photos soon!

The unencumber date for the music video for Stuck has yet to be announced.

MONSTA X is a seven-member staff that made their debut in 2015 with the mini album Trespass.

Are you having a lookahead to this special show from MONSTA X?

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Wonder Women  Stocks What Idea They Sought after  To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder Women Stocks What Idea They Sought after To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder WomenStocks What Thought They Sought afterTo take a glance at out (But Weren’t Allowed)notclaira July 18, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Shares What Concept They Wanted To Check out (But Weren’t Allowed) On July 18, Wonder Girls held a Naver V app broadcast for their appearance at the SBS LoveFM program “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Guy Show.”

The ladyworkforcethese days made a comeback with the identifymusic “Why So Lonely,” a band song with reggae infusions. However, the girls shared that they to get started with wanted to are trying a hip-hop concept.

“We pitched the speculation to our agency, but Park Jin Young told us firmly that hip-hop used to besimplest for cool people,” they acknowledged jokingly.

Wonder Girls is a veteran woman group, having been around for nearly ten years, but they shared that they haven’t made many palsout of doors the agency.

“There weren’t many opportunities for other folks to manner us,” they explained. Yubin added, “We have guests at our agency, but in relation to age I’m nearlyappropriate afterwards Park Jin Young. It’s been some time since our debut.”

Would you need to haveto peer Wonder Girls strive a hip-hop concept?

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyBeef up the artist by way ofpurchasing “Why from YesAsia Source (1)

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Inkigayo PD Stocks Which Idol Teams Have Stuck His Eye

Inkigayo PD Stocks Which Idol Teams Have Stuck His Eye

“Inkigayo” PD Stocks Which Idol Teams acceptStuck His Eyenotclaira July 18, 2016 0 “Inkigayo” PD Shares Which Idol Groups Have Caught His Eye Ago few years, the Korean tune industry has been flooded with an inflow of new idol groups. Currently the generating director (PD) of the music program “Inkigayo,” Jang Suk Jin, shared his two cents at the issue.

One of the things that continues to wonder him is the idols’ skill. “I’ve been producing ‘Inkigayo’ for 6 years now. Recently the skill and choreography has stepped forward to a surprising extent.”

When asked to select outa couple of groups that experience caught his eye, he cautiously named Oh My Girl and ASTRO.

“Oh My Girl are freshmenyet they don’t have that tension,” he said. “They have a herbalsurroundings on degree and on camera. So it’s a laugh to shoot with them.”

He continued, “All the individuals of ASTRO paintingsin point of fact hard. By way of their choreography, their power is overflowing.”

The PD was once especially inspired amongst the immense fan following that SEVENTEEN and BTS command. “I had no concept that their fandom became like this. When I heard their cheers throughout the recording, I used to be shocked. Either one of them have unquestionably risen to the ranks of trending groups.”

Jang Suk Jin concluded with an apology against the more than a few artists that have seemed on his program. “I’m regretful that we can’t give opportunities to everyone,” he said. “Inkigayo” has the shortest running time of all the music systems on the 3 public broadcasting stations. “We can’t lend a hand but focal point on the leading groups, but we are at all timesconscious about everyone’s skillabilityand tough work.”

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Former U-KISS Member Dongho Stocks  Gorgeous  Footage With Wife And New Son

Former U-KISS Member Dongho Stocks Gorgeous Footage With Wife And New Son

Former U-KISS Member Dongho StocksGorgeousFootage alongside Wife And New Sonilmare42 July 9, 2016 0 Former U-KISS Member Dongho Shares Gorgeous Photos With Wife And New Son U-KISS’s former member Dongho has shared some surprising photos with his new family.

On July 10, Dongho posted a sequence of photos to his legit Facebook page of himself and his wife and newborn son, Asher Shin, with lyrics from Yoon Jong Shin’s song “Oh My Toddler as the caption.

His son’s birth was once reported at the finish of closing month, after Dongho tied the knot with his non-celebrity wife in November of last year.

In the pictures, little Asher wears quite so much oflovable outfits and seems like a sweetheart. The recent trio takes some pretty photos together, and Dongho leans in for a touching shot with his new son.

Dongho debuted in 2008 as a member of U-KISS, and left the entertainment industry in 2013.

Congratulations in thisexquisite new addition on your family, Dongho!

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MONSTA X Stocks  At the back of The Scenes Glimpse Of Jacket Photo Shooting

MONSTA X Stocks At the back of The Scenes Glimpse Of Jacket Photo Shooting

MONSTA X StocksAt the back of The Scenes Glimpse Of Jacket Photo Shootingleonid June 15, 2016 0 MONSTA X Shares Behind The Scenes Glimpse Of Jacket Photo Shooting MONSTA X gave fans a glimpse of the set in their album jacket photoshoot for “THE Extended familySection 1 Lost.”

On June 15, Episode 17 The Clan Element 1 Lost Jacket was broadcast in the process the V app, in which the idol teampublishedphotos of them having amusing behind the scenes.

As the participants gathered for the shoot, Minhyuk flips his long earring around and says laughing, I havent gotten used to it yet. I cant get used to anything dangling when I turn around like this.

MONSTA X started playing with the camera, with Hyungwon making faces and Minhyuk zooming into his eyes as he said, While youglance at my eyes, youll see that theyre blue.

He continued, Were taking over a new challenge. Right? to which I.M replied, Thats right. Youre right, I said, and hits Minhyuk in playful annoyance.

The members persevered to have fun on set, with Shownu creating a funny affect of Hyungwons pose and dancing their choreography angrily. Jooheon hides in an try towonderthe opposite members, and then cracks them up via dancing like a machine.

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Song Hye Kyo Stocks  Footage From “Descendants of the Sun” Set

Song Hye Kyo Stocks Footage From “Descendants of the Sun” Set

Song Hye Kyo StocksPictures From Descendants of the Sun Setporshia April 26, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Hye Kyo Shares Photos From Descendants of the Sun Set Song Hye Kyo has shared some exclusive shots from the set of KBS2’s “Descendants of the Sun,” the maximumenjoyed and talked-about drama of the year. She uploaded the 2 photographs to her Instagram.

One photopresentations Song Hye Kyo’s surprising smile as she sits on a sandy landscape, a phase ofthe pretty scenery the drama has develop into known for. Every other photograph displays her with her co-star, Song Joong Ki, and “Descendants of the Sun” director, Lee Eung Bok. The pair are receiving direction from him, and appear to be they are having a fantastic timewhilstoperating hard!

A photo posted by way of Hyekyo Song huiqiao ☀️ (@kyo1122) on Apr 26, 2016 at 3:07am PDT

Song Hye Kyo is taking a richly deserveddamage after her return to the highlight amongst “Descendants of the Sun.” We sit up for seeing what she has planned for the future!

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Lovelyz Stocks Worries About New Idea in Comeback Showcase

Lovelyz Stocks Worries About New Idea in Comeback Showcase

Lovelyz Stocks Worries About New Thought in Comeback Exhibit notclaira April 25, 2016 0 LINE it!Lovelyz Shares Worries About New Concept in Comeback Showcase Womanworkforce Lovelyz held their comeback showcase for their new album “A New Trilogy” on April 25 at 7 p.m. KST. The showcase used to be also broadcast during the Naver V app.

The new album became produced by ability of Yoon Sang’s generating team One Piece and combines Lovelyz’s signature sound with a more mature atmosphere.

“We ready this degree for our lovers for 4 months,” Lovelyz statedall the style through the showcase. “We kept in contact amongst our fans viathe truthdisplay ‘Lovelyz in Wonderland’ and we often kept recording and practicing choreography.”

“‘Candy Jelly Love,’ ‘Hi~,’ and ‘Ah-Choo’ had a ‘young girl’ concept,” they continued. “‘A New Trilogy’ represents a more mature concept for us.”

“Until now, we best did refreshing songs, so we were worried that the public mayno longer like a more mature glance and sound from us. We thought about it a lot.”

The ladies also promised that if they win first place, they would grasp a loose hug event. “We will paintingschallenging with a completely happy heart, so we are hoping that our fans will remain with us forever,” they concluded. “We’ll work hard to turn a just rightaspect of ourselves, so please give a spice up to us.”

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BTS Is going On a Spring Adventure in Idea  Footage for Young Forever

BTS Is going On a Spring Adventure in Idea Footage for Young Forever

BTS Is going On a Spring Adventure in ThoughtFootage for “Young Forever”ilmare42 April 21, 2016 0 LINE it!BTS Goes On a Spring Adventure in Concept Photos for “Young Forever” Hit boy workforce BTS has shared concept photos for their upcoming special album “Young Forever”!

Shortly prior tonighttime KST on April 21, Large Hit Entertainment gave us a trace at the teams concept with 4 photos that proportion a spring adventure theme, adding a campfire, a hot air balloon, and a van thats all packed and able for a bromance trip.

At midnight on April 22, they extremely joyfulfanaticsby way ofliberating a plethora of photos of the guys of BTS taking a look equallygood-looking as ever as they front room around in a box and travel in a hot air balloon together. Test them out below!

BTS can be releasing their special album Young All the time on Might 2, and has already released one of their promised 3 accompanying track videos. They'll also be conserving a two-day epilogue concert on May just 7 and 8 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

What do you recall to mind BTSs new concept photos?

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