Park Yoo-chun to cross back with dramas Administrators say,

Park Yoo-chun to cross back with dramas Administrators say, "Impossible"

JYJ Park Yoo-chun was onceat themost sensible of the list when it got here to casting for dramas as of late, yet immediately his recognition has hit the ground. Drama administrators are announcingit is going to existtricky to have him in any dramas now.

TV Document asked more than one directors about Park's go back in dramas but everybody has a negative view on him now. One director said, "Even if he's innocent, nobody would would like to use a celeb whose lovers acceptgrew to become their backs on".

Not simplest is this rape case a bad impact only his agency's involvement with gangsters isn'texcellent news for him.

Another director said, "It is surprising to listen the involvement of his firm amongst violent teams so it isn't going to finish well".

A 3rd director said, "Drama directors do not think too in a other way than the public. There is not anyexplanation why for us to exploit a famous person who has turn into a social target. It is going to negatively influence the drama and we cannot ask him to take obligation for it".

Park Yoo-chun become sued for allegedly raping a waitress in the toilet of a bar and 3 more came at the facet ofequivalent cases.

Park's agency claims he is going to retire from the showbiz if he turns out to be accountable and would in all probability not say the rest else officially till police have get a cling of a verdict.

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Park Yoo-chun returns house silently after 8 hour investigation, he comes back to his paintings in Gangnam

Park Yoo-chun returns house silently after 8 hour investigation, he comes back to his paintings in Gangnam

Park Yoo-chun has returned to his house after responding to the 8 hour police investigation.

Park Yoo-chun got here out around at 2:00 AM on July 1st, after the long investigation at the Gangnam police station. Park Yoo-chun, who looked exhausted clearly, left hurriedly without answering any query from the reporters.

Prior to this, Park Yoo-chun arrived at the police station accompanied via his legal professional and two managers at 6:30 PM on June 30th. Park Yoo-chun has returned to the Gangnam District municipal place of business to continue his neededarmyprovider equally a public service worker next day.

The police investigated the case that specialize in whether or no longer force was once used and if there has been an unlawful sex exchangeall throughthe primary summon. The police also took a mouth swab from Park Yoo-chun and may compare the pattern with the DNA discoveredat theundiesequipped by the 1st accuser, 'A'.

Park Yoo-chun has been accused on 4 accounts of sexual attacks that four ladies have filed currently. The police shaped an investigation team in command of Park Yoo-chun's case and also banned four other peopleadding the accuser 'A' and 'A's boyfriend, and 'A's cousin from leaving the rusticso as to accelerate the investigation.

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Park Bo-yeong & Jo Jeong-seok and Lee Joon-ki to come back with ghostly melo-dramas,

Park Bo-yeong & Jo Jeong-seok and Lee Joon-ki to come back with ghostly melo-dramas, "Oh My Ghost" and "Scholar Who Walks the Night" respectively

Park Bo-yeongJo Jeong-seok and Lee Joon-ki are coming back this summer with ghostly melo-dramas, "Oh My Ghost" and "Scholar Who Walks the Night" respectively.

Park Bo-yeong and Jo Jeong-seok"s "Oh My Ghost" will be unveiled on July 3rd.

"Oh My Ghost" is a cheerful and sexy ghostly-romance drama depicting the stories surrounding a sous chef with a meek personality, Na Bong-seon (Park Bo-yeong), who is possessed by a seductress ghost, and a narcissistic celebrity chef Kang Seon-woo (Jo Jeong-seok).

"Oh My Ghost" also stars Im Joo-hwan, Kim Seul-gi-I, and Park Jeong-ah full of their own unique charms. Director Yoo Je-won of "The King of High School Manners" and writer Yang Hee-seong are pulling together again to produce this drama.

MBC"s new WednesdayThursday drama, "Scholar Who Walks the Night" also depicts horror melo-drama. "Scholar Who Walks the Night" depicts the sweet and scary romance stories surrounding the sensuous and radiantly good-looking vampire scholar, Kim Seong-yeol (Lee Joon-ki). The drama also stars Lee Yoo-bi, TVXQ Max, Lee Soo-hyeok, and Kim So-eun.

"Oh My Ghost" will air its first episode on July 3rd and will return every Friday and Saturday night. "Scholar Who Walks the Night" will premiere on July 8th.


Kdramastars Awards Update: Park Yoo Chun Is Back On Top

Kdramastars Awards Update: Park Yoo Chun Is Back On Top

Shin Se Kyung and Park Yoo Chun

Park Yoo Chun and his most recent drama "The Girl Who Sees Smells" are back on top. The JYJ singer and actor had knocked Kim Soo Hyun and his most recent drama "Producer" out of first place in the Best Actor and Best Drama categories of the Kdramastars awards.

But the drama category results are again so close that who will win is anyone"s guess. "Girl Who Sees Smells," which also starred Shin Se Kyung, weighed in at 31.58 percent. "Producer," which finished its run this past weekend, was so close at 31.05 percent.

Again by the time this article is published, they could have swapped places again.

"Pinocchio," starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye was far behind in third place with 15.7 percent. "Healer," starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, reached 7.42 percent, while "Spy," starring Kim Jae Joong and Go Sung Hee was close behind with 6.21 percent.

Surprisingly, "Heard It Through The Grapevine," which won the Baeksang Arts Award for Best Drama, was in ninth place with only 0.09 percent of the votes.

Park Yoo Chun acquired more of a lead in the Best Actor category, reaching 37.02 percent over Kim Soo Hyun"s 33.01 percent. Lee Jong Suk was in third place with 11.07 percent, while Ji Chang Wook and Kim Jae Joong were close with 7.12 percent and 6.99 percent respectively.

Not much has changed in the Best Actress category, with Song Ji Hyo enjoying a wide lead of 40.54 percent over Park Shin Hye"s 23.54 percent. IU held third place with 12.86 percent for her role in "Producer," while Park Min Young and Gong Hyo Jin were close. Park Min Young earned 6.6 percent for her role in "Healer," while Gong Hyo Jin earned 5.8 percent for her role in "Producer."

The only significant change in the Best Couple category is that Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun have moved into the top five for their romance in "Blood." The drama, which did not get the best ratings in Korea, did attract a loyal following internationally. The couple is in fifth place now with 4.23 percent of the vote.

Solidly ahead in first place are Shin Se Kyung and Park Yoo Chun with 36.52 percent of the vote, followed by Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, then IU and Kim Soo Hyun, and in fourth place Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook.

Go Sung Hee and Kim Jae Joong are now in sixth place but not far behind Gu Hye Son and Ahn Jae Hyun.

The awards have another week until they are done. You can still vote and help your favorites advance.


Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung  appeared   to have  started  the   Romance with a Back Hug  when  taking  part in  the  movie called Girl Who Sees Smells

Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung appeared to have started the Romance with a Back Hug when taking part in the movie called Girl Who Sees Smells

-- After making it official, JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are getting started with romance in Girl Who Sees Smells.

The April 29 broadcast of SBS′ Girl Who Sees Smells, Choi Mu Gak (Park Yoo Chun) and Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) made their relationship official. On April 30, Girl Who Sees Smells released new photos of the couple sharing a back hug, kicking off their love story.

[Spoiler] Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung Begin Romance with a Back Hug on ′Girl Who Sees Smells′

In the photos, Shin Se Kyung is seen back hugging Park Yoo Chun as he washes the dishes. She leans her face on his wide back as Park Yoo Chun appeared a bit surprised, creating a heart-fluttery atmosphere even in photos.

Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung′s characters have been foreshadowing romance as they expressed their feelings for each other little by little with the plot progression.

[Spoiler] Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung Begin Romance with a Back Hug on ′Girl Who Sees Smells′

In episode nine, they spent the night together under one roof with Oh Cho Rim locked up in her bedroom and Choi Mu Gak inside his tent in the living room. They ended up staying up all night, not being able to fall asleep knowing they were near each other.

Towards the end of the episode, Choi Mu Gak finally makes an emotionless proposal like his personality, asking, "What should I call you? In a relationship, you call each something else other than each other′s name. Oh Cho Rim, pick between my girl, my woman, my person, and my girlfriend.′

The back hug scene will air on April 30.

Photo Credit: SBS


JYJs Park Yoo Chun Prefers Serious and Heavy Dramas

JYJs Park Yoo Chun Prefers Serious and Heavy Dramas

Currently starring in SBS’s Three Days, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun confessed that he has fallen in love with action scenes.

On March 18, Park Yoo Chun attended the press conference for SBS’s Three Days along with the other cast members.

As Three Days is a drama with a large scale and heavy storyline, the reporters asked, “Many of the projects in your filmography are rather heavy and deal with difficult emotions. It’s rare to find an easy-going, lighter drama. Is it because you prefer them?”

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Prefers Serious and Heavy Dramas

Park Yoo Chun answered, “Actually I didn’t know that Three Days was going to be this heavy. But as I began filming, I realized its scale. The more I film, the more I feel glad to have chosen this drama.”

He also added, “Personally, I feel more attracted to the projects that require you to bring out deep emotions and tire out your body, than the ones that are about ordinary love stories that people can laugh about. I especially came to enjoy acting out action scenes from Three Days. It is hard to film them, but I often think ‘action scenes are really fun.’ Up until now, I think I’ve preferred heavier and more serious stories.”

Photo credit: Newsen


Park Yoo Chun Goes Back to I Miss You Set Immediately After 2012 Award Ceremonies

Park Yoo Chun Goes Back to I Miss You Set Immediately After 2012 Award Ceremonies

Park Yoo Chun Goes Back to “I Miss You” Set Immediately After 2012 Award Ceremonies 2012 was the year of actor Park Yoo Chun.

At the year-end award ceremonies, Park Yoo Chun received multiple trophies. He was the winner of the Actor’s Award at “2012 MBC Acting Awards,” and received another Actor’s Award, Teenagers’ Star Award, Best Couple Award, and Viewers’ Choice Award at “SBS Acting Awards.”

Counting his past awards at KBS in 2010 for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and at MBC in 2011 for “Miss Ripley,” this means that Park Yoo Chun has won awards from all three main broadcasting agencies.

C-JeS Entertainment announced, “Shooting of ‘I Miss You’ was delayed because Park Yoo Chun had to attend the award ceremonies. Therefore immediately after the ceremonies, he had to return to the set. Park Yoo Chun is undergoing grueling schedule, but we are currently working on the very crucial part of the drama, so he is doing his best and working nonstop.”

It was later revealed that despite extreme fatigue, Park Yoo Chun was cheerful throughout the shoot.


From Park Yoo-chun to Lee Jin-wook, the showbiz is filled with sexual harassment

From Park Yoo-chun to Lee Jin-wook, the showbiz is filled with sexual harassment

Actors in the showbiz can notappear to have a relaxed day.

It all began alongside Park Yoo-chun, singer and actor from JYJ. He used to be defendant of raping fourladies and the case has been forwarded to the prosecutors.

After several statements and questioning, the Seoul Gangnam Police determinedthere has been no force concerned and the case changed into taken to the prosecutors for non-indictment. However, the fees on prostitution and fraud had been taken to the prosecutors for indictment.

The furtherrates on fraud were made because text messages about cash between 'A' and Park Yoo-chun have been identified. Sexual arrangements were made for money, despite the truth that information technology would've grew to become out to be fraud if it hadn't carried out.

Park Yoo-chun was sued through 4 women for rape. Park Yoo-chun denied this and counter sued 'A' and 'B' for false accusations and threat.

The police governed that it wasn't rape and 'A' and 'B's case on false accusations has been forwarded. 'A' may be being accused for threat.

Lee Min-ki is a more moderen case.

Lee Min-ki was sued by a girl named 'C' announcing she was raped and stressed by the actor and his pals in a club in Busan.

According to his management, Lee Min-ki was discoveredno longeraccountable and any other indictor is being questioned. 'C' has made a mistake and apologized to Lee Min-ki.

Lee Min-ki is lately on public accountability and is being discharged at the 3rd of August.

Actor Lee Jin-wook's case is currently in process.

His accuser 'D' claimed that she had dinner with him on the 12th and he followed her house where he raped her.

'D' were given a rape check done that evening and the police have sent her undies to the the National Scientific, Crook Investigation Laboratory.

Lee Jin-wook denied all charges and counter sued 'D' for false accusations.

Lee Jin-wook was puzzled for 11 hours. In line with the investigation, he did have sex with 'D' whom he met for the primary time that day, yet it wasn't rape and he even volunteered for a lie detector.

Lee Jin-wook captured the communique he had with 'D' or even gave up his DNA.

Police have banned Lee Jin-wook from leaving the rustic and his firm explained it was to make certain the investigation went on smoothly. The agency also denied any physical injury was done to the accuser as her attorneys' claim. This situation is falling into the hands of media.

The largestfactor is that 'D' acknowledged she wasn't inquisitive about him, but it appeared that she if fact exist told was on the night they met on the 12th. Conversations of her and a mutual friend were revealed.

'D' asked for a honest apology but Lee's resources claim it is him that are supposed to get the apology as not anything can updatethe wear and tear done to his reputation.

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Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

The showbiz is set to hit a storm. News after news has been pouring out and a few eventide say that society is attemptingto hide up anythinglarger alongside scandals like these. It ischallenging to considersituationswerearisingevery day which is causing the public's sentiment to turn into dark.

Comedian Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno and Park Yoo-chun have all been accused for sexual offense. In addition, the unforeseen Lee Min-ki used to be also charged with rape.

A media reported that Lee Min-ki turned into charged with rape then discoverednow not guilty. Netizens were appalled with any other male celebrity's shameless behavior.

However, Lee Min-ki isn't an identical as Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno or Park Yoo-chun. Whether they were found to blame or not, those 3 were direct other peopleconcerned with the accusers yet Lee Min-ki was an accidental case.

To clarify, it seems like Lee Min-ki was sued for rape after having sex with a girl he met in a club, but actually, he has not anything to do with the case entirely.

Lee Min-ki did cross to a club in Busan but the girl who accused him of rape acknowledged his callby way of mistake and cancelled the feescorrect away. She even apologized to him.

Later, Lee Min-ki was just found 'not guilty'.

The control released a public announcement explaining what came aboutor even so, was careful about pronouncing too much in case it caused any misunderstanding.

They added that they was hopingnot more meaningless injurygot herethru this.

The scandal turns out bad as it looks like Lee Min-ki was found not guilty after having sex with a lady he met in a club.

In addition, he's on Public Accountabilitypresently and is being criticized for illiberal behavior. As a Public Duty worker, he has to head through this to a undeniable point especially at a time like this when sexual scandals are being treated so sensitively.

However, Park Yoo-chun's case is other by nature. If he wasn't immediatelyin contact with the case and his name was put at the list of rapists by accident, it can exist very unfortunate. Even if he would not be so unfastened by ethical compass.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sang-moo, who was charged with attempted rape in a motel, is about to be forwarded to the prosecutors. Lee Juno has been forwarded to the prosecutors already. He was charged with sexually harassing girls in a club.

Park Yoo-chun who has been charged with rape on four accounts, was found not guilty but is still involved with prostitution, risk and false accusation charges.

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