Police to Step Up Drunk-Driving Crackdown

Police to Step Up Drunk-Driving Crackdown

Policemen preventvehicles at a checkpoint in downtown Seoul on Wednesday. /Yonhap

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Firm on Wednesday pledged to accentuate a crackdown on inebriated driving, expanding patrols from 3 to 4 hours and beginning at other times to stay drivers alert.

On the day of the announcement, police install ad-hoc checkpoints in Mapo and Yeongdeungpo districts from 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning.

In August 2010, the police reduced their controls to spot checks, yet this used to beregarded as ineffective, so now it's far returning to blanket tests.

Earlier, police announced nationaltests from nine p.m. to 11 p.m. on June 14, but 534 motorists were still stuckusingbelow the influence.


Police Investigating Nichkhun's Drunk Driving Incident,

Police Investigating Nichkhun's Drunk Driving Incident, "Both Was At Fault, Not Only One Side"

nichkhun, nichkhun accident, 2pm, jyp

nichkhunNichkhun's drunk driving accident was revealed to be both sides' fault.

The police that was in charge of investigating Nichkhun's drunk driving case revealed on July 30th broadcast of SBS "Good Morning" that the accident was the result of both sides, not only one side.

The police said, "The motorcycle driver and Nichkhun both did not drive safely. If they both stopped before making their turns, this accident wouldn't have happened. Nichkhun was running lower than 40km."

They continued, "The accident was therefore both sides' faults. The motorcycle driver did not even wear a helmet."

They lastly added, "The motorcycle driver currently has behind of his ear ripped and fractured bones in the shoulder and in the waist. He was originally placed in a 6-member ward, but the vice president and lawyer of JYP came and moved him to an individual ward and attached a 24-hour caregiver."


K-Pop Idol Yoon Sungmo Arrested For Under the impact of alcohol Driving, Injures Police Officials In Crash VIDEO

K-Pop Idol Yoon Sungmo Arrested For Under the impact of alcohol Driving, Injures Police Officials In Crash VIDEO

Sungmo of Supernova Yoon Sungmo of K-pop staff Supernova has been reportedlybooked on fees of inebriated driving.

On Mar. 7 at 1:20 AM, police officials spotted Yoon Sungmo make an unlawful u-turn and ordered him to drag over. However, Sungmo neglected the officer's orders and attempted to flee, which led to him to crash into a phone pole.

As the video shows, after crashing the hood of his car, Yoon attempted to continue to flee, and traveled 1.3 kilometers earlier thanafter all being arrested. Whilst fleeing, he crashed into a police car, causing minor injuries to one of the most officers.

At the time of the accident, his blood alcohol pointused to be recorded at 0.092% ABV. The law in Korea states that using alongside a blood alcohol level over .05% ABV is punishable with an imprisonment of lower than3 years or a fine no longer exceeding 10 million won. The perpetrator will also have their license revoked or suspended.

Yoon Sungmo's facet has released a commentaryin regards to the issue.

"Yoon Sungmo deeply regrets his resolutionand should cooperate with the police wondering honestly. We sincerely say sorry for being worried and causing misery to all of his fans."

Supernova is a six-member community that debuted in 2007 in Korea, yet has gained immense reputation in Japan, with Yook Sung Mo's debut Jap album attaining the No. 1 spot on Oricon charts in Aug. 2015.

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Member of Atomic Kiz Booked For Assaulting Taxi Driving force whilst Drunk

Member of Atomic Kiz Booked For Assaulting Taxi Driving force whilst Drunk

Member of Atomic Kiz Booked For Assaulting Taxi Driver While Drunk A member of the rookie idol staff Atomic Kiz, known handiest by ability of his surname Lee, has been arrested by police for assaulting a taxi driver.

According to Seoul’s Nowon Police, Lee was booked for assault on November 22 at 4:30 a.m. Lee used to be drinking close to Shinsa Station in Seoul with his pals and became in a taxi to Nowon when he stopped the taxi midway, saying, “I think I’m going to throw up.” He ended up throwing up in the taxi and the taxi driver, surname Ko, demanded fee for the ride. Lee have become angry and threatened the driver by pushing him and swearing at him. Ko called police, and Lee was charged when the police arrived. It was discovered that Lee didn’t have money on hand at the time, having left his wallet at home.

Ko said, “Even when we were being investigated at the patrol station, Lee threatened me by saying, ‘I’m going to endure in mind your face and kill you.’” He added, “I’m dissatisfied and humiliated that i used to be assaulted by a tender guy who might be my son.”

Meanwhile, Lee said, “Even regardless that I admitted to my mistake, the police kept me remoted and wouldn’t concentrate to me. I changed into so frustrated that my words became harsh.”

A patrol station partner said, “Lee was drunk to the point where he didn’t know the way much he drank, or if he had his wallet. It was challenging to even verify his identity, so we passed him over to Nowon police.” It was relayed that Lee was released at around 8:30 a.m. after attaining an agreement with Ko at at 8:00 a.m.

Atomic Kiz debuted in November of 2014 with “Lovers,” and Lee is understood to be in command of rapping in that group. Netizens are speculating that the member in query is the youngest member, J.Per.

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Block B Zico And His Manager's Drunk Driving Scandal

Block B Zico And His Manager's Drunk Driving Scandal

 Block B (Photo : ) Block B"s Zico is embroiled in controversy, following a minor drunk driving accident with his manager.

On July 10, the Korean outlet Newsen released an exclusive report which alleged that Block B"s Zico was involved in a drunk driving accident on July 8. According to the report, Zico was involved in a traffic accident while trying to return home from a birthday party. His manager was allegedly behind the steering wheel during the time of the incident.

Representatives for Zico"s agency, Seven Seas, issued a press release addressing the incident. "On July 8, Zico attended a birthday party to celebrate the birthday of Kyung Park, with other members of Block B," said a representative for Seven Seas, in a statement published by XSports News. "Block B recorded in the studio, that day, and his manager was driving. After checking with Zico and his manager, they both were drinking, and the manager drove to take them home. His manager deeply regrets driving drunk."

The agency went on to state that Zico"s blood alcohol count was measured at 0.000 percent. "Zico is apologetic and regrets that he failed to realize that his manager was driving while drunk," said the agency, through a press statement.

Seven Seas assumed responsibility for the actions of their employees and the incident.

A subsequent report published by Star News announced the initial results of the police investigation. The Gangnam Police investigated the incident through the black box of the vehicle and security camera footage. The investigation confirmed that Zico and his manager did not switch seats, confirming that his manager was the driver.

According to Star News, the blood alcohol count for Zico"s manager measured 0.163 percent. "After the accident, the airbags deployed and the manager came out from the driver seatwhile Zico was a passenger," said the Gangnam Chief of Traffic Police, after examining CCTV footage. "Zico was not drunk at the time of the accident."

The accident could have further consequences on Zico. Zico is currently appearing as judge on the popular Mnet hip-hop competition program, "Show Me the Money."

A subsequent article published by TV Report provided a statement from representatives for "Show Me the Money." "We will decide Zico"s future on the show, according to the accident investigation," said representatives for the competition.


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Zico and his manager revealed to have been in a minor car accident while driving back home drunk

Zico and his manager revealed to have been in a minor car accident while driving back home drunk

Zico and his manager revealed to have been in a minor car accident while driving back home drunk

Block B"s Zico and his manager are belatedly revealed to have been involved in a car accident, which seems to have been caused by careless driving by the manager who was driving under the influence.

The accident apparently took place on July 8 when Zico and his manager were driving back home after fellow member Park Kyung"s birthday party. According to the Gangnam Police Station, the manager failed to abide traffic lights in his intoxicated state.

Park Kyung"s birthday party had taken place at a lounge bar with close idols friends like Mino, C.A.P, Nicole, Henry, Yewon, and many others. It seems Zico and his manager got too caught up in the fun and decided to drive back home in a drunk state.

The police stated, "Zico wasn"t at the wheel. The accident was caused when the manager, who was driving, had failed to abide traffic lights. It was found that he was driving under the influence."

Seven Seasons responded to the report, confirming that it was true. They also apologized for the careless actions of the two, who had both drunk alcohol at the party before getting in the car.

"After confirming with them, it was found that in a situation in which both had drunk alcohol, the manager drove them back home. They are deeply regretting the drunk driving. From what we have found, Zico"s seems to have no big injuries. He even participated in a filming that took poace on the 10th," the agency stated.

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Korean Singer-Actor  has reportedly used  partner as  Scapegoat  when he was   charged for  driving in the drunk condition and not having a license

Korean Singer-Actor has reportedly used partner as Scapegoat when he was charged for driving in the drunk condition and not having a license

Korean Singer-Actor Uses Girlfriend As Scapegoat for Driving Drunk and Without License On July 6, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that singer-actor Kim Eun Oh was arrested and charged for drunk driving, having no license, and making his girlfriend give false testimony.

According to the prosecutor’s office, earlier this year on March 29, Kim Eun Oh was drinking in Gangnam, when he got behind the wheel while intoxicated. When police pulled up behind him and tried to pull him over, he switched switched seats with his girlfriend and had her lie to the police.

Moreover, Kim Eun Oh refused the breathalyzer test three times, and once at the station, made his girlfriend lie once again.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun Oh has been active as both a singer and actor, and released a solo album just last year.

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"Infinity challenge," No Hong Chul Travels Spain After Drunk Driving Scandal

No Hong Chul Recently Spotted in Spain after Drunk Driving Scandal

No Hong Chul was previously caught driving under influence of alcohol.  Lately, the TV personality was spotted enjoying his vacation in Spain.

Posts titled “How No Hong Chul is Doing These Days” recently spread across online forums, containing pictures of him traveling in Spain. The author of the original post stated that these pictures were taken during a Barcelona Gaudi Tour.

In the picture, No Hong Chul can be seen in comfortable clothes with an overgrown beard.

Meanwhile, a text sent by Yoo Jae Suk, which was revealed on MBC radio’s “No Hong Chul’s Best Friend” in July 2011, has gained newfound attention. After selecting Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juck’s song, “As One Says,” as the next song, No Hong Chul expressed his brotherhood and gratitude towards the widely loved MC.

The text, which was sent to No Hong Chul when he was practicing rowing, said, “Dear brothers, if we unite together, we can overcome any obstacle. ‘I’ can’t do it, but ‘we’ can. As one says. Keep up the good work, Spartan style.”

After sharing the text message, he added, “I might have blisters all over my hands, but I’m happy to be around such great people. I hope everyone else realizes that you need to do what you feel like as well.”


'Dad! Where Are We Going' Ahn Jung Hwan Involved In A Drunk Driving Crash

'Dad! Where Are We Going' Ahn Jung Hwan Involved In A Drunk Driving Crash

Ahn Jung Hwan Involved in a Car Accident Caused by Drunk Driver

On January 13th, the retired soccer athlete, sportscaster, and a cast member of “Dad! Where Are We Going?Ahn Jung Hwan involved in a car crash in Dongjak-dong, Seoul last night at around 9 p.m.

After casting “2015 Asian Cup” qualifying match between South Korea and Kuwait, Ahn Jung Hwan was on his way home in his road manager’s car. According to the police report, a 34-year-old driver (identified as Kim) rear-ended their car while they were waiting for the traffic light.

Although Ahn Jung Hwan and his manager had to be taken to the emergency room due to head, neck, and hip pains, they did not suffer any serious injuries and were able to get home by midnight.

A representative of the Seoul Dongjak Police commented, “The results of our investigation confirm that driver Kim was intoxicated. His blood alcohol content (BAC) was over 0.1 percent, a level that warrants revocation of his driver’s license.”


Actress Caught Drunk Driving Again

Actress Caught Drunk Driving Again

Actress Kim Hye-ri was caught in yet another drunk driving incident in Gangnam on Friday. This was the third time she was nabbed driving under the influence. According to police, Kim"s Mercedes sedan collided with another car while she was trying to make an illegal left turn at an intersection in Cheongdam-dong at around 6 a.m.

Police said Kim had a blood alcohol level of 0.177 percent, enough to have her driver"s license revoked. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the accident.