Producer Discusses What Wishes To Take place For A 2d “Descendants Of The Sun”

Producer Discusses What Wishes To Take place For A 2d “Descendants Of The Sun”

Producer Discusses What Wishes To Take place For A 2d Descendants Of The Sunjun2yng August 2, 2016 0 Producer Discusses What Needs To Happen For A Second Descendants Of The Sun In an interview with Sports Chosun, CEO Search engine marketing Woo Sik of Barunson Entertainment spoke about what needs to happen to make a second season of “Descendants of the Sun” — for which he was once a producer — a possibility, a well-liked request among fans.

Seo Woo Sik said, “While numerousother people send awaytake some time now, for a second ‘Descendants’ to emerge, I agree with there must be an self sufficient organization in the broadcasting company. They wish to brand a device where projects can move on for prolongedclasses of time.”

He took the five-part KBS documentary “Super Fish” as an example: “I becometotally amazed when I saw that documentary. For the entire, extended time while it was in production, there will have tohad beenadjustments in controland the ones that were adversarial to the project. They overcame all of that to bring the assignment to fruition. The second one ‘Descendants’ should be approached in the similar way. There needs to be a formulation and environment in position to nurture long-term projects, instead offocal point on prompt results.”

Watch Descendants of the Sun here:

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KBS Discusses Plans for “Descendants of the Sun” Season 2 in 2017

KBS Discusses Plans for “Descendants of the Sun” Season 2 in 2017

KBS Discusses Plans for Descendants of the Sun Season 2 in 2017crystalcove April 22, 2016 0 LINE it!KBS Discusses Plans for Descendants of the Sun Season 2 in 2017 In an interview with the top of KBSs drama department, Jung Sung Ho, previouslately amongsta native news outlet, the chance of a season two for  hit dramaDescendants of the Sun or a 2nd Descendants of the Sun-like drama used to be discussed.

Jung Sung Ho said, We would like topay offaudience with the following Descendants of the Sun. We are thankful to viewers, out of the country fans, staff, and actors. The drama become more than a domestic syndrome; it established a 3rd wave of Hallyu. KBS will tryto provide a second Descendants of the Sun to meet expectancies and repay viewers. We plan to release a 2017 Descendants of the Sun assignment for broadcast in 2017 through negotiations with the solid and production team.

When asked to explain if the project is the moment one season of Descendants of the Sun, Jung Sung Ho printed that author Kim Eun Sook, the co-writer of the drama, stated a season two is too heavy a burden. He elaborated, We have got to keep discussing whether it is going to exist a tale of a soldier or not. Descendants of the Sun was this years top drama and very much contributed to the Hallyu wave, and we mean that we want topaintings on a project that maypractice information technology closely. For the time being, we plan to continue with numerous projects with a 2017 broadcast goal.

Jung Sung Ho also clarified that the project(s) that KBS is making plans does now not require the entirethose who were desirous about the drama. We are advancing with projects that the production team and cast can consent to, said Jung Sung Ho. You'll be in a position to say that we are lately leveling the floor for a space to be building. We also need totake into accounts the facet of pre-production.

While KBSs plans do no longerascertain a season two, it looks as if the network needs one, or anything like it, and is currently planning for it.

Previously, Descendants of the Sun co-writer, Kim Won Suk, had said I don't have any plans for a second season. I’ve already told the tale onesought after to tell.

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“Descendants of the Sun” PD Discusses Reason why  At the back of  Good fortune of the Drama

“Descendants of the Sun” PD Discusses Reason why At the back of Good fortune of the Drama

Descendants of the Sun PD Discusses Reason whyAt the back ofLuck of the Dramahajima April 5, 2016 0 LINE it!Descendants of the Sun PD Discusses Reason Behind Success of the Drama Its tough to fully describe the acclaim for KBS2s Descendants of the Sun in mere wordssimilar to explosive and sensational.

This is particularly so since most dramas on mainstream networks have an reasonable viewer scoreof 2to 3 percent, while Descendants of the Sun reached the 33 % marker just closing week.

And its no longer just domestic lovers who were taken by capacity ofthe affectiontale between a soldier and a physician set in wartime setting, yet as wellthe ones from Asia and everywhere the world.

Producer Lee Eung Bok of Descendants of the Sun sat down for an interview to proportion his perspectivesat the success of the drama.

The PD started by saying that, The audiencereaction to the drama is like a dream. For us body of workersparticipants who have been operatingin thisassignment for over a year in a kind of one-sided relationship, the present love from the viewers actuallymannerso much to us.

Regarding passing the 30 percent mark for viewer ratings, PD Lee acknowledged that he was oncesatisfied they were in a positionto damage stereotypes such as 30 percent ratings is not possible nowadays, spring is the off season for dramas, and there has been no case of a large-scale production/pre-produced dramas turning into successful; by confirming the straightforwardreality that people will watch anything if its entertaining. He commented that any theme can paintingsso long asit's far well-made and he hopes that Descendants of the Sun could be a source of encouragement for other drama production workers who are making an attempt new endeavors.

When asked about the explanation behind the fantastic success of the drama, PD Lee said that, The cause of the success of the drama is as it is entertaining in more than a few ways and also deeply moving. The creator did a just rightactivity on the tale and the actors portrayed it really well. The deciding thing for the success also come with the inclusion of big namepublisher Kim Eun Sook in Descendants of the Sun, its airing on KBS, and the casting of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Even if all of thoseoccasionsmightappearfind it irresistibletook place by chance, having a look back, I suspect fate had a hand in it. Not everyone, adding the writer, actors, and production team were first precedencealternatives but they ended up being the maximum efficient choice.

Despite outdated unsuccessful instances of dramas with high production prices and inclusion of best actors, PD Lee commented that they werent overly eager about the imaginable failure of Descendants of the Sun because the script and acting were very good. However, he did mention that it becamesophisticated to resolve how to painting the large-scale action scenes whilst staying inside of budget, since making an investmentmuch on the effective presentation would be expensive while now not investing enough would make the scenes less believable.

What do you observed contributed the most to the drama’s success?

Watch the drama at Viki below!

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Kim Soo Hyun Discusses Epic buss Scene alongside Cha Tae Hyun in producer

Kim Soo Hyun Discusses Epic buss Scene alongside Cha Tae Hyun in producer

Kim Soo Hyun Discusses Epic snog Scene amongst Cha Tae Hyun in “producer” In a contemporary interview with SohuTV‘s “Korean Entertainment,” Kim Soo Hyun spilled the beans on his epic kiss scene with Cha Tae Hyun in KBS drama “producer.”

To a query some how he felt when he commencement saw the kiss in the script, theActor responded, “I felt power in having toAct under the influence ofAlcohol as IT’s [on the whole]Acting out anAbsolutely other personality.”

He persisted, “And because there used to beA kiss scene on best of that, i used to beApprehensive mentallyAnd physically.”

Kim Soo HyunAs well printed that rightAway once they filmed the kiss, heApologized to Cha Tae Hyun, “I’m sad. That came some without my goal.”

no longer going to lie, Kim Soo Hyun gave the impression ofA herbal for howApprehensive he used to be! you'll beAble to relive the instant under.

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IU Achieves All-Kill with “Producer” OST “Heart,” SHINee Takes Second Place

IU Achieves All-Kill with “Producer” OST “Heart,” SHINee Takes Second Place

IU has topped the charts and achieved an all-kill with her latest OST release Heart.

Released on May 18 at midnight, the Producer OST song shot to the top of all major charts. As of 9 a.m. KST, the song ranks first on Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Genie, Daum Music, Soribada, and Monkey3.

SHINee, who dropped their anticipated fourth album Odd on the same day, currently occupy the second slot with their title track View. Other tracks off their new album, such as Love Sick and Odd Eye, have also made it to the Top 10.

BIGBANG continues to rank third and fourth with Loser and BAE BAE, respectively.

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"Show! Music Core" producer discusses changes in performances after lip-sync ban

A producer from MBC"s "Show! Music Core" discussed the changes he noticed in performances after the lip-sync ban took place.

CP Park Hyun Suktold Star News on July 23, "After the 100% lip-sync ban, the atmosphere has changed on set. The performances have a lot more movement and presence. Following the news that we won"t put singers who don"t use their voices at all on stage, the appearing artists sing more and put on more lively performances."

When Park Hyun Suk initially stated that "those who don"t sing on stage don"t have the basics to be a singer" and proposed the complete lip-sync ban,reactions of K-pop fans and artists were mixed as some, includingSuper Junior"s Ryeowook,suggested "Show! Music Core" staff should also focus on improving their sound system quality while others liked the idea of completely live performances.

Do you agree with Park Hyun Suk"s assessment? Have you noticed a difference before and after the ban?


IU discusses past mistake announcing 1st place as host of music program

IU discusses past mistake announcing 1st place as host of music program

IU discusses past mistake announcing 1st place as host of music program

IU discussed the time she made a mistake announcing the 1st place winner on a music program.

During filming for the September 20th episode of KBS2‘s ’Happy Together 3‘, she confessed, “On a music show where I was the MC, there was a time I made a mistake announcing the first place winner.”

IU said, “Music programs do not even tell the MCs who the first place winner is for the sake of security. So even I, as the MC, had to announce the first place winner by looking at the monitor.”

She continued, “At the time, Se7en and F.T. Island were the nominees for number one and Hongki of F.T. Island had a similar hairstyle to Se7en. The week before, SE7en took first place, and when the camera zoomed in to Hongki to show who won first place, I confidently yelled, ‘Se7en!’,” bringing laughter to everyone on set.

At that moment, I realized my mistake and my heart sank so I could not do anything.” After IU said this, Park Myung Soo, who co-hosts with IU responded, “It is very tiring working with IU because of her schedule,” which peaked curiosity.

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ESPN wishes Girls’ Generation’s Jessica a happy belated birthday + discusses her opening pitch

ESPN wishes Girls’ Generation’s Jessica a happy belated birthday + discusses her opening pitch

ESPN wishes Girls Generations Jessica a happy belated birthday + discusses her opening pitch

Ever since Girls Generations Jessica threw the opening pitch for the LG Twins vs. Samsung Lions game, her video clip has spread over the web with various popular sports blogs even dedicating entries on her throw. American entertainment and sports channel ESPN has caught on, and surprised K-Pop fans as they recently aired a birthday shoutout to the singer.

The singer was briefly mentioned on the May 14th edition of ESPNs Pardon the Interruption, a sports talk show that discusses sports and headlining issues.

Although Jessicas birthday was on the 18th of last month, the show wished her a happy belated birthday along with the embarrassing yet adorable clip of her throwing the opening pitch for the baseball match that had taken place on May 11th.

Check out the ESPN clip below!

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Upcoming Blu-ray and DVD Release Korean drama

Upcoming Blu-ray and DVD Release Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun"

Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun" is to be had to pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD director's cut Korean edition with English subtitles from YESASIA

Blu-ray 14-Disc (English Subtitled) (Director's Cut) Gift Pack Poster in Tube

DVD 14-Disc (English Subtitled) (Director's Cut) Gift Pack Poster in Tube

Blu-ray 14-Disc (English Subtitled) (Director's Cut) Gift Pack

DVD 14-Disc (English Subtitled) (Director's Cut) Gift Pack

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Korean War Flick Takes Box Place of work  via Storm

Korean War Flick Takes Box Place of work via Storm

Posters for "Operation Chromite" at a multiplex in Samseong-dong, Seoul on Sunday

The clunky Korea-War film "Operation Chromite" drew more than 2 million moviegoers in the primary five days to jump to the head of the box office.The film, which functions Liam Neeson as Gen. Douglas MacArthur, ran forward of "Train to Busan" and the maximum recent installment of the Jason Bourne franchise. Motion picture critics widely panned the movie for its turgid plot and ham acting, yet some 464,400 other people flocked to the cinemas at the day of its opening. Price tag sales have remained sturdywhilstthe space amongst second-ranked "Train to Busan" has gradually widened.

The movie makes a speciality of an intelligence operation code-named "X-Ray" that ended in the historical Incheon Landing, which became the tides opposed to the invading North Korean forces which had cornered U.S. and South Korean troops at the early degree of the Korean War.

The movie focuses on a in massive part unsung naval intelligence unit and other infantrymen and ends with a solemn determination to the warriors who died.Moviegoers were completely satisfiedto be told around an unknown facet of the noted amphibious landing. One viewer statedthe foremost draw used to benow not Neeson, who has slightly more a walk-on part, but the unknown heroes of the operation.Contrary to projections that the movie would attractionprincipally to older audiences, audience in their 20s account for more than 30 % of the total. Jang Byoung-soo (24), who saw the movie with his parents, said, "The handiest thing I knew about the Incheon Touchdownturned into that Gen. MacArthur turned the tides of the war, but I had no concept of the intelligence operation that went on at the back of the scenes". Videosthat specialize in Korea's fashionable history in most cases do neatlyalthough they are frequently heavy-handed and awkwardly scripted. "Northern Prohibit Line", about a naval clash between North and South Korea on the West Sea in 2002, drew 6 million viewers, while "Spirits' Homecoming", about Korean girls forced into sexual slavery via Japan all the style throughGlobal War II, attracted 3.85 million.

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