Park Shin Hye Thank You Youre Beautiful Soo Eun And Geu Rin For Present

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'Mood Maker' from 'Mask King' sing Park Hyo Shin's 'Home'!
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'Mood Maker' from 'Mask King' sing Park Hyo Shin's 'Home'!

'Mask King' aired on June 18 that presented many more talented singers.

To dethrone the reigning champion 'Mood Maker', four new masked singers made their appearance. The first matchup in the second round featured 'Fox' singing "Let the time stop" versus 'Black Jackson' singing "Nothing Better". The second matchup involved 'Shopping King' singing "You can do it" against 'Marine Boy'" who sang "Just".

The reigning champion 'Mood Maker' sangPark Hyo Shin's"Home" on this episode which shocked the panel but also the viewers. The feedback was incredible, "This is her best performance by far in this competition...", "Her voice defies gravity...she's on another level", "She really did this songjustice", "For the first time, I was really impressed with someone singing Park Hyo Shin's song because the expectation is always so high", and much more.

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"Doctors" Park Shin-hye, Kim Min-seok and Lee Seong-kyeong

Actors Park Shin-hye, Kim Min-seok and Lee Seong-kyeong have come together.

Kim Min-seok posted a picture on his SNS saying, "Friends from "Doctors"".

Kim Min-seok, Ji Soo, Lee Seong-kyeong and Park Shin-hye are in the picture together.

They are all holding Vs with their hands.

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""Doctors" Park Shin-hye, Kim Min-seok and Lee Seong-kyeong"

Park Yoo-chun's fiance,
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Park Yoo-chun's fiance, "7.7 million for a birthday present? Complete lie"

Hwang Hana made a statement about the rumors that she sent money to Park Yoo-chun.

On Instagram, she posted, "I wasn't going to deal with this but the reporters have crossed the line. I sent my brother money as a birthday present on his birthday, on the 2nd of June. He is the only brother I have and is that wrong?"

"He did well in school on his own and I feel bad for him having a troublemaker sister like me so I sent him some money. Stop making up rumors".

A media reported that Hwang Hana sent 7,770,000 won (~US$7,700) in money to Park Yoo-chun for his birthday.

Park Shin Hye is an alluring beauty for 'Allure'
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Park Shin Hye is an alluring beauty for 'Allure'

Actress Park Shin Hye posed for the July issue of 'Allure' illustrating her alluring beauty.

Receiving much love and support from many for her bright and vibrant image, she made a drastic change transforming into a powerful, and sexy goddess.

Captivating fans with her seductive gaze in a feminine pink one-piece to presenting her unique radiance in bold blue and rosy red dresses, Park Shin Hye perfected the glamorous visuals.

Check out the photos below!

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Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Might Be Secretly Engaged, Park Shin Hye Reunion Rumored To Stop Wedding Plans
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Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Might Be Secretly Engaged, Park Shin Hye Reunion Rumored To Stop Wedding Plans

There are a lot of people who were disappointed in knowing that Lee Min Ho will be serving the military for two years. This means that the Hallyu actor won't be doing any drama or movie projects in the next two years.

However, there are already numerous reports that Lee Min Ho might be preparing for a grand comeback once he returns from his military service. Rumors say that he might be reprising his role in "The Heirs 2," together with Park Shin Hye.

With this, the much anticipated reunion of the love team has been the focal point of the fan's expectation once Lee Min Ho comes back.According to Korea Portal, there is a very strong chance that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will be reuniting in "The Heirs 2," knowing that they have a very huge fan base not only in South Korea but throughout the world as well.