QUIZ: Did you know Your Korean Lip Tint Brands

QUIZ: Did you know Your Korean Lip Tint Brands

QUIZ: Did you know Your Korean Lip Tint Brands?vikimiki July 25, 2016 0 QUIZ: Do You Know Your Korean Lip Tint Brands? We get it: Now notall and sundryneeds to step out dressed in a face stuffed with makeup. Yet a lip tint is a brilliant product for either makeup fiends and makeup newbies. Lip tints can be offering a end thats either completelyherbal or complete color, dependent on how much you apply. And theyre also long-lasting and simple to wear – unlike glosses and lipsticks, its absolutelyeffortless to disregard that youre even wearing a lip tint. No wonder lip tints reign in Korea, where organicattractiveness is what we all try to achieve!

Are you a lip tint skilled or a novice? In finding out via taking this short quiz with one of thelatest and best-selling products in Korea!

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QUIZ What Korean Coiffure Is Easiest For You This Summer

QUIZ What Korean Coiffure Is Easiest For You This Summer

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Encouragedto have a look at a new taste and display a otheraspect of yourself this summer?

Take this quiz to look what Korean coiffuremayfit you perfectly, and be your next brand new look!

*May take a moment to load*

For pointers and tricks on how to style/cut your own hair, take a glance at the video below.

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Korean Brands Fare Poorly in China's High-End Market

Korean Brands Fare Poorly in China's High-End Market

Korean brands rank a deficient6th in the lucrative Chinese marketplace for high-end client goods like perfume, fashion, jewellery and handbags. Yet exports of best of the range goods to other countries in Asia are expandingthank you to the recognition of Korean Television dramas and videos in the region. Consistent with the Institute for GlobalBusiness on Sunday, China imported US$20.9 billion value of high-end person goods in 2014, with Korean products accounting for 2.8 percent.Italian products led the box alongside 14.9 percent, followed by skill of French with 12.3 % and Swiss with 9.1 percent. Jap products accounted for 5 per centum and American for 3.5 percent. Korea's proportion of the Chinese high-end market rose only 0.2 percentage point from 2.6 percent in 2011 because of a loss of global emblem awareness. In keeping with a find out about by Deloitte, the only real Korean-owned brand a few of the world's peakone hundred luxury consumer goods is MCM, at the start a German brand.Last year, Korea exported $6.1 billion worth of high-end luxury products, an insignificant 8.5 percent of Italian and 10.1 percent of French shipments. They account for just 1.2 percent of Korea's overall exports. But in the case ofenlargement Korea's high-end consumer products are faring greater than key exports, that are slowing down because of the the global slump. Korea's overall exports declined 8 percent last year, but exports of high-end consumer products rose 13.1 percent and an moderate of 29 percent during the last five years principallyat the back of top rateattractiveness productsIn Vietnam they account for 7.8 percent of the market, a first rate slice and the absolute best anywhere.Shim Hye-jeong at the institute said, "The Asian population is expected to grow from 52.5 billion in 2009 to 322.8 billion in 2030, which translates into a marked building up in call for for high-end products, so we want toincrease new luxury brands and take a glance at outto procure leading foreign brands". Shim also advised diversifying sales channels to satisfyconvertingintake patterns.

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Chinese Brands Threaten Korean Rivals

Chinese Brands Threaten Korean Rivals

The speed of enlargement in China's production industry has surpassed Korea's greatest fears, and Korea is now not a technological benchmark. At the National People's Congress in March ultimate year, Beijing as an alternative announced a purpose of catching up with the producing industries of Japan and Germany by ability of 2025 and rivaling the U.S. by 2045, relegating Korea to the 2d one tier.Lee Hyun-tai at the Korea Institute for Global Economic Policy said, "China believes it has already stuck up with Korean manufacturing, and once it hands itself with state-of-the-artgenerationit's going totransforma true threat".At mainoverseas expos, China is pulling ahead. At the shopper Electronics Display in Las Vegas, the U.S. in January, where Korean corporations had taken middledegreetill 2010, the halls were full of Chinese products. Haier, Hisense, TCL and Huawei install sprawling booths next to Samsung and LG. The placementused to bethe similar at the Cellular World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in February. The top of one Korean house appliance corporate said, "There turns out to be no hole in technology any more".China followed Korea's technique ofmaking an investment heavily in new amenitiesto reinforce quality and value competitiveness, yet information technology boasts a better scale and is catching up quickly. It has also established important refineries and chemical flowersduring the last3 or 4 years and now possesses the capacity to procedure 3.4 times more crude oil than Korea at 10.5 million barrels a day.Even Korean automakers are sufferingopposed to intensifying Chinese competition. Hyundai's sales in the Chinese marketplace concluding year dropped 5.1 % as festival there intensified because of local opponentscorresponding to FAW. And where it takes Hyundai's Ulsan plant here 26.8 hours to roll out a car, it best takes its Chinese factory 17.7 hours.According to a find out about live year by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Overview and Planning, Korea's lead over China in electronics, IT, manufacturing and processing has now narrowed to just 1.7 or 1.8 years.


12 Must-Have Products From Korean Good looks Brands Section 2

12 Must-Have Products From Korean Good looks Brands Section 2

12 Must-Have Products From Korean Attractiveness Brands Section ii lahkim March 8, 2016 0 LINE it!12 Must-Have Products From Korean Beauty Brands Section 2 Previous this month, we gave you a (incomplete) list of must-have products from Korean beauty brands. We discovered that there are still a couple more popular brands for makeup that we neglected out on. So, this isan inventory of 12 more Korean beauty products that’ll trade your lifestyles forever!

Peri PeraPeri’s Ink TintPeriPera1

If the Peri’s Ink Tint isn’t already on your makeup collection, you’re undoubtedlylacking out. Like its name, this lip tint truly stains your lips for over 12 hours. It’s so robust that they even made a separate remover for this tint. If you’re trying to find a lip tint that would possibly not budge all the manner through the day even after eating, this is the product for you! I mightcounsel issuefive No Spoilers as the very bestdaily lip color. This colour is the ideal shade of crimson that goes with any roughly centre makeup. It provides your lips the perfect pop of colour without overwhelming the balance of your overall look.

One of the explanations why I admire Korean makeup products, except the adorable packaging, is because they without difficultyexchange equally dupes for high-end western products. The Peris Tint Water in Cherry Juice is the perfect dupe for the advantages Benetint. This product is the perfect lip product if youre taking a look for a lip tint to recreate the noted Korean gradient lips. It has a liquid consistency that makes it simple to spread on your lips, yetas it has a fast-drying formula, you dont wish tofear about it spilling everywhere. Its also the perfect product to pair onto your cheeks. Just more than one dabs onto your cheeks and a conveniente book a rough spread brings the cutest pop of color to your cheeks. Also, because this may also be a lip stain, you dont have to stress about your blush disappearing for the duration of the day!

Korea has been actually loving this cushion style as even lip products are now being created into a cushion consistency. Initially, I presumed that this product would just be any other lip stain with a othercall for marketing purposes. However, this is the only lip product that my roommate swears by. After seeing her obsession with the product, out of curiosity, I went and grabbed one for myself too. After the usage of this product up in an overlyfast three months, I will say you lot that this is one of my new obsessions as well. The Peris Cushion Lips is the maximum moisturizing lip tint that I have used thus far. The cushion packaging makes the cream texture effortless to dab onto your lips. Also the formula for this lip stain is very creamy and moisturizing as it stains your lips without stripping away the moisture from your lips like most lip stains.

Misshas 4D Mascara is actually a product you'veto try if youre like me and at all times broke. It retails for 3,300 Korean Won, which is set $3 USD! Im constantlyseeking toglance for mascaras which areaffordable yet lengthening because mascaras should exist thrown out each and every3 months. Out of the numerousvarious mascaras I have attempted before, the 4D mascara definitely makes it in my height three. Even though this mascara was once very cheap, it lengthens and adds volume to my lashes like no other. Not just does it accentuate your lashes, its also water-resistant and sweat-proof. I enjoyed this mascara such a lot that I even have a few backups stashed in my drawer in case they ever discontinue this product!

One of my in charge pleasures in terms of makeup is unmarried eyeshadows. For some reason, I love to take a couple of single eyeshadows more than having a palettes. Out of the many single eyeshadows that I own, one of my favorites is the Missha Trendy Shadow, which comes in such elegant and blank packaging. The packaging jogs my memorysomewhat of the Bobbi Brown single eyeshadows, and its no longerthe only realexplanation why why I love this product. The Contemporary Eyeshadows come in numerousthe several lines adding matte, shimmer, electric, and glitter. Out of the many alternative colors, my favourite one is the GOR 01 Orange Bianco. This shade does now not cause much pigmentation but it does have the most stunning glitters. It has a mix of reasonably blue and orange shimmers that mix to provide you with the perfect sparkle on your eye. I in fact like to position this color on my decrease lashline to give my eyes the additional pop!

The Missha Perfect Quilt BB Cream is a product that you cant disregard if youre going to discuss best-sellers. This BB Cream becamein reality one of the primary BB Creams that Missha got here out with a couple years back. However, it still remains a cult favorite to many Korean scholarssince it has such so much of unlike skin properties. Not only does it moisturize your skin and supply sun protection, it gives your skin the perfect quantity of policywhilstcuttingthe illusion of oil. Also, unlike many other BB Creams, this BB Cream would not possess a gray undertone that can make you seem more tired. In fact, the slightly pink undertone of this BB cream gives your skin the furtherspice up of color to hide up the ones nighttime circles brought aboutthroughlimitless nights of studying.. or looking at your favorite K-pop teams on Youtube!

The Face ShopConcealer Dual VeilThe Face SHop

The Face Retail outletsDisguise Dual Veil is hands down one of my favorite holy grail items. I can proudly tell you that I wear this concealer everyday. This concealer comes with a dual finish amongsteither a liquid and a stick concealer. The liquid concealer is optimal for covering your dark circles because it has a brighter tone than the stick concealer. The stick concealer is perfect for covering imperfections because it has incrediblytop coverage. However, the formula of the product isn't what makes me love it. Its the wide number ofsun shades that this concealer comes in. Being more at the tan side, its really not easy for me to discover base products that have compatibility my skin tone perfectly in Korea. However, the Concealer Dual Veil comes in three different shades that range from faded to tan skin tones.

Lovely Mex Color My EyebrowFaceshop1

I think in our day and age, its really hard findany person who hasn't ever dyed their hair before. Our generation loves the lighter hair tones and the funky ombres. I fully beloved blondes and copper orange hair. Im reallymaking plans to dye my hair ombre in a couple weeks once my hair grows a little bit longer. However, something that bothers me on each occasion ane dye my hair is having dark eyebrows. The Face Shop Adorable Mex Color My Eyebrow is my absolute favorite forehead mascara out of all of the different brands because it has the perfect applicator. The small applicator applies the perfect amount of product onto your brows to switchthe colour without making your brows clump together.

Mango Seed Facial ButterFace Shop 1

I dont know about you guys but each time the seasons change, my skin starts to freak out. On bad days, a layer of my face literally starts to peel off. Every time I have large doc skin I always turn to the Mango Seed Facial Butter. Not only does it have the most delectable scent, it also is super wealthy in moisture. The product comes with a small spatula so you stay the product hygienic. Every time I scoop out this product, the consistency confuses me because I dont know if Im scooping facial butter or simply butter. Because this facial butter is richer and thicker than most facial creams, I love to rub it in between my hands and press it onto my face. Also, by rubbing the product between my hands, the warmth from my handspermits the product to take in more briefly into my skin. Once you receive super dry skin, this is the product you want to get your hands on!

Tony MolyCrystal BlusherTony Moly 1

This product is unquestionably one of the cult favorites thats even seemed on Get It Beauty. The Tony Moly Crystal Blusher is my absolute favorite blush because it comes in so many alternative colors. Also, you acquirelots product for the related fee that you pay. Because I have darker skin, I revel inplacing oranges and peaches on my cheeks to make a refined glow. My two favorite colours from the crystal blusher line is number 3 Excitement Peach and number 5 Bronzing Brown. The color Joy Peach is the perfect shade of coral that brightens up your skin without making you appear too flushed. Bronzing Brown is some other one of my favorites because it works as the perfect bronzer. Surprisingly, its dark sufficientto turn on my tan skin, unlike many other Korean bronzers. Let alone that both blushers remain on my cheeks all day even without a separate surroundings spray!

Homeless Strawberry 3 Step Nose PackTony Moly 2

All at some level in my life, I concept Biore was the onecorporate that made nose packs. However, when I were given my hands on the Homeless Strawberry 3 Step Nose Pack, I instantly threw out all of my old Biore pore strips. This product is super authentic because they've three different pore strips for different purposes. The 1st step is a nose sheet this is enriched with witch hazel and sage leaves that open up your clogged pores. The 2d one step is your moderate pore sheet that eliminates your black and whiteheads. And lastly, the 3rd step is enriched with aloe and green tea to soothe your pores and to near up the pores that were spread outin order that the blackheads cant grow back. This nose pack definitely made a noticeable difference. I would put forward this if youre also suffering with blackheads!

This eyeliner always makes me a little sentimental because it was my first makeup product ever. Nonetheless, the Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner is well a product you will haveon your makeup collection. It’s rumored to be the perfect dupe for the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Liner. However, in my opinion, this product is even higher than the Bobbi Brown eyeliner because it comes with a broomincorporated in the packaging! For the explanation that eyeliner itself comes with a eyeliner brush, its super to handto hold around when traveling since you dont want to lift a separate eyeliner brush. Also, this product comes in so many different colors! My private favorite is number 8 Deep Burgundy because its a colour thats hard to locate elsewhere. Also, its gorgeous when paired with a matte dark brown eyeshadow in the less warm seasons!

Let us know if you have any beauty products that you swear by that werent in this list!

lahkim is a Soompi writer who is captivated with Korean beauty products in addition the beauty trends of Korea. Other than her love for Korean beauty, she may bepartial to K-dramas, K-indie, and K-hip-hop. Her favorite K-pop artists come with Bobby, Hyukoh, Zion.T, and WINNER. Some of her favorite K-dramas are “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and “Kill Me, Heal Me.” When she is not likelyloopy over the most recent update about Bobby or obsessing over the latest episode of the newest drama, she shall beobserved either reading for her Biology midterms or aiding out at her campus ministry.

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SM Entertainment K-Pop Idols Are Loved  By skill of Korean Cosmetic Brands

SM Entertainment K-Pop Idols Are Loved By skill of Korean Cosmetic Brands

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean cosmetic brands incessantly bring in popular idols as items to assist them advertise their products to customers. 

Although idols from many alternativecorporations acceptrecommendedother brands, netizens are claiming that each and every cosmetic logo in Korea has had SM Entertainment artists as models. In fact, a post on Pann has compiled a long and ambitious list of brands and SM artists who have modeled for them in the past.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Etude House  Go Ara, SHINee, Sulli, Krystal

SK-II Lee Yeon Hee, Sulli

Tony Moly Great Junior M, Victoria

Nature Republic Taeyeon, EXO

The Saem SHINee, Red Velvet

Biotherm Yuri, Sooyoung, Tiffany

Clean and Clear Seohyun

Dior Snow Jessica, Yuri, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Sooyoung

A Solution Taeyeon, Tiffany

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

165, 2 EXO did The Faceshop and Sulli and SHINee modeled for cosmetics too

131, 3 Yoona modeled for Innisfree for nearly 7 years daebak

127, 19 SM has many actor face idols and they dont in point of fact do hornyideas so their naturalsymbolsuits well with cosmetics.

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2PMs Wooyoung Uses MAMAMOO Song in Korean Quiz for GOT7s Jackson and g.o.ds Park Joon Hyung

2PMs Wooyoung Uses MAMAMOO Song in Korean Quiz for GOT7s Jackson and g.o.ds Park Joon Hyung

2PM’s Wooyoung Uses MAMAMOO Song in Korean Quiz for GOT7’s Jackson and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyungilmare42 March 5, 2016 0 LINE it!2PM’s Wooyoung Uses MAMAMOO Song in Korean Quiz for GOT7’s Jackson and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung On March 5’s episode of “A Glance At Myself,” 2PM member Wooyoung does his easiest to make stronger the Korean talents of GOT7’s Jackson and Park Joon Hyung of g.o.d.

Wooyoung first quizzes either one of them via asking them to call the four-character word that will also be used to describe a answerthis isutterly unconnected to a question. Jackson first writes down the Korean name of the gang TVXQ, which starts with the similarpersonality as the phrase.

Wooyoung supplies them the trace that the phrase starts with that character, and Jackson with a bit of of luck says the Korean name of TVXQ. Wooyoung just we could out a sigh.

Later on, Wooyoung asks them to get a dangle of the be aware used to describe speech or movementswhich are ambiguous or vague. He is helping them out by saying, “It’s in the identify of a song by the hot staff MAMAMOO!”

Jackson answers, “Um Ah Oh Yeh!”

“What did you say?!” asks Wooyoung. Jackson just assists in keeping repeating “Um Ah Oh Yeh, which is his reasonably off edition of the MAMAMOO song title Um Oh Ah Yeh. He then tries to sing it for Wooyoung, who has no concept what hes saying.

Wooyoung then plays MAMAMOOs song “Mr. Ambiguous” for his two students, yet they’re no longerin a positionto realize what the participants are singing. Eventually, after a huge number of guessing, Jackson is able toarise with the word!

Watch more in their Korean elegance in March 5’s episode of “A Appearance At Myself.”

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