Nine Muses A Play with First Kiss Cliches in “Lip 2 Lip”

Nine Muses A Play with First Kiss Cliches in “Lip 2 Lip”

20160812_seoulbeats_ninemusesaNine Muses A Play with First Kiss Cliches in Lip 2 LipWritten by way of Qing On August 11, 201620160812_seoulbeats_ninemusesa2Nine Muses is a extraordinarily under-appreciated ladycrew that has had a troublesome history having undergone no lower than8 line-up adjustments over their six-year career. Yet theyve in some wayhung on and perseveredto position out pretty forged songs that exhibit their vocal and rapping skills. This year, they are back with a new sub-unit, Nine Muses A, and a identifytune that makes an ideal addition to any K-pop summer playlist.

The idea for Lip 2 Lip is relatively simple—its a song about kissing. The MVs playful method is what makes it fun: it plays around with the stereotypes of a first kiss, and by extension takes aside the naturalsymbolfrequentlyrelated alongside first love in South Korea.

The MV opens in what turns out to be a childs playroom. The walls are pastel purple, a toy educate chugs along its tracks, and the ground is littered with childrens books, a small tricycle, and filled bears. The ladiesglance out of place, and I used to be about to bring a side-eye at the un-Nine-Muses-ness of the concept. Fortunately, when Hyemi snatches Kyungris scrapbook, a close-up on it supplies reassurance that this is not any overdone cutesy MV.

20160812_seoulbeats_ninemusesa1The theme of the scrapbook page is First Kiss. Yetas an alternative of depicting concepts of pureness and innocence, the decided onpicturesspotlight desire. Here'smaximum noticeable in the text LOVE LUST placed next to an image of a topless guy hugging his lover, his hand on her thigh. The women fantasize about how their first kiss would unfold: Keumjo imagines the gentle bulb comfortably blowing out to create the very bestsetting for a kiss, whilst Hyemi shots the kiss happening when her boyfriend hands her a present and their hands touch. Kyungri ditches the living-room setting in favour of a kiss in the rain.

The girls fantasies could also be ridden with clichés of awkward, adorable first kisses, but those are contrasted opposed tomain points pointing to sexual enchantment and tension. Hyemi glimpses her boyfriends toned abs as he changes the misguidedpale bulb, a picturethis is added to the primary snog page of the scrapbook. There also is the habitual motif of food and eating, which is usually a metaphor for sex: Keumjo and her love pastime drink orange juice, and Hyemi, Keumjo, and Kyungri consume a bar of chocolate at quite so much ofissues in the video (its almost definitelynow not too much of a stretch here to understand that toned abs are referred to as chocolate abs).

20160812_seoulbeats_ninemusesa4Yet the MV isn't too over-the-top or exploitative in its sexual suggestiveness, opting in its place for a playful approach that works smartly with the peppy song. The sensual shot of Sojin kissing her topless boyfriend is balanced by the pop colors of the lipstick stains on his shoulder. The suggestive series of the contributorsactingbare is toned down by their playful expressions and the big, raspberry-pink lip-shaped cushion they carry.

The mischievous tone is sealed by the twist at the end. Hyemi and Kyungri realize their boyfriend is a similar person:

Late at night, call from a friend

Your face is at theimage of my new boyfriend?

Instead of breaking into hysterics, Hyemi tosses her telephone away and Kyungri drops her scrapbook unceremoniously. The finishing pokes a laugh at the conference of more than one members mooning over one love interest in a MV, and presents an unexpected, logical explanation why their fantasies concernedthe similar guy.

20160812_seoulbeats_ninemusesa3Given the relentless line-up changes the crowd has been put through, a sub-unit is perhapsan nice way for audience to develop intoaware of the more moderen members, Sojin and Keumjo, who joined closing year. Even though Lip 2 Lip doesnt bring the rest radically new to the table, its a excellent summer bop with a fittingly vigorous dance, accompanied by a MV with some cheeky surprises.

(Star Empire Entertainment by capability of Youtube, Lyrics via pop!gasa)


U-KISS Kevin and Eli to Play Idol Contributors in Upcoming Drama

U-KISS Kevin and Eli to Play Idol Contributors in Upcoming Drama

U-KISS’ Kevin and Eli to Play Idol Members in Upcoming Drama U-KISS‘ Kevin and Eli have either been forged in a cable drama.

In TV Joseon‘s upcoming drama “Only You (tentative title),” Kevin will play the role of Hong Suk, the leader of a five-member idol staff “Pentagon.” Eli will play Kei, one of the vital members who is the full of life temper maker of the group.

This drama centers around a noted famous person who doesn’t agree with in love, a girl who is betrayed via love, and a guy who dreams of converting into famous. the tale unfolds as those 3 meet and increase relationships.

Since Kevin and Eli are exact idol members, their roles will feel more herbal to them than others. In the drama, they're going to exhibit a other taste of track than what U-KISS have shown their fans.

This 16-episode drama will get started airing in December.

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Mad Clown wins #1 on SBS

Mad Clown wins #1 on SBS" Inkigayo"s 800th episode + performances by Shinhwa, Turbo, Nine Muses, Yonghwa, U-KISS & more

Mad Clown wins #1 on SBS

SBS" "Inkigayo" aired its 800th episode latest episode and celebrated the achievement with several special stages. Joining us as usual were MCs Hong Jong HyunKim Yoo Jung, and ZE:A"s Kwanghee.

On this episode, U-KISS returned with "Playground", Yonghwa made his solo debut with "One Fine Day", Nine Muses made a comeback with "Drama", Lizzy made her solo debut with "Not An Easy Girl", Davichi returned with "Cry Again", Eddy Kim came back with "My Love", and 1PUNCH debuted with "Turn Me Back".

In addition to those comeback stages, nineties duo Turbo including member Kim Jong Kook performed in honor of winning #1 on the first "Inkigayo" episode with their song "December". Shinhwa who debut the same year as "Inkigayo" began also performed. Finally, SONAMOO performed an intro to Shinhwa"s special stage.

As for the winners, Mad ClownNoel, and EXID were the nominees, but Mad Clown took the #1 trophy with "Fire".



[WINNER: Mad Clown

[FIRST-PLACE NOMINEE: Noel -- Your Voice]


[FIRST PLACE NOMINEE: Mad Clown -- Fire] 


Other performers of the night included: G-Friend, NC.A, SONAMOO, Jonghyun, Noel, JJCC, and more.

Check out the performances below! 

[Videos will be updated as they become available.]


[Public Song: N/A ]



[DEBUT STAGE: 1PUNCH -- Turn Me Back]

[SOLO DEBUT: CNBLUE"s Yonghwa -- One Fine Day]

[SOLO DEBUT STAGE: Lizzy -- Not an Easy Girl ]


[COMEBACK: Davichi -- Cry Again]

[COMEBACK: U-KISS - Playground]

[COMEBACK: Nine Muses -- Intro + Drama]

[COMEBACK: Eddy Kim -- My Love]



[SPECIAL STAGE: Shinhwa -- Revolver/T.O.P & Brand New]

[SPECIAL STAGE: Turbo -- December & White Love]

[MC"s SPECIAL STAGE: Girl"s Day"s Minah & Yonghwa + 1st MCs Song Ji Hyo]


[G-Friend -- White & Glass Bead]

[SHINee"s Jonghyun -- Crazy]

[SONAMOO -- Deja Vu]

[NC.A -- Coming Soon]

[JJCC -- Fire]


Big Byung (Big Bottle) hold their

Big Byung (Big Bottle) hold their "debut & retirement" stage, play the "paper kiss" game, & more on "Weekly Idol"

Big Byung (Big Bottle) hold their

After getting viewers laughing in "Hitmaker", the boys of project group Big Byung (Big Bottle) headed to "Weekly Idol", their "producers" Jung Hyung Don and Defconn"s other variety show, to perform their first and last stage of their song "Stress Come On"!

As mentioned before, the project group, Big Byung (Big Bottle), consists of GOT7"s Jackson, BTOB"s Sungjae, and VIXX"s N and Hyuk, who reinvented themselves as Big Byung"s Wang Kong, Yook Duk, Dolbaek-e, and Hyuk Ddi, respectively.

To start off this week"s "Weekly Idol", Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked the idols what their agencies thought of them being in a project group called Big Byung.

Jackson revealed that JYP Entertainment told him that the group name already sounded like it"ll get very popular, to the point that he may even be able to give up GOT7. Sungjae on the other hand stated that it seems BTOB is slowly becoming more forgotten, but the MCs cheered him up mentioning BTOB"s upcoming comeback which is supposed to be soon! N and Hyuk revealed that their managers told them this experience will probably leave them more comfortable to do other variety shows.

When the MCs said, "So if there is a season 2 of "Hitmaker", would you want to do it again?" Jackson immediately and enthusiastically responded that he definitely wants to. However the MCs joked that it"s too tiring and that the only way it"d be worth it for them to do it again is if they do the show with girl group members next time. Jackson looked hurt as he said, "Didn"t we enjoy it together? I loved all of it from beginning to the end. So how can you say you want to do it with girl group members next time!"

The boys then went on to put on their "debut and retirement" stage as the MCs described it, except it didn"t go quite flawlessly as they might have wanted due to the fact that the MCs were given the challenge of standing on ice while the members performed. If they went off the ice, the music would cut off, which proved to be quite distracting and challenging for both the boys and their "producers". Nevertheless, the members still brought laughs with their ridiculous choreo and Jackson impressing with his acrobatics.

Check out the boys participating in hilarious games, including the "paper kiss" game, and perform their song through the clips below!

Full Episode ("debut and retirement" performance starts around 10:55 mark)


B2ST play the pepero kiss game and more on the final episode of their 'Oven Radio'

B2ST play the pepero kiss game and more on the final episode of their 'Oven Radio'

B2ST showed their love for fans by carrying out fan-given missions on the fifth and final episode of their "Oven Radio"!

SEE ALSO: B2ST talk on the phone with B2UTY on fourth episode of their "Oven Radio"

B2ST looked back on their past photos for the "Warning: Corny" corner of the show and wasn"t afraid to show their best and worst moments including Kikwang"s height comparison next to Rain and Yoseob"s ab reveal. But the highlight for B2UTY was all of the bromance action during their pepero kiss game which Doojoon and Dongwoon won!

Watch Yoseob take over as the main DJ on the fifth and final episode!


4 Member Rookie Female Group Kiss&Cry Are Ready To Play A

4 Member Rookie Female Group Kiss&Cry Are Ready To Play A "Domino Game"

K-Pop has a new female group who just recently made their debut. The four ladies are starting strong and making a great impression so far. They followed the trend of doing a sexy concept just like what Girl"s Day, AOA, Rainbow Blaxx, and Dal Shabet did to kick-off 2014. Only exception, no lingerie, chocolate, or whip cream to signify the concept of sexy. Just bare back showing and little skin; this is still clean for their debut.

This rookie group is named, KissCry which the members are Bo Hye, Dia, Hae Na, and Soyumi. Their current single is "Domino Game" which the beat is good by having a Latin flare to it. Including the great choreography, each of the ladies has good vocals with a beautiful voice. When the teasers came out regarding this song, people were interested by looking forward to their music video. Once released, the ladies did not disappoint.

KissCry are working with "Winning Insight," which is the same agency that male group MR.MR has a contract with. Before the group came together, each of the members were working either solo or part of another female group during the past years. Dia was a solo artist performer before and released a couple of singles; Hae Na on the other hand, has no information about her singing nor dancing. So she probably went through auditioning and had to prove her talent to the agency as well the girls. Bo Hye was part of a female group named "Bella" which made their debut February 2011, under the agency of "TH EM." Though this did not happen, they had to wait a month; so March of that same year is when the group "officially debuted." Soyumi was also part of a female group which was named, "VNT." This female group worked under the label of "Media Line" which the acronym stands for "Voice of Ninety Two." Reason is because each of the members were born on that year. VNT was a "pop female group" who were popular; below are videos from Bella as well VNT.

This new rookie female group just made their debut and already, are catching attention and quickly gaining fans. You can watch their music video below if you have not yet seen it.

What do you think about this new rookie female group?

Photo Credit: KpopWorld


U-KISS Hoon to Play IUs Brother in Beautiful Man

U-KISS Hoon to Play IUs Brother in Beautiful Man

U-KISS’ Hoon to Play IU’s Brother in “Beautiful Man”U-KISS member Hoon (Yeo Hoon Min), has been cast in new KBS 2TV drama “Beautiful Man,” revealed his agency, NH Media.

“Beautiful Man” is slated to begin airing on November 20, and Hoon will play Kim Dae Shik, the younger brother of female protagonist Kim Bo Tong (played by IU). His character description sounds like he’s set to provide some comic relief for the drama.

The official “Beautiful Man” website explains the character of Kim Dae Shik as being a hot-blooded young man with unexplainable feelings of rage and hatred towards the world. He’s always angry about something, and even when opening doors, he does it suddenly. Dae Shik definitely does not understand the inner workings of his sister’s mind, as she fawns over Dokko Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk), but he himself has a unique psyche on par with that of his older sister’s. Apparently he is always dressed in a white martial arts uniform, with colorful sashes to match the time, place and occasion. He sounds like Bo Tong’s brother all right!

“Beautiful Man” is the story of Dokko Ma Te, a man with a face that could be considered a national treasure, and a fiendish character. He is tasked to steal the hearts of the top 10 successful women in Korea, and in doing so, develops into a truly “beautiful man.”

IU, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Jang Woo, and Han Chae Young also co-star in the drama, which airs on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 PM (KST).


"Jang Ok-jeong" Kim Tae-hee and Yoo Ah-in play in the waters before first kiss

SBS "Jang Ok-jeong" Kim Tae-hee and Yoo Ah-in were seen playing with water before they shot a kissing scene.

In the pictures revealed, Kim Tae-hee and Yoo Ah-in are getting ready to go into a scene where they were wet with rain. Kim Tae-hee can be seen pouring warm water over Yoo Ah-in and he's letting her do it.

Meanwhile, In-hyeon (Hong Soo-hyeon) and Dong Pyeong-goon (Lee Sang-yeob) joined into the palace in "Jang Ok-jeong" which is aired every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.


Nine Muses’ Woongjin Play City CF released

Nine Muses’ Woongjin Play City CF released

Nine Muses Woongjin Play City CF released

As the endorsement models for Woongjins water park, Play City, Nine Muses Hyuna, Eunji, and Minha have collaborated with the park to release a fresh and sexy CF!

The girls have fun at the water park while enjoying the various activities the park has the offer, all while dressed in bikinis that show off their toned bodies beautifully.

Check out the CF below!

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Nine Muses Erin As a Sexy Play Card

Nine Muses Erin As a Sexy Play Card

Nine Muses Erin As a Sexy Play Card?

The Nine Muses are advertising their comeback in a way that men will definitely appreciate. Erin is the nine of hearts. She is shown looking naked behind a ticket shaped panel. She has a cute expression and devil horns. The ticket has the number “20120308” which is the date of their comeback March 8, 2012.

Nine Muses Erin As a Sexy Play Card?

Nine Muses’ entertainment agency stated, “Although it could be a bit shocking, Erin had fun for this photoshoot thinking that it would be a unique comeback teaser. When the photoshoot was taking place, the staff could not keep their eyes off her. The studio was on fire. Next week on March 5, we will reveal a concept image about their new song. We are aiming for a complete twist.”