Park Yoo-chun returns house silently after 8 hour investigation, he comes back to his paintings in Gangnam

Park Yoo-chun returns house silently after 8 hour investigation, he comes back to his paintings in Gangnam

Park Yoo-chun has returned to his house after responding to the 8 hour police investigation.

Park Yoo-chun got here out around at 2:00 AM on July 1st, after the long investigation at the Gangnam police station. Park Yoo-chun, who looked exhausted clearly, left hurriedly without answering any query from the reporters.

Prior to this, Park Yoo-chun arrived at the police station accompanied via his legal professional and two managers at 6:30 PM on June 30th. Park Yoo-chun has returned to the Gangnam District municipal place of business to continue his neededarmyprovider equally a public service worker next day.

The police investigated the case that specialize in whether or no longer force was once used and if there has been an unlawful sex exchangeall throughthe primary summon. The police also took a mouth swab from Park Yoo-chun and may compare the pattern with the DNA discoveredat theundiesequipped by the 1st accuser, 'A'.

Park Yoo-chun has been accused on 4 accounts of sexual attacks that four ladies have filed currently. The police shaped an investigation team in command of Park Yoo-chun's case and also banned four other peopleadding the accuser 'A' and 'A's boyfriend, and 'A's cousin from leaving the rusticso as to accelerate the investigation.

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Park Yoo-chun discovered  now not  to blame on all 4 accounts, investigation continues

Park Yoo-chun discovered now not to blame on all 4 accounts, investigation continues

Counter reports of singer and actor Park Yoo-chun who has been accused of rape is expanding confusion.

According to SBS, Gangnam Police governed Park now notto blameat thefee of raping a waitress in a bathroom.

However, Gangnam police statedin a other way and it claims they have not ruled the rest yet.

Park Yoo-chun used to be defendant of raping four women. SBS claimed the ladies were traumatized yetthere has been no force or abuse. It sounds as if he turned intodiscovered not guilty as it was not easy to turn out that he sexually abused them. it also added that the primary and 2d accusers who Park countersued were going to be charged with false allegations.

SBS also reported that the 1st accuser, her boyfriend and her cousin were given more than one hundred million won from Park Yoo-chun in the call of rape.

However, Gangnam Police say this is not true and hasn't said anything else.

C-Jes Entertainment said, "We will free up a public announcement when the police investigations are over".

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Park Yoo-chun's first police investigation takes 8 hours

Park Yoo-chun's first police investigation takes 8 hours

Singer and actor Park Yoo-chun, who is being accused for rape, used to bepuzzledthrough police for 8 hours on June 30th.

Park seemed at the police station and stated to the clickinglooking ahead to him there, "I am sorry about the effortI'm causing". He went in to the 8th ground and the wonderingcame abouttill 2:20AM in the morning.

The police were thorough about their questions. They also took a pattern of his DNA from his mouth to compare it to the male DNA discovered on one of the crucial accuser's underwear.

After the questioning, Park did notresolution any questions from the press and left the station.

Previously, Park turned into sued by fourgirls who claimed that they were raped by him. The police created a 12-man team for this investigation.

Park replied strongly and sued the primary accuser, her brother and her cousin for false accusation and threat.

The police have sent out a go back and forth ban at the first accuser, her boyfriend and her cousin and went around searching and confiscating the bars discussed in the case.

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Park Yoo-chun to Be Grilled in Rape Investigation

Park Yoo-chun to Be Grilled in Rape Investigation

Police have summoned boy band member Park Yoo-chun, who has been accused of rape via4other women.

Police on Wednesday stated Park can bewondered every bit a suspect.

A saliva swab will be taken to resolve whether his DNA suits semen discovered in the lingerie of the primary accuser, who filed a complaint that he raped her in the john of a bar in Gangnam, Seoul.

But the lady has since withdrawn the price amid claims that she and her boyfriend contacted the pop star's representatives and demanded money.

Police plan to query Park to figure out whether he used force and compare his account with the ones given by his other accusers.

All four ladiesit sounds as if told police that Park blocked them from leaving the bathroom.

Police are one after the other investigating a counter-complaint filed by Park opposed tothe 1stlady for bringing false charges.

The 24-year-old hostess knownsimplest by her surname Lee dropped her fees five days after reporting the alleged rape to police.

Park also accuses Lee's boyfriend of slander.

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Park Yoo-chun to cross back with dramas Administrators say,

Park Yoo-chun to cross back with dramas Administrators say, "Impossible"

JYJ Park Yoo-chun was onceat themost sensible of the list when it got here to casting for dramas as of late, yet immediately his recognition has hit the ground. Drama administrators are announcingit is going to existtricky to have him in any dramas now.

TV Document asked more than one directors about Park's go back in dramas but everybody has a negative view on him now. One director said, "Even if he's innocent, nobody would would like to use a celeb whose lovers acceptgrew to become their backs on".

Not simplest is this rape case a bad impact only his agency's involvement with gangsters isn'texcellent news for him.

Another director said, "It is surprising to listen the involvement of his firm amongst violent teams so it isn't going to finish well".

A 3rd director said, "Drama directors do not think too in a other way than the public. There is not anyexplanation why for us to exploit a famous person who has turn into a social target. It is going to negatively influence the drama and we cannot ask him to take obligation for it".

Park Yoo-chun become sued for allegedly raping a waitress in the toilet of a bar and 3 more came at the facet ofequivalent cases.

Park's agency claims he is going to retire from the showbiz if he turns out to be accountable and would in all probability not say the rest else officially till police have get a cling of a verdict.

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Nam Goong-min returns as a villain back in 'Remember' also starring Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-yeong

Nam Goong-min returns as a villain back in 'Remember' also starring Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-yeong

Nam Goong-min has showed to register for SBS" new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Remember" as a villainous 3rd generation plutocrat.

Actor Nam Goong-min will play Nam Gyu-man, who is a high-handed and arrogant 1/3 generation plutocrat in SBS" new drama, "Remember", that will start in December this year. His persona Nam Gyu-man is a successor of a chaebol company, who indulges in looking for pleasures and extravagant way of life day-to-day and also suffers from impulse regulate disorder.

He is the axis of a wide villainous entity, who pushes the foremost character, Yoo Seung-ho (Seo Jin-woo) into the incredibly bad crisis.

When Nam Goong-min starred in SBS" "The woman Who Sees Smells" closing April this year, he captivated the drama enthusiasts with his impressive acting performances for his villain role.

Nam Goong-min said, "I"m glad to satisfy the drama fans via this fantastic work, "Remember". Even if I"m returning with a villain role back after "The Girl Who Sees Smells", the role has a other feel to it. As I believe here is a new challenge. I"ve determined to take at the role" and "He is a actually bad guy, yet I'm hoping the audience would no longer hate me too much for this".

The first episode will air once "The Village: Achiara"s Secret" has achieved in December this year. the hot drama is expected to triumph over the small monitors right through the 2nd one part of this year for its exciting intense storyline about a lawyer, who has improbable reminiscence and fights opposed to the giant energy to transparent a false rate laid on his imprisoned father.

It is a collaboration among trademarks Film, the production corporate of "My Husband were given a Family" and "Good Doctor", author Yoon Hyeon-ho of "The Attorney", which drew the 10 million viewers, and PD Lee Chang-min-I, well known for his complicated directing as observed in "Birth of a Beauty".

As soon as the drama proven Yoo Seung-ho and Park Min-yeong for the leading actor and actress, the drama garnered heated attention by way of 4 alternative online portal sites. even though the filming has now not begun at the moment, netizens are sharing the major points of the production prestige and long term filming locations.

An go along with Logos movie said, ""Remember" will bring such entertainment to the drama fans in accordance with the sturdy storylines and never-ending plot twists" and "We can't call to mind someone else rather then Nam Goong-min for the role, who will bring the Nam Gyo-man character to lifestyles 100%".


Park Bo Young unearths Which Co-Star She needs to paintings With back the Most

Park Bo Young unearths Which Co-Star She needs to paintings With back the Most

Park Bo Young Exhibits Which Co-Star She Wants to Work With Again the Most On October 21, Park Bo Young attended a press convention for her upcoming movie “You Call That Passion.” A reporter asked the actress which actor she wants to work with again for her next project.

Having worked with many good-looking actors adding Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and more, many were interested by hearing her reply.

Park Bo Young answered, “Since it’s been the longest since I have worked with Cha Tae Hyun, I would love to satisfy him.”

Then she added, “Next I would like to work with Jung Jae Young.”

“You Call That Passion” functions Park Bo Young as a graduate from a prestigious university who struggles to transform employed. However, her persona Do Ra Hee sooner or later starts running as a journalist in the entertainment department. The comedy has her handle her boss Ha Jae Kwan (Jung Jae Young) who has an explosive temper. It'll open in theaters on November 25.

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