Park Shin-hye thank you

Park Shin-hye thank you "You're Beautiful" Soo-eun and Geu-rin for present

Actress Park Shin-hye expressed her gratitude for Bae Geu-rin and Choi Soo-eun.

She posted an image on her Instagram saying, "They sent me just the items because they did notwould like to interfere with my work. Let's pass on a shuttle after this!"

Park Shin-hye is maintaining up a cake with a doll on best of it and a box of macaroons in any other picture.

The two who sent gives to Park Shin-hye met her during the 2009 drama "You're Beautiful". They commented on Park Shin-hye's picture; Thank goodness you favor it".

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye is starring in the SBS drama "Doctors" as Yoo Hye-jeong.

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Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful

Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful

Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful Park Shin Hye will make a cameo appearance on the first episode of the Taiwanese version of the drama series Youre Beautiful.

Youre Beautiful, a drama series that stars Park, Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki and became a big hit in Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan in 2009, was remade into a Japanese drama series last year and will be remade into a Taiwan version this year.

Park will shoot a scene for the first episode of the series in Taiwan from November 8 to 10.

On November 8, 4HIM Entertainment, Parks agency said, Park Shin Hye is very happy to make a cameo appearance in the first episode of the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful.

Park uploaded a picture of herself at an airport on her Twitter account with the comment, Im going to see Go Mi Nam in Taiwan. Ill be back soon!

In the picture, Park looks innocent with long straight hair. She also left a cheering message to high school seniors who are taking the college entrance exam on the day, saying, You must be nervous, but I hope you do well!

Park has recently finished shooting the film December 23 and will appear in tvNs new drama series The Pretty Boy Next Door as a lead actress, working with Yoon Si Yoon. She plays the role of Go Dok Mi, a girl who tries to isolate herself from the world.

Source: TV Report


Photos Park Shin-hye, mature and beautiful

Photos Park Shin-hye, mature and beautiful

Park Shin-hye is maturing by capacity of the day.

Park Shin-hye used to be spotted in a way photo shoot with her lovely looks and slim body.

Her hair is curled naturally with her bangs down. Her lips are painted red and she's dressed inthe neweststyle slit wide pants that emphasize her tiny waist with a crop top.

According to sources, Park Shin-hye is a bright and full of lifetype who makes paintings for others easy.

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"Doctors" Park Shin-hye VS "Beautiful Mind" Jang Hyeok

"Doctors" and "Beautiful Mind" are coming up. They are eitherscientific dramas apart fromthey areutterlyother from every other.

"Doctors" makes a speciality of romance. Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won superstar in "Doctors" which is seta lady who went from being a hopeless antisocial to a physicianstuffed with love and a guy who fights for justice.

"Doctors" and "Beautiful Mind" will also be divided into a feminine breeze and male breeze. "Doctors" focuses more on Park Shin-hye whilst Jang Hyeok is the foremostcenter of attention in "Beautiful Mind".

The male breeze is more potent in the Monday and Tuesday dramas at the moment. Jang Geun-seok and Yeo Jin-goo take keep an eye on in the SBS drama "Jackpot", while Kang Ji-hwan, Park Ki-woong and Jeong Bo-seok take the lead in the MBC drama "Monster - 2016". The most effective real drama with a sturdyfeminine lead is the KBS 2TV drama "Baek-hee is Back".

Which one of "Doctors" and "Beautiful Mind" will bring back lifestyles to Mondays and Tuesdays? After all, "Neighborhood Legal professional Jo Deul-ho" ended with a low list of 10%.

Meanwhile, "Doctors" and "Beautiful Mind" could be released at the 20th of June at 10PM.

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Photos Park Shin-hye, beautiful as spring

Photos Park Shin-hye, beautiful as spring

Actress Park Shin-hye showed off her narrowframe in a pictorial.

Park Shin-hye's firm S.A.L.T Entertainment published the Roem Spring series featuring Park Shin-hye.

Park Shin-hye looks romantic and beautiful in the pictures. She looks as if a flower in the crimsonphotographs alongsideflora all around her.

Park Shin-hye is starring in the hot SBS drama "Doctors" which is seta girl who has nowhere else to head and a guy who loves somebody with his head in position of his heart.

Park Shin-hye stars in the drama as Yoo Hye-jeong, a physician who used to be a rebellionand close herself off from the world. Hallyu superstar Park Shin-hye is coming back with a cynical and difficultpersonain comparison to her standard cheerful image.


Photos Park Shin-hye's beautiful pictorial

Photos Park Shin-hye's beautiful pictorial

Actress Park Shin-hye remodeled into a goddess for this beautiful pictorial.

S.A.L.T Entertainment published a romantic pictorial featuring Park Shin-hye. ROEM's S/S Series is stuffed with romantic roses and serenity coloursto stress its trendiness.

The overall thought of the pictorial has a spring feel to it as the coloursinstall the temper and Park Shin-hye's smile draws attention.

ROEM said, "Park Shin-hye who is popular in Korea and China blends neatly alongsidethe recenttheory of ROEM so we determinedto headat the aspect of her this season".

Park Shin-hye is legitimate for her unaffected livelysymbol and is enjoyedby capability of all generations. She is the primary Korean actress who have over 10 million fans on Chinese SNS. As a world star, ROEM plans on placing Park Shin-hye ahead to change into a global emblem every bit well.

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye currently filmed the film "Brother" in which she stars as a Judo trainer named Soo-hyeon who learns about Doo-yeong's (Do Kyeong-soo) painful beyond and is helping him reside a 2nd life. Park Shin-hye is an excessively looked forward to actress of the year 2016.


Park Shin Hye Looks As Beautiful In Business Wear As She Does In Formal Dresses

Park Shin Hye Looks As Beautiful In Business Wear As She Does In Formal Dresses

Park Shin Hye in Ming Pao Weekly. (Photo : Ming Pao Weekly ) Actress Park Shin Hye is beautiful in summer business wear for an upcoming issue of the Chinese-language publication, Ming Pao Weekly. On June 20, the Hong Kong outlet shared a photo of the "Pinocchio" star for its upcoming issue. According to the Facebook page of Ming Pao Weekly, Park is a notable Korean star who had appeared with several leading men.

Park Shin Hye in Ming Pao Weekly. (Photo : Ming Pao Weekly ) "Park Shin Hye is the envy of thousands of girls, for her involvement with Korea"s most popular flower boy"s: Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Jang Geun Suk, and Jung Yong Hwa," said a representative for Ming Pao Weekly, on the outlet"s Facebook page.

Park Shin Hye for Bruno Magli. (Photo : Bruno Magli ) On June 13, the 25-year-old Hallyu star appeared before eager fans in Hong Kong, as part of her on-going Dream of Angel tour. The autograph event successfully took place at the World Centre at Causeway Bay.

Park Shin Hye for Bruno Magli. (Photo : Bruno Magli ) According to a report from Hanbook Ilbo, she was thrilled to appear in Hong Kong, for her first solo event. "I appeared in Hong Kong for shooting or vacation breaks, but this is thefirst time I have seen my fans, by myself," said Park.

(Photo : Bruno Magli ) Her photos for Mang Pao Weekly follow the release of her latest pictorial for Bruno Magli. Park is an endorsement representative for the Italian brand and is depicted in business wear, accompanied by the Daniela purse. Bruno Magli released the latest photos on June 20, highlighting her airport style.

She has yet to announce her next project, but Park is included in the ensemble cast of the arthouse film, "The Beauty Inside." Her film, "The Royal Tailor" continues to receive attention from movie buffs and is included in the lineup of the upcoming New York Asian Film Festival.


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Park Shin-hye shines with starry eyes and beautiful smile

Park Shin-hye shines with starry eyes and beautiful smile

On April 30th, Park Shin-hye"s signing event for her fans took place at HomePlus store in Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul. The event was arranged by Median Vital to celebrate their sales record over 30 million toothpastes.

Park Shin-hye is posing for the press at the venue. She looks gorgeous with the starry eyes and the bright smile.

The brand"s exclusive model, Park Shin-hye has spent great time with her fans, who came to the venue to meet her.


Kang Sora Gave Park Shin Hye A Sweet Birthday Present

Kang Sora Gave Park Shin Hye A Sweet Birthday Present

(Photo : Park Shin Hye Instagram ) On February 18, Park Shin Hye enthusiastically shared her happiness over a birthday gift that given to her by her friend, Kang Sora. The actresses, who have previously spoken about their friendship, share the same birthday.

Park posted a photo which prominently displayed a Kenzo sweatshirt, on her Instagram account. She included a heartfelt message with the photo, where she addressed Kang and her fans. She stated, It is a surprise gift from Kang Sora, who has the same birthday and blood type as me. I wore this pretty baby all day long and had a Happy Birthday!

Their friendship was previously revealed in a January 2015 interview with Kuki News. The actresses concluded 2014 as the stars of highly successful dramas. Kang portrayed Ahn Young Yi, the female lead in the tvN office drama "Misaeng." "Misaeng" struck a chord with young professionals, who empathized with the struggles of the fictitious office workers.

Park solidified her fan base she with the role of Go Mi Nyeo in the 2011 drama "You"re Beautiful." Her popularity was increased through her portrayal of Cha Eun Sung in "The Heirs" and through her starring role in the SBS series "Pinocchio."

Park went on to thank her fans and provide well wishes for the New Year. The actress said, Thank you for sending me your birthday wishes and support. I hope you have a very Happy Seollal!

The 25-year-old actress planned on celebrating her birthday and the Lunar New Year at home. She has yet to name her next drama role but will appear in the upcoming film "Beauty Inside," as part of an ensemble cast of more than twenty prominent actors. After her Seollal festivities, the Hallyu star will prepare for her upcoming fan meeting tour. Her Asian tour, Dream of Angel, will begin in March 2015.


Lee Jong Suk Gazed Fascinated At Beautiful Park Shin Hye During Their First Scenes

Lee Jong Suk Gazed Fascinated At Beautiful Park Shin Hye During Their First Scenes

Lee Jong Suk Thought “Pinocchio” Co-Star Park Shin Hye Was Pretty for First Time While Filming Together

On December 3rd, Lee Jong Suk has attended a press conference promoting his latest drama, “Pinocchio.” During the event, the actor opened up about thoughts on his co-actor, Park Shin Hye.

During the press conference, Lee Jong Suk shared, “I saw a brand new side of Park Shin Hye. Until now, I haven’t ever thought that [Park Shin Hye] was pretty. But as we film together, she really looks lovely and pretty.”

The actor even credited the drama’s recognition to his co-star, saying, “I think Park Shin Hye plays a big role in the popularity [of ‘Pinocchio’].

Meanwhile, the drama, which has been earning increasing amounts of love and is currently at the number one spot in its time slot, airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. (KST).