Pledis Announces Permanent Blacklist For Seventeen Enthusiasts Who Wreck Rules

Pledis Announces Permanent Blacklist For Seventeen Enthusiasts Who Wreck Rules

Pledis Announces Permanent Blacklist For Seventeen Fans Who Break Rules(Photo : Pledis Entertainment)

Advertisement(Photo : KBS)

Pledis has taken drastic measures in line with overenthusiastic fans.

During the maximum recent recording of "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook," popular male idol team Seventeen was once performing. As expected, many in their fans attended the displayto look them reside onstage. However, this prove does now notpermit any target audiencecontributors to take photographs or videos.

Despite this ban, many Seventeen fans persisted to take footageand movie Seventeen's functionality during the show, many with large, pricey cameras.

After the show, the television station reportedly admonished Seventeen's group of workers for not preventing the group's fans from the use of their cameras during the show.

In reaction to the incident, Pledis Entertainment announced on their Twitter that they would be serious punishments for someoneenticing in equivalentbehavior in the future, adding being blacklisted from occasions and permanently expelled from the fanclub.

Pledis employees made two tweets, stating, "Hello, here'sthe employees of Seventeen. We were warned through the broadcast station on web site during the filming of today's episode of "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook."

"From now on, anybody who takes pictures or videos in a position including Television stations) that forbids it is going to exist permanently kicked out of the fanclub and may be blacklisted from any long run events," the corporate stated, firmly expressing their position.

"Anyone who uploads photos or videos of the "Sketchbook" episode will face the similar punishments, so act accordingly," they concluded.

With such drastic consequences, Pledis has shown that it's miles willing to crack down on fans who disobey TV station rules.

(Photo : Pledis Entertainment)

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Pledis Entertainment announces blacklist for SEVENTEEN fans

Pledis Entertainment announces blacklist for SEVENTEEN fans

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Maximum idol teamsactually appreciate fanatics who apply them to all in theiroccasions and take pictures of them to post on fansites and blogs. However, cameras arent at all times allowed at broadcasting events, and are even strictly prohibited at some recordings. All overa up to date recording of Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook featuring popular rookie group SEVENTEEN, the crowds were full of adoring fans who attended the displayto turn their fortify for the group. And whilst the proveis understood for now notpermitting fan recordings, many fans were observed in the crowd maintainingmassive cameras.

In fact, the presentations host Yoo Hee Yeol even commented at thequantity of cameras in the crowd, saying, Dang, it appears like a press conference. Wow what are those cannons?oh get out of the way? Oh sorry. After the broadcast, SEVENTEENs workforcewas once reportedly warned by way of the broadcasting station for permitting fans to blatantly forget about the stations requests opposed to the use of cameras.

Since the incident, Pledis Entertainment released an respectablecommentary for fans, which read, Hello here's SEVENTEENs staff. We've gotgainedcautionbecause of the presence of the cameras at fresh Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook filming. From this point on, if we spot somebody filming in a prohibited match (including recordings), you'll exist permanently banned from the fanclub and might not bereadyto wait any official events. We can be able to also take these measures to any one that uploads footage from the recording of sketchbook.

SEVENTEEN currently made a comeback with Very Nice. Take a glance at the track video below:

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Pledis Entertainment announces upcoming Pledis Girlz feature in SEVENTEEN’s Vernon OST track

Pledis Entertainment announces upcoming Pledis Girlz feature in SEVENTEEN’s Vernon OST track

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSEVENTEEN member Vernon is freeing an OST song soon for internet series Love Revolution and may be accompanied via Pledis Entertainments womanstaff trainees recentlyreferred to as Pledis Girlz.

The OST track titled Disease/Illness, the song capabilities lyrics written by Vernon himself. This isnt the primary time he has participated as a lyricist as he may be known to have helped write the lyrics for SEVENTEENs hits Mansae and Adore U.

As for Pledis Girlz, loversmight beaccustomed to them as they recently seemed on the Mnet girl trainee competition Produce 101.

Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment also published that SEVENTEEN is making ready to unencumber a new album in April with the approaching OST track also acting as a present for fans who are watching for the boy teams return.

The track will be released later nowadays on March 23rd at midday KST.

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SEVENTEEN Joshua’s New Hair Colour Is Riding  Enthusiasts Wild

SEVENTEEN Joshua’s New Hair Colour Is Riding Enthusiasts Wild

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSEVENTEEN is already back on degree following the free upin their repackaged album, appearingReally nice for this set of promotions. And one member in specific is getting attention from their maximumfresh stage.

While his solo symbol teasers capture member Joshua with brown hair, fanatics were stunnedto look the talented male idol with mild grapefruit hair. And fans are going loopy over it. The lighter hair colour brings out Joshuas lovable and beautifulcapabilities even more.

Fans left comments like, Wow, what a lovely friendwow Joshua is exceedingly pretty, Joshua is seriously in point of factfairly ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ eong eong, Im so green with envy of the microphone, and more.

The crewthese days took the stage on Show Champion for their comeback stage which will also benoticed below.

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EXO's & Seventeen's Enthusiasts  Vogue  Every Other On Twitter; Friendship Between Fandoms

EXO's & Seventeen's Enthusiasts Vogue Every Other On Twitter; Friendship Between Fandoms

EXO's Seventeen's EnthusiastsFashionEvery Other On Twitter; Friendship Between Fandoms Jun 20, 2016 02:44

A quick yet heartwarming gestures between two fandoms took placeremainingeveningall through Seventeen's "My Little Television" reside broadcast.

EXO's fans, EXO-L and Seventeen's Carats discovered themselves trending one another on Twitter last night. Consistent with fan accounts on SNS, it used to bebrought aboutby capacity of Carats who spotted that the fanchant for Seventeen's song "Shining Diamond" has the word "let's love" which has been a hallmark of EXO-Ls' fanchants. Carats attempted to be triumphant in out to Pledis via SNS to switch the fanchant in attention for EXO-Ls. EXO fans saw the considerate act of Seventeen fans and expressed their gratitude bringing up their fandom call 캐럿분들 (Carats) in conjunction with messages of "thank you Carats","Carats are kind","Let's be pals alongside Carats" and so on.

When Carats found out that they're trending on Twitter as a result of EXO-Ls, they are crushed and thanked them back by trending EXO-Ls name 에리분들. Moreover, Carats also showed their fortify to EXO by sharing evidence shots in their MelOn streaming of "Monster". The gestures were heartwarming that either fandoms right away trended on Korean Twitter and exchanged warm and lovely messages to every other.

캐럿분들 에리분들 그냥 둘다 너무 기여운것 — °시험기간 댜밍°feat.반흍 (@leeyudam53) June 19, 2016

몬스터 노래좋네요.... 스릴을⤴줄께⤵ — 민규의 개 (@98_1129) June 19, 2016

이 타이밍에서 몬스터 스밍 돌리기~~~ #캐럿분들 #에리분들 — 승철미낭낭 (@dbwls33502) June 19, 2016Comparable VideosEXO,NEWS,seventeen Facebook Twitter Google

#EXO #NEWS #seventeen

Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Enthusiasts A Love Letter In New MV

Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Enthusiasts A Love Letter In New MV

Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Enthusiasts A “Love Letter” In New MVilmare42 June 15, 2016 0 Watch: SEVENTEEN Sends Fans A “Love Letter” In New MV SEVENTEEN has gifted fans with a special track video from the heart!

On June 16 at the hours of darkness KST, Pledis Entertainment dropped the music video for SEVENTEEN’s track “Love Letter off their newest album. The video capabilities the guys writing love letters to fans, taking funny photos, and having an ideal time as they goof around together. Watch it below!

SEVENTEEN maximumthese days released their first full-length studio album “Love Letter” on April 25, featuring the identify track “Pretty U.” The song earned the guys their first ever music display wins.

They are currently gearing up to move back amongst a repackaged editionin theircurrent album in early July, in additionto hang a solo concert in Seoul later that month and embark on their Asia fan assemblyexcursion in August.

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Pledis Entertainment Releases Commentary About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoo’s Fitness And Long term Album Promotions

Pledis Entertainment Releases Commentary About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoo’s Fitness And Long term Album Promotions

Pledis Entertainment Releases Remark some SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoos Fitness And Long term Album Promotionskokoberry June 14, 2016 0 Pledis Entertainment Releases Statement About SEVENTEEN Member Wonwoos Health And Future Album Promotions On June 15, Pledis Entertainment released an authentic statement referring to SEVENTEEN member Wonwoos health and participation in upcoming album promotions.

The firmpublished that Wonwoo is still improving and may now not be joining in broadcast promotions because ofconsiderations for his health. Previously, Wonwoo was oncenot ableto accomplish at Dream Concert due to the acuate gastritis.

Below is their official statement:

Hello. Here's Pledis Entertainment.

It has been made up our minds that SEVENTEEN member Wonwoo isn't doing broadcast promotions in the meanwhileso as to make a healthy recovery.

Wed love toask for forgiveness to enthusiasts who cherish and love Wonwoo for bringing this surprising news in additionthe former news about his health final time.

Following his diagnosis with acute gastritis, Wonwoo won a check-up in order to recover. The check-up revealed that he lost stamina and it changed intodecided that he would wish fourth dimension to relaxation and would be unable to continue promotions after a long discussion with Wonwoo.

Wonwoo were resting in order to stabilize and get well afterward his acute gastritis. With intentions to sign up in promotions for the planned repackaged album, he participated in recording and song video filming. However, we made a decision that music presentations and broadcast schedules would be too much for Wonwoo who is still recovering. We prompt that Wonwoo rest for his health and for his future.

Wonwoo showed a robust volition to sign up for his individuals in promotions, yethe'll exist resting this time in order to utterlyget well so he will also be healthy and be with SEVENTEEN for a long time. Hence SEVENTEENs broadcast promotions and schedules for their repackaged album is planned to feature 12 members. Wonwoo will rejoin promotions and meet fans after his health is solely recovered.

We make an apology once back for causing fans to worry. Please beef up Wonwoo and SEVENTEEN.

We hope Wonwoo makes a whole recovery soon.

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SEVENTEEN Announces Unencumber Date and Stocks Teaser Symbol for First Complete Album

SEVENTEEN Announces Unencumber Date and Stocks Teaser Symbol for First Complete Album

SEVENTEEN Announces Unlock Date and Stocks Teaser Symbol for First Complete Albumilmare42 April 10, 2016 0 LINE it!SEVENTEEN Announces Release Date and Shares Teaser Image for First Full Album SEVENTEEN is gearing up for their next comeback!

On April 11 in the dark KST, the crowd uploaded nine pictures to their legitimate Instagram that once viewed in combinationshape a photo of a message in a bottle, floating at sea.

The captions to the picturesdivulge that the crewmay be making their next comeback on April 25 with their first full studio-length album, which seems to be entitled “Love Letter.”

It was onceup to now reported that SEVENTEEN shot the footage for their album jacket on Jeju Island. Also, it's been reported that they're going to existfreeingany other mini-album later on in the year.

Want to look SEVENTEEN resideto your city? Fans, like you, have already made EXO come to their city! You'll be ready to make SEVENTEEN come to yours with MyMusicTaste through making here.

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SEVENTEENs Vernon to Free up a Unmarried With Pledis Girlz

SEVENTEENs Vernon to Free up a Unmarried With Pledis Girlz

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon to Unencumber a Unmarried amongst Pledis Girlzboxclub March 22, 2016 0 LINE it!SEVENTEEN’s Vernon to Release a Single With Pledis Girlz Vernon from SEVENTEEN will release a new task single with his fellow label associates Pledis Girlz.

It was oncepublishedcurrently that Vernon can befreeing a new collaboration project single on March 23 with Pledis Girlz called “Sickness” that mayat the soundtrack for the preferred webtoon “Love Revolution.” It turned into also shared that Vernon participated in composing lyrics for this song as well. Vernon has taken section in SEVENTEEN’s songs before, corresponding to “Adore You” and “QA” with Ailee.

Pledis Girlz are trainees below Pledis Entertainment and you'll be in a position to see many of them on the display “Produce 101” airing on Mnet.

A representative from Pledis said, “This is a gift to the numerouslovers who are looking forward to new songs from SEVENTEEN. We are currently not easy at paintingsgetting ready an album for SEVENTEEN which will exist released in April that will exhibit the many skillsand abilities of the members.”

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BIGBANG Announces Plans for 10th Anniversary Concert and Thank you  Enthusiasts After International Tour

BIGBANG Announces Plans for 10th Anniversary Concert and Thank you Enthusiasts After International Tour

BIGBANG Announces Plans for 10th Anniversary Concert and Thank youLovers afterwardsGlobalExcursion ilmare42 March 6, 2016 0 LINE it!BIGBANG Announces Plans for 10th Anniversary Concert and Thanks Fans After World Tour Now that BIGBANG have wrapped up their epic series of concerts worldwide, they’ve promised to peer their fans back soon at a concert to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

After acting in front of a overall of approximately 1.5 million fans all over their “MADE” world tour in thirteen countries and 32 cities, BIGBANG hosted their ultimate concert in the series at Olympic Park in Seoul on March 6. The concert used to be broadcast reside over Naver’s V app, permittingthe gang to reach even more in their fans worldwide.

During the show, G-Dragon says to fans, “During the beyond ten years, there haven’t been simplestjust right days. There were bad days too, yetI suspect we’re ready to be here nowadays in this spot since you were all there for us during the ones times, having a look out for us and loving us.”

Seungri says, “Before the concert, we had a assembly with YG workforce members. We’re going to hang a BIGBANG tenth anniversary concert this summer here in Korea in an out of doors venue.”

“In go back for ten years of your love, we plan to make the tenth anniversary concert an epic day-long festival, adds Taeyang.

After the show, Seungri posted a video on his Instagram of all five members. He says, “We sincerely thank all of the fans who’ve enjoyed our BIGBANG MADE tour. We’ll see you again at our tenth anniversary concert! Till then, goodbye!” The guys then wave and say good-bye to the camera.

A video posted via Lee seung ri (@seungriseyo) on Mar 6, 2016 at 4:37am PST

Taeyang and G-Dragon also posted to their Instagram accounts to thank fans when they wrapped up their concert.

A photo posted by TAEYANG (@__youngbae__) on Mar 6, 2016 at 4:52am PST

A photo posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Mar 6, 2016 at 4:50am PST

Congrats to BIGBANG on their hugely a hit world tour!

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