QUIZ: Which “Show Me The Money” Manufacturer Team Do You Belong On

QUIZ: Which “Show Me The Money” Manufacturer Team Do You Belong On

QUIZ: Which Display Me The moneyManufacturer Team Do You Belong On?amycwang93 July 11, 2016 0 QUIZ: Which Show Me The Money Producer Team Do You Belong On? As every other season of contestants are available in the marketstruggling with to be crowned the winner of Show Me The Money season 5, we know that the producer groups they select are essential to their enlargement as artists and their mesmerizing performances. They all have other styles yet produce tune that listeners passloopy for.

Take this quiz to determine which producer team is best for you!

Which producer team did you get? Let us know in the comments below!amycwang93 loves singing, running, and reading. When she isn't imagining actingalong BTS, she is mentally making ready herself for KCON LA!

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Kush and Zion.T Showed as Ultimate  Manufacturer Team for “Show Me the money 5″

Kush and Zion.T Showed as Ultimate Manufacturer Team for “Show Me the money 5″

Kush and Zion.T Showed every bitUltimateManufacturer Team for Display Me the cashfive an0ya March 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Kush and Zion.T Confirmed as Last Producer Team for Show Me the Money 5 The fourth and final producer team to join in testify Me the Money 5 has been confirmed!

Joining the recent season as producers, solo artist Zion.T and previous YG Entertainment producer Kush were spotted at the first round of auditions hung on March 12 at Olympic Parks SK Handball Stadium in Seoul.

The two talented musicians made their final selections about hopping on board rather last minute after long and careful consideration.

This way that the 4 producer groupsperforming on Show Me the Money 5 will be Simon D and Gray (AOMG), Dok2 and The Quiett (Illionaire), and Gil and Mad Clown. Yang Dong Geun backed out due to scheduling conflicts.

Meanwhile, the first audition day has been kicked off in prime spirits. The largesuperstar of the day has been Jung Joon Ha, who stopped through the audition location with MBCs EndlessProblem PD Kim Tae Ho and fellow forged member Haha.

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QUIZ: Which K-Pop Boy Team Do You Belong In

QUIZ: Which K-Pop Boy Team Do You Belong In

QUIZ: Which K-Pop Boy Workforce Do You Belong In?lahkim April 4, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: Which K-Pop Boy Organization Do You Belong In? I'mmaximumwithout a doubtresponsible of spending hours staring at and being attentive to K-pop boyband track videos. I likehearing K-pop from each era, from the oldest K-pop teams like H.O.T to the latest and trendiest groups like SEVENTEEN. Despite the reality that I love to fantasize about which one of my biases would be my boyfriend or husband, I more frequently wonder what it's going to exist like to be in a group with my favourite K-pop boys.Take the quiz underto peer which K-pop boyband you belong in!

lahkim is a Soompi creator who is smitten by Korean attractiveness products in addition the cosmetic trends of Korea. Instead of her love for Korean beauty, she may bepartial to K-dramas, K-indie, and K-hip-hop. Her favorite K-pop artists come with Bobby, Hyukoh, Zion.T, and WINNER. Some of her favorite K-dramas are “Gentleman’s Dignity” and “Kill Me, Heal Me.” When she isn't going loopy over the most recent update about Bobby or obsessing over the latest episode of the newest drama, she will also benoticed either reading for her Biology midterms or aiding out at her campus ministry.

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QUIZ: Which K-Pop Lady  Team Do You Belong In

QUIZ: Which K-Pop Lady Team Do You Belong In

QUIZ: Which K-Pop LadyWorkforce Do You Belong In?lahkim March 21, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: Which K-Pop Girl Organization Do You Belong In? After limitlesstrack videos and never-ending amounts of time spent of taking note of your favourite K-Pop girl groups, we incessantly fantasize about what lifestyles would be like if we were in their shoes. Take this examineto determine which K-Pop girl group you can belong in! Let us know in the comments down under what your effects were!

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The total AOMG team  to look on 'Show Me The money 5'

The total AOMG team to look on 'Show Me The money 5'

Producers of 'Show Me The cash 5' are seeking tosolidyour complete AOMG workforce for the approaching season. 

According to a rep from Mnet, the producers worked to convince Simon D to register for the show. Unfortunately, Simon D's firm responded, "He used to be never officially asked to sign up for the show, and it's going to existtough anyway because of his agenda in U.S." 

SEE ALSO: Simon D cries for the primary fourth dimension on broadcast

However, 'Show Me The Money' producers did no longersurrender even after the negative response, and they enduredwantingto cajole Simon D. This time they also included GRAY in the offer. It is reported that their objective is to cast the full AOMG crew to create AOMG manufacturer team. 

To this request, AOMG responded, "It is correct that the be offering has been made. However, no resolution has taken position yet. It's milesbelow discussion."

Will the complete AOMG crew be observedat the upcoming season of 'Show Me The Money'? Viewers may bereadyto determine in May when the contest officially begins. 


Show Me<b> the money </b>4<b> most sensible </b>12<b> take part </b>in<b> team </b>Pictorial With 1st Look

Show Me the money 4 most sensible 12 take part in team Pictorial With 1st Look

“Show Mebthe cash /b4″bTop /b12b take part /binb team /bPictorial With 1st Look Style mag 1st Look has released a full-fledged pictorial featuringthe remainder contestants of Mnet‘s survival rap festival Show Methe cash 4.”

Released on August 5by way of the magazine’sreliable Facebook page, the pictorialcapabilities group and solo shots ofthe head twelve.

Show Mebthe cash /b4

Show Mebthe cash /b4-2

The group pictorials capture the original personalities of groups Zico & Palo Alto, Verbal Jint & San E, Jay Park & Loco, and Tablo & Jinusean, which are each and each composed of 3 contestants.

Show Mebthe cash /b4-3

Show Mebthe cash /b4-1

Meanwhile,in keeping with recent reports, the semi finalists of “Show Methe cash 4″ and their manufacturers are slated to hang a show in September either in Los Angeles or New York.

Show Mebthe cash /b4-9

You can catch the show each Friday evening at 11 p.m., KST on Mnet.

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Show Mebthe cash /b4-5

Show Mebthe cash /b4-6

Show Mebthe cash /b4-7

Show Mebthe cash /b4-8



Bobby beats out Team Tablo and Masta Wu and more on

Bobby beats out Team Tablo and Masta Wu and more on "Show Me The Money 3" to make it to final round

Bobby beats out Team Tablo and Masta Wu and more on

On the August 28 installment of "Show Me The Money 3," Bobby came out on top by earning more in concert revenue than his competitors Olltii and Vasco.

As Olltii earned about half of what Bobby did, he said, "I lost. I lost to Bobby. Bobby did well to the point I can cleanly accept this." Olltii"s loss also resulted in the loss of his producing team, Tablo and Masta Wu.

Tablo said, "As a fan, I will look forward to Olltii"s new album. Olltii"s rap is number one rap." Afterwards, Olltii posted on Instagram, "He got me! This boy got super talent. Respect! Thank u all," and added picture of him and Bobby.

Bobby also beat out his 14-year senior Vasco to advance into the final round!

After seeing Vasco"s performance, Producers San E and Swings said, "Today"s performance was perfect." After Bobby"s performance, Producer Dok2 and The Quiett said, "We"re sure of Bobby"s victory."

In the end, the winner was Bobby. He earned 5,250,000 KRW (~ $5,000 USD) while Vasco earned 4,750,000 KRW (~ $4,700 USD) in revenue.

In addition, Producer Swings and San E"s team beat Yang Dong Geun"s team, so either Iron Boy or Giriboy had to be dropped. In the end, Giriboy had to leave the competition. This leaves Iron Boy up against C-Jam to win a spot in the final round against Bobby!


"Show Me The Money 3"s B.I, Olltii, and Yuk Ji Dam show their team spirit in a friendly snapshot

"Show Me The Money 3"s B.I, Olltii, and Yuk Ji Dam showed off their friendship behind the scenes in a snapshot.

Olltii showed his team spirit on his Instagram on the 7th, sharing, "#TeamYG", along with a BTS photo taken with his teammates on the show, B.I and Yuk Ji Dam.

Things got intense before when Olltii called out B.I in a previous episode with his rap, telling B.I to step up his game by not forgetting his lyrics. The constructive criticism seems to have worked as B.I rocked the stage recently, even impressing his critical teammate.

With the photo, they assure fans that at the end of the day, they"re not just teammates with a fierce rivalry, but also friends, judging by the way they lean on each other both in the show and snapshot.

Team YG is led by producers Epik High"s Tablo and Masta Wu.

"Show Me the Money 3" has also dropped the studio version of B.I."s performance of "BE I" seen in the latest episode as part 1 of its OST, so check it out below!



[Spoilers] "Show Me The Money 3" reveal team line ups + two rappers make it back in through revival round


Mnet"s rapping survival program "Show Me The Money 3" on July 24. was once again full of tension and excitement, especially with previously eliminated rappers being given another chance!

Although he previouslylost to Jin Joon Hyun,B.Iis now back in the game!B.I and three other rappers were given another chance to make it back after their initial elimination last week by a Revival Round where they went head to head with one other rapper. The decision was difficult but B.I. came out as the winner of his round against J.slow to clinch a spot for himself. Giriboy was the other survivor of the Revival Round.

On this day, the team line ups were also formed. B.I got on the team ofTablo and Masta Wu while Bobby went on Dok2 and The Quiett"s team.Check out the full team lineups through the image above and check out the Revival Rounds below.


[Spoilers] Team B

[Spoilers] Team B"s B.I and Bobby take part in one-on-one rap battles on "Show Me The Money 3"

[Spoilers] Team B

In the third episode of Mnet"s rapping survival program, "Show Me The Money 3",Bobby and B.I, previously of Team B on YG"s own survival program "WIN", showed off their rapping skills once again in one-on-one battles!

Bobby went up against Kim Sung Hee while B.I went up against Jin Joon Hyun. Both boys showcased their unique voices and rapping style, but unfortunately they weren"t mistake free.

Although Bobby did make a few mistakes, his competition Kim Sung Hee did also. Ultimately, it was Bobby"s aggressive style that favored him towards the judges, and as a result, Bobby will be going on with the competition. However, unfortunately for his fellow Team B member B.I, due to his mistakes of forgetting quite a bit of the lyrics, he was told he could not go on.

Check out both one on one challenges below and let us know what you think!