Ra Mi Ran Beams With Self assurance In Her Looks On “Section TV”

Ra Mi Ran Beams With Self assurance In Her Looks On “Section TV”

Ra Mi Ran Beams With Self belief In Her Looks On PhaseTelevision leonid July 3, 2016 0 Ra Mi Ran Beams With Confidence In Her Looks On Section TV Actress Ra Mi Ran showed her self-confidence about her looks on MBCs Section TV.

She and Son Ye Jin, Park Hae Il, and Jung Sang Hoon from the forged of upcoming movie Princess Deokhye take a seat down for an interview with the MBC program on July 3.

Their interviewer, Shin Cross Eun, asks the actors what kind ofconsumerthey believe they would had been if they were born all the manner through the Joseon Dynasty.

Ra Mi Ran responds, Ive been hearing so muchin fresh years that I might accept been regarded as a good looks if I were born in the Joseon era. I most probably would have been Hwang Jini (a noted gisaeng).

On the alternative hand, Son Ye Jin answers, If I were born in the Joseon era, I suspect 1 would have been an old maiden, to which Ra Mi Ran quips, Thats true. Truthfully I dont think Son Ye Jin would have been taken into considerationstunning back then.

Meanwhile, their film Princess Deokhye tells the tale of Joseons ultimate princess, and is scheduled to premiere on August.

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Park Shin Hye Beams In New Behind-The-Scenes Stills From “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Beams In New Behind-The-Scenes Stills From “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Beams In New Behind-The-Scenes Stills From Doctorsleonid July 16, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Beams In New Behind-The-Scenes Stills From Doctors Park Shin Hye lighting fixtures up the set in fresh cuts from backstage of SBS drama Doctors.

On July 17, the SBS drama printedfootage of the actress beaming on set, from the scene when Yoo Hye Jung showed how smartly she handles her liquor all overa corporation dinner, to when she and Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) displayed their adorable chemistry all through their secret date.

As Park Shin Hye succeeds in portraying a picturesome distanceother from the ones she has done prior tothru Doctors, she continues to upward thrust as one of the mostmaximum iconic actresses in their 20s.

The actress is either the audiencesubject of pastimein addition the the mood-maker on set, and is helping create a healthy and cheerful runningatmosphere for everyone.

The Doctors staff states, With Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won at the center, all of thesolid and team of workersparticipants are sticking in combination and filming enthusiastically. Park Shin Hye in specific has the most to do among the actors, yet she tirelessly encourages her fellow co-stars and the staff, and cheers all people up.

Catch the most recent episode of Doctors below!

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Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah In’s Excellent  Persona On “Section TV”

Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah In’s Excellent Persona On “Section TV”

Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah Ins ExcellentPersona On PhaseTelevision leonid July 17, 2016 0 Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah Ins Nice Character On Section TV Shin Se Kyung shares about fresh co-star Yoo Ah In on Section TV.

On its July 17 episode, the MBC program visits the set of Shin Se Kyungs photo shoot and sits down with the actress for an interview.

She shares, The maximum memorable assignment for me is at all timesthe latest one, her newest drama being SBSs Six Flying Dragons.

Shin Se Kyung then describes her co-star Yoo Ah In and says, Hes a truly good person. He'sauthenticwith out a pretense, to the point that I concern onewould possiblyno longer sound honest because thats what I say about him on each interview.

Previously, the 2 worked in combination in historic drama Six Flying Dragons which concluded its a hit run in March with soaring ratings.

If you ignored it, you can catch Six Flying Dragons on Viki below!

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Park Seul Gi Wears Her Wedding Get dressed  Live to inform the tale “Section TV”

Park Seul Gi Wears Her Wedding Get dressed Live to inform the tale “Section TV”

Park Seul Gi Wears Her Wedding Get dressedContinue to existSegmentTelevision leonid July 10, 2016 0 Park Seul Gi Wears Her Wedding Dress Are living On Section TV Officially off the market, Park Seul Gi gave the impression on live broadcast proudly donning her wedding dress.

The TV reporter made heads activate MBCs Section TV when she showed up for its July 10 episode dressed in her stunning white gown.

The new bride cheerfully announced, I'm now a married woman, no longer a fried tofu sushi. (The two She also reveals, Im even going to my honeymoon this evening.

Park Seul Gi tied the knot on July nine at a marriagecorridor in Seoul with a manufacturing director of an advertisement agency after dating for a year.

The riteused to be presided and hosted by capacity of MC Kim Gura and comic Jung Sung Ho, with artists like Gilme, Park Jung Hyun, and vocal workforce Noel serenading the satisfied couple.

Congratulations to the pleased couple once again!

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“Section TV” Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeol’s Humble Acting Debuts

“Section TV” Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeol’s Humble Acting Debuts

Section Television Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeols Humble Acting Debutskminjungee July 4, 2016 0 Section TV Reminisces About Song Joong Ki And Ryu Jun Yeols Humble Acting Debuts Whilst Song Joong Ki and Ryu Jun Yeol are praised as some of the freshest actors in South Korea today, theyve had to paintingsdemanding to get to where they are today.

During the July 3 episode of MBCs Phase TV, a panel of journalists looked back at the acting debuts of the 2 actors, and their background era.

They get started off with Song Joong Ki, who made his acting debut in the 2007 SBS drama Get Carl! Oh Soo Jun, as an extra, in particular Reporter 2, with just oneauthentic spoken line. For the following couple of years, he would play a massive number of extras and smaller roles tilltouchdown his well-loved role as Gu Yong Ha in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

The panel issues out how motivated and made up our minds Song Joong Ki used to be even in his roles as an extra. When he starred in the film A Frozen Flower, he turned into the youngest of 36 flower boys that were forged every bitinfantrymen who were stationed beneath Jo In Sungs character.

While his customary occupationhave been given to Im Joo Hwan, Song Joong Ki controlled to convince the director for every other chance. At the time, the director was moved via the young actors determination, and in the end gave him a other sentence of dialogue.

They also touch on the actors role relating to Itaewon Homicide, where he arguably played a major character, as the varsity student who due to this fact gets murdered.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol in a identical way had humble beginnings, and starred in lots of shorts and independents films, prior to making his drama debut as an additional in KBSs Producer. He also had two short lines, and faded into the background.

Reply 1988 was happily his next work that aired, yet he also starred as a BJ in 2015 movie Socialphobia, which he in truth filmed before the popular drama. The actor for my part wore braces when he went to audition for this role, which left a bigimpact on the director, who finally casted him.

They will have had humble beginnings, but their hard work and efforts for sure paid off!

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"Section TV" Han Hyo-joo says kiss with Lee Jong-suk is unrealistic

Han Hyo-joo mentioned the kiss scene with Lee Jong-suk.

Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk from the MBC drama "W", were interviewed by potential of the MBC "Section TV".

They talked about the drama behind-the-scenes.

Han Hyo-joo said, "We already kissed two times and it is like a fairytale. It is so unrealistic".

Lee Jong-suk said, "I've at all times been keen on Han Hyo-joo".

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"Section TV", Park Yoo-chun's DNA just isn't sufficient to turn out he is guilty

Park Yoo-chun's legal professional gave a observation around the fees on Park for rape.

MBC "Section TV" reported about Park Yoo-chun and his rape case.

The police are going to compare DNA from a victim's undies to Park's DNA.

A lawyer named Choi Dan-bi said, "It's adequate to end up that the 2 had sex, yetit is notsufficient to prove that it used to be forced".

"It's vitalto look how detailed and consistent a victim's statement is in a rape case. The statements of the onesround her or the layout of the site can change intothe maximum important evidence".

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Super Junior’s Heechul Teases TWICE’s Momo About Her Section In “Cheer Up” All through  Are living Concert

Super Junior’s Heechul Teases TWICE’s Momo About Her Section In “Cheer Up” All through Are living Concert

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter As neatly as being a member of popular male idol group Super JuniorHeechul is also known for being moderately a comic as well.

In fact, hes been known to be very fast with his jokes, ceaselessly poking a laugh at his buddieswhilst on proclaims and MCing occasions or concerts. For example, all the manner througha up to date special broadcast of SBS MTV The Show in Suwon, Heechul teased TWICEMomo about her section in her teams hit song Cheer Up, a comic story that he prior to now used all through TWICEs appearance on his jTBC show Ask Us Anything.

Watch the tune video for TWICEs Cheer Up below:

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Joo Won plays large  section as

Joo Won plays large section as "My Sassy Woman - Drama" assistant

Actor Joo Won played a largesection in the drama "My Sassy Woman - Drama" auditions.

Kim Joo-hyeon-I beat 1,800 competition and earned a role in the hot SBS drama "My Sassy Girl - Drama". The audition took 2 months.

Joo Won had already been selected as Gyeon-woo, and added initiation in the audition from Might to June. He used to be very participative about the rest that has to do with the drama.

Joo Won took element in the head 10 audition or eventhe pinnacle 3. He become very honest roughly his selections as it had to do with opting forthe feminine lead role.

He also did notomit to give words of convenience and encouragement to the 'she' candidates.

The officials of the drama say, "Usually a most sensiblecelebrity is apprehensive about his or her opponent no longer being peakmagnificence stars yetnow not Joo Won. He hopes that more opportunities are given to novicesin order thatthey are in a position to spread out their dreams like he was able to. This audition shouldwerea significantissue for him".

Joo Won's effort in looking tocirculation the public culture is extremely highly bought.

"My Sassy Girl - Drama" is a romantic movie about a bad tempered guy named Gyeon-woo and the city's largest troublemaker 'she'. The drama can be released in Korea, China and Japan in 2017.

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Son Ye Jin Opens Up About Marriage on “Section TV”

Son Ye Jin Opens Up About Marriage on “Section TV”

Son Ye Jin Opens Up About Marriage on PhaseTelevision orionight June 19, 2016 0 Son Ye Jin Opens Up About Marriage on Section TV Actress Son Ye Jin unearths some very candid mind on marriage at the June 19 episode of “Section TV.”

The actress is interviewed through Park Seul Gi, who says, “When I interviewed you 3 years ago, you acknowledged you’d be married inside of two years.” Son Ye Jin replies jokingly, “Did I in reality order that? I do say some bizarre things throughout interviews.”

She continues, “I concept I’d be married by the time I became 34 years old. I’ve been specializing in my acting, so I haven’t been in a position to marry like I sought after to. I’ll undoubtedly get married in the following three years. I believe the time will fly by briefly again.”

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin currently starred in the mystery film, “The Truth Beneath,” which follows Yeon Hong (Son Ye Jin) as the wife of an up-and-coming baby-kisser who gets wrapped up in a awful case. The movie is because of hit theatres on June 23.

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