More Than five Million Talk over with Royal Palaces

More Than five Million Talk over with Royal Palaces

Visitors in hanbok take a selfie all overan eveningexcursion of Changgyeong Palace in April.

More than five million other people visited Seoul's 4 royal palaces and the Jongmyo Shrine in the primary six months of this year, a brand new record.Tickets for evening tours of the palaces sold out once online booking began, and lots of visitors dressed in hanbok or basic Korean costume.The overall number visiting Gyeongbok, Changdeok, Changgyeong, and Deoksu palaces and the Jongmyo Shrine used to be tallied at 5.24 million from January to June, up 21.5 % on-year, the Cultural Heritage Managementstated Thursday.

Some 1.95 million were foreigners, up 73 percent on-year. Usually, more individualsgenerally tend to talk over with royal palaces in the 2nd onepart of the year, so if the fad continues the sites will see smartly above 10 million visitors this year. Gyeongbok Palace had the maximum visitors with 2.98 million, 1.52 million of them foreigners.One fresh draw is that any one dressed in hanbok is admitted loose and the normaldress is coming back into model among young people.Next got here Changdeok Palace with 897,198 visitors, Deoksu Palace with 703,506, Changgyeong Palace with 475,892 and the Jongmyo Shrine with 187,203. Changgyeong Palace saw the bestbuilding up at 40.3 percent. Kim Dae-hyun at the CHA said, "Visitor numbers larger dramatically thank you to night tour programs, that have beenprolonged to 120 days this year".

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Yoo Yeon-seok at live talk show event for

Yoo Yeon-seok at live talk show event for "The Royal Tailor"

A live talk show for the movie "The Royal Tailor" took place at CGV Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul on December 23rd.

Actor Yoo Yeon-seok attended the event and had a conversation with the audience.

"The Royal Tailor" is about love, talent, jealousy, and desire caused by gorgeous clothing made by the royal tailor in Joseon. Han Seok-Kyu, Ko Soo, Park Shin-hye, Yoo Yeon-seok, Ma Dong-seok, Shin So-yul, Lee Yoo-bi, and Jo Dal-hwan starred in the movie. It was directed by Lee Won-seok of "How to Use Guys with Secret Tips". The film will be released on Christmas Eve.


Chuseok Holidays at Seoul's Traditional Royal Palaces

Chuseok Holidays at Seoul's Traditional Royal Palaces

Chuseok Holidays at Seoul's Traditional Royal Palaces

Deoksu Palace in Seoul dates back to the 16th century.

It attracts thousands of foreign and Korean visitors throughout the year,. but a rare contemporary art exhibition is bringing even more people through the gates.

Reporter : Park Ji-won " Nine installation art works are currently displayed at various locations around the palace. 12 contemporary Korean artists participated in the project".

Jointly initiated by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, and the Cultural Heritage Administration, the project displays various genres of contemporary installation art.

Visitors are dazzled by the works of modern art set against the backdrop of Deokso Palace's traditional beauty.

Interview : Alan Gregory, Tourist from Australia "I thought this is a terrific combination of ancient history and modern art.

And sitting in the chairs, looking at the ceiling, the beautiful artwork in the ceiling was fantastic, very peaceful and very enjoyable".

There is even more to enjoy after the sun sets.

This is a piece of video installation art, projected onto the exterior side of Junghwajeon, one of the many pavilions located in the grounds of Deoksu Palace.

The video artist who came up with the piece, Lyu Jae-ha, said he wanted to let the emotions melt into the palace wall, and flow into the people enjoying the exhibit.

Interview : Lyu Jae-ha, Video Installation Artist "Junghwajeon is a representative building that embraces the tragic history of Joseon Dynasty. I have attempted to aesthetically express the condensed emotions and history of the pavillion".

Over at Gyeonghui Palace, located just a few blocks away from Deoksu Palace, a musical has been held throughout September.

The musical tells the story of the prominent scientist, Jang Young-sil, who lived during the reign of the King Sejong the Great in the 15th century.

Interview : Pang Eun-mi, WriterDirector The Celestial Watch "This is a place, where Korean history is still breathing. I tried to emphasize the lighting on the stage, so visitors can clearly see the beauty of this cultural heritage site".

For those who want to enjoy some cultural events in a traditional setting over Chuseok, Deoksu and Gyeonghui palaces are the places to be.

Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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Girls’ Generation’s Kakao Talk followers exceed 1 million

Girls’ Generation’s Kakao Talk followers exceed 1 million

Girls Generations Kakao Talk followers exceed 1 million

As of July 7th, Girls Generation have become the first celebrities to obtain 1 million Plus Friends on Kakao Talk.

Kakao Talk is a smartphone-messaging application that is available for many countries around the globe, and very widely used in Korea. In addition, it can be used to receive updates from your favorite Korean celebrities, new sources, and TV Shows, through the Kakao Talks Plus Friends feature.

Girls Generations Plus Friends channel presents colorful and appealing content, as it posts news and videos of their public performances, pictures, as well as video messages personally left by the members themselves. The Plus Friends feature allows fans to learn more about the girl group, thus leading to the channels great popularity among Kakao users.

In other news, Girls Generation continues to gather interest with their Japanese single, Paparazzi.

Source + Photo: Herald Business via Naver


Royal palaces offer a night of full moon, music

Royal palaces offer a night of full moon, music

Royal palaces offer a night of full moon, music

Two of Seoul's royal palaces, Deoksugung and Changdeokgung, welcome audiences at night with a variety of traditional performances.

The "Performance by Masters at Deoksugung Palace" series, which kicks off its annual season on May 10, is set to make visits to the only royal palace to remain open late at night all year round more appealing.

The palace, which is considered the most representative of Korea's modern history, offers a wide array of traditional Korean performances. Running through September 20, the program unveils a relay of folk songs, pansori, and gayageum sanjo among improvisations of other traditional instruments such as haegeum or daegeum.

Marking the 50th edition since its premiere run in November 2010, the organizers are planning a special stage for this year's final performance scheduled on September 20.

Royal palaces offer a night of full moon, music

Photo courtesy of Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation

The performances held every Thursday at 7 p.m., at the palace's Jeonggwanheon Pavilion -- known for having been a resting area for King Gojong -- are offered free-of-charge to palace ticketholders. Admission to the palace is 1,000 won.

The program was co-hosted by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and the Cultural Heritage Administration under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in a bid to reinvigorate Korean palaces.

For those who seek in-depth knowledge of another architectural beauty once reserved for members of the royal family, the Changdeokgung Moonlight Tour has made its awaited comeback this spring.

Widely admired for representing the utmost Korean aesthetics set against breathtaking natural scenery, the UNESCO-treasured Changdeokgung has offered authentic night tours during the full moon of spring and fall since September 2010.

Royal palaces offer a night of full moon, music

Changdeokgung Moonlight Tour

The two-hour docent-led walk around its courtyards is a perfect way to get a glimpse of the architectural beauty once reserved for members of the royal family. The docent narrates the historical and cultural backgrounds of the venues and invites participants to enjoy a mini concert of Korean traditional performances in the moonlight alongside traditional snacks and tea.

Along with a series of guided tours in Korean, the season's four sessions customized for foreign visitors will run on June 4 and 5 and October 1 and 31. The group tour begins at 8 p.m. (with an early beginning slated for October 31 at 7 p.m.) from the main gate Donhwamun and lasts for approximately two hours. A ticket for the Moonlight Tour costs 30,000 won. Advance reservation is mandatory and can be made online 20 days prior to the tour at:

Meanwhile, visitors can explore all four royal palaces and the UNESCO-designated World Cultural Heritage site Jongmyo Shrine by purchasing an all-inclusive ticket. The pass costs 10,000 won for adults and is valid for a month after the purchase date.

You can find an annual calendar of cultural programs and events held at royal palaces here:

For more information, please visit the official websites below:

- Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation: and English)

- Deoksugung: (Korean and English)

- Changdeokgung:, English, Chinese, and Japanese)

By Hwang Dana Staff Writer


Over 2 Million Foreigners Reside in Korea

Over 2 Million Foreigners Reside in Korea

Grandchildren of Korean War veterans playing a UN Peace Camp pose in front of a statue of Chosun-era admiral Yi Sun-shin in Gwanghwamun in Seoul on Wednesday. /Newsis

The selection of foreigners living in Korea has doubled in the decade to surpass 2 million, the Justice Ministry acknowledged Wednesday. The precisevariety of foreign citizensused to be 2,001,828 as of the finish of June this year, accounting for 3.9 % of the complete population.The number grew from 500,000 in 2000 to more than 1000000 in 2007 and surpassed 2 million any other nine years later. This is an reasonable annual enlargement rate of around 8 percent. At this rate their number is expected to surpass 3 million in 2021 or 5.8 percent of the population, upper than the present OECD average of 5.7 percent.

Some 74 percent are long-term residents who remain more 91 days. Five out of 10 are Chinese, and six out of 10 reside in Seoul or the encompassing area.The number of long-term residents has grown basically to Chinese and other foreigners locating jobs here. In 2000, there were most effective 58,984 Chinese residents, yet that has grown 14-fold to 807,076. The number of foreigners running in Korea has risen 30 times from 20,538 in 2000 to 608,867.And the number of foreigners married to Koreans has grown from 25,182 in 2001 to 151,820, whilst the number of foreign scholars rose from 4,015 to 101,601.Choi Seo-ri at the IOM Migration Studiesand coachingMiddle said, "We wish toexpand the scope of policies on foreigners, that arethese daysinterested in foreign spouses, in order thatwe willlend a handa much widerstove of folkscomply withlifestyles in Korea and straightforwardness social conflict".

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Koreans Talk about How To Make Buddies  Firstly Of A New College Year

Koreans Talk about How To Make Buddies Firstly Of A New College Year

5stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter With wintry weatherdestroy over in South Korea, the time for Korean scholarsto pass back to their reports and go back to school.

Anyone would be fearful returning to the faculty roomfull of new faces, are there more straightforwardtechniques to make friends? In a contemporary postal service on Pann, netizens discussed ways of creating new friends. Titled Tip of Making New Friends In New Semester, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below:

Do you guys have such tips?? I know there are students going into new heartfaculties and prime schools. 

Anyways, it's milesthe recentget started of the semester. Do you guys have any simpletips about making friends?

In a school roomfilled with new faces, Im the sort to just commencespeaking to the spouse who sits next to me at the table haha. I first get friendly with my partner first and then begin making other pals to make a group!! 

Do you guys have any other tips? Are you the kindto begin a verbal exchange start or stay up for mortalto damage the ice?

If you press like youll make numerouschums in 2016!

Translation: Nobody realizes when they are if reality exist told in their satisfied moments

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

115 / 0 It is greater when this is a classroom crammed with unfamiliar faces. Then it is better for me to beginning a conversation first yet if there are other folks that know every other, it is tricky to manner them.

90 / -2 I dont know why but I will start speakingmost effective when someone starts talking to me first hahahahahah I am getting nervous but if someone approaches and breaks the ice, I get warmed up but at ease hahahaha Then I start going on and on with my talking skills

83 / -5 I actually set aboutself-assured if there is a minimum of one friend I already know hahahahaah Then I start talking to every person haha and get company amongsteverybody hahah But in 6th grade, I didnt know anyone so I just stayed quiet I suspectit's sovery important to have at the least one friend in the lecture room And of path that one user thinks of you as a pal much as you bring to mind him/her

25 / 0 I only know that althoughyou'reslightly or nervous, you'll need be outgoing because no person volition play with you if you remain quiet. It is advisabletechnique everyone with confidence

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Wonder Women Returns To 1st Position On Song Charts With “Why So Lonely,” Surpasses 10 Million MV Views

Wonder Women Returns To 1st Position On Song Charts With “Why So Lonely,” Surpasses 10 Million MV Views

Wonder Ladies Returns To 1st Position On Tune Charts With Why So Lonely, Surpasses 10 Million MV Perspectives ilmare42 July 27, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Returns To 1st Place On Music Charts With Why So Lonely, Surpasses 10 Million MV Views Wonder Girls made it back to the head of the charts with their summer jam Why So Lonely!

At 5:30 p.m. KST on July 27, the reggae pop track by way of Wonder Girls reigned in the beginning place at thereside charts on Melon, Olleh Music, Soribada, genie, Naver Music, and Monkey3. They also reached 2d place on Mnet and bugs.

Wonder Girls dropped “Why So Lonely” on July 5, and has taken house3 music display wins for the track, on “The Show,” “M!Countdown,” and “Inkigayo.”

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young took to Instagram to celebrate their go back to the pinnacle with a screenshot in their track in first place on the charts. He writes as the caption, “No.1 backfinally this time! Wondergirls and Wonderfuls you guys are amazing. Also Two times and Once, Unnies and Dongsengs too!”

#JYP #wondergirls #twice #once #unnies #원더걸스 #트와이스 #언니쓰 뒤늦게 다시 1위 원더걸스도 원더풀도 참 대단하네요^^ 트와이스 원스, 언니쓰 동생쓰도요!^^ No.1 again in fact this time! Wondergirls and Wonderfuls you guys are amazing

#Park Jin Young #Wonder Girls

G-Dragon Surpasses 10 Million Fans On Instagram

G-Dragon Surpasses 10 Million Fans On Instagram

G-Dragon Surpasses 10 Million Fans On Instagramkokoberry July 26, 2016 0 G-Dragon Surpasses 10 Million Followers On Instagram G-Dragon has reached some other Instagram milestone!

On July 26 KST, G-Dragon officially gathered more than 10 million followers on his reliable Instagram account.

The BIGBANG leader celebrated the special moment with a new post adding a screenshot appearing he has 10 million followers.

A photo posted via G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Jul 25, 2016 at 11:34pm PDT

In other news, G-Dragon can beacting in a different episode of CountlessConcernalong Kim Hye Soo and Lee Je Hoon.

Congratulations to G-Dragon for achieving a new Instagram milestone!

You can apply him here: @xxxibgdrgn.

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BIGBANG’s Movie Is Viewed Over 10 Million Times Inside 18 Hours In China

BIGBANG’s Movie Is Viewed Over 10 Million Times Inside 18 Hours In China

BIGBANGs Movie Is Viewed Over 10 Million Times Inside of eighteen Hours In Chinaehk38 July 25, 2016 0 BIGBANGs Film Is Viewed Over 10 Million Times Within 18 Hours In China BIGBANGs 10th anniversary film BIGBANG MADE is receiving an explosive reaction from Chinese fans.

Within 3 hours of its liberate on Chinese online video website Tencent on July 25 at midnight, BIGBANG MADE broke 8 million views. Through 6:20 p.m. on July 25, the film had attracted 10,240,000 perspectives and 18,500 reviews.

BIGBANGs BIGBANG MADE first premiered in theaters in Korea on June 30 and drew 55,241 viewers.

In continuation in their tenth anniversary, BIGBANG is keeping an anniversary concert BIGBANG The Concert-0.TO.10 on August 20 at the Seoul International Cup Stadium.

Congratulations to BIGBANG!

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